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    undermining of USA and other nations by Jewish

    The fact, all countries (nations) except Israel have been undermined by Israel government and Jewish governments entire world that all of them cooperating each other against their countries and other countries entire world for favor of Israel government only, so all countries special USA have been ready to be break down or remove by […]


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  5. other nations

    Saeid Naguib

    Shared publicly  –  7:28 PM

    https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcToQK043W-MmBeEylIcI9JFGizLjXHhlEimYpuaQHNFJFR4oBPXMore images for Pope Francis! and his jewish family

    Images for pope francis! and his jewish family

    Images for pope francis! and his jewish family

    505 × 350 – richardkoshimizu.hatenablog.com
    9-11 AND STEALTH JEWISH_____#”Judea international financial …
    richardkoshimizu.hatenablog.com505 × 350Search by image
    Center : Solomon Bush, a Jewish wartime hero at Independence War. His brother, George Bush fought together with him.

    Images for obama and his Jewish family
    Obama: ‘IHam the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat’ in the Oval Office

    +The Washington Times


    more images Obama Jewish family

    more images for obama family is jewish – Google Search

    Those traitors mention above for their Jewish religion duty, were against their countries, created second war world by cooperate each other against non- Jewish entire world for favor of Jewish, to create Israel in future

    More images for François Hollande and his jewish family
    President of France recently

    340 × 311 – diggerfortruth.wordpress.com


    More images for clinton and his jewish family

    Oy!Chicago – Chelsea Clinton talks ‘The Power of Caring,’ shares …
    http://www.oychicago.com213 × 320Search by image
    Chelsea was asked what Jewish traditions she shares with Marc Mezvinsky, her Jewish husband of three years. “We’re developing our own family traditions,” …

    Wolna Polska agencja informacyjna najnowsze wiadomości informacje
    wolna-polska.pl400 × 259Search by image
    George Bush dźwiga świętą księgę globalnych satanistów, Talmud.

    More images for more images prince Charles and his Jewish family

    720 × 405 – fatimamovement.com

    Queen Elizabeth II crowns her son Charles, Prince of Wales, during …
    http://www.gettyimages.co.uk575 × 594Search by image
    Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles at Windsor Castle, June
    Related images:


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    Jews Created Communist China
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    Jews Created Communist China

    Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:28 am

    Posts: 3196
    More images for more Images for china+president+xi+JINPing and his jewish family


    Images for china+president+xi+JINPING+IS+A+JEW …
    More images for More images for more Images for china+president and his jewish family

    592 × 383 – sinosphere.blogs.nytimes.com


    Asia and Jewish/Israeli influence – Radio Islam
    http://www.radioislam.org294 × 350Search by image
    Japan’s Koizumi at Western Wall, Israel
    More images for recently of Japan president and his jewish family
    He is recently present of Japan

    Image Credit: State Department photo by William Ng /
    More images for recently of japan king and his jewish family

    Totally depraved Jew convicted of narcissistic obsession with …
    firstlightforum.wordpress.com419 × 250Search by image
    The exhibitionist narcissistic creep Cohen parading himself recently in Japan

    more images of buddha and his jewish family

    More images for JINPING is jewish

    uty i s

    And these people mention above and their family for their Jewish religion duty, are against their countries, will create third war world against non- Jewish entire world favor of Israel government

    1- Neville chamberlain and Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II and his England Jewish royalty and Mao China communist leader and Herbert Clark Hoover and Franklin d Roosevelt and Truman presidents of USA and Stalin leader of Russia communist and Pierre Laval 1942-1944 prom-minister of France that all of them were Jewish and is Jewish and other Jewish else
    2- Hitler and Hirohito Japan emperor and Hideki Tojo prom-mimster of Japan October 17, 1941 – July 22, 1944 Kuniaki Koiso July 22, 1944 – April 7, 1945 prom-minister of Japan and Benito Mussolini leader of Italy that all of them were Jewish and other Jewish else.

    The fact, those two groups mention up cooperated each other, to create second war world against their countries and rest countries entire world, to create Israel state, paved the way Hirohito a Jewish emperor of Japan with two his Jewish prom-minister mention up cooperated with group no one, special cooperated with Jewish presidents of USA mention up, paved the way Japan attack against USA, and they agreed special emperor of Japan and other prom-ministers of Japan with USA, to use ATOM BOMB against Japan in future but unfortunately emperor of Japan and his other prom-minister were not satisfied for one atom bomb used against Japan, so Japan didn’t stop the war, paved the way USA used second atom bomb against Japan.
    And those two groups cooperated each other special Japan and China, to attack against each other for nothing and special Germany with Russia and France and England cooperated each other, to attack against each other, special Germany attack France and other countries and special China and Japan cooperated against each other that Japan attack China, and else that all of wars against each other were against non-Jewish special Christians of their countries and other nation, get killed favor Jewish entire world, to create Israel state.

    The fact, JINPING president of China and prince Charles and François Hollande President of France and Putin president of Russia, Obama president of USA and Hilary Clinton from democrat candidacy of USA IN 2016 for president of USA andRahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago and Benjamin of Netanyahu Prom-minister Of Israel and Shinzō Abe PROM-MINISTER OF JAPAN and Kim Jong and Hassan Rouhani president of Iran and leader of Korea and Pope Francis and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump and else in republican and democrat and congress that all of them are from Jewish generation of that group mention in number one in up that they undermining of USA and other nations up break down them then they will create third war world against people entire world favor of Israel government.

    Unfortunately the United State hasn’t the secret intelligent serves and law and legislation law and supreme courts and other courts even no advocates and government and executive power, because almost all their servants civilian are Jewish either hide their religion, racial nationality or not, if USA has that almost all their servants civilian are Jewish, to work against USA favor of Israel government, so the situation of USA is the dangerous than situation of animal jungle, paved the way other nations to be same as animal jungle against their people.

    Why do Iran have problem with Sudia Arab? Because of their governments are Jewish governments, so Jewish by their religion duty to make problem between Sonny and Shiite Muslim entire world, they undermining other nations of every places they are, either any country works their favor or not the fact Jewish are no good people even they made a lot of problem against European countries that their president, prom-mister or high, highest position in their government, military or secret intelligent serves are Jewish and occupied all of them.

    The fact, people of other nations special, USA, England, Russia, France and China afraid from Jewish people and their Jewish governments that they occupied almost all their forces and executive power, legislation power and juridical power all countries entire world, to act dangerous work against other nations to blame other nations.

    So, if people afraid from Jewish people and their Jewish government, they will make mistake when they make mistake, they will have problem and final they will have third war world against themselves by Jewish people.

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