nobody has right to make my book either for commercial purpose or free or donate or else from 7/2/2014, I cancel all my permission if I gave before.


to make copy, past Google to see MOVIE

The fact, the author of this book, Saeid Naghib cries daily for the people of the world, especially Americans, British and Russian citizen. He specially mourns the indifference of these people to the presence of Jewish (they either hide their racial or religion IDENTITY) in so many high-ranking government position and the falsehoods of religions like Christianity and Islam. All of these religions were created by Jews to use as tools to create conflicts and divisions in societies or worldwide.

The fact, it is not good to leave the situation un-document illegal immigration as it is to pave the way to stay to work illegally no tax payment same about more than 25 years un-document illegal immigration stay and work and didn’t pay tax payment that government lost more than trillions money

So, if congress don’t wanted illegal immigration leave their country to follow under program
1-No deportation either illegal immigration working or not
2-Punish more than ten thousand dollars money for any person who works as illegal against those companies either small or big to employ them
3-Inquiry the social securities every person who works for any companies to find out either they are citizen or legal or resident or not
4-Highest securities of borders to stop people who wants to pass illegal from other countries to USA
5-If is favor for USA someone to give some illegal immigration citizenship or resident or green card.

6-If USA needs for illegal immigration to give all of them green card or permission to work for while then citizenship, if illegal immigrations haven’t any problem for USA to pave the way illegal immigration to create a lot of business and job instead to send or invest their money in USA to out of USA and stop business shut down by deportation of illegal immigration, in spite the fact government to get trillions money by legalization of them and will not lose trillions money by deport them or leave them as it is.

So, deportation , it is not depend to jobless, because of deportation, USA will loses more or less 7 million jobs, in spite the fact that USA doesn’t know how many illegal immigration work to understand how many jobs will be increase by deportation of illegal immigration and how long will take to deport illegal immigration by spending of trillions money, for example if from12 million un-document illegal immigration only 2 million to create business that every business to create for example 3 jobs so, we will have 6 million jobs for USA meantime those illegal immigration to create business, to pave the way they give up their before jobs for their new business, so, USA will have total 8 million jobs, even may be each of them make more business by legalization un-document illegal immigration+ many other beneficial for people of USA and the world that illegal immigration last more than 25 years have rented and bought items to pay tax and continue to pay tax also security of USA will be guaranty, so in USA congress Boehner a Jew by his highest position in congress, how abuse from his power to make dangerous pretend to tell that illegal immigration, make violation immigration laws that the fact law makers themselves to pave the way people passed from USA borders s, to make violation immigration laws to work illegal and didn’t pass any law to make their borders on security. So Boehner a Jew how make people foolish by his speech and forget all beneficial of USA by legalization un- document illegal immigration.

So, USA hasn’t any problem from illegal immigration by follow 5 numbers subjects mention above, to pave the way illegal immigration go their countries without any problem if they leave USA many citizen can find job by request government if government arrange them job by their situation of age, psychical and physically then any of them no work, it is duty government to cut any support money against them,

The fact, Christian special USA people are simple and good people entire world

So, it is duty people of the world special Christian countries to let and support USA and other Christian countries to rule their countries to make this world same as heaven without interfere and influence Jews and without Jews got any job their governments except Israel that make this world worse than hell.

Unfortunately Jews by their propaganda sources entire world indirect and secret to introduce USA people no good that Jews are responsible almost all tragedies entire world from long centuries up now, unfortunately Jews special in congress are high and highest position and occupy congress to pass many wrong laws against USA and the world and by making a lot of false and un-true stories against USA families and else same as their generation had made in Bible and Koran and else and change the true stories to false stories even change the date of the true stories to brain washed people who accept their false histories and stories created by Jews to change the life of people in dangerous and always in during of centuries to pave the way Christians fight against each other and other Christian countries and else, for example war between Christians of Ukraine and Christian of Russia is by cooperated of Putin a Jew and prom-minister of Israel and cooperate secret by Obama a Jew president of USA and cooperate almost all Jews government entire world by many tricks and trick’s pretends same as Al QAEDA that themselves are Al Qaeda to make violation special against Christian countries and the world and steal oil and nation sources by name of Christian to make responsible USA or other Christian countries and terror right people same as Kennedys and else to make responsible other, for example if people focus this video, can find out some fact also.

For example the short video of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel with Putin a Jew leader of Russia cooperate with Assad a Jew president of Syria against nation of Syria that Assad and Putin are Jews and servant of Israel government, not only them, also all high and highest position in every governments entire world from long centuries ago up now were and are Jews that they have paved the way people of every country and themselves became and to be servants of Jews, special Israel government now.

1. 7:09
Putin & Netanyahu Syria
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Russian President Vladimir Putin, receives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a meeting at the Bocharov Ruchei ...

So the fact is not only problem of Syria by Jews, the fact all nations entire world had problem by Jews that hided their Jew identification and cooperate each other getting highest position in government entire world same president of USA Obama, Putin leader of Russia or else to pave the way people get killed millions in future will get killed billions by them.
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The End of Obama

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The End of Barack Obama?
A wealthy Maryland journalist (who's neither a Democrat or Republican) has exposed a scandal brewing within the current Administration.

He says it could ruin Obama's entire Presidency... and would also result in some of the most dramatic changes to ordinary American life in more than 50 years.

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3. Russia OKs use of military force in Ukraine | News - Home
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Russia's Parliament signed off Saturday on President Vladimir Putin's request to send military forces into ...

World War III 2014 (The Best Documentaries of 2014

World War 3 begins in 2014 (Total Collapse Of The World)
1. 8:11
Barack Obama with Benjamin Netanyahu - March 2012 (Israel Live Com)
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President Barack Obama with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - March 2012 Israel Live Com.

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Thank you. This is your victory. Let's keep moving forward: http://OFA.BO/jBtFbV After being re-elected President of the United ...
President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel speak to the press before a meeting in the Oval Office.
2. 6:55

The fact, the situation of every country entire world is belong to Israel government that select high and highest Jew position of every country either hide their Jew identification or not and cabinets of governments and militaries and forces of every country entire world and decide which country has to be destroyed or break downed or has war other country or destroy economics and inflation or boycott or else against every country,
In spite the fact that all governments entire world are Jew governments that Israel government hasn.t any problem with them that they work against their countries and the world Israel government favor, only Israel government wanted to make many countries weak and poor and un-education inflation and war between each other to rule against them and their generation as slavery for their life that has succeed long time before up now.

So, all politician and high and highest position every country cooperate each other to work favor of Israel terrorist government against their countries and the world that they play as drama on overt talk against each other, on covert are against all nations entire world to plot and make wars and send their militaries and forces the world against their countries and the world favor of only Israel government that gives them all kind of jobs in their governments, not election by their nations

So, Obama talk against Putin or John Kerry or else goes to Russia or Syria or else to talk peace that all of them are drama that all their negotiation are against their countries and the world for favor of Israel government, s decision to executive easy against their nations and entire world.

So the drama of politician of ever country and most dangerous and evil ways of Israel government (that many of them were teenage in during of Hitler a Jew time have been brainwashed and have been destroyed their brain to be as evil in future because of more than 6 million Jews got killed in Germany, it is false information, because more than 5 million from 6 million were Christian the name of Jew got killed by Jew government in Hitler time, to pave the way Jews to be united more than before in future against Christian and else entire world without Jews and other to know) to pave the way for third war world that even is dangerous against Jews entire world, so it is necessary Jews also don’t follow dangerous and evil policy of Israel government against themselves and rest people entire world.

The fact, those people who was following Hitler policy and now following the policy of Putin a Jew and people who are in high and highest position in any country follow overt or covert policy of Israel government that many of them are Jew hided their Jew identification

The fact, from long centuries entire world up now, people in every religion were fighting against each other or against other religion direct or indirect that never and ever cooperate with each other and other religion, except religion belong for Jews that all centuries in any country cooperate each other against rest people entire world to fight either direct or indirect and hided their Jew identification or not
So, people entire world except Jews from long centuries ago up now, they have paid and have to pay against themselves and their generation in future, to pave the way Jews rule against rest people entire world from long centuries ago up now.

About Author


Saeid Naghib, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, was born in Iran. I attended a Mathematic, Uremia high school in Iran, Law School at University of Tehran and I have traveled to 15 countries. I have petitioned the Iranian government on my father behalf for reimbursement of theater property confiscated unlawfully after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.


Copyright Saeid Naghib, 2012

All rights reserved

Before I die, But after I die, everyone has right to publish my book including appendix as it is free without using any commercial purpose for people entire world favor.


First Printing: July 2012

Printed in the United States of America


E- Mail


Author’s Introduction


Covert and Overt Tragedies Against People of the World explores a wide range of topics gathered from my extensive research and travels to 15 countries, primarily in the Middle East and South Asia. For most readers, this wide-ranging book will raise more questions than it answers. That is its intent. No one person has all the answers to the world’s most vexing problems. What’s most important is to provoke thought and analysis in hopes each reader will discover new truths. I have given a great deal of study and thought to the issues raised in this book. This has led to conclusions that unmask the truth about events, history and people on the world stage. However, my mind is open to the readers’ thoughts and conclusions. I always welcome a vigorous debate because I believe an open exchange of ideas brings out closer to the truth.


Throughout this book, I attempt to answer hundreds of questions about the state of the world – past and present. Here’s a sample of what to expect. Happy reading


What accounts for the success of Jews in creating Israel and exerting centuries of control of the world?


Who or what country is responsible for the September

11, 2001, attacks on the United States?

Who was Osama Bin Laden and who is behind the Al Qaeda organization?


What was happening in the United States before and after the September 11 attacks?

Why are 400 innocent people imprisoned at Guantanamo, Cuba?

Who is Shad Masoud, why was he important and why was he murdered?

What prompted George W. Bush and Tony Blair to cooperate on the Iraqi invasion while ignoring their enemies working the United States and Great Britain.

What was really behind the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert?

What was behind the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal?

What was the purpose of exposing the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal?

Is the image of the United States as the world’s strongest fact or fiction?

What is the future of the United States?

Who is responsible for worldwide inflation?

Who is really behind international drug trade?

What is the international mafia and who are its members?

What is the truth about Hitler, Gandhi, Lenin, Stalin, Jinnah, Fidel Castro?

Who were Saddam Hussein and Khomeini? Who are the current members of the Iraqi and Iranian governments?

What is the truth about Christ, Mohammed, Buddha and the other prophets?

What and who were responsible for World War II?

Who bears responsibility for the Vietnam War and its outcome?

Why is Cyrus the Great (aka the Dangerous) among history’s most significant and underrated figures?

How did the Persian royal family play contribute to the establishment of Jewish worldwide power?

What happens after people die?

Why is it important to world peace to reject all religions and adopt only one God or accept humanity as worship God?

How are the Way of God and humanity connected?


Covert and Overt Tragedies against People of the world



By Saeid Naghib


Table of Contents

5- Overview: Troubling Signs in the Land of Diversity

6- Fighting the Manipulation


13- The Spies in Our Midst: A Long History

27- Enemies Within: The Vast Spy Network Manipulating Iran

35- The British Worldwide Threat

43- Censorship, Prisons, and More

46- Pathways to World Peace

56- British Power, Perils and Threats of World War

75- Obstacles to Peace in America and Iran and the rest the world

96- America’s British Challenge

116- Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Castro, Mandela, more

123- Tearing Down the ‘Spy

128- Turning to the Way of God

144- Al Qaeda’s Destructive History

155- Reforms: Immigration, Other Pro

176- Mysterious Death of Shah Massod and the Aftermath

194-The Role of God in the World

202- A Brief Iranian Shiite History

212- Jews and Identity

231- Dangers of Excessive Wealth

263- The Real Iranian Threat

275- God’s True Expectations for Mankind

292- Illusions of Democracy

316- Education and Power

320 Tactics to Divide and Conquer

323- Using Analyses and Reason to Expose Falsehoods

340- Jewish Control of All Religions

347- America: The ‘Second Israel’

365- Wealth Is the True Superpower

368- Laws Reveal Government Priorities

391- Working to Remove Borders


393-President Nixon’s former secretary, Henry

Kissinger’s speech


397-Former President Bill Clinton’ speech less than 15 seconds

400- The world needs international revolution


Overview: Troubling Signs in the Land of Diversity


The United States is home to a diversity of races, nationalities, religions and multiple languages. Most were born in the United States. Nearly all share English as a common language. Others arrive with resident, work, student, tourist and other visas. Still others come illegally for jobs to support themselves and their families.


Most Americans are simple, warm and welcoming to anyone who arrives seeking opportunity for a better life. Americans take great pride in the democratic institutions they created to govern themselves. Unfortunately, beneath the surface are forces that pose a threat to these democratic institutions. These anti-American forces include British nationals, Jewish racial fanatics and even some Muslim fanatics who work covertly as spies with the United States or even openly using legal democratic tactics to promote policies and actions that undermine democracy and damage America’s prestige and standing worldwide. Their fanaticism often succeeds in manipulating government officials and public opinion in ways that create sharp divisions within American society and adverse, hostile relations with other countries.


Governments everywhere – including the United States and Europe – act like the mafia by censoring news organization, books and other media in their countries. The result is citizenry that are widely misinformed about important issues. Israel stands out as country whose people are subjected to constant untruths and propaganda. It is important for people in every country to be aware of the pervasiveness of censorship and propaganda. People need to constantly question what they read and what they see to avoid being brainwashed by false news stories and propaganda from religious leaders and narrow-interest organizations.


In fact, all religious institutions employ brainwashing techniques. Priests, ministers, rabbis and mullahs use extreme language, far-fetched stories and myths to brainwash their followers. These religious leaders poison minds by demanding strict, fanatical adherence to unverifiable, non-factual beliefs. They ostracize anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs, often condemning them as dangerous and evil. Their fanaticism triggers disputes among people and countries. Throughout history, this fanaticism has produced endless religious wars that have killed millions of people. Most troubling are the British and Jewish “mafia” who have used religion for centuries to spark wars they see as beneficial to their interests. These mafia-style governments and religious leaders use the media in destructive ways to brainwash and manipulate people into holding opinions and taking actions that are counterproductive and harmful. The steady flow of sophisticated propaganda delivered through the media makes it difficult for most people to distinguish between fact and fiction.


At any given time, there are conflicts under way somewhere in the world. These conflicts are covered widely on radio and television and in newspapers and books. The barrage of information makes it difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction. This leads to systematic brainwashing in which wrong facts lead to wrong conclusions that are detrimental to humanity.


Fighting the Manipulation


You can fight back against the daily onslaught of misconceptions and falsehoods regularly conveyed by the media. Freeing your mind and holding on to your intellectual honesty takes discipline and hard work.


I, Saeid Naghib, offer a systematic approach to more fully use thinking and reasoning skills to avoid brainwashing. This approach requires people to read a variety of books, draw from a wide range of media sources, and seek out the ideas, thoughts and cooperation of many different people around

World I have written on many international subjects and will continue to write in the future. As always, I invite your thoughts – and disagreements – to guide me to the truth in ways that promote peace and harmony for humanity.


We have a responsibility to search for the truth about our country and other countries and to share that truth with others. If people are not able to distinguish between true and false information, they can be easily brainwashed for use by enemies against their own government and people around the world. Consequently, it is easy for brainwashed people to lose their country as well as their freedom, family, health, property and their lives.


If we find out and reveal the fact for people around the world, we will all be happier, God will be happier and our families will be happier. So everything that happens in our country will affect everyone worldwide. According to Iranian poet Saadi,


The sons of Adam were created from one essence

We are all connected each other through generation to generation

If any organ of a body got pain,

Other organs will be effected each other negatively

If you do not feel the pain of others, the fact

You cannot be human.


So don’t deceive yourself into thinking you will not die. It is fact that we all will die. Humanity is best way to lead a good life. If you believe in the God, it is the way of God is to embrace all of humanity and loving all people.


God didn’t tell us to like only some people and not others. God told us to love all the people of the world. Don’t make different between them. No religion can be humanitarian unless it embraces the love all of humanity, even those we disagree with.


The Biblical prophets and Jesus Christ (whether are really prophet or not) did not tell Christians to love only those people who follow Christ. Christ instructed his followers to love all people. People living in the 21st century don’t follow the way of God, which is to love all humanity. Unfortunately, people misunderstand God’s teaching and follow their own false prophets, histories and fables. While we have the ability and resources to distinguish facts from lies, it is nearly impossible to learn the truth about what is going on around the world.

If even every religion to accept humanity, they will accept humanity of their own religion only so the fact for humanity is not enough because humanity is for love all people entire world

So, how it is possible to learn the ancient history of other countries? Centuries ago, people did not have the tools or access to information about their history. Consequently, it has been easy for historians to change history and create myths that benefit their own countries. That makes it difficult to distinguish what is true in history and holy books, which contain many false stories. Moreover, most people adopt the religion of their parents because they have been brainwashed to accept those beliefs.


1. The best way to overcome this brainwashing is to embrace humanity. It is the Way of God that follows common principles:


Love all people in this world same as your family regardless of their religion, nationality, language, and race or ethnicity.


2. When you serve and love people, you are serving and loving God who expects you to love all of the people he created.


3. If someone doesn’t respect national or international laws and attack you and others, you have the right to defend yourself and advise others to do the same.


4. Our highest standard is to live our lives with good thoughts, positive good talk and good acts of love and kindness.


5. You should always keep your mind and body pure and clean.


6. You should keep yourself physically fit through exercise, healthy eating and drinking. You should not eat or drink more than you need and should fast to benefit your body. God entrusted you with your body, and it is your duty to take care of your health and well-being.


7. Anything we like for ourselves, we should like the same for others. Anything we don’t like for ourselves, we should not like for others. (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.)

8. If you have sufficient food, money and other resources, you have an obligation to help others. Sharing this way provides peace of mind, security and social harmony. Even if you don’t believe in God, you should do well for others by sharing. God will pardon us if we don’t believe in Him. However, it is more profitable to believe. After death, the soul will separate from the body but will retain all of our thoughts, acts and words. If we did well in our life, our soul will be comfortable and happy after we die. If we did badly, our souls will experience unhappiness and discomfort or we will be punished.


It is a fact that we can die at any moment.


After we die, our souls live on forever. Our actions in life will justify whether we are punished with suffering or rewarded with happiness. So, we must start now to perform good acts in this world before it is too late.


All good and bad acts are a matter of degree. Doing a bad act toward people of the world is worse than doing a bad act for one country. At the same, doing a bad toward a country is worse than doing a bad act toward an individuals or several individuals. The condition of our souls will depend on our acts. Something we feel is good is usually good, and things we feel are bad are usually bad. Our motives do is important. What matters is whether the actions are good or bad toward people in the world.


Whenever, we visit another society or culture, we have an obligation to respect the laws and customs of that society. Also, every society must respect and guarantee our rights if we obey their laws and customs. If people come to another country and lack the basic food and financial resources to live, it is the government’s duty to provide them a job. If the government cannot provide them with jobs, then it should pay people a minimum salary so they will not become beggars. If they have no job or salary, they will either starve to death or commit criminal acts of robbery, burglary or worse. Consequently, a person without a job or salary creates problems for the entire world.


It is our duty to follow humanity (worship of God) and respect the rights of all people in this world. This requires that people abandon fanatical religious and ideological ideas. It also means that we must remove artificial national borders and adopt international laws with that guarantee equality and brotherhood for all people. We must also take step to help people distinguish between truth and untruth. Action is also needed to search out, expose and eliminate spies in every country. If we fail to take all of these actions, the world will continue to have huge problems.


If people fail to follow humanity, the consequence will be devastating and lead to World War III. However, under the leadership of the United States, the United Kingdom (if they want to participate), the United Nations and Israel (Jewish organizations), it is possible to create one international country with no borders and pass international laws that guarantee equality and brotherhood for all people in this world. These actions will prevent a third world war forever and ensure world peace.


This new international state will be like the United States and will be called the United Nations State. The United States is the best model for one international state because it opens citizenship to everyone regardless of their race, language, national origin or religion. America was formed for all the peoples of the world, and is therefore closest to the humanitarian ideal. Everything that happens in America impacts the entire world, and everything that happens in this world effects the United States because it came into existence from all nationalities of the world. It also continues to accept new citizens from all around the world.


The people of United States and all other countries must learn to trust each other. They must also support efforts by the United States to promote and maintain peace for people in all countries. It is our responsibility to work together to prevent more tragedies from happening to the United States. We must also work to fight falsehoods and reveal the truth about the United States and all countries. Everyone in the world deserves to know the truth, not just lies and propaganda.


The United States helps many countries in this world through economic and military aid. Despite this aid, the United States often has many problems with the countries it helps because of the influence of the United Kingdom and Israel. If we study carefully, we can learn the truth. Unfortunately, the intelligence services of all countries have been infiltrated by spies and agents who are hostile to the United States. These spies remain secretive and undetected as they work against the interests of Americans and other countries. These secret spies and agents can occupy high- or low-ranking positions in government (king, prime minister, president, religious leader) and business.


If Hitler was right leader for Germany, he should not have made the Jews dissatisfied. Such dissatisfaction endangered and led to the collapse of Germany.


All countries have people who are spies special from Israel and British government who perform criminal acts and wrongdoing against the world. Many of these criminals hold the United States responsible, using propaganda in the media to denounce Americans as evil. There are different ways within the United States to work against the government and against other countries. Because the United States welcomes so many nationalities to become citizens, there are many who love America but still prefer to live in the country they were born in.


If we follow any of God’s prophets, in spite the fact that they are not from God


But if they are they will be happy for our good acts and will not happy our bad acts


If we perform good and humanitarian acts in the name of false prophets that religions claim were sent by God the will be pleased. If acts are bad, these same prophets will not be leased. In other words, it is vile if we clam to love these prophets but ignore their advice and perform bad acts. Such bad acts are an insult to the prophets ( if they are from God)and God.

People fail to understand that hundreds of thousands were killed in Nazi Germany. However, most were recorded as Jews


If the United States does against every country, American will have problems. British and Israeli spies operating in United States and around the world systematically brainwash government leaders. Spies within the CIA, FBI and legislatures work to destroy relations between the United States and other nations.


The existence of spies within the governments of the United States and other countries is more dangerous than an atom bomb. One bomb can destroy one city, but one spy (British and Jewish) can destroy one country or the entire world. The existence of British and Jewish spies in every country is dangerous to each country, its neighbors and all countries worldwide.


The United States should take steps to provide legal status for its many illegal immigrants. Failure to grant citizenship to these illegal immigrants makes them especially vulnerable to recruitment by other countries and groups that oppose the United States. Many illegal can be easily recruited by anti-American groups to threaten U.S. national security.


Another problem is that U.S. laws don’t provide marriage equality. The rights of husbands and wives are not equal. Divorce laws are especially favorable to wives. It is not unusual in divorce proceedings for wives to get more of the property and assets than the husbands. As a result, many people are afraid to enter into marriage, an institution that is vital to social stability. Marriage and families are further weakened by the frequency of extra marital affairs and infidelity that results in divorce.



The Spies in Our Midst: A Long History


America is also plagued by the presence of many highly paid government officials in influential positions who are extremely pro-British and pro-Israeli. They advocate and promote policies that are beneficial to the United Kingdom and Israel – and not necessarily the United States. Israel is already the strongest country in the world and the United Kingdom is second. Both countries support an extensive spy network that operates worldwide, including in the United States. These networks have considerable influence over government and media institutions and shape public opinion using sophisticated propaganda techniques. They also have significant influence among all religions, especially Christians in the United States. The British love their country more than their Christian religion, God and their families.


The British have been effective in interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. They have a long history of success dating back to Colonial times in generating strife and rivalries within countries and using lies and propaganda to create hostilities and wars between countries. Countries that are brainwashed by this propaganda almost always lose out while the British government almost always reaps sizable benefits, including greater wealth. When the British occupy another country, the results are almost always disastrous for the occupied country – from India to Palestine and from South Africa to Kenya. For example, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was originally an English spy, who killed his own people and engaged in more than 8-year war with Iran that killed millions. His secret relationship was hidden, even from his own countrymen. He was a U.S. ally in the war against Iran, but later became an enemy of the United States by invading Kuwait. In cases such as Iraq, it is our duty to reveal the facts to the people and the world.


British influence extends to the little-known fact that Adolph Hitler was a Jewish-English spy. If we study Hitler genealogy, it is nearly impossible to discover the family’s origins. Historians trace his family tree to Austria, but it is easy for U.K. scholars to create false stories that become accepted fact. Even if he were not an English spy, he was clearly brainwashed to implement plans that favored the United Kingdom. Certainly, Germany’s loss of both World Wars I and II produced favorable results for Britain. After World War I and through the end of World War II, England governed and controlled Germany. From 1918 to 1945, Britain had spies, including Hitler, throughout the German government. Early on, the British were indirectly responsible for Hitler’s imprisonment and later promotion as a hero and a true German leader. Under Hitler’s leadership, Germany experienced significant industrial and economic growth, low unemployment and widespread prosperity. He inspired people to believe in a stronger Germany. During this period of rapid growth, Hitler was visited by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain came under the pretense of promoting peace. However, his real mission was to meet privately with Hitler to share plans to lure Germany into a country-by-country invasion of Europe that would begin World War II. As history tells us, Hitler ultimately failed the German people by leading into a war that destroyed his country and led to the deaths of may be more than 55 million people worldwide.


Regarding the holocaust, Hitler orchestrated hatred against Jews, blaming them for German’s destructive loss during World War I. At the same time, many Jews were well-integrated into German society and didn’t show themselves as Jews. Jews occupied many high- and low-level positions in Germany as well as many international positions of great influence in finance, politics and international law. These high government positions in Germany gave them access to top German secrets, which they shared with the British. In exchange, British leaders promised to support Zionists in their quest for a future homeland in British-controlled Palestine. Likewise, Britain used them to foment the Russian Revolution and create a new state that would fight alongside the British to defeat Germany during World War II.


The secret use of Hitler and the Jews were all part of a world plan favorable to the British. It should be noted that Hitler didn’t fight against the British, his most dangerous enemy. He only conducted limited bombings of Britain and unmanned planes to destroy useless sites. He then used propaganda to show to the world that he had destroyed the United Kingdom.


Hitler attacked France, a traditional British enemy. If we study French history, we discover that France and England were engaged in constant wars with each for centuries. The invasion of France was in Britain’s best interest. Hitler also invaded Russia during the winter, not realizing the dangers to his troupes – a lesson easily learned by reading about Napoleon’s disastrous decision to invade Russia in winter. The invasion of Russia was Germany’s most costly decision and a major factor in Germany’s ultimate defeat.


The British also played a key role in blocking assassination attempts against Hitler by generals and other Germans. The British as well as Hitler had spies and agents within German intelligence to ferret out any assassination plots. To the credit of these spies, only one assassination plot came close to succeeding. In that plot, several military officials and advisors were killed or injured by a bomb explosion. Hitler was near the explosion but survived, leading some observers to conclude that British spies became aware of the plot and had a body double stand in for Hitler. British and German propaganda created the myth that the obstruction of a pillar in the building saved Hitler. In addition, some historians believe Hitler did not ultimately commit suicide but was, in fact, assassinated. More importantly, the expansive network of British spies In Germany helped determined the fate of the world.


Given Britain’s manipulation, it should be no surprise that the British became wealthier in the aftermath of World War II.


In Germany, many English spies were appointed to high military positions, including generals. Why wasn’t Hitler able to serve as a spy and a general?


British propaganda and manipulation continued worldwide after 1945. For example, why has Cuba’s Fidel Castro survived longer than any dictator in modern times despite his country’s proximity and danger to the United States? Is it possible Castro has survived because he has been protected as a British spy?


The British encouraged Castro to lead a revolution to change Cuba into a communist dictatorship. While this may seem surprising, the United Kingdom will support a communist country to serve its own purposes, including starting civil wars. Any country with a dictator and government officials who aren’t British spies can be easily destroyed. But this is unusual. The British use deception and plant spies in countries to interfere and influence how those countries are ruled.


The United Kingdom used Castro to spy on the United States and Latin American countries on behalf of the British. Britain’s use of Castro to further their own interests has been responsible for dangerous relationships between Cuba and the United States and other Latin American countries. Countries that make problems for Castro or seek stronger ties with Latin American countries face problems with the British. For example President Bill Clinton’s attempts to strengthen relations with Latin America were halted when British and Jewish spies orchestrated the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.


When the Kennedys learned Castro was a British spy, British spies took action to bring down the Kennedy family and may have played role in the president assassination in 1963. The British also opposed Kennedy’s civil rights initiatives to free black citizens from years of oppression and discrimination.


Likewise, President Richard Nixon ended the Vietnam War, which angered the British. Ultimately, Britain played a secret role in Nixon’s resignation as a result of the Watergate scandal.


The United Kingdom is well informed of internal and external problems in every country. That’s because British spies and agents have infiltrated the intelligence agencies of most countries, including the United States, the Mafia and terrorist organizations. They play a major role in high- and low-level positions in creating problems for all these other countries. These British plants are skilled at starting or stopping problems at will. The British have also been involved in airline hijackings and killings of individuals who oppose British interests.


Clearly, whenever the United Kingdom wants to plot against any country in the world, it will happen.

Even when countries disagree vehemently with the British government, their leaders will be manipulated through the spy network to support unfavorable British policies.


It is worth mentioning that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, with the support of British spies, caused problems worldwide, including attacking Arab countries and U.S. national interests and launching a war against Iran. While Britain joined the United States for the Iraqi invasion, but made sure that Saddam Hussein’s successor and government continued to favor British interests. In the end, it was easy for the British, who kept Saddam Hussein in power, to take him out by simply issuing orders to its secret spy network inside Iraq. The British had hoped to keep him power to work against the United States and other countries, but the invasion of Kuwait made continued support impossible. Clearly, the British wish to destroy the United States.


In addition, most people blame Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda for bringing down the World Trade Center. If they were responsible, why weren’t they quickly found and punished? Both the United States and Britain were already in Afghanistan. Because the British have spies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it’s likely they knew the where about of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. If they were guilty, why were they allowed to escape? Is it possible, the British knew someone else was guilty for the September 11th attack? Is it possible the hijackers were brainwashed by others to act on Britain’s behalf. For these reasons, it is important to investigate thoroughly to discover the truth.


It is possible that those responsible for the September 11th attack wanted the United States involved in Afghanistan and Iraq. These plotters may also have helped brainwash government officials and the American public into blaming Muslim countries and building strong American support for both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq


The United State has wasted billions of dollars on useless activities that have only created more problems internationally for American.


While such propaganda may anger Muslims worldwide, it is essential that European, Chines, Russian people not their governments because their governments are ruling by British-Jewish spies and other countries know the facts about Britain’s role in creating disputes, wars and terrorist acts around the world. Failure to learn what the Britain’s vast spy network is up to could eventually result in World War III. Even with another world war, British spies will make sure their homeland is protected.


If a country wants to weaken and destroy itself or another country, it will do nothing about the presence of British spies in their government and businesses. Indifference can move a free government to a dictatorship that censor free speech and imprisons its citizens. Still other governments will create the illusion of democracy by allowing people to have sex, drink alcohol, and abuse narcotics.


The biggest tragedy of September 11th is that America changed from a democracy to a dictatorship with a severely weakened economy. Actions taken after September 11th also damaged relations between the United States and its European allies as well as Muslim countries. Needless to say, the U.S. has become more distrusting and hostile toward its own Muslim citizens. The United States has failed to tell its citizens the real reasons behind the destruction of the World Trade Center while wasting billions of dollars on useless activities that have only created more problems internationally for America.


Another problem is that few Americans listen to world news reported by other countries. The limited amount of world news reported by U.S. news outlets comes directly from American or British reporters. Typically, these reporters fail to capture the valuable perspective or important facts provided by journalists who actually live as citizens in the countries they are reporting from. As results, Americans are poorly informed about the facts about countries around the world.


Americans and people in other countries know the Iran as well as other dictatorial regimes routinely punish and kill citizens at random. No investigations are necessary and due legal processes are ignored by these governments.

Privately, the British government is angry that regular Iranian citizen inside and outside the government oppose their leaders. For that reason, British government and its American spies work to destabilize and undermine the Iranian people.


In fact England is angry that Iranian in outside and inside are against their government, for that reason that England by his spies in U.S.A. and another countries make problem for Iranian and try to deport Iranian to their country to get killed and have Iran government without any objection,


Another issue is the presence in rich countries of British spies and agents, who create internal and external problems for their hosts. These spies are responsible for falsely identifying terrorist worldwide and steal cheap oil and other resources from other countries. All of these actions result in limitations on travel, visas, and business opportunities for other countries – all to the benefit of the United Kingdom.


No one seems to ask why the British have infiltrated so many countries with their spies and agents. The placement of these spies in other countries is a clear violation of international laws, the natural rights of people, and the way of God. No country should be subjected to the secretive influences of spies who can destroy and rule against the will of the people. This power gives the United Kingdom control over oil and food while harming the needs of other people worldwide. If the United Kingdom is able to monopolize exports and imports of food and oil for its own needs and those of Europe and Japan, what will happen to other countries that need these same resources?


If the good people in the U.S. government don’t care and don’t love their country, what is the future for America? A revolution, similar to what happened in Iran, can happen in the United States to throw out dangerous leaders and government officials.


The Jewish people also pose another problem for the world. If people read history, they will learn that wherever Jews live, that country has problems. That is because Jews protect their own interest, and if the conflicts within countries created by Jews aren’t solved, it will continue to be dangerous to the rest of the world.


I believe in God and realize I can die at any moment. That is why I believe it is my duty to always find out the facts and reveal them. God created this world for everyone. He didn’t create countries and borders requiring people to live in only one place. We made a mistake by creating countries and borders. Unfortunately, it is not God’s way. I can live in any part of the world because that is what God intended. My “country” is the whole world regardless of borders and laws. It is my duty to reveal this to all people.


Following the way of God is essential. If you believe in God, you also have to believe in humanity. It is wrong to say you believe in God but not believe in humanity in all its form. If you love humanity as God commanded, then race, nationality, and religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs should not matter. A believer in God loves all people and is committed to guide other people to the right way. A believer speaks the truth to others and allows people the freedom to decide what is best for them. Ultimately, God will decide the fate of all people in this world.


My hope is that people around the world will find happiness, and my duty is to love all humanity and guide these people to the way of God.


Unfortunately, some people create their own messages with their holy books and private religions. They have a different view of humanity that gives special treatment only to those who believe the way they do. The fact is every living person is part of humanity, regardless of their religion. All religious beliefs deserve to be respected as part of humanity. People are human and the full meaning of all religions is incomplete and imperfect. All religions have contradictions that go against humanity. So, it is better to follow the needs of humanity and not the needs of specific religions. God requires that we love and help all humanity – not just those human who practice our religion.


It also God’s will that the planet Earth is one international “country.” God did not create the world by dividing it into many countries and borders. It is not right to create countries and borders. Today, European countries are breaking down borders to become united. They are moving to accept God’s way and the humanity of mankind. Likewise, Asia, Africa and South, Central and North America can now work together to pass international laws that promote the equality and brotherhood of all people in the world and move all of us to one international country made up of all the people of the world.


If I had enough money, I would build places around the world to benefit humanity.


Moreover, God created this world and its creatures to enjoy themselves and not hurt others. He doesn’t want anyone to become His slave. He doesn’t need anyone. He only wants people of this world to love each other and trust and respect the rights of each other. God loves everyone the same and doesn’t want anyone to be the slave of another. So, how is it possible that some well-educated British and Jewish people. They have used their brain power to abuse people in many ways, including enslaving millions. How are English Jews able to rule the world and enslave people? And how is it possible that mullahs (Islamic teachers) in Iran can convince believers to beat and flog themselves in the name of God? Such behavior is blasphemy against God and humanity.


If people are indifferent or apathetic eventually they will depend on the British-Jewish mafia entirely for their food supplies and other basic needs. They will look to the British-Jewish mafia as their savior and God.

If people ignore or remain indifferent to the British-Jewish mafia, then they will remain dependent on these criminals for their food and livelihood


It is possible that a war between the United States and Europe will happen in future. The Europeans have united their economic systems to better serve the needs of their people. There is only one way to prevent a third world war and expose the dangerous policies of the United Kingdom and Israel. The way is through a partnership between United States and Europe that is committed to building worldwide harmony by removing all borders and creating one international country. Actions should include passage of humanitarian (way of God) international laws that ensure equality and brotherhood. These laws should give people the freedom to move around without borders and give them natural rights to live anywhere in the world. At the same time, this international state must learn to use nature and things created by God in the right way. People’s talents must be used to make the world a more beautiful place, pray to God, and perform humanitarian duties that make the world more comfortable for everyone. People should be able to die in comfort and peace without worry.


The United States has always been the best country and is admired for humanitarian policies that respect people of all nationalities, races and religions. Unfortunately, the United States is often embroiled in disputes and hostilities with other countries because of its support for British and Israeli policy and the influence of their spies on American policy. This approach has proved especially damaging to relations between the United States and its European allies and Muslim countries. The link between bad policies and terrorism is obvious. Yet, U.S. citizens are not informed of the facts about September 11th and Muslims are unfairly and inaccurately accused of actions that are false and defamed without proof of wrongdoing.


It is clearly wrong to hold Muslim countries responsible for all wrongdoing in the world. It is wrong for the United States to work closely with the United Kingdom to pursue dangerous policies and to reject international law, ignore humanitarian principles in dealing with other countries, and follow the same discredited, fanatic Christian beliefs. It is wrong to fight for ancient fanatical beliefs while ignoring modern humanitarian principles. Unfortunately, policies based on religion lead to exploitation of other countries natural resources and partnership with dictators who keep their own people hopeless and in poverty. This is the same policy Britain used to subjugate Africa and Asia under its colonial rule.


Finally, whenever the United States supports British or Israeli policy, it not any receives few benefits for its backing. Both Britain and Israel pursue policies that serve their own selfish interests. In fact, U.S. support for Britain and Israel has made enemies for America and weakened its economic and political standing worldwide. U.S. policy has brought about criminal acts to American shores.


Many within the Irish government are enemies of British. The British always know who their friends and enemies are in any government and can easily solve its problem with the Irish whenever it wants. But


The ongoing dispute with the Irish is part of a master plan to find out enemies of British government in Ireland and by Ireland to find out other enemies who are coming to Ireland to work against British government.


Clearly, Britain and Israel were responsible for September 11th. They have many spies and secret agents in the CIA and Mafia who are able to control economics and politics as well as public and private institutions. If they had wanted to, they could have prevented the September 11th attacks. However, there goal in allowing the attacks was to weaken the U.S. economy and severely damage its relations with other countries.


Americans need to learn the truth and discover who is truly responsible for the September 11 attacks. To learn the truth, they need to set aside biases against all religions and nations. They need to remain neutral about past friendship with other nations and discover which countries profited most from the attacks.


The United States and Europe most join with other countries to eliminate dictatorships and governments that directly or indirectly cooperate with the United Kingdom and Israel. All of these countries need to be friend of destructive policies and establish humanitarian governments that allow citizens to use their minds to build a better world in which they trade and maintain good diplomatic relations with other nations. If they fail to act, these countries will experience the type of destruction visited upon Iraq. Iraq’s infrastructure was destroyed, its oil was stolen and thousands of people were killed.


Through its propaganda machine, the British attempt to portray themselves as a once strong country that is now weak. It preaches unity and claims it can no longer make decisions without the cooperation of other nations. This is British brainwashing at work. In fact, the United Kingdom is stronger than ever. Using indirect and secret agents, the British control nearly every country in the world. The British are always prepared to act anywhere at any time. Their propaganda machine is always at work, with plans to maintain firm control over the futures of other countries. They make happen whatever they want. They have proven their ability in the past. For example, the British have changed the text of the Bible and other holy books to create a many religious sects who compete and fight with each other.


Many countries, including the United States, don’t have independence, liberty or a free press, free political system or a free economy. Economic, political problems and border disputes go unsolved. And always, these countries have to follow the policies set forth by the British and Jew mafia, even when those policies are not beneficial. It is a fact that the British and Jewish mafia are at the root of all conflicts and wars between nations


The relationship between the United States and Britain is the same as relationship between a needle and cloth. Britain is the cloth, and the United States is needle. America produces beautiful garments but gets nothing in return from the British. The United States needs to begin using that needle to work in partnership with the rest of the world.


It can be said that that a united Europe and the tragedy of September 11th will pave the way for a third world war. The British in cooperation with the Jewish mafia launched World Wars I and II. It’s possible they will play a lead role in yet another world war. It is possible Britain and Israel has the same destructive plan for Europe used to annihilate Germany. Currently, the British are working to create dispute between Europeans and Jews. With Jews on their side, the British were behind the September 11 attacks that sparked hostilities between the United States and Muslim countries. These hostilities made American Jews happy the fact the main caused the Germany lost the second war world it was by Jews in their government.


In addition to creating disputes between Jews and Europeans, British spies are at work to aggravate tension between Jews and Arabs over Palestine. It is an easy task because the British spies already control religious and political leaders in the Muslim world.


If Britain and France become are aligned in a European war, then nuclear weapons will not be used. However, a third world war will result in food shortages and oil supply problems. Jews around the world and the British will reap enormous financial benefits from the conflict. Meanwhile, hostilities in the United States among Jews, Muslims and Europeans will grow. A new world war will significantly weaken the United States which will fall under permanent British control.


Alternatively, once the world becomes aware of British policy, it becomes likely Russia, China and France will unite to fight against the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada. If Russia and China don’t enter the war and remain neutral, they will emerge for a third world war stronger and more dangerous to the entire world. The current U.S. policy toward Muslim countries creates divisions with its European allies, making the world a more dangerous place for all countries.


The United States can only remain strong and independent if it follows its humanitarian principles by formulating strong relationships with other countries and avoiding future wars. The United States needs to strengthen its relations with Central and South America and eliminate unhealthy interference from the United Kingdom and Israel. U.S. leaders need to work closely with their European counterpart to pressure the British and Israelis to halt policies that steal the wealth of other nations and provoke conflict throughout the world, especially in the Middle East. The United Kingdom and Israel must join forces to ensure worldwide peace.

In fact, the United States doesn’t really need any other country. America is rich in land, natural resources and agriculture and is the world’s leading inventor of new products and services. Given such wealth, the United States can improve its greatness by helping the poor countries improve the lives of their citizens.


America’s greatest vulnerability comes from the interference of other countries. With the support of other humanitarian countries, America needs to shield itself from destructive enemies who want war. Countries need to rally around the United States to prevent abuses of power worldwide and prevent future wars.


Unfortunately, U.S. intelligence is weak and secretly controlled by the British. The British government and Jews mafia also control the intelligence services of other countries. This unlimited power gives them nearly total control over how news is reported worldwide.


Enemies Within: The Vast Spy Network Manipulating Iran


As in the United States, Iran has been under the control of the British and Jews mafia spy network. British and Jew mafia intelligence agents in low- and high-ranking positions have power over political and religious leaders, parliament and the military. British propaganda is used to orchestrate anti-Iranian feelings worldwide that harm the people of Iran. Today, many Iranians are suspicious of mullahs (Islamic religious teachers). A common joke is that if you shave a mullah’s beard, you will find the words “made in England.” Control over mullahs began when the British befriended Khomeini, plotted with him to overthrow the Shah and then exalted him as revolutionary hero of the people. At the same time, they worked secretly to install Saddam in Iraq.


An investigative journalist revealed the inner workings of a secret British-led consortium comprising representatives of other countries working on behalf of U.K. interests. One consortium requirement is that each member must have had a homosexual liaison that is photographed or videotaped for use as blackmail. These recorded encounters give the British complete control over consortium members. If any member betrays the British, photographs and video are released in his country. Likewise, members who remain loyal are rewarded with the highest governmental and religious positions in their countries. These loyalists ensure that the British will maximize its control and wealth of each country.


It was the Iranian consortium members who backed Khomeini’s leadership of the revolution while other non-Iranian members were part of a vast propaganda campaign that initially supported and then denounced the revolution, as dictated by British interests. While the Shah was in power, British spies created opposition groups and secret parties to plot against the government. One party was an Islamic religious group, the Mujahedeen, led by Masood Rajiv, a British Jewish spy. His betrayal of Iran led to thousands of Iranian deaths.


Religious tensions were also exacerbated by leaders who brainwashed their followers with lies, superstitions and ridiculous stories. For example, one widely circulated lie is that a Muslim who shakes hands with non-Muslims must wash the contamination and dirt away. Believers are often told that if a Shiite kills a non-believer Sunni, they will go to heaven. Sunnis are often told that if they dip a hand in honey and then a bag of wheat that much wheat stick on their same hand to kill a Shiite, they will go to heaven. These same religious leaders also told dirty, insulting jokes that aggravate tensions between Azerbaijani (Turk) and Farsi citizens.


When Khomeini became the leader of Iran, the British plan went into effect. Intelligent and important military personnel were targeted for killing by the new regime with British support. Killing the powerful military leaders weakened Iran’s ability to defend itself against Iraq. In addition, British spies, including Khomeini agitated for war with Iraq. Iran’s weakened military retreated from the Iran-Iraqi border, which paved the way for Iraq’s attack. Secretly, the British supported Iraq and rallied the support of other Arab nations to fight a war that lasted 8 years more or less, killing millions and maiming and injuring hundreds of thousands. During the war, Iran severed its relationship with the United States and other countries, further isolating it from the international community.


The hostilities between Iran and Iraq and Iran and other countries worked in Britain’s favor. Britain was the recipient of secret, free or cheap shipments of valuable resources, including oil, from Iran and Iraq. British spies were behind the attack and hostage-taking at the U.S. embassy in Tehran. The new revolutionary government terrorized Iranian citizens and forced many well-educated citizens into exile. During that time, Iran lost many of its best-educated people, including top scientists. Under the new dictatorship, stupid, uneducated government officials destroyed the economy and ruined business and industry. Educational institutions, historical monuments and antiquities were damaged or destroyed. Literary works were banned. In addition, the government confiscated property and killed innocent people. In addition, the Iranian revolutionary government passed laws that sparked internal warfare with the Kurdish minority, resulting in the deaths of thousands. All of these actions were undertaken with the blessings of the British and Israeli mafia.


The new regime also tightened security. Ordinary people were subjected to intense security checks while political and religious leaders escaped any additional security clearances because of their connections to the British/Israeli mafia. These high-ranking officials were free to wage “war” against the Iranian people. Rafsanjani, a member of Khomeini’s British spy network, attended a conference where he planted a time bomb that killed 72 people. The Iranian regime also targeted airlines for bombings and hijackings. Mechanics and others who service planes and bomb-carrying passengers were not searched or subjected to security checks.


The revolutionary government also passed laws in which people suspected of crimes were presumed guilty unless proven innocent. This led to the killings of thousands of innocent Iranians. All of these laws were clear violations of all international human rights laws. The government defended the killings, contending that suspects who were innocent would go to heaven while those who were truly guilty would go to hell. Many Iranians were jailed and tortured without evidence or conviction. Many never had access to the justice system and had their property arbitrarily confiscated.


For example, the government labeled cinema owners in Iran and east and west Azerbaijan as traitors and pornographers. The cinemas were confiscated and given to friends of the dictatorial regime. Owners were never compensated. Today, cinemas only show government-censored movies.


Throughout Iran, citizens live in fear. Many innocent people have been defamed, punished, mutilated, and physically and psychology tortured. Many have committed suicide. This outbreak of inhumanity was produced by laws passed to satisfy the British.


All the inhumanity suffered by the Iranians since the revolution is to be expected from people who are part of a homosexual dictatorship. These rulers represent the tight fist of evil and are dangerous to the peace of the world. They are especially dangerous to the United States and Muslim countries. While they claim to be Muslims or the Party of God and believers in God and the prophets, they are dangerous, inhumane and an insult to all true believers.


These corrupt Iranian officials are surrounded by special guards who protect them at all times. These guards share in the wealth. They receive high salaries and retain all profits from sales of factories and mines to others connected to the British spy network. It is part of a pattern in which the British steal and rob from others countries. They remain in government to continue their work or flee to the safety of another country. It’s astounding how many countries continue to cooperate with the British and never take steps to defeat these dangerous criminals against humanity. It’s equally amazing that so few countries allow good and responsible people to rise to national or international leadership.


In Iran, the people of Tabriz are seen as brave and jealous. They have this reputation despite people like Mousavi Tabriz. He has a shameful background as a revolutionary public prosecutor who killed hundreds of Iranians. Yet, he still remains in his high-ranking government position.


In fact, God keeps safe the secrets of all people, except homosexuals. Homosexuality can be proved by doctors. God knows that these homosexuals occupy high government positions and will continue to do so in the future. These homosexual leaders will destroy everything because they hate God and all people. Almost all dictators – past and present – suffer from homosexual illness. With their dirty acts, they are empty of love in their life. However, these people are useful to the British.


Past and present governments in Iran have frequently passed laws that leave people uneducated and impoverished. For example, people who have sex without marriage are severely punished. However, people without money cannot marry. Sex is like food. If you don’t’ eat, you will die of starvation. If you don’t have sex, you will go crazy.


Iran also has a drug problem. Many youths are drug addicts who cause enormous problems for their families. Ironically, the government helps with the smuggling and distribution of narcotics in Iran. The government also shares profits from drugs sales with the British and Jewish mafia. More importantly, drug addiction problems make it easier for British spies to control the population.


The Iranian government is also responsible for the chemical contamination of drinking water, which has sickened people and caused many diseases. In this regard, the revolutionary government operates in ways similar to past regimes.


The same people who took American embassy officials hostage in Tehran in 1969 are the same people who paint the United States as an evil empire. These revolutionists are also at war with Iranian students. Shortly after the revolution, they killed many students by dropping them from the tops of buildings on the university campus. Shortly after these killings, the new Iranian regime (with its spies Khomeini and Hashimi) received diplomatic recognition and support of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s British government.


Blair is a classic British hypocrite. As prime minister he spoke publicly about humanitarian principles. His actions were less than humanitarian. In a television interview, Blair boasted of Iran’s neutrality toward Palestine; however, news reports a few days before that interview confirmed that Iran was supplying weapons to Palestinians in their fight against Israel. Blair was also instrumental in foiling a plot by the Iranian people to overthrow the government. These rebels were later executed.


In general, Iranians like the American people. Unfortunately, spies within the Iranian government are hard at work to damage relations between the two countries.


As for Blair, he should be judged by his support for dictators, terrorists and hijackers worldwide. It is shameful that people believe Blair’s humanitarian words and do not judge him by his dangerous policies.


It is possible for Iran, the United States, United Nations and Britain (if interested) to cooperate to change the Iranian government. Failing to solve the Iranian problem will lead to even bigger problems for the United States. However, Blair’s policies and actions revealed Britain’s future plans. The British always play in two or more ways. Secretly, they support Country D. At the same time, they plot with other countries to attack Country D. This game enables the British to destabilize both countries and use them for their own financial gain.


Iranians and people have only one way to get rid of their evil governments. They can attempt to unite to fight against oppressive regimes. However, success is unlikely. British spies have infiltrated governments everywhere and can easily uncover and stop plots against their favored dictators. The best way is to form a secret network of trusted friends that are beyond the reach of the spy network. This anti-government network must be prepared to attack the enemy with suicide bombings or small groups of three who operate secretly and independently to launch attacks on the enemy.


For outsiders, it is difficult to understand how Iranians can rebel against their government if they don’t have Molotov cocktails or weapons and are unwilling to march in protest day and night. Outsiders assume they are stupid. However, if university students take to the streets to protest, what chance do they stand against a government that is willing to use its arsenal of modern weapons against its own citizens?


If protestors fail to bring down the government, they will be abducted from their homes and taken to secret location for beating, torture and even death. Many simply disappear and are never heard from again. The government will also intimidate protestors’ families to make an example of them. Sometimes, real and personal property will be confiscated forcibly by government agents.


In fact, government employees who criticize their government will lose their jobs and face persecution. Dictatorial governments are especially adept at organizing pro-government rallies to show the world that people support their policies. The Iranians are adept at staging pro-government rallies during which protestors denounce the United States as evil.


Unfortunately, the Iranian people have two main enemies – the Iranian government and the British/Israeli governments. Most Iranian government officials are Arabs from other countries who look and dress like Shiite mullahs and call themselves the descendants of the prophet Mohammed. They are evil, non-believers who are the enemies bent on the destruction of Iran. Many of these government officials are Iraqi spies and who helped prolong the war between Iran and Iraq. They have one goal – the complete destruction of Iran.


As previously discussed, the British and Israeli spies in the Iran government are there to promote hostilities between Muslim countries and the United States. These spies are a cancer on Iranian society. They are responsible for stealing Iranian resources (either free or at discount prices) and indirectly killing thousands of innocent Iranians.


The Iranians have three ways they can fight back against their government. They can operate covertly one individual at a time, conduct suicide bombings against the enemy, or rally all Iranians as freedom fighters willing to attack day and night.


The British control most of the Muslim world and use their governments to construct facilities that profit from pilgrimages to Islam’s most sacred sites. This control enables the British to exploit Muslim believers while reaping substantial income from these pilgrimages. The British also have control over other profitable properties elsewhere around the world. Despite the sizable revenues derived from this control, the British claim they are a weak country and don’t receive any benefits from their relationships with other countries.


It is worth the ancient secret activities of Hassan-e-Sabah. From his headquarters at the castle of Alamo Summit in Iran, he commanded a group that fought against Arabs, who had occupied Persia (Iran) for centuries. Sabah was an especially skilled at installing his followers into high-ranking government positions. Under his leadership, the occupiers were attacked and terrorized. His followers carried poison to take if they were captured by the enemy. Sabah used an extensive spy network to keep track of his enemies, and volunteers fought vigorously until assured of victory.


Duplicating Sabah’s achievements today is nearly impossible because of the extensive spy network operating in Iran. The spies operate at every level of today’s government and can quickly move to kill off any opposition.


Nevertheless, Iranians need to fight to regain control of the future. They need a campaign to terrorize the dictatorship, including suicide bombings. Secrecy will be essential in conducting terrorism against the corrupt government. Iranians must work with only trusted friends in groups of no more than three who fight to kill the enemy or every person alone to kill Iranian enemy by close to enemy as friendship.


Sabah was a master at organizing small groups to attach and kill the enemy occupiers. Volunteers who joined his groups were required to male volunteers who joined his group were required to castrate themselves and abstain from sexual pleasures with women. Sabah demanded a solitary focus on fighting the enemy to the death. The dedication and discipline of Sabah and his followers succeed in driving the Aras out of Iran. From the age of puberty, Sabah committed his life to serving his country above all else. By serving his country, he served God and fulfilled his religious in overt duty to use against Iran enemies. Today, people need to understand the importance of Sabah’s actions. Without a mother country, people lose their integrity, their families and countrymen, their property, their health and their souls. For that reason, people need to fight against the enemy to preserve their motherland.


If any religion says your mother country is more important than anything in this world, you have to respect that religion. The world’s highest virtue is to love your mother and your nation.


The British Worldwide Threat


However, the British are different. Their multinational consortium works for the British against the entire world. Consortium members represent different nations, races and religions. Each member is committed to the destruction of his own country and to work for benefit of the United Kingdom. Members are required to provide written evidence or audio or video recordings of criminal wrongdoing. This “evidence” will be used as blackmail against any member who fails to fully support British policy. For their support, consortium members are rewarded with money and high-ranking, prestigious jobs back home in their countries. (Most dictators are sexual deviants whose actions are against the will of God and the world.) In fact, a homosexual dictator is most suitable to serve the interests of the British because they are most vulnerable to blackmail.


Are the policies of Sabah or the United Kingdom right? While the British describe their policies as humane and heroic, a book about Sabah translated into English by Iranian terrorist to tell Sabah was a terrorist by different story. He exposes how Britain rule and control Africa, Asia, Middle East and Muslim counties. Threatening the enemy by fighting and suicide is the way of God, but destroying the world to serve you own interests is evil.


As history shows, the British have been warlike for centuries. They have fought wars in the United States, China, Russia, Iran, India, Japan, France, Africa, and Central and South America. The British have been repeatedly at war in Europe. Most of these wars have involved fewer than 10 percent of English families. Instead, the British held the high-ranking positions and trained the soldiers in other countries to engage in combat. In fact, 90 percent of soldiers fighting on behalf of the British Empire were not British.


Throughout history, the British have won most wars they have engaged in. Every victory has made the British stronger. Their philosophy is to occupy and control countries as colonies or members of a commonwealth. Even when countries gain independence, the British leave behind their network of spies in key government positions to eliminate their enemies. As a result, the British have well-placed spies in 90 percent of countries. At the same time, the British secretly control 85 percent of the world’s military capabilities.


Whenever the British wage war, they use the military resources of other countries to achieve their objectives. They are able to accomplish their military objectives by using high-ranking spies in other countries. They have been doing this for more than 300 years with a spy network that is well placed in organizations and families through Africa and the Middle East. Many of the spies are Arabs in high-ranking government positions


How can Arab counties enjoy peace, especially in Palestine, without the consent of the British? Arabs must recognize that the British and Israelis don’t want peace with Arab countries. This opposition explains why the United States and other countries have failed in their Middle Eastern peace initiatives. The Britain and Israel will never agree to peace because hostilities are more beneficial. Meanwhile, the British have secretly given atom bomb facilities to the Arab, making the American and Europeans especially nervous.


The British also control exports and imports of food and world oil. This monopoly gives the British enormous control over European and other countries. Dependent countries have no choice but to agree with Britain’s plan for the world. This control extends to the United States and China through multinational businesses and to Christians and Muslims. Britain has had spies in China for centuries and today can readily halt trade between China and other countries whenever it wants.


If British power and influence continues, people around the world will forget God and substitute the United Kingdom as the new God. If that happens, the Jewish people in Britain will control all food supplies needed to meet the basic needs of people worldwide.


Even today, nations have to beg the British and Israelis for everything, despite the fact the United Kingdom portrays itself as weak. Both countries are responsible for many atrocities worldwide, but blame their actions on the United States. This defamation limits America’s ability to do good in this world, keeps other countries uneducated and impoverished,


History shows that when people suffer under the weight of an oppressive government, they will eventually revolt and establish a new political order. After the revolution, British and Israeli spies take control and take the country in the wrong direction that causes an exodus of highly educated people. The destruction of the well-educated class sets in motion forces that lead to civil war or wars with other neighboring countries and ultimately destroys the spirit of the revolution. The undermining of the revolution is profitable to the British.


When the British began to explore beyond its shores, the government encouraged the poor and disenchanted to immigrate to other countries. Immigration would give these British subjects opportunities to achieve status and wealth. Settlements would enable the British to establish a stronghold in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


(The author’s frequent references to Britain are not intended to suggest all English are bad. On the contrary, most British people are good; however, the country’s leadership uses power for evil purposes. Ironically, the British people could take control and move the government in direction that would bring about world peace. It is also noteworthy that British imperialism has reshaped the world. If the British had stayed home, it is likely there would be fewer states, including China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and others.)


Turning to Russia, Britain caused the revolution in partnership with its spy, Lenin. Once the communists were in power, the British ran a propaganda campaign to discredit Lenin as a nonbeliever and a dictator. The result was to isolate Russia from the international community and to shield the world from the truth. That fact is that after the revolution, Russia continued to have functioning churches and synagogues. Later under Stalin, Russia became a self-destructive dictatorship that suffered huge population losses. Following World War II, Russia’s only allies included only poor, non-industrialized countries with few natural resources. Britain aligned itself with richer, highly industrialized countries and those with abundant oil.


The outcome of World War II was highly favorable to the British. By the late 1980s, Russians and their Jewish countrymen decided the communist regime had failed. When the Arab-Israeli War began, the United States sided with Israel while Russia backed the Arabs. Russia’s support for Arabs overt not covert because Jews in government so angered and alienated Russian Jews. The level of dissatisfaction went unreported because many of spies had died out. However, Russian Jews remained connected with other Jews internationally. Many Jews secretly held low- and high-level government positions. After the Arab-Israeli War, the Jews in government positions leaked secrets to Russians citizen and the world, a key factor in the collapse of the Soviet regime and the end of the cold war.


Before World War II, India was a British colony. The British maintained control by actively encouraging disputes between Hindus and Muslims. Even after India achieved its independence in 1947, Britain positioned itself to retain permanent direct and indirect control of the subcontinent. British masterminds engineered the rise of Gandhi by jailing him and making him a national hero. Gandhi and his family were rewarded financially and his supporters emerged as the ruling party. Gandhi became a willing spy to combat the strong popularity of the Indian communist party. Gandhi opposed communism, and the triumph of communism would have ended British influence forever in India. Even Gandhi’s passive resistance was, in part, part of a deal to protect the security of British families.


During Gandhi rise to prominence, he was guarded by the British. He was also surrounded by British spies (Ali Jinnah and Nehru) to ensure the eventual partitioning of India and Pakistan. Gandhi spoke publicly of one Indian, but privately he supported the partitioning, a disastrous decision that led to the uprooting of millions and the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Likewise, the British made sure conflicts between Hindus and Muslims would continue by failing to settle the dispute over Kashmir.


After Gandhi’s death, the British propaganda machine made sure he would retain his heroic status as the “Father of India.” If the subcontract had not been partitioned, India would be among the richest countries in the world. Instead, India ended up with a hostile neighbor, and Pakistan inherited valuable mines, minerals and other natural resources. After Gandhi’s assassination, all political and religious leadership had to seek out the blessing of the British.


Meanwhile, Pakistan has grown weaker each day from high unemployment, sectarian violence, strikes and other societal problems. As a weakened nation, Pakistan is heavily influenced by outsiders. Religious conflicts have been encouraged by British and Israeli secret agents as a way to better control Pakistan. In fact, religious leaders and government opposition groups work together to help the British create problems for Pakistan. Their efforts include aggravating problems with Pakistan and India over Kashmir, hoping to create a war over the disputed area. The losers are the Pakistani people, who remain impoverished despite the country’s vast wealth in agriculture and minerals.


Another problem involves Altaf Husain who is living in exile in England. This exile eliminates a leader who might otherwise oppose British policies in Pakistan. In addition, Britain secret agents welcome disputes between Shiite and Sunni Muslims and between Iran and Pakistan. The British also manipulate the Iranian and Pakistani governments against U.S. interest.


As part of its plan for Africa, the British-Jewish sent to humanitarian groups. Africans are recruited to become Christians. Many Africans are kidnapped, enslaved, tortured and jailed. Likewise, Africans are used to fight civil wars and wars between African nations. The fact is the British-Jewish governs most of Africa and exploits the continent’s oil, gold, diamonds, food and other wealth. The British, with French assistance, control African exports and imports and relations between African countries and Europe. Meanwhile, despite Africa’s vast natural wealth, people are dying of starvation, and there is little hope African political institutions can ever solve the continent’s problems.


Black people of the world need to unite in support of the full development of all African countries. They need to support strong educational initiatives and encourage Africans to give up religious superstitions and tribal warfare. Black people should follow the examples of Jews who have a worldwide network of support to protect their interests. Unfortunately, many black people in the United States and Europe are either drug smugglers or narcotic users. They are doomed to failure unless black people ban to together to stop the destructive behavior.


The fact, in 20th century and before 20 century also Jews by were in USA and European countries and Asia, Africa and the rest the world cooperate each other and with some Christian kidnap black people, to sell as slavery for USA and England so if we see and focus black people in USA and Britain that the most of their last generation in USA and Britain were kidnaped by Jews to sell as slavery to destroy the personality of black people entire world. But unfortunately black people in USA elected Jews people in high and highest position.


Germany’s war losses were caused by British spies. From the beginning of World War I to the end of World War II, British spies and secret agents worked with Hitler and others to destroy Germany and to use the Nazis against the Jews.

Ireland poses unique problems for the British but these problems cost favor of British government so Ireland is for British government same as strainer and filtered to find out British government’ enemies. Then the British always know who their friend and enemies are in any government and can easily solve its problem with the Irish whenever it wants. But the ongoing with the Irish is part of master plan.


After World War II, the British took over control of the Japanese economy and arranged for partnership between Japanese companies and other foreign businesses. Today, more than 70 percent of goods come from Japan. British partnerships with the Japanese ensure both countries reap enormous rewards from the production of goods exported to the United States and around the world. Most importantly, British exert major control over the Japanese economy as well as the economies of many other countries. If the British wanted to hurt the Japanese economy, it could use its influence in the Middle East to stop oil production.


The world is in crisis. If people don’t abandon their fanaticism, superstitious and religious fantasies, the world will become more dangerous. It is also vital that borders between countries be removed and international laws passed to promoted brotherhood and equality. People need to become more skilled at distinguishing between fact and fiction, and must root out spies and secret agents in countries around the world. If people fail to take these steps, they will not follow the humanitarian ways of God and risk the likelihood of a third world war. It is within the power of the United States, Great Britain and Israel (if they are interested), the United States and Jews to create one international country. One country will ensure a lasting peace and a world that closely resembles heaven. Unfortunately, it remains difficult to learn the truth because so many people have been brainwashed by the censorship of books and news on television and radio and media.


The population of China, the world’s most populated country, continues to grow. Yet, China lacks sufficient land to support its population. Under the influence of British spies, China became a communist country. What are the consequences to the world if China becomes a capitalist country? We know that if China changes to a capitalist society, it will need British and U.S. and Israel permission to engage countries around the world.


China also has internal problems with different religions and external problems with different religions in neighboring countries. Religious institutions within neighboring countries are influenced and controlled by the United Kingdom, which can use them to create disputes with China and other countries. China’s neighbor, North Korea, has nuclear weapons that pose a threat in the region and to the United States. The North Koreans have shown a willingness to share their nuclear capabilities with other countries, posing a serious threat worldwide. On the other hand, North Korean could abandon its nuclear threat and join with other countries to create one international country.


The late communist premiere Chairman Mao was a British spy. Mao came to power on the strength of a British spy network in China that included Christians, Muslims and Russians. Together, these forces worked to convert China into a communist state under Mao’s leadership. Then, the British did what they did after the Russian Revolution. They blocked the Chinese from having friendly relationships with other countries through a propaganda campaign.


After World War II, China confronted huge problems with hunger and unemployment. The devastation faced by China and the threats of civil unrest and terrorism made it a danger to the rest of the world. The British feared interference by the Chinese in its colonies. Steps were taken to prevent China from establishing diplomatic and trade relations with other countries. But the British decided the best way to achieve its aims was to have China become a communist country. It was the same strategy used to block the Soviet Union from interfering in Britain’s colonial interests. Once a communist government was installed, the British unleashed its propaganda machine to demonize China as a godless dictatorship that posed danger to the world.


The British strategy succeeded in isolating China from the rest of the world. At the same time, British spies inside China worked to create unrest and religious disputes that were difficult to contain. The British also created disputes and tensions within the communist world between Maoist and Leninist theories of government. The result was multiple variations among communist factions and parties, and endless disputes within the communist world from Asia and Asian to Latin America.


Censorship, Prisons, and More


In the United States, people find it difficult to learn the truth from newspapers, television and radio. All these media are heavily censored. It takes hard work and lots of research to learn the truth.


The purpose of jail is to separate the innocent from the guilty. Jails are not intended to change good people into criminals. They are designed to prevent the bad habits of criminals from infecting the rest of society. Instead, the purpose of imprisonment is to train and improve people so they can return and become productive, law-abiding members of society.


Unfortunately, U.S. jails operate contrary to humanitarian laws. Prisoners are locked up together, regardless of the severity of their crimes. Perpetrators jailed for minor crimes are housed next to hardened criminals. When they are released, they enter society with lots of problems created during their jail time. This is especially true of black people who are released without a job and may have learned fanatical ideas about religion and race during their imprisonment. New habits learned in jail often lead them to smuggling, drug trafficking and violent crime and homosexual. Ironically, U.S. prisons actually create a more hardened class of criminals.


It should be the responsibility of government to separate criminals by the severity of their crimes – not treat them like animals all confined in a stable. Obviously, different animals housed together will fight and tear each other apart. And in the case of U.S. prisons, hardened criminals will train the less guilty prisons to become worse criminals when they are released


Black leaders need to work together with other races to expose wrongdoing in prisons and reform deplorable prison conditions. Through their efforts, they can show the world that the United States is on the right path to help people in all countries. If the United States fails to reform its prison system, it will create a class of criminals easily be recruited by the enemy.


In many countries, especially those with Muslim governments, people hate homosexuals. Unfortunately, many of these countries fail to punish homosexuality severely or set the accused free after they post surety bonds. These governments create future criminal problems if they fail to take action against homosexuals who deceive or have sex with people under age 18. Homosexuals who have liaisons with minors don’t understand what they are doing wrong. Minors who have had homosexual relations face disgust and rejection as adults. If these people rise to high positions in government, they can become dangerous dictators seeking revenge against society for the abusive treatment they received. They are also more prone to betray their country and cooperate with other dictators to oppress their own people. Often, they rise to positions of power without anyone knowing their bad record.


Adult homosexuals who deceive and corrupt teenagers should face life imprisonment. If the government fails to jail homosexual criminals, they will create future problems for their countries. Many dictators around the world are homosexuals who are willing to destroy their own people and the world. Few people are aware of the danger they pose to humanity around the world.


In every religion and non-religion and within every race, there are good and bad people. It is wrong to label all people in any group as “bad,” “dangerous” or “always right.” Unfortunately, there are always some people in the U.S. government who falsely accuse other countries. For example, to say all Muslims and Muslim countries were responsible for September 11th and other tragedies is wrong and immoral. The British spread anti-Muslim propaganda around the world to pave the way for the United States and Great Britain to attack Iraq and other countries they say are pro-Al Qaeda. Attempts by British spies to brainwash people with this rhetoric angers Muslim countries and weakens relations with the United States.


People who want to talk or write about their country should be committed to the truth. They should not fear retaliation from religious fanatics, nationalists and other groups. If a person is unintentionally wrong, but feel he is right, people should listen to or read his writings and make respectful comments. People need to also judge a traitor, not by his sweet talking, but his actions and the results of his actions. It is always important to understand that traitors are destructive and can destroy societies forever.


The British have always supported an Iranian government that operates against the best interest of its citizens, including those given asylum in the United States and or elsewhere. Britain controls Iran from within while keeping a watchful eye on Iranians living abroad through its spy network.


From the beginning of time, Britain, through its Jewish spies, is the only country to have ever conquered the world. Jews have always secretly worked directly and indirectly for the British government. Many British leaders will not tolerate any competition or rival for power. And no one knows how the British Jewish mafia will hold onto power on Earth and extend its control to other planets.


There are many British spies who appear to be of another race or a religion other than Christian, but, in fact, they are inwardly highly committed to protecting British interest and power worldwide. There are no rivals to the power of this British Jewish mafia.


Those who think British power disappeared with the end of colonialism are wrong. They fail to under British history or have been brainwashed. Much of what has been written about the decline and weakening of the British Empire is wrong. People who have done in-depth studies realize the British have special skills that enable them to easily cause disputes and wars. Britain can singlehandedly settle disputes between countries or even start World War III.


Pathways to World Peace


People of the world have a difficult pathway to bring about world peace, including a responsibility to:

Solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem. Failure to do so will make the world a more dangerous place.

Expose religious and ideological fanatics in high government positions. This includes high-ranking officials who are homosexuals.

Push rich countries to help poor countries.

Respect and promote equality and brotherhood for all people.

Eliminate dictatorships worldwide and governments that operate against the best interests of their people.

Identify religious leaders who are guiding people in the wrong direction and create problems worldwide.

Eliminate governments that insult, threaten and wage war against Jews or any other country in the world.

Punish people who intentionally spread lies and misinformation that causes problems around the world.

Stop countries that interfere with the rights and freedom of people.

Ensure that no one country or its agents can control the prices of commodities and goods needed to support the basic needs of people worldwide.

Protect the rights of people worldwide to think freely and conduct their economic life as they see fit, without outside inference.

This protection extends to the right of countries to build and maintain relationships with other countries.

Prevent an outside country from collaborating with any dictator who unlawfully confiscates the property of its citizens, kills them, or forces them into exile.

Take steps to prevent a third world war.

Ensure that blacks and people of other races enjoy the same freedom, equality and justice enjoyed by others.

To stop Banish government attempt to create problems between Jews and Muslims around the world.

Prevent the creation of new religions or sects for the purpose of causing rivalries and hostilities within another country.

Prevent the sharing of nuclear information with countries that want to develop atom bombs. At the same time, it isn’t good that the United States, Britain, France, Israel and China have nuclear weapons, but other countries are not allowed to.


In fact, the United Kingdom is the strongest country in the world and operates with a vast network of British, Jewish and international spies, the intelligence agencies of other countries, the mafia and terrorist organizations.


British intelligence runs perfectly. It has not been infiltrated by other countries. Such tight controls enable British agents to recruit and use agents from other countries in an expanded network of espionage.


It is not accident that the strongest country in the world has the world’s strongest intelligence operations. British agents are more dangerous than the atom bomb and they have a long history of success. Over the past 70 years, many of the leading historic figures have been British spies who have destroyed their countries and wreaked havoc on the world more than before: Germany’s Adolph Hitler, Iran’s Khomeini, and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.


The British excel at power games because they recruit spies in other countries and place their in high-ranking, high-paying political and religious jobs to do their dirty work. Propaganda is vital to the success of British spy network, and well-placed spies in other countries are promoted as heroes. The families of these “heroes” are taken care of too. They are also reward with high social status and well-paid government positions.


People in ever country are “asleep.” Many of these same people abuse drugs and alcohol. They might as well be dead. Of course, the British and Israelis are not asleep nor do they have substance abuse problems. The Jewish people became smarter and more united after World War II in order to protect themselves from the British and other countries that want to do them harm.


Where a dictator exists, he has the full support of intelligent, smart spies, courtesy of the British. Meanwhile, spies in different countries compete with each other for power, guaranteeing that the British will always be successful in controlling governments worldwide. These dictators and spies have one thing in common: they are uneducated, brainwashed, dangerous criminals or homosexuals who don’t believe in God or any ideas. They are skilled speakers who easily manipulate and deceive people into following them. However, they are not “for the people.” They work only for themselves, their families, the international mafia and freemasons. Their willingness to sacrifice all principles for power is the reasons that have been promoted to trusted spies for the British.


The spies disguise themselves by growing beards that allow them to pose as holy men. Then, they use their status as a pretext to steal property, encroach on the honor and privacy of citizens, defile the chastity of wives, daughters, sisters and children, and defame the reputations of honorable people, including scientists and scholars. For many victims, the only way to save their lives is to flee and seek asylum abroad.


Meanwhile, the deceptive spies transfer wealth and valuable items to other countries. Much of the valuables are given away for free and deep discount. The assets of businesses and companies are also sold off to other countries. Earnings from these discounts sales are then deposited in banks and investments abroad for personal use. Along the way, they also destroy their country’s military and intelligence services; sicken people by contaminating drinking water and food; and introduce narcotics that create addicted buyers. People whose property has been confiscated often seek refuge in other countries. People who remain usually become impoverished and dependent on government. People who attempt to strike or lead a revolution are either tortured or murdered; they are completely powerless against the modern weapons used by government to keep them subjugated.


Unfortunately, all most all countries are run by dictators. This is especially true in Iran where the government is run by thugs Iran – all fully supported by British and Jewish spies. The government and spies collude to spark internal conflicts between people and encourage war between Iran and neighboring countries. The constant state of insecurity helps keep the government in power. Living in a nonstop state of siege enables the government to adopt laws that violate international law and basic human rights. Under the name “Party of God,” Iran’s government is able to violate every legal and religious principle as they cling to power. This abuse of power is a curse against God and insult to all Muslims and believers in God.


The corrupt Iranian government also awards high-ranking, high paying jobs to non-Iranian supporters who claim they are ardent believers in the Shiite religion. Claiming their Shiite credentials gives them many privileges. This includes confiscating the property and wealth of others.


We may be on the verge of World War III, a war that will enable the British to subdue and rule China and all other opposing countries forever. It would be easy for the British to succeed in winning the war because:


•Britain controls a network of spies all Muslim countries; so, many Muslim countries are on Britain’s side.

•Jews worldwide support the British.

•British Jews have indirect and direct control of Russia and England. In turn, all Jews entire world

•Britain continues its centuries-long control of India through well-placed government and religious spies who can be counted on to support the British.

•The British spy network controls religious denominations (Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc.). This network is able to activate these religious groups to create sectarian tensions with neighboring countries and within China.

•The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many African and Asian countries are avid supporters of the British. This backing ensures that the United Kingdom would win a third world war, with or without an atom bomb.


After the war, China and the United States will lose the most. Both countries will be subdivided into many parts that will make British governance easier and eternal. If China opts to use its nuclear weapons against Britain, the attacks could destroy other countries. If that happens, the United Kingdom would be safe from attack. The United States could also face a standoff with North Korea. If the North Koreans don’t accept U.S. terms in the war, they could face an attack from South Korea. At the same time, European countries that don’t have nuclear arms will pose no danger to the British. Only France, with its nuclear weapons, is a threat, if it doesn’t side with the United Kingdom. Russia, which is ruled by Britain’s Jewish spy network, poses no danger.


After World War II, the British tried unsuccessfully to block China and France from acquiring nuclear weapons. France’s possession of nuclear weapons is the reason the British court the favor of the French. Nevertheless, the British have tried to create conflicts between the French government and Jews and to push the French into partnership with Muslims. This strategy hasn’t worked because France wasn’t willing to takes side between Jews and Muslims. Moreover, China is so far from Britain, it poses little threat. Likewise, Jews are not dangerous because they are part of the British royalty.


Russia poses no danger to the British because Jews control Russia on Britain’s behalf. India and Pakistan also possess nuclear weapons, but an extensive spy network in both countries guarantees support for the British.


The United Kingdom secretly provided nuclear arms to Iraq, Pakistan and India to use as a threat against the Chinese. Only the French in Europe pose a threat because they possess nuclear bombs. However, the French are dependent on the British for food and oil, making them strong allies. Likewise, Muslim countries have been neutralized by a vast spy network that controls their governments. Also, countries in South and Central America, Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand support the British. The dependence of Japan on oil imports makes them strong British backers as well. North Korea is of little danger because of its ongoing problems with South Korea, which is controlled by British religious interest.


All nations should be alert to the many wrongs that govern relationships between nations and impede progress toward achieving world peace:


•It is morally reprehensible for any one country to create turmoil and instability in another friendly country.

•It is wrong when one country to assist another country’s government import and export narcotics.

•It is wrong when one country provides secret support for terrorist organizations and the mafia in another country.

•It is wrong when one country uses propaganda and false information to create problems in other countries.

•It is wrong when one country uses its spies to place its spies into high-ranking positions, who then oppress their citizens.

•It is wrong when one country uses propaganda to lionize the wrong people and demonize the virtuous people not right, leading to the destruction of a society.

•It is wrong when one country publishes books and stories with lies and prevents publication of books that reveal the truth.

•It is wrong for any one country and its spies to blame other countries for problems they had no hand in creating.

•It is wrong for any one country to use its power to divide countries into smaller countries for purposes of controlling them more easily.

•It is wrong for any one country to enslave and exploit citizens of other countries for their own economic benefit.

•It is wrong for any one country to singularly determine the fate of any other country.

•It is wrong for any one country to provoke conflicts and wars with another country.

•It is wrong for any one country to cause poverty in undeveloped country and to block attempts by another country to be masters its own future to uplift its citizens.

•It is wrong for one country to misuse oceans, seas, mountains and other resources for its sole benefit while ignoring the needs and interests of other countries.

•It is wrong for one country to conspire with other countries to create false reports about facts about events.

•It is wrong for any one country to create conflict and tension between communist and non-communist countries.

•It is wrong for any one country to defame and defame the good character of citizens in other countries and replace them with disreputable spies who undermine the well-being of that country.

•It is wrong for any one country to pit Muslim countries against each other.

•It is wrong for any one country to use other planets for their sole benefit and exclude other countries from sharing in the benefits of space explorations.


The biggest tragedy may be that more than 90 percent of the world’s population is either uneducated or taught the wrong things by religious propagandists. Uneducated people are vulnerable to extravagant talk and superstitious beliefs. Once they have been brainwashed, it is difficult to repair the damage. Unfortunately, these brainwashed people can be easily manipulated into committing criminal acts against their countrymen and the world.


To counteract the brainwashing, political leaders have an obligation to provide a high-quality education to citizens. The educational system needs to provide access to books that open minds to the truth, prevent brainwashing by parents, family and friends, and promote worldwide travel so citizens can interact with people in other countries. Such a system would help people learn the truth, free of religious, ethnic and racial fanaticism. An educated population that is open-minded is receptive to other people who are different and more willing to take steps that promote world peace and humanitarian laws.


In every country, there have always been people of every stripe who have posed dangers to their nation. However, we cannot judge a nation as dangerous just because of the actions of a few fanatics. The United States has always followed humanitarian principles to help other countries, especially impoverish nations.


When only a few government officials directly or indirectly cause problems worldwide, it is wrong to hold all people in that country responsible for those actions. It is equally wrong to make slanderous or libelous charges without proof or documentation and to hold all Muslims responsible for the September 11th attacks.


Few governments were as fanatical about religion and race as were the Bosnians. Their hatred of Muslims ended up destroying their country. In the same way, Hitler, acting as a British secret agent, pitted Christians against Jews in Germany and worldwide. Nazi persecution of Jews motivated them to urge the British to set up a Jewish state in Palestine. Shortly after Israel’s founding, the British stirred up conflicts between Jews and Arabs.


The Soviet Union came to the aid of Arab nations while offering clandestine support to Israel. Later, the British and Israeli spies collaborated behind the scenes to encourage a Russian attack on Afghanistan. Then, working with the United States, the Jews took steps to ensure Russia’s defeat in Afghanistan and the eventual destruction of the Soviet empire. With Russia’s collapse, former Soviet republicans gained their independence, including Yugoslavia. Working with Yugoslavia’s leader Slobodan Milosevic, the British stirred up hostilities then led to the killing of thousands of Bosnia’s Muslims. The British elected to intervene under the pretext of protecting human rights and prevent the massacre of Muslims. However, the real British agenda was to destroy Yugoslavia and break it up into smaller, independent countries – actions they were highly favorable to British interests.


In central Asia, the Russians lost the war in Afghanistan. After Russia left, the British supported the rise to power of its spies, the murderous Taliban. The British then turned on the Taliban in overt but always was with him for his dangerous policy in covert, thereby paving the way for future invasion to oust them from power in overt. Meanwhile, the British gave permission to their spy, Saddam Hussein, to attack Kuwait and Saudi Arab, thus encourage hostilities with the United States. Hussein was allowed to stay in power after the 1991 invasion of Kuwait. At the same time, the British used propaganda against Hussein to underscore his danger to the United States and the world. In addition, the British removed Naas Sharif from power and replaced him with Purvis Musharraf. The shift in power set the stage for future plans that included helping help George W. Bush win the U.S. presidency or select him. Most dramatic was British Jewish mafia worked with Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to engineer the September 11, 2001, attacks and set the stage for military actions against Afghanistan and Iraq. The goal of this plan was to create tensions between the United States, Canada and Muslims.


All of these British plans are interconnected over time. Even before the United States attacked Afghanistan, the British paved the way for the Taliban to escape into hiding. In exchange for British protection, the Taliban agreed to claim responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States. The British use the same tactics to create Christian and Muslim conflicts in countries bordering China and within China. Actions against China are intended to rile the Afghans and ensure continued British control of the Afghan economy and military.


The United States and other countries need to eliminate the dangers of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and despots like Saddam Hussein. The British could stop all of these groups and individuals, but won’t. Meanwhile, these enemies of America are working to acquire nuclear and chemical weapons to use against the United States.


No country acting alone can stop the British spy network, which is a master at playing country against country. For example, the British persuade country A to act against Country B. They then work secretly with Country B to plot against Country A, stirring up economic and political problems and creating disputes with other countries.


Dictators are few in numbers, but they coordinate the telling of lies to their own citizens. These rulers and their minions control the megaphone used to brainwash citizens.


In reality, people of the world are united as one body.

Whenever one organ of the body feels pain,

The rest of the body suffers.

In the same way, suffering in one country is felt in other countries

If any country don’ feel the grief of people of other countries

That country can be enemy of others


Worldwide Likewise, spies that conspire against a country also impact other nations around the world. The most dangerous spies are those that become despotic leaders. Countries that want world peace must work together to expose spy networks nationwide.


British Power, Perils and Threats of World War


The United States has internal and external enemies committed to undermining and destroying its democratic institutions. Today, many American families are suffering under the burden of high debt and low savings. Anything they earn, they spend. During economic downturns, many lose their jobs and their families suffer.


Fortunately, the United States is blessed with an excellent infrastructure, agricultural land, and abundant natural resources (oil, gas, coal, minerals). America also has a well-educated population and advanced weapons. Given its resources and wealth, the United States is capable of solving all of its problems without the help of others. Americans are rich enough to also reach out to help other countries meet the basic needs of their people.


The United States doesn’t need other countries to thrive. It is capable of solving its own internal and external problems and formulating its own policies. Voters need to elect or appoint candidates of different nationalities to high-ranking government and military positions – not British or Jewish candidates.


The United States needs to foster good relationships with Canada, and countries in Central and South America. Efforts should be made to remove national borders and to change the Cuban regime. It should also be American policy to remain neutral toward all countries and takes steps to prevent the interference by spies in American life. Likewise, the United States needs to stop interfering in the affairs of other countries while providing maximum security for its own people.


Intelligent people need to assume a more active role in controlling the activities of the U.S. government. The United States needs to live up to its democratic principles and shut down government propaganda programs. The nation needs to be protected from religious and ideological fanaticism and to eliminate spies willing to destroy the United States.


America needs to renew its commitment to humanitarian principles and adopt laws that promote brotherhood and equality for all citizens. The United States and other wealthy country should extend economic support for poor and struggling nations. Countries that want to maintain good relations with the United States must pledge to not interfere in the business of all nations.


If a country in the western hemisphere doesn’t want to engage with the United States, it should be left alone to pursue its own destiny. The United States must maintain a neutral position in its relations with all countries. Likewise, countries in Europe must remain neutral in their dealings with their neighbors as they work to remove all national borders. Europeans must unite to pass humanitarian laws that grant equality and brotherhood to all.


If any evil country is determined to use nuclear weapons to destroy Europe, there is little that can be done to prevent that, it is one of many ways for Europe countries to protect themselves to have nuclear facility


Europeans need to foster good diplomatic relations and work with other countries to promote worldwide peace and solidarity on human rights issues. They must support the existence of a single Jewish state. Nations that use their power against Israel or other nations must be punished. Likewise, nations must cooperate to eliminate hunger, disease, and mafia and terrorist organizations.


Nations must work to create one international country without borders. A borderless world will lead to universal peace.

(1) The United States, Britain, China, Russia, the United Nations and Jews worldwide need to commit to stop teaching of religious hatred against others.

(2) Eliminate individuals and groups (spies, mafia and terrorist organization) that work to destroy other countries intelligent gathering should be used by each country to protect its own citizens, not destroy other nations and people.

(3) Work together to build one international country without borders.


In God’s eyes, all people of the world are equal. He created the world in which people can live safe and comfortable. God expects people to help each other and respect nature. Unfortunately, people have turned their backs on the way of God and humanity. The world becomes sicker day by day. The only cure is medical treatment for the human spirit.


As mentioned before, the most effective “treatment” is to create one international country that is governed by humanitarian principles and laws that guarantee liberty and freedom for people everywhere. A brotherhood of man living in a world without borders is the only way to prevent future world wars. Only one united international country can stop British and Israeli spy activities that will destroy the world. If the British and Israelis won’t accept a world without borders, other nations should help Europe acquire defensive nuclear weapons.


The British will succeed at anything they decide to do. Their policies are deceptive and secretive. People may think they know each policy, but the impact of that policy is often felt far into the future. All of these policies work to Britain’s advantage and against the well-being of each nation. For example, manipulative British policy has forced the United States to spend heavily on worldwide problems. This excessive spending has America financially. A weaker U.S. economy is part of a bigger U.K. plan to destroy the United States.


At the same time, Israel has the right to possess nuclear weapons as protection against hostile neighbors. The Chinese too have the same rights to protect themselves against hostile external threats (it is difficult to imagine the consequences to the world if China is unable to meet basic food needs of its citizens). Russia also has the right to protect itself with nuclear weapons. In addition, India has the right to protect itself from China and the world. Pakistan enjoys similar rights to possess nuclear weapons; however, it is counterproductive from India and Pakistan to have nuclear weapons, which are completely controlled by the British spies who are capable of destroying both countries.


North Korea has nuclear weapons to protect itself from China and the United States. North Korea may use against either or both countries if its economy deteriorates and its citizen faces starvation and disease. The British possess nuclear weapons as do the French. Other European countries don’t have nuclear weapons and are vulnerable to becoming slaves of Britain and France or Britain and Israel.


European countries have adequate land and resources to meet the needs of their citizens. They have the right to possess atom bombs to protect themselves from the British, French and any country that would use its power abusively. Stories about Iraq possessing nuclear weapons were falsely circulated by the British to warn their European neighbors and other countries that they cannot possess atom bombs. Those who try to develop the atom bomb will be unable to keep it a secret from the British.


The British have a powerful secret intelligent network while most other countries have weak intelligence agencies. Unfortunately, most people don’t care about spies and don’t realize that high-ranking spies are more dangerous to countries than the atom bomb. If we compare one British or Jewish spy with 10 grams of poison mixed in water, the spy is more dangerous to the world. One spy in a high-ranking government position is capable of destroying many countries while the atom bomb can only destroy one city or country. One government spy encouraging his people is especially dangerous. Hitler and Khomeini represent examples of the extreme dangers of such high-ranking spies.


The presence of spies in every country, terrorist group and mafia organization is dangerous to the entire world. Peace can never exist if countries are unable to eliminate spies from their soil.


If we monitor and analyze the media worldwide, the results will show widespread erroneous news is routinely presented. Outright lies and incorrect stories are fed to unsuspecting audiences. People and governments who believe the propaganda often take actions that are detrimental and harmful to their countrymen and other nations. The persistent misrepresentation of information is more dangerous than the atom bomb.


British spies control all the oil and natural resources of the world. The historic presence of British descendent in important government positions in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia give them control over worldwide oil supplies, minerals and other natural resources to use for their benefit. Other countries have no choice but serve as slaves or colonies to these British-inspired interests. As a result, both Muslim and non-Muslim suffer. The British maintain control over oil and resources through a spy network that supports dictators and the transfer of power to descendants of loyal leaders in every country. These same leaders maintain their authority by imprisoning, torturing and killing their citizens; and rescinding humanitarian laws; confiscating personal property; stealing natural resources; and controlling all exports and imports. Citizens are left impoverished while the leaders and their British supporters reap all the benefits and wealth.


Although many nations have the vast resources and wealth, they are unable to meet the needs of their citizens. Their citizens live in poverty and many of their best and brightest live in exile or immigrate to other countries. The British traffic in and profit from arms sales to commonwealth members and underdeveloped countries. They then provoke hostilities and warfare among nations that purchase the weapons. Thus, begins an endless cycle of destructive warfare that keeps other nations impoverished and unstable. Weapons sales cause further problems between underdeveloped countries and Europe and increase the chances of World War III.


Britain also secretly provides military and financial support to dictators, who deposit their newly found wealth in Swiss bank accounts. It is possible the British mafia controls Swiss banks. These banks also harbor secret deposits of illegal money and valuable items stolen by criminals, smugglers and dictators. Among the stolen items are priceless antiques, art, national treasures and literary works stolen from other countries.


Ironically, the United Nations and international humanitarian organizations enjoy solid reputations for their work. However, they have minimal impact in solving the world’s problems. These organizations fall short because they are unaware of the role of the British Jewish mafia. If they were to study the history of these mafia partners, they would discover that even former colonies are left weak and vulnerable – and controlled by British interest. The colonies are free in name only, and continued British and Israeli control increases the likelihood of another world war.


It is possible that one day European countries, China, Russia and other nations will discover and halt the British Jewish mafia control of other countries and their resources. These nations could band together to provide nuclear weapons to continental European countries and threaten British world dominance. Naturally, the British will respond to this threat by opposing the installation of nuclear weapons in other European countries. France, the only European country with nuclear weapons, could respond by supplying the atom bomb to its European allies. Such a response would like provoke the British to attack countries who attempt to acquire their own nuclear weapons. In turn, the French will feel violated and launch a nuclear attack against the United Kingdom. In response, the United States will attack France and its Chinese and Russian allies, who will retaliate against the United States. Such a scenario will engage the world in fighting World War III.


However, an alternative outcome will happen. British spies based in Europe could enlist the support of France, China and Russia to Russia and France to block deployment of new nuclear weapons in Europe. Unfortunately, such an alliance will not be able to stop a disastrous third world war.


Many Europeans and non-Europeans understand the threat posed by the British and feel powerless to fight back against the British spy network in an effective way. Their ability to act is limited, and any actions they take are likely to be disastrous and tragic. If these countries attempt to strike back against the British, they could end up totally dependent and subjugated as slaves to the United Kingdom because all most European countries and all most the rest countries entire world haven’t nuclear facility.


An alternative method of preventing World War III lies in unified action by the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries to block the British and Jews from holding high-ranking government and military positions in other nations. Efforts must be coordinated to ensure the destruction of British/Jewish spy networks operating in every country.


Most Muslim nations, especially Pakistan, prefer to practice their own religion free of interference from others. For these devout Muslims, praying, performing their religious duties and going to heaven are more important than anything else in the world.

The fact, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there are many Jews who hiding their Jew identification, without people of Pakistan and rest people entire world to know, they are cooperating each other and cooperating of Jews entire world to support each other to get high and highest position for their favor against rest people entire world, they organization terrorists and and Al Qaead group from many nationality and different religions that are their high and highest position same as Osama ben laden and else to order for their members of their groups to kill or get killed and making unsolved problem between USA and China and the world against people of the world.


While everyone is free to follow his religious beliefs, even if they are false, it is wrong to prefer their beliefs over the well-being of their mother country. The mother country is more important than their religion and anything else in the world. Those who betray their country are also betraying millions of their fellow citizens. They share in the guilt for the tragedies that happen in their mother country. Therefore, it is impossible for these traitors to go to heaven – even if they are exemplary in practicing their religion. If they fail to work to improve their own country, they will ultimately lose their integrity, religion, family, property, wealth, education, jobs and life. If they survive, they will a life of poverty and homelessness. In their hopeless condition, their enemies will dominate their lives. They will be defamed, tortured and imprisoned. Their only choice is to escape to another country where they will continue to live in poverty.


The British are masters in using religion and ideology to control and destroy other people. Once the British establish dominance over another country, they rob and steal all their valuable resources for their own benefit. Anyone who objects or resists the British will be labeled a terrorist; they will live on the margins of society. To survive, they will have to engage in dangerous, anti-government acts against their own country or other nations. Many people may be aware of spies and secret agents operating in their countries. However, they either don’t care or don’t understand that these spies are more dangerous than an atom bomb.


It may be difficult to believe that the British have the skills need to control and rule the United States, which has a much larger population. Many Americans traces their ancestry to the United Kingdom. The some American-British traitor connection made it easy for the British to stage the September 11th attacks and push America into conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and secure oil supplies for the future. It may be part of the Britain’s plans to provide nuclear weapons to these occupied countries, thus provoking future conflicts with China and Russia. This would be consistent with the past when the British provided nuclear weapons to India and Pakistan to check the power of China in the region. It also possible the British want to supply nuclear weapons to Turkey, Iran and Iraq as a way to escalate hostilities with Russia and other Middle Eastern countries.


It may be noble for the British to protect Muslim countries. However, it is wrong if Britain’s motives are to install dictators who use their power to enslave and oppress their citizens, steal their resources and destroy their countries.


Saddam Hussein was a spy who did the bidding of the British, who were indifferent to how he ruled Iraq. The British had complete control over Hussein and his weapons and had the ability to strip him of power when it wanted. The Chinese, Russians and Europeans fully understood the plan and chose to challenge the British in Iraq. Eventually, Hussein no long served British needs and he was set up to be deposed during the American invasion.

It is obvious the United States is a wealthy country with vast resources. Unfortunately, Americans work hard, but are unable to save for the future. Only a few are able to save. Those who immigrated to the United States for work to return to their countries. Americans may call their government democratic, but they live in slavery because they follow the dictates of the British. Meanwhile, The British indirectly siphon off the wealth of the United States while the country remains under the firm control of the Mafia and CIA. Any American who tries to fight back against British is control is silenced or killed by English and Jewish spies who have infiltrated the U.S. government. These spies operate the same way by enslaving in other former colonies, including Canada, Australia New Zealand, as well as other countries. It doesn’t matter that the policies are wrong, the British demand acceptance.


The British people have a responsibility for the deplorable actions of their government and its spies. They need to force changes that will pave the way toward a more humane world. They need to stop their vain, proud leaders from cooperating with evil people and dictators who want to destroy the world and enslave people.


Unfortunately, the British people are up against a powerful propaganda machine that manipulates their fears about terrorism and other threats. The same propaganda machine is used to create new enemies against the United States. America’s reputation for adhering to humanitarian principles and it generosity to poor nations is legendary, but it is severely damaged by the lies and falsehoods and the behind-the-scenes manipulation by the British Jewish mafia.


All countries need oil, food and other resources to support the needs of their people. The United State, Middle East and a few other nations have sufficient resources to meet the needs of their people. Still, countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada lack adequate resources to meet basic needs of their oil


The United Kingdom, with the aid of other nations, targets certain nations, labeling them terrorists and isolating from the international community. At the same time, the British spy network supports dictators, criminals and religious leaders who enslave the citizens of these targeted nations to fight wars with neighboring countries. Those who are brave enough to oppose the tyrants are rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and killed. This game of manipulation enables the British to exploit the oil and other resources from countries that remain poor and underdeveloped. Wars with neighboring countries create distractions


Some countries with nuclear weapons pose a serious danger to the world. They use international laws to justify their atomic bombs, but deny other countries the same rights to acquire defensive nuclear weapons. Many of these unarmed countries are bullied into cooperating with nations with nuclear weapons.


Unfortunately, many powerful countries minimize the positive role the United Nations can play, and provoke hostilities against nations. The United States avoided the United Nations when it assembled a coalition of countries to invade Iraq under false pretenses – a violation of international law. Behind the scenes, some powers support efforts by rogue nations to acquire nuclear weapons that endanger Europe and other countries.


It is difficult to understand British relations with the rest of the world. Metaphorically, the British function as the world’s brain while other nations are the bone, tissue and organs. The British talk and promise one thing, but often act in opposite, contradictory ways.


Given the deceptiveness of the British, how was it possible that the Bush administration and other politicians so readily believe and follow policies that so exclusively beneficial to the United Kingdom? If other nations were to cooperate in ridding the world of all dictators, the world would be on its way to solving oil supplies, food distribution and other vital issues. All dictators follow a familiar pattern: they steal their nation’s wealth and resources, line the pockets of family and friends with money and privilege, and eventually flee abroad to live luxuriously on their stolen money.


In the United States, the lives of African-Americans are made more difficult by a legacy of racism. Propaganda denigrates and demonizes blacks as stupid, lazy and criminal. For many racists, an uneducated black population is one that is more easily controlled and manipulated. Science shows that all races are physically and intellectually equal. However, because of discriminatory laws and behaviors, many black suffer from high unemployment, broken families and homelessness. Still others get trapped in a cycle of crime that often includes drug trafficking and jail time. These problems often continue from generation to generation. Such poverty and hopelessness makes them more susceptible to the messages of radical enemies of the United States.

Hostile governments enact laws to control people and brainwash citizen into blaming their misfortunes on the action of other nations. Consequently, people rarely realize that their true enemy is their own government.

It is right to pass laws that carry heavy penalties to combat racist, anti-black propaganda and fanaticism. Laws should promote trust and respect between the races. Violators should receive short-term jail sentences and training to reform their racist behavior. After release, if they continue to preach intolerance, they should receiver heavy penalties and separated from the general population.


Looking back, what was Britain’s policy in Iraq? Saddam Hussein rose to power as a British spy. He was touted as a strong, heroic leader who cooperated to advance British interests. At the same time, the British directed the Iranian dictator to launch a war against Iraq. Later, British spies ordered Hussein to attack Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in hopes of eventually stationing occupy troupes in the Gulf. Behind the scenes, the British encouraged Iran to take action against the Kurdish minority and indirectly supply Iraq with chemical weapons to use against its Kurdish population. Britain’s ultimate goal was to create dissatisfaction and anger among Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Turkey, also before war British cooperate with Jew mafia to chance for Saddam Jew to run away to capture his copy and brain wash him then execute him.

Before war begins between Britain and Iraq, British government ordered to Saddam to act that way to pave the way British with its allies to attack Iraq.


Before the American invasion of Iraq, the British enlisted the French to work secretly to prevent the Russians and Chinese from teaming up with the British in a war against Iraq. The French succeeded and teamed up with the British to share in the benefits from an Iraqi war so, Russia and its allies didn’t cooperate with Britain against Iraq. If Russia cooperates with Britain to support war against Iraq, then there would not have been a war. Publicly, the French pretended to be against British policy in Iraq. Without French cooperation, British efforts would have failed meantime Jews in government of Russia and China to stop China and Russia to be Britain against Iraq for favor of Britain Jew government. Meanwhile, the British formed a group of multinational corporations and criminal enterprises involved in the September 11th attacks to plan future attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden Jew British spy, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organization were used to spark fear among people. This fear was used to convert the United States into a dictatorship, not unlike in Iran and Iraq.


The British support dictatorships because they are easier to control than a democratic state. Dictators, who are spy on behalf of Britain, can be easily removed and replaced. The fact is the British are not interested in humanitarian laws and equality. They used their dictators to provoke war in Iran and Iraq. They work to undermine American democracy. Their spies have pushed polices that have left the United States with a weak financial system, battered reputation and many new enemies.


The September 11th attacks were carried out to push the United States into war with Afghanistan and Iraq. It worked. Now, intelligent people around the world need to learn that the attacks were planned in the highest positions of the U.K. and U.S. governments, with the support of the British Jewish mafia and major corporations. The British also enlisted the support of Saddam Hussein and terrorists organizations to help create chaos – imprisonments, torture, killings, war. Amidst the wreckage, the British and Jewish masters would steal the wealth of nations distracted by war. People need to understand that that high-ranking U.S. military and CIA officers and other government leaders cooperate with the British in ways that undermine American democracy. Meanwhile, the British profit enormously from arms sales and drug trafficking – all directed by dictator and terrorist spies and the British Jewish mafia.


Going to war in Iraq without U.N. support was dangerous to world peace. Those who supported an Iraqi invasion knew France, China and Russia would have vetoed any U.N. resolution of support for an invasion. Threatened with such a veto, the British and United States circumvented international law by creating false information to justify the Iraq invasion.


When the United States eventually leaves Iraq, the British could seize the opportunity to implement its plans against Iraq and its neighbors.


What can the good people of the United States and Britain do to get rid of government officials who destroy world peace? It is a fact that British agents operate in the United States and worldwide always support dictatorships. In the Iran/Iraq war, the British supplied Iraqis with chemical weapons to use against Iranians. The British placed Saddam Hussein in power to wage war against Iran. They also backed the dictatorship of the Iranian royal family for years before switching support to an Islamic revolutionary dictatorship. The long war with Iraq allowed a dictatorship to become firmly established. If Hussein had waged war against Iran, democracy might have taken hold in Tehran. (Iranians fought against the royal regime to make democracy, not replace one dictator with another).


Within this web of seeming contradiction and hypocrisy lies the true nature of British policies, which favor dictatorships. While the United Kingdom poses as America’s best friend, the British are, in fact, the world’s biggest enemy. Unfortunately, people around the world don’t realize just how dangerous the British are. The British and Jewish leaders will do whatever it takes to maintain control. Former President Bill Clinton found this out when he tried to make peace between Israel and Arab countries. Clinton failed when he became embroiled in the Monica Lewinski scandal. Likewise, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat tried to make peace in the Middle East, but he was assassinated by British or Jewish spies who saw greater benefits to Israel from continuing conflicts with Arab nations.


British propaganda also succeeded in brainwashing people worldwide to believe Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the September 11th attacks. Bin Laden was a British spy who was ordered to claim responsibility for the attacks. The deception was part of a master plan to provoke the United States into attacking in Afghanistan. U.S. leaders didn’t understand the difficulty of capturing those guilty for the attacks. The odds were against capturing the culprits because they were protected and given safe passage by their British friends. In other words, U.S. involvement in Afghanistan was for nothing, and the British launched its plan to get spies in place to eventually take over the government and gain control of Afghanistan’s valuable resources. The plan also included using religious groups to provoke conflict between Afghans and Chinese and between Americans and Chinese.


The British expanded the issue to the international arena by provoking a dispute between the United States and other countries in the United Nations over Iraq’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction.


As planned by the British, the dispute set the stage for British spies to replace democracy in the United States with a dictatorship and the invasion of Iraq and war against the British spy Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, the British had groomed Hussein as a dictator who refused to accept U.N. inspectors, making him the perfect provocateur for the United States. All of this was staged by the British as part of a master plan to destroy the Iraqi and U.S. economies and damage America’s reputation worldwide. The ultimate goal was to make the United States, Europe and other countries more dependent on the British, who would gain control over oil supplies and other resources. This is classic British abuse of power to destroy and enslave other nations. In fact, the British are the biggest enemy of Arab and Muslim countries. British spies and English families in Arab government control every aspect of society. Worldwide, the most dangerous dictatorships are supported and controlled by British spies.


For example, the Iranian people fought against the royal family because they wanted democracy. Unfortunately, the British intervened in the revolution by replacing a royal dictatorship royalty with a religious dictatorship. The British changed out its royal spy for another British spy, Khomeini. Conversely, the United States was eager for Iran to be ruled by democratically elected leaders.


To stop the British, it is the duty of people worldwide to end the reign of all dictators. Democratic-minded people must cooperate with similar nations and the United Nations to promote the rights of people everywhere to vote and decide on their own futures. The United Nations has a unique responsibility to support democracy movements and the removal of dictators. Failure to achieve this goal would mean a continuation of dictatorial regimes and ongoing conflicts and war.


The secret cooperation of the United States with the British Jewish mafia and spies as well as multinational corporations poses the biggest impediment to world peace and stability. These forces protect dictators and encourage constant conflict between nations – all to the benefit of the United Kingdom.


The only way to counteract the British is for all nations to cooperate in exposing traitors hidden in every level of government and stage revolutions that drive out enemies. When the British fight, most of their soldiers are from other countries. When communism collapsed in Russia, the British recruited new spies from Russia and former Soviet republics. As in the United States, a minority of British-controlled spies make all the decisions that determine the fate of the world. The majority are never consulted for their views. Their input is wanted because no country wants a dictator. No country wants war with another country or a civil war. Obviously, such democratic rule is not it Britain’s best interest of controlling all natural resources worldwide.


Historically, the British have never (and never will) subscribe to democratic or humanitarian principles. They actively work to thwart democracy, even in the United States. They blocked U.S. efforts to establish democracy in Pakistan that include plans to solve that country’s water problems.


So what can people do to overthrow dictators and stop British deceit in their countries? They must unite to fight back against British spies that control their governments and possess the most dangerous, advanced weapons. The obstacles for success are enormous, but people have no other choice if they want to be free.


Unfortunately, the United States always supports the United Kingdom, even though Americans receive no benefits from this relationship. Attempts to overthrow dictators rarely succeed because plots are easily detected and eliminated by the spying apparatus in each country. The British could easily rid the world of dictators, but they won’t because they want access and control over other nation’s valuable resources. The best hope lies in nation’s relying on the United Nations to manage the equitable distribution of resources. This approach would allow nations to preempt the British and use their own resources to benefit their own citizens and share with the rest of the world. No one can look to the United States, which has lost its democracy and relinquished control of its future to the British.


When did it become a fact that the United States is run by a dictatorship? If one looks closely at U.S. society, he will see that Americans work very hard, ye t are unable to save. Much of their income goes to pay housing and rent costs, high insurance rates and high taxes. Owning a home requires a lifelong commitment to pay off the mortgage. Sex, alcohol and drugs pose special problems for America’s youth. Authorities have no idea who the drug traffickers are and how much they bring into the United States. The United States is also plagued by high black unemployment and racial and religious fanaticism. The United States has the illusion of democracy, but the reality is that only a few people determine policy, including whether the country should go to war. All decisions and policies are dictated by British and Jewish spies in the U.S. government, regardless of what the people think. Americans appear to support these policies, but only because they have been brainwashed by a media that doesn’t report facts or reality.


What is the difference between the United States and countries with dictatorships? Just because a country is free to drink alcohol and have sex with multiple partners doesn’t make it a democracy. In addition, the United States lacks the security needed to protect itself from enemies. The September 11th attacks prove just how inadequate security is. The U.S. invasion of Iraq proved the willingness of the government to ignore the American people, international law and the United Nations – and work on behalf of British interests against the rest of the world.


Americans are especially vulnerable to propaganda because they don’t have access to news sources from other countries. They are unable to learn the facts. Instead, the media provide justification for every government decision. Consequently, the United States is often held responsible for many of the world’s problems. While the United States has good intentions to help other nations, British and Jewish spies in high government positions undermine the nation’s humanitarian principles. To win or select the presidency, George W. Bush supported British Prime Minister Tony Blair to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Both wars played into Britain’s plans to remove and replace dictators in Iraq and Afghanistan with dictators who work more favorably for British interests.


Also, it is possible Russia arranged to assassinate a body double standing in for Saddam Hussein and replace him with a dictator to thwart the British. Whatever the truth, the British still succeeded in provoking war in Iraq. Despite repeated attempts, Russia has never been able to outmaneuver the British in the Middle East. Consequently, the British remain the most dangerous entity operating in the Middle East and around the world. They have been behind a series of the world’s most monstrous leaders – Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini and Saddam Hussein. Collectively, these leaders have been responsible for more than 60 million deaths. Hitler alone was responsible for more than 55 million deaths worldwide, including the killing of more than six million Jews. Stalin a Jew killed thousands of political opponents and was responsible for mass starvation of Russians. Today, British spies continue the wreckage and carnage, especially in Iran today.


As history shows, the British Jewish mafia has created a vast spy network that is more dangerous than the atom bomb. They can destroy dictators and install new ones. They can launch wars whenever they want. And they deploy their propaganda machine to falsely claim they are guided by humanitarian principles. They install dictators willing to exploit their nation’s resources to add to Britain’s wealth. They used Saddam Hussein to line their pockets and then threw him away when he was no longer useful. They pushed the United States into invading Iraq to install a new government that would continue to work for British interests.


There are two ways to end the dominance of the British Jewish mafia. First, solve the Arab-Jewish problem over Palestine. Second, assign one international organization to eliminate third-party oil brokers and create a system in which oil is sold and distributed in the most equitable way. Anyone who believes in God must also believe that the world’s natural resources belong to everyone. International institute must be given power to work on behalf of all people to devise a system for equitable sharing of natural resources worldwide. Anyone who believes in God must also believe that He wants people of all races, religions and nationalities to live in peace, happiness and harmony.


People who misuse religion are especially dangerous. For example, Muslim missionaries exploit and radicalize their followers – 90 % who are uneducated. Their preaching converts them into fanatical, brainwashed zealots willing to die in the name of God. Many of these same religious leaders guide their followers into fighting a Jihad (holy war) without modern weapons against powerful, technology advanced countries. They may inspire their followers, but they have forgotten the God’s command to show love and compassion for humans. In addition, leaders of other faiths misuse the word of God to motivate their followers to do ungodly acts against humanity.


Clearly, British have the smartest, bravest politicians in the world. Travelers to the United Kingdom remark about how much the British read newspapers and books en route to and from work, in restaurants and in public spaces.


Britain is the only country that has the power to make peace worldwide and put an end to religious and political fanaticism. People who think British power is a thing of the past are wrong. The truth is that former colonies and commonwealth nations are still under indirect British control. It is the indirect control through a vast spy network that makes the United Kingdom much more powerful today. For example, the United States and India are still under the indirect control of a vast British spy network embedded at every level of government. This secret control works in Britain’s economic favor and poses a real threat to democracy worldwide. Anyone interested in exposing the presence of spies is great risk to lose everything.


The power of the British is best exemplified in Iraq and other former colonies and commonwealth nations. And the only to defeat the entrenched British spy network is through an international institute that can act collectively on behalf of nations to defeat the British. The only way to eliminate and chemical weapons is for all nations to cooperate in imposing an international ban. If anyone country is allowed to possess these dangerous weapons, it will pose a big enough threat that other countries will demand possession as well. But unfortunately even the many members international institute are British-Jews mafia.


Likewise, a true international body for favor people entire world is needed to ban all spy networks that interfere and disrupt the internal affairs of other countries. This body must use its power to break up the powerfully connected spy network that extends through generations of British and Jewish families who hold high-ranking positions in the United Kingdom and all former colonies and commonwealth nations. These spies will not willingly or easily give up their ability to control the internal and external affairs of other countries. They are committed to doing anything to control the world’s resources for the benefit of British and Israeli citizens.


Obstacles to Peace in America and Iran and the rest of the world


Fighting the spy network is difficult. Countries that support an international humanitarian system only have one vote. But they can deliver on their commitment to humanity if they work collectively to expose and destroy spies and secret agents in all countries.


An international governing body needs to be empowered to:

• Distribute basic goods and services in a more equitable, cheaper way – without interference of third-party brokers.

• Eliminate dictatorial rulers who enslave them in a fight against the rest of the world.

• Protect the rights of all minorities to equal opportunity in all aspects of life, including education, jobs and political representation.

• Punish religious zealots who incite religious hatred toward people of other religions, including religious leaders who incite people to engage other religions in hate speech and conflict.

• Cooperate with other countries to maintain peace and impose restrictions on countries and corporations that abuse their power or provoke wars.

• Block the ability of spies, mafia and terrorists to take over and rule other countries.

• Punish people who are guilty of racial discrimination or religious fanaticism, results in harm and death to others.

• Ban possession of nuclear and chemical and dangerous weapons (This applies especially to nations who have weapons as pretext for preserving the peace but don’t hesitate to use them to threaten other countries.)


Nations must work together to act collectively to punish countries and corporations that abuse their power. For example, several corporations urged Iraq to attack Iran in the lead up to the war. Once the war began, a multinational company was allowed to sell chemical weapons to Iraq to use against the Iranians. Likewise, the British encouraged the invasion of Iraq to secure oil and natural resources. At the same time, the invaders had a total disregard for Iraq’s ancient monuments and artifacts.


Many people worldwide like the United States. However, they dislike that fact that America cooperates with the United Kingdom in its campaign to destroy countries and rob them of their resources. If the United States wanted to add Iraq as its 51st state, it could establish democracy and freedom. However, the United States would first have to free itself from British control. At the same time, the British would resist a permanent U.S. presence in Iraq. The British prefer a dictatorship under their control and would deploy spies and special religious allies to fight the United States.


It is unfortunate how Shiite missionaries provoke anger and hostility against their Sunni brothers and sisters. This rivalry is rooted in ancient history. Nearly 1,400 years ago, a small group of Iraqis killed Ali, Hussain and more than 70 members of their families. Anger over those killings is still alive in the 21st century as Shiites from around the world seek revenge against the Sunnis, who were allegedly responsible for the killings. Today, Shiites have killed Sunnis living in their countries. In response, Sunnis strike back against Shiites in what has become of endless cycle of killings. All of these killings are over something that happened centuries ago. The hatred and vengeance has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people who live in constant fear of attack. Any Shiite or Sunni who provokes violence over ancient grudges ignores the way of God and all of humanity.


The United States faces many problems in Iraq, especially from religious zealots who oppose democracy. Many western countries also have their eyes on oil and other valuable resources in Africa and Asia. Britain, Europe and many multinational corporations want access to these riches. To achieve their goals, they use propaganda to provoke divisions among Asians and Africans over religion, race and tribal affiliations. Black and light brown people are characterized as terrorists who must be controlled and tamed by a dictator who works to give the British Jewish mafia access to the resources they crave. Wealth from these resources never reaches the citizens, who remain poor and uneducated in an underdeveloped country. This is an abomination for anyone who professes to believe in God. God created all people equality, regardless of their skin color, and all people have the brains to achieve for their societies. Despite having a great deal of wealth, people in many Asian and African countries live in poverty and remain uneducated. These countries are limited in their ability to use their own resources to improve their lives or to achieve democratic societies free of war and social ills, such as narcotics trafficking.


All nations have a duty to cooperating in creating one international organization to solve the world’s problems. The work of this organization would include destroying the mafia and terrorists organizations. International powers must respect the customs, rules and rightful laws of other nations. However, all nations must work together to promote humanitarian laws and fight against laws that violate human rights, especially laws harmful to minorities. Laws must be adopted to stop religious propaganda that cause disputes between people.


If people don’t have jobs or money, the government should help them find jobs and provide a minimum salary that will enable them to survive. Failure to guarantee a minimum standard of living has social consequences. Desperate people can be led into criminal activities such as theft and murder. In all cases, governments must prevent the abuses of power by the wealthy, elites, including slavery.


International powers need to support research by musicians to use music to cure psychopaths.


So-called, messengers of God, claim they have seen God in their dream. It’s ridiculous. Anyone who thinks about God often is capable of “seeing” God in his dream. They can just easily clam they are messengers of God, so if everyone see the God in dream to claim he is prophet, so we can have millions prophets entire world.


The most powerful nations must cooperate to bust drug cartels worldwide. Growers need to be shut down, and drug traffickers need to be hunted down and punished. International efforts must also be launched to ensure people of poor countries have access to adequate food supplies, medicine and health care.

In addition, ancient artifacts, monuments, art and other treasures must be returned by museums to the original countries. These treasures are not essential like food and oil. They are part of a nation’s history and legacy and were taken illegally by smugglers, thieves or by force. They belong to the people of that nation and must not be sold to the highest bidders.


The world’s major powers have responsibility to work together to solve the dispute between Israel and Arab countries over Palestine. Jews are entitled to their own land. So are the Palestinians. To negotiate a workable deal, the United States must take a neutral stance that is respected by the other powers. The United States, which has accepted people of all nationalities, belongs to all people of the world. It was established and created by people from countries all around the world. The United Kingdom, Spain and France all claim that because they discovered and ruled parts of the America, they have special rights. Such claims are wrong. Indians from China were the first to migrate to America via present-day Alaska. So, no country, especially the British, can claim the United States. Later, the Chinese and Europeans interbred to create a Mexican ethnicity at the southern end of North America.


So, the United States is a mix of all countries. Anyone from any country can hold a high-ranking position in the United States. Given the U.S. commitment to equality of opportunity to all people, the international community should support America. There is no other country where people can achieve their dreams regardless of their nationality, religion, race or language. People are accepted in the United States whether they believe in one God, many Gods or no god. They are accepted whether they believe in all prophets and no prophets and even if they hate all religions. Regardless of their beliefs, they can attain any high-ranking position if they are intelligent, educated and honest.


How is it possible to claim we are messengers of God because we have seen Him in our dreams? How can we say we are His messengers of God when we can’t explain what he looks like? Nevertheless, we are obliged to respect people who believe in heaven and hell and who believe their prophet will appear on the Resurrection Day. We must respect those who believe also that when a person dies, his soul is reincarnated in another person or animal, and souls of righteous people will reborn as happy and wealthy while the souls of bad people we be reborn into illness and suffering.


People must cooperate to create revolutions in their countries and the world to encourage democracy and humanitarian rights for all people, including minorities. Creating humanitarian democratic institutions in all nations will be easy if British and Jewish people offer their support.


It is worth pointing out that the U.S. economy and political institutions depend on the United Kingdom. Likewise, the health of economies in other nations depends heavily on the British and U.S. economies. The September 11th attacks demonstrate just how dependent the U.S. economy is on the British, major corporations and other nations. The United States is unable to create democracy in other nations unless it has the support of British and Israel. The Iraq war proves just how dependent the U.S. is on British and Israeli support. U.S. troops will remain in Iraq as long as allowed by the British and Israelis, who have spies in every religious and political institution for its own ends. Unfortunately, the U.S. citizens don’t understand how the September 11th attacks were masterminded by British and Israeli agents.


How is it possible that a nation so blessed with a prosperous economy and abundant resources can pursue policies worldwide that are so wrong? The truth is that the United States is neither independent nor free to manage its economy or policies. Jews worldwide use their wealth to exercise undue influence on the U.S. and world economy. U.S. policy in the Middle East follows the dictates of the United Kingdom and Israel, which are not interested in peace with the Arab world. Maintaining tensions and hostilities in the Middle East is profitable for the British and Jewish royalty. In this atmosphere, the United States is powerless to act in its own best interests without the permission of Britain, Israel and the multinational corporations who support them


In addition, the U.S. economy has decimated its industrial base. The nation’s export economy is weak and depends heavily on imports of food, goods and services. As a result the U.S. trade deficit is at a record high.


Another problem, all presidential candidates promise to work on behalf of all Americans. However, secretly their election to the highest office depends on the support of British and Jewish interests. This dependence on foreign support is harmful to citizens. More than 80 percent of American work long, hard hours and still struggle with rent and house payments. Their economic futures look bleak. A bleak U.S. economy is of concern to rest of the world. The September 11th tragedy had enormous consequences in paving the way for a worldwide economic collapse marked by high unemployment and record bankruptcies. Jewish investments worldwide triggered economic collapses in other nations, but the United States was especially hard hit.


The worldwide recession exposed the long-term weakness of the United States. In fact, the health of the U.S. economy – even before September 11th – was an illusion created by politicians and economists. In fact, the economy had been extremely weak for sometimes before the attacks.


The U.S. economy has the potential to recover if new policies are implemented to improve and increase agricultural and industrial production. America has the resources to achieve self-sustaining growth and prosperity for its citizens and to share with the world. Unfortunately, propagandists undermine U.S. agriculture by claiming food supplies are contaminated by chemicals and are unhealthy. Even it were true, U.S. agricultural products are far superior to the Chinese imports that often contain poison and dangerous chemicals.


What can the United States do to reform its economy? It will be nearly impossible if the nation cannot solve the real source of its problems – spies that have infiltrated U.S. intelligence and all government positions and agencies. The United States can solve this problem easily. Its citizens come from all races, religions and nationalities, and they are eager to use their education and intelligence to work as patriots in low- and high-ranking government positions. Placing loyal citizens in government positions would eliminate the negative influences of foreign spies and self-serving corporate interest groups. This achievement would be marked by greater economic growth and prosperity for the U.S. and world economy.


For example, President Clinton tried to improve U.S -Latin America relations. He also attempted to resolve the decades-long dispute between Israel and its Arab neighbors over Palestine. His efforts were thwarted by British and Israeli spies in the United States who used the Monica Lewinsky scandal to halt progress on issues important to America’s future well-being.


British spies and secret agents have dictators to oversee their operations and protect their interests worldwide. They will never allow the United States or United Nations to establish freedom and democracy in any country. Dictatorships are easily managed and controlled to serve British interests in another nation’s resources. Dictators who rebel or threaten British interests can easily be discarded and replaced by a more malleable dictator. It’s easy to finding a replacement because of the network of spies embedded in every part of government, religion and society.


At the same time, British propaganda lauds the British even as they work behind the scenes to undermine the will of people worldwide.


It is possible to end terrorist activities against Israel and establish a permanent peace in the Middle East. The solution lies in separating religion and politics by eliminating religious zealots from positions in government. The next step is to remove all prime ministers, presidents, kings, queens and princes, and dictators who are spies and agents for the British. In addition, spies and secret agents must be removed in countries like the United States and Iran.


Some people will protest against removing religion from government. They would argue that all laws and ruling authority comes from God and, therefore, it is wrong to separate religion and politics. They would be right if everyone believed in one religion and all laws in that a religion are from God, but the fact unfortunately these laws have been created by Jews against people of the world. However, religious briefs and practices differ worldwide. Views vary widely about the proper role of religion in public life. Moreover, many people don’t believe in any religion. Nations will thrive without religion in politics because all religions work against the best interests of all people worldwide.


It is nearly impossible for the United States and the United Nations to promote humanitarian principles and freedom. Their efforts will be stopped by British spies and secret agents working in every country. While it is possible to destroy dictatorships, it is extremely difficult. Ousted dictators are easily replaced with a new dictator, For example, Iran has been the world’s more dictatorial government because of Shiite zealot spies working for the British. The Iranian regime has created enormous problems for the Iranian people, the United States and the rest of the world.


It is unfortunate that followers of dictators pose a danger to the rest of the world. Iranians who support Khomeini and other dangerous government leaders have destroyed their country by cooperating with the British and Saddam Hussein. The British actions in Iran are responsible for the deaths of more than two million people and injured and maimed thousands.


Supporters of the Iranian regime destroyed their country. The Khomeini government was supported by a special guard and the army as well as the militaries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and some Arab nations who collaborated to kill Iranian citizens – all with full British support. After his death, he was buried in a gold castle. British propagandist lauded him as hero and his grave became a shrine to “God’s messenger.” Meanwhile, his replacement generates huge profits for the British by trafficking in narcotics, and government supporters believe ardently in the Imam and all the false Imams and false prophets.


Traitors running the current government are even more destructive to Iran. The leaders are surrounded and guarded by Arabs and Afghans who have killed many citizens. The Iranian government supports terrorist organizations worldwide that are anti-American and pro-British. The Iranian government cooperates with smugglers involved in importing and exporting narcotics. In fact, the British secretly encourage trafficking in drugs to subdue the populace while reaping enormous profits from sales. The British have inside information on all dictators, terrorists and drug smugglers and use that information to manage the distribution of drugs-for-profit worldwide. The British exert complete control and can start or halt all drug operations whenever it wants. Unfortunately, the British keep the drug trade going strong as they did years ago when they managed the opium trade in China.


Although the United States is blessed with a diverse mix of races, nationalities, languages and ideas, it is limited in its ability to follow human rights and humanitarian principles for its own citizens. Fundamental rights are best protected with laws that grant equality and brotherhood to all. These laws should support equal access to all high-ranking jobs in government and society, based on talent and ability. The United States must strengthen its intelligence services and take actions that exclude all Israeli and British spies. Security considerations must be guided by democratic principles that respect the rights of other nations to solve their own internal problems without the negative influences of spies.


The United States needs to assert its independence and freedom in all spheres of life, free of the influences of Britain and Israel. The foremost consideration is formulating U.S. policy that works only in the best interest of American citizens. The U.S. military should support American interests only, and not Britain, Israel or any other nation.


To maintain its freedom, the United States and other countries need to maintain and fund independent military and security operations. Fortunately, the United States is blessed with an extensive infrastructure, scientific knowhow and agricultural riches. Many scientists have brought their talents to America.


To maximize security, the intelligence service must verify the worthiness of people serving in government positions – from the president to the lowest-ranking officials. All security personnel must also be subjected to thorough background checks to rid the ranks of mafia, spies and terrorists from other countries. Government officials need to be committed to fairness and equality on all economic and foreign policy matters. Officials in high positions must dedicate themselves to serving only U.S. interests and pledge to not support the selfish policies of corporations or other individuals or groups against the United States and other countries.


The British intelligence service is the world’s best while Israeli intelligence ranks first. Both services provide strong internal security and excel at protecting military, economic and policymaking institutions without outside influence. However, the reach of these intelligence agencies operate an extensive spy network worldwide. They use their powerful spy network in abusive, destructive ways around the world. By contrast, the United States is beset by security, economic and policy problems that threat its democracy. American intelligence has been infiltrated by British and Israeli spies that pursue actions damaging to U.S. interests. The presence of spies poses a direct threat to American freedom and democracy. Currently, no security decisions can be made without the approval of the British.


The United States is fortunate to have great scientists and universities, expansive agricultural land and resources and an excellent infrastructure. Unfortunately, the U.S. industrial base has been weakened to the point where goods are produced elsewhere, mostly in China, Japan and Germany. American companies have been co-opted to work in favor of British interests. U.S. import and export policy is secretly directed to provide some British citizens with cheap goods and services. Unfortunately, the political and economic system and security apparatus are in trouble, thereby limiting the ability of the United States to be a positive force internationally. America seems unable to solve its problems with terrorism. Americans are blamed for tragedies worldwide that were caused by other nations, especially Britain and Jew mafia.


The British mafia has been in power for more than a century. They have been the main catalyst behind Britain’s victories in World Wars I and II. Their mastery of history, geography, religion and knowledge enables them to create disputes and wars inside countries and between nations. They can destroy economies and discredit religions and ideas. Nations that resist their manipulation can be destroyed. Well places spies – such as Hitler in Germany – and dictators in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan have risen to power with the support of the British mafia. In short, the British can “make or unmake” any leader or any government in wants to in this world.


The Iranian people need to enlist international support to rid the world of the dangerous Iranian dictatorship. For more than 25 years, the Iranian government has denounced and propagandized against the United States. Iranian leaders have used terrorist organizations against their own people, the United States and other countries. Unfortunately, America and the United Nations have failed to take effective action against Iran because they don’t want to act against British interests.


The only the Iranian people can be freed of its dangerous government is to enlist the cooperation of the international community and rational British citizens who support an end to the evils of British manipulation worldwide. Together, they must force Britain to take a neutral stand in Iran. The Iranian people have the tough task of using Molotov cocktails and persistent day and night actions to if they want to be free of an evil government. Separately, small groups must work secretly to shut down the government and steal weapons. They must also enlist the support of public servants in their fight to depose government leaders connected to the British Jewish mafia, Arab and Afghan terrorists and homosexual criminals.


Those Iranians who are foolish, uneducated, dangerous Shiite religious fanatics pose a grave danger to Iran and the United States. Muslim countries around the world and the Iran people have the right to track down and expose the dirty actions of Britain and its network of spies within the Iranian government. They must use international courts to recover damages for the killings and economic losses Iranians have suffered at the hands of the British since the revolution in 1979.


Citizens of the world also have responsibility to use every document and other means to expose the dirty work of English and Israeli spies in Iran and in other nation. Special efforts are also needed to rid the United States of the spies who are responsible for the many tragedies they have caused worldwide. In addition, the United States must open government jobs to qualified people who will work in the nation’s best interest. The American government must be free of the British and Jews mafia so that it can pursue humanitarian principles that encourage democracy and freedom around the world.


If the United States is going to be true to its humanitarian, democratic principles, it can no longer cooperate with secret agents in Britain, its colonies or its commonwealth who conspire against the United Nations and other free countries. If the United States cooperates with the British, it will never succeed in freeing other countries to follow humanitarian principles. Submitting to British dominance will eventually destroy the United States and make the United Kingdom stronger. If the United States helps free another country, Britain will work secretly with its government and religious spies to install a new dictator. In fact, if we study the history of England, the evidence will show the British have never promoted the growth of democracy and freedom anywhere. Instead, British policies everywhere have allowed torture and killing as a tool for maintaining British control over national resources.


Unfortunately, the U.S. economy, political institutions and security apparatus are controlled by the British. America faces a dark future in which their lives and property are endangered. Democracy is threatened if citizens and new immigrants become apathetic because the government no longer meets their needs. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair encouraged the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as way of distracting the United States from acting against a more deserving enemy – Iran. The United States incurred the harsh criticism and wrath of the United Nations and other countries – even as Britain celebrated its continued control over U.S. policy


How can the United States improve its economy, security and image abroad if British spies manipulate and control its political institutions? How can Americans learn the truth about their own government and other countries when the media brainwash them every day?


The United Kingdom enjoys a parasitic relationship with the United States in which the benefits flow mostly one way. Meanwhile, Americans suffer as their problems go unsolved by a government working on behalf of British interests.


It was a mistake that French, Chinese and Russians did not participate in the war against the Iraqi dictator. Their absence enabled British spies to replace Saddam Hussein with a new dictatorial government more to their liking. The United States erred in cooperating with the British instead of the United Nations and Europe, which were interested in freeing Iraqi citizens. The course taken led to the deaths of thousands of U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Britain’s ability to use its Iraqi spies to stir up trouble among religious groups, especially Shiites, prolonged the war and the suffering. The British and French will be the ultimate beneficiaries once the U.S. troops pull out. In the end, the invasion produced huge problems for the United States while making the United Kingdom stronger and in control of Iraqi oil and resources. The British will never allow the Iraqis to use their abundant resources to benefit their own people. The truth is simple: the British pick quarrels, create civil wars and pit nation against nation because they want the resources.


For example, if Iranians conduct an in-depth investigation of Khomeini, Rafsanjani and their supporters, they will discover the controlling hand of the British over the fate of Iran. A thorough investigation will reveal that Khomeini and Rafsanjani were behind the explosion that killed 72 Iranian citizens. Iranians already know Rafsanjani carried a bag of explosives into a conference room with 72 people. Two minutes later, he left the room and the bomb exploded. It is likely Khomeini supported the explosion because later Rafsanjani was promoted.


When Khomeini became the leader, he decided on all high-ranking positions. It is likely that Khomeini cooperated with Rafsanjani in the murder of 72 people as part of a plan to take over the government by defaming, torturing and killing opposition leaders and provoking a war with Iraq. The war would keep Rafsanjani in power with the support of his British spies to bring more tragedy to the Iranian people, the United States and nations worldwide.


Unfortunately, Britain is a master of manipulating Iran and other countries into disputes and wars. British spies are behind nearly every major tragedy in the United States for decades: the Kennedy assassinations, Nixon and the Watergate scandal, Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and most tragically, the September 11th attacks. Sadly, the United States is indifferent to the truth of the British role in the attacks on American soil.


It is a fact that the world will never be at peace as long as the British are in power worldwide. And peace will never have a chance if the world doesn’t learn that British spies are more dangerous and destructive than any atom bomb. Countries that know the truth about Britain but take no action, help pave the way for their people to be exploited. Some leaders may know the British can replace any dictator and create wars inside and between any country – large and small. No country has dared to challenge British power. Any leader who is brave enough to take on the British will be slandered, libeled or killed by secret spies in the British mafia or British-controlled terrorist organizations. Most in the U.S. government are unaware they are be used around the world to serve British interests.


How can countries expose and stop the dangerous and destructive British activities? All people must commit to searching and destroying spies and secret agents. There are many ways to expose spies. The British use spies in three ways: install a dictatorship; create a communist government (Cuba); or install a military (Iraq) or religious (Iran) government, also there are many ways to find British-Jewish spies. It should be assumed that any government, religious leader or any powerful organization has connection to the spy network. It’s safe to assume that dictators who are destroying their own and killing their own people are British-Jewish spies. It’s equally safe to believe that those in high-ranking government position are spies and enemies of the nations they purport to govern.


The British use well-placed spies in the United States and Europe to promote traitors, criminals and human rights violators into high government positions who will destroy their countries. Unleashing these destructive forces always works to serve British interests.


The danger and deviousness of the British spy network must be revealed to the United States and the world.


People of this world haven’t any way except to cooperate with Iran people to finish and destroy Iran most dangerous government in this world and American people and people of this world don’t let dangerous religious government to abuse from his power and use Shiite religion in danger way to destroy Muslim countries and the world. People have a duty to stand up and fight to stop deceitful British policies in Iran and around the world. Iran and other nations don’t belong to the United Kingdom to exploit and abuse. If the British refuse to abandon their ways, Iran and the rest of the world must unite to defeat them. Enlightened British citizens share responsibility to end these bad policies.


Iranians have experienced a great deal since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. They don’t accept the Iranian government, which has tragically brutalized its citizens. The British still pose great danger to the Iranian people and have cooperated with Khomeini and his advisors to destroy Iran. With British help, the Iranian government has killed many of its citizens and orchestrated disputes within Iran and other countries, especially the United States. British spies within the Iranian government abuse their power by helping foster disputes with neighboring countries and nations worldwide. The British also cooperate with the Iranian government to smuggle narcotics that are distributed to create sickness and addiction among Iranians. Widespread use of drugs gives the government more control over its people.


Now, it is the duty of Iranian people and their neighbors and the United States to cooperate with each other to destroy the dangerous Iranian regime. The Iranian people must resort to all means, including using Molotov cocktails against dangerous British and Jewish spies within the Iran government. The people must work relentlessly day and night until they succeed in bringing down the Iranian government. Much of this work will require secret actions to obtain government-held weapons to use against this enemy government.


If the United States wants to destroy the dictatorial Iranian government, it should cooperate with the United Nations, which is not a “colony” of the United Kingdom. The United States should avoid cooperating with the British under any circumstances.


If the Iranian people and other countries don’t reject the treacherous, deceptive policies of the British, they are doomed to suffer the same fate as African countries. Africa remains a slave to the British, even though African countries have sizable wealth in their agricultural production, valuable minerals and other natural resources. Despite the formal end to colonialism, the United Kingdom still prevents Africans from using their resources to improve the economic lives of their citizens. Instead, these resources continue to be exploited to serve the interests of the British.


Instead, people of the world need to unite with each to destroy dictatorships and to work together on humanitarian solutions that improve the lives of all people.


All nations must respect the rights of each country to own and profit from its own resources. These resources belong to the people of each country to use for their own benefit and the benefit of all humanity. Each country has the right to develop their own resources without interference from other countries or multinational corporations.


If the United States is truly for the humanitarian treatment of all people, it must first attach the dangerous Iranian regime and corrupt leaders like Khomeini and Rafsanjani who are harbor the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations.


A U.S. attack that eliminates the Iranian government and its leaders would be welcome by the Iranian people. Nearly 100 percent of Iranians have suffered under the current regime and would cooperate with the United States and the United Nations to take down the government and restore democracy.


The United States has not acted against the Iranian regime because the British are cooperating with Rafsanjani, Khomeini and other government officials to exploit Iranian resources and share in the blackmail money that exchanges hands within the government. Like elsewhere, British spies and others with criminal records occupy high positions in Iran, Europe and the United States to undermine democratic institutions.


As the history shows, many citizens of the United States, Europe and the Americas are descendants of African and Asian ancestors. Many of them were from Muslim families. Jews throughout Europe played a major role in the enslavement and smuggling of black people to the New World. They were also leaders in gaining control over many nations by killing and torturing people.


Today, many black people live in the United States. With high birth rates, the U.S. black population is growing. Many are concentrated in urban areas. When they have problems with the government, they cooperate to fight for their rights. Many black Americans don’t trust white people. Enemy spies in the United States work to create hostilities between black and white people. With the exceptions of Mexicans in the United States, white people are having fewer children and the share of the white populations is shrinking. Given low white birth rates, British and Israeli spies can easily use black people – especially black Muslims – to increase their power in the government. Giving blacks increased power will give spies greater power and control over the U.S. government.


As long as the United States is so readily manipulated by the British, it will be unwilling or unable to fight against dictatorial governments or fully support freedom and democracy around the world. The United States now only acts against countries that rebel against British control or fail to pay tribute or blackmail to the British. When dictatorships are defeated, the United States replaces them with new dictatorships that implement policies favorable to the United Kingdom.


If the United States fails to search out and eliminate spies from its government, the government will eventually have the same problems experienced by Germany during World War II.


In fact, the U.S. consulate is liberal in granting tourist visas. This paves the way for guests with tourist visas to become terrorists or to work as slaves. These tourists visitors wait a long time, eventually acquire citizenship and then attain high-ranking government positions. They are manipulated by British and Israeli spies to pursue policies that are against the best interests of the United States; those who fail to cooperate will be defamed or killed by the spies. As a result, the United States unwittingly becomes a slave to British and Israeli interest.


It is strange and is unbelievable, but true, that people everywhere care only about their religion. They ignore how their religion is used to kill others and to ignore God’s teachings about loving all of humanity. Hitler himself killed many Christians and Jews for religious reasons. Many Shiite and Sunni Muslims have killed each other – all in the name of religion. While Jews have born in nearly every country, their first loyalty is to Israel for religious reasons. Moreover, many Jews and Arabs have died for religious reasons. Catholics and Protestants have killed each other. So have Muslims and Christians for centuries over religion. Likewise, Hindus and Muslims have killed each other out of loyalty to their religions. Killings over religion have occurred in nearly every part of the world.


Even in an enlightened country such as the United States, many blame all Muslims for the September 11 tragedy that was the work of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush for religious reasons.


For generations, Christians have created a false history about the good son of Abraham and the bad son of Ibrahim of Islam to generate disputes between the two religions. The United Kingdom and its spy Hitler paved the way for the Jewish state, and today Jews who were born in other countries believe in Israel first. This loyalty to a country in which they were not born has done nothing against it but produce tragedy and death all over the world – all for religious reasons.


Many religions move from their country of origin to another country and build churches, synagogues and mosques to use for political and economic purposes to influence, interfere and destroy other countries. Jews have taken advantage of their religious institutions to gain power over other people. In fact, Jews created other religions against humanity’s needs. Religion should encourage and promote human equality and rights for all people, regardless of their beliefs.


It is the way of God to make peace and happiness for all people. Unfortunately, religion is the main reason for disputes between countries, and Britain and Israel use disputes between religion to control and rule other countries with one goal: to steal their resources and wealth. People need to understand that religion is a private, personal matter and does not belong to any country or government.


Unfortunately, religion is frequently used to obtain government power or by terrorists to assassinate leaders and innocent people. People tend to care only for others of their religion and devalue the lives of those who don’t believe the way they do. It is the way of God to understand and value all people, regardless of their religion. It is not the way of God to kill anyone, which is evil. Clergy, missionaries and believers who preach against other religions are evil and do not practice the way of God. People who use their false teachings to cause problems or kill are the son of evil and the devil. This is especially true of government leaders.


Unfortunately, it is strange and unbelievable that Iranians don’t know who their enemies and real friends are. They don’t understand British plans against Iran or Khomeini’s supporting role in the British plan. The British are also working with spies and the governments of Pakistan, Lebanon, Afghanistan and other Arab countries. The British pay citizens in these countries to kill their religious opponents in the name of the prophet Mohammed. They have killed millions in the name of religion, and their only aim is power and control. It’s an insult to the spirit of God, even when God has sent His messengers and ordered the killings. How is it possible God would accept these ideas and allow war, killings, oppression and cruelty? Does God want this so they can preserve their Shiite religion?


All of these ideas are evil and stem from policies by British and Israeli agents to brainwash and use people. Working for these agents causes people to lose their families, country, health, property and integrity to the benefit of the United Kingdom and Israel.


The United Kingdom’s approach is destroying Iran forever. Unfortunately, Iranians haven’t learned the lessons of history when Arab countries used Islam as a pretext to attack Iran. These countries used trickery by defiling the principles of charity toward wives, daughters and property in an attempt to destroy Iran, but fortunately many Iranians like Hassan bin Sabah and Babar Khorramdin rallied the people to drive out the Arabs.


The 21st century is time of great advances in science, industry, art, education and government. Yet, stupid, uneducated Arab governments continue their ancient, historic efforts to use Islam to destroy Iran. Iran’s government has been infiltrated by criminal and uneducated Arabs, brainwashed Iranian officials and British spies in a cooperative effort to destroy and defame righteous Iranians.


So, how it is possible for unarmed Iranian citizens to rise up against a government equipped with modern weapons? The Iranian government has already demonstrated a willingness to kill its own people to retain power, all with the support of the world’s strongest government, the United Kingdom. The Iranian government is also supported by many brainwashed citizens who betray their country and God, even to the point of allowing their families to be killed by the corrupt regime.


America’s British Challenge


Like Iran, Americans have problems similar to Iranians regarding the presence of outsiders in government. For 14 centuries, Arabs were the enemy of Iran; today Iran’s enemies are Arabs and the British. While Britain was initially America’s enemy, today the enemy lists has expanded to include the United Kingdom as well as Arab and Muslim countries that under the direct or indirect control of British spies and agents. Although United States achieved its independences by defeating the British, Americans have unconsciously returned power and control of their destiny to the United Kingdom.


To regain its independence, Americans need to work cooperatively with international institutions such as the United Nations as well as Europeans and other nations to be free of excessive British control over its economic, military, foreign and internal policies. The United States needs to re-establish independent control over its executive, legislative and judicial branches.


How is it possible for the United States to remain a strong democracy when British agents can destroy the American government at will with their deception and propaganda? Even as many U.S. spokesmen talk about their patriotism, they are willing to work for the British to destroy America and promote secret polices that are destructive and tragic.


What has happened and who is responsible for the many tragedies that have befallen the United States worldwide?


The United States has been placed in a difficult position of working against its own self-interest by cooperating with British spies, agents and major corporations in conflicts and hostilities that are not in America’s best interests.


British power even extends to indirect and direct control over U.S. weapons, including the atom bomb, as well a network of spies that influence every aspect of American life. Although propaganda suggests the United States is the world’s most powerful country, it is not possible for America to be so powerful if its economic and political systems operate under British control.


The United States has many unique qualities that make it a great country, but much of America’s potential is not being realized.


1. The United States comprises many nationalities that can play a role in building greater cooperation between all countries. Unfortunately, British and Israeli spies within the U.S. government exert excessive influence on policies and actions that cause tragedy and death worldwide as well as growing hostility directed at the American people.


2. The United States always pursues policies that work favorably for the United Kingdom – even when such policies don’t work in America’s best interest. However, the British never follow policies that are favorable for the United States.


3. Americans need to understand that all of its print and broadcast media are directly or indirectly controlled by the United Kingdom. These media outlets only report national and international news that is favorable to British and Israeli interests. Such coverage is nothing more than propaganda. Americans would be better served to receive news reports directly from other countries’ journalists so they will know the fact about their own government. Sending U.S. or British reporters to other countries means Americans will continue to receive only propaganda.


4. Many young Americans, especially black people, have turned to drugs and alcohol. However, the government is doing little to punish substance abusers with jail time or to halt the flow of drugs into the United States. Meanwhile, the British are knowledgeable about religion, history and geography and know how to use that knowledge to make problems worldwide, if it is in the United Kingdom’s best interest.


5. British spies and agents operate worldwide in cooperation with U.S. spies to create hostilities and tragedies worldwide. Almost always, the United States is held responsible for these tragedies even though most problems were caused by the British. Most Americans are too busy trying to solve their own problems to realize that much of the animosity directed at the United States stems from British influence on U.S. institutions.


6. Regardless of whether British people were born in the United Kingdom or abroad, they are not likely to betray their country. The opposite occurs in the United States where individuals or people within the government can be traitors.


7. The British have a strong military and intelligence presence that exerts a powerful influence on governments worldwide. This presence coupled with an extensive spy network enables the British direct and indirect control over the lives of millions of people. The influence and control extends even to all U.S. institutions, and gives the British the ability to destroy any country in the world. Whenever the United Kingdom is at war, the outcome changes the world for the worse.


The United Kingdom uses politicians in the United States and other countries to work in favor of British interests. Politicians who fail to cooperate will be defamed by blackmail, eliminated from power or killed. Blackmail has been used frequently to destroy politicians. From afar, such British influence seems like an empty balloon, light and empty. However, this “balloon” is like a heavy, iron ball (but USA seems a big and huge balloon that it inside empty and it is light) making it potentially more lethal to a country than an atom bomb. This subtle British approach using its power and spy network makes it easy to control politicians, including prime ministers, kings, presidents and generals and to manipulate them into working in ways that favor the United Kingdom.


In fact, the British use blackmail against the rich, famous and high-ranking government officials in all societies to create favorable conditions for the United Kingdom. Influential people who refuse to work on behalf of or betray the British will be targeted by spies for defamation or death. In the case of uncooperative government leaders, the British are able to unleash “friendly” terrorist organizations.


Most politicians fail to grasp the confusing, complicated policies of the British. It should be understood that the United Kingdom is willing to support any dictator or take out and replace any government leader. The British can arrange for any leader to be killed or exiled whenever it desires.


Another dangerous plan is the willingness of the British to raise tensions and disputes between racial, ethnic and religious groups, especially in the United States. Creating these disputes gives the British great control over the policies of the countries impacted by racial and sectarian hostilities. It is possible President John Kennedy was killed because of his efforts to solve racial problems in the United States with civil and equal rights legislation.


Some U.S. politicians encourage racial and ethnic disputes within the states (brown races and Muslims) and between Asian countries. Creating disputes between these groups creates conditions that make it easier for the British to use its spies and agents to agitate for dictatorship in countries such as the United States. The British and Israeli spy networks recruit criminals, sexual deviants and other dangerous people in their assault on governments worldwide. These are among the same type of people, who for centuries, used weapons and killing against different groups of people, especially blacks.


Britain has used deceit, trickery and propaganda for centuries to keep nations underdeveloped and in poverty and under their control. British spies and terrorists have been successful in using and manipulating leaders to do their dirty work. To be sure, the British have used spies and secret agents to interfere in elections of every country. The British have enlisted the help of religious and terrorist organizations, the military and other institutions to control governments and people.


Britain’s ability to reach beyond its shores to control political, military and religious leaders in other countries ensures that it exercises enormous power and influential all over the world. A network of spies and other influential people and groups has been highly successful in taking actions that always benefit the British. All of these efforts are supported by a vast propaganda machine that peddles lies and false stories. This propaganda machine is capable of causing disputes, hostilities and war inside countries and between nations. Such mastery of public opinion has enabled the British to create problems between Christian sects and between Muslim and Jews, and Muslims and other religious sects. British provocation was behind the Iran-Iraq war. If Iranians rejected many of the outrageous religious stories they learned long ago, the British would not be pleased. The British benefit from these stories because they create tensions and hostilities. Each day, British spies and secret agents encourage radical religious thinking because such talk creates beneficial divisions in society.

These religious divisions exist in every country, including the United States.


In Pakistan, British spies have denied citizen education and creating different, divisive groups within society-Bora, Moment, Muhajer, Afghani, Shiite, and Sunni and else. People trust only those within their own group, leading to nonstop hate and violence between groups. A divided society of warring hostile group is easier of the British-Jewish mafia to control, British spies use the same technique in the United States to create strife and division between black and white, Christian and Muslim, and Protestants and Catholics. A divided society is more easily control by British- Jewish mafia, terrorists and other groups hostile to American interests –even if it’s the United State. After September11th, the British-Jewish spy network gained greater control over the presidency, the legislature and other influential instruments for controlling government.


If U.S. politicians are working for the benefit of their country, why are they unable to destroy the mafia, terrorist organizations or other anti-American groups? Why aren’t these politicians able to fight criminal activities by businesses and against people? Why do presidential candidates promise to do so many good things, but fail to deliver on their pledge? Unfortunately, U.S. presidents come under the control of the mafia and ignore the will of the electorate to work on behalf of British interests. British control over U.S. policy.


In fact, generation after generation of British people worldwide cooperate as part of a chain of spies working on behalf of the United Kingdom. It is not surprising that most people who are slaves in their own country are also slaves to the British. It is also not shocking that the British interfere and influence all elections worldwide, including the United States.


The elections of presidents or other high positions worldwide are false dramas. It would be better to call them selections, not elections, because the international mafia determines who is elected to the presidency or any high office. Likewise, all religions – Muslim, Buddhism, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Christian – and non-religions operate under British control.


It is a fact that the British are capable of generating religious disputes anywhere at any time, if it is in their interest. That’s because many missionaries are agents and spies who have full British support. Unfortunately, countries with religious disputes are among the world’s most dangerous, tragic places in this world. While many doctors and scientists are unable to determine the cause or cure for certain cancers, a well-informed society – once it is aware of the British spy network – can take steps to cure the “cancer” metastasizing within its midst.


The solution to the dysfunction of many governments is to cooperate with each other to search out, expose and destroy the British spy networks operating in their countries. This spy network is non-ideological and amoral. This network is willing to use religion, communism or any tool that works to spark disputes and problems within countries and between nations. It is a fact that every dictatorship and elected democratic official holds his position as a British agent.


The British unleash their spy network to operate in developed poor, underdeveloped countries. The spy network has one goal – to produce results beneficial to the United Kingdom It is the responsibility of people around the world, including the good British people, to cooperate in stopping these networks. These spies pose a danger to the world and operate contrary to the wishes and intentions of God. Exposing and eradicating these spies will lead to peace and happiness of all people in the world.


The British are the toughest, most strong-willed people in the world. Many of Britain’s leaders are Jews, who are clever political manipulators. No country by itself is strong enough to stand up against this British power. Its ability to tap into an international spy network, control intelligent services in all countries, interfere in any government worldwide, and its access to terrorist organization make the British formidable opponents. This secret network enables the British to extract billions of dollars in money and resources from other countries. The network is especially adept at deploying its spies, terrorist organizations and mafia to extract the wealth of the American people.


After extracting billion for other countries, the British use the funds to get its message out through a propaganda machine that hides the true agenda and illegal, immoral activities. This includes funding propaganda and activities in the United States. Meanwhile, the British are able to conceal their true, evil activities against all countries while sticking the United States with the blame. For example, many U.S. soldiers were killed following the invasion of Iraq while very few British troops died in combat.


The British will not allow the democratic institutions of another country to take action to solve its own problems. The British will undermine attempts at democracy by creating internal conflict and disputes between nations. Their goal is to monopolize the natural resources of other countries. Support for dictators is the easiest way to achieve what they want – maximizing the wealth of British families. These families include Jews who hide their racial and religious identities and secretly occupy high-ranking government positions worldwide. These officials are masters at enslaving the United States to use for British and Israel interests.


Americans are hard-working, but somehow most struggle financially despite the country’s vast accumulation of wealth. The fact is most of America’s wealth belongs to rich British and Jewish families. These super rich families use their wealth to undermine U.S. power and create tragedies for the American people and other nations. They maintain their wealth through a vast propaganda machine that brainwashes people with stories that hide the real facts. For example, the real owners of American homes, apartments and businesses are tax agencies and finance, mortgage and insurance companies. By the time mortgages are paid off, the property has deteriorated and worth less.


Meanwhile, the United Kingdom used its missionary spies and its propaganda machine to stir up hostilities between Sunnis and Shiites. Conflicts between these Islamic sects helped build support for a dangerous new Islamic regime in Iran. British efforts also intentionally heightened hostilities between Iran, Iraq and the United States and made the world a more dangerous place.


The British were also responsible for another tragedy that unfolded during the reign of the king of Iran. The Shah created a future criminal class of people by passing weak laws that failed to protect underage teenagers from homosexual predators. Forcing teenagers into homosexuality changed their personalities and made them into criminals against their own country and an embarrassment to their families. Every Iranian city has homosexual criminal activities to forcibly entrap teenagers into their criminal lifestyle. The goal of these homosexual criminals is to recruit more youth and promote them into influential, high government and religious positions when they become adults. Ultimately, these homosexual criminals want to use their recruits to undermine the revolution and move Iranians in the wrong direction again. In fact, the reason homosexuals are hated and not trusted is because of the destruction and devastation they bring to society.


People who have been recruited to become homosexuals are dangerous and responsible for many tragedies against their own country and around the world, especially when they rise to high positions in society and work as spies for the British. The presence of these homosexual criminals in government is one reason the Iranian royal families was overthrown and replaced by a radical Islamic government. Meanwhile, the spying continues with homosexual spies recruited to interfere with the new Islamic government. These same spies along with missionary spies also use propaganda to pit religious groups against each other. They are the sons of evil who abuse their money and power high positions to work against the common good of their own people. It is the responsibility of all people around the world to cooperate in destroying this evil presence.


The best way to create a more humanitarian world is to believe in God, but not any specific religion. In fact, believers who force their version of religion on others by war and killing in the name of God are evil. Everyone has a responsibility to fight these evil doers and work for the common good of all humanity. Nonbelievers will be forgiven by God if they practice the principles of humanity and avoid doing wrong against people. The fact is the human body is a natural, physical entity that becomes part of the soil after death. Their souls will be judged, and they will be reward with happiness for the good they did and punished for any evildoing during their lives. Even if a person doesn’t know that he is doing good work, he still is credited for his works. Conversely, people who do bad things but don’t know it are still responsible for their bad activities.


It is good if people believe in God. Because God watches and controls their acts, these believers will ideally behave humanely toward others and help bring about world peace and happiness. People who can distinguish between good and bad will do good things for themselves and will share good activities with others. People do bad and hateful things to themselves will do bad and hateful things toward others. For example, people don’t like thieves. Consequently, they don’t steal from others. Even if a person is bad, he is still good if he doesn’t do bad things to others.


The United States and other countries know Al Qaeda operates against America and the world. What most people don’t know is that certain Al Qaeda members work in cooperation with the United Kingdom as spies. It should be no surprise that much of the brain power and leadership of Al Qaeda speak English or have British roots and are willing to work in favor of the United Kingdom against the United States and the world. In fact, many high-ranking U.S. politicians work on behalf of the British and against the will of the American people. These politicians are agents of the British. If they refuse orders from the British mafia, they will become targets of blackmail or propaganda and lose their government position.


All sources of U.S. wealth are linked indirectly or directly to exporting and smuggling on behalf of the British. No U.S. citizens had the right or the power to stop their government. Those who attempt to halt corrupt government practices will be defamed, killed or charged with false crimes that will ruin them financially and personally. This means America is no different than Iran.


Criminal acts by spies and secret agents allow the British to acquire wealth at a very cheap price. This spy network includes politicians, generals and religious leaders in the highest positions in every country. It is in Britain’s best interest to arouse fear in the United States and around the world. They are masters at using propaganda to drum up fear of Al Qaeda and terrorists strikes against the United States and the world. At the same time the British are fear mongering, they have Al Qaeda under their full control to use as an instrument.


In fact, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations will claim responsibilities for tragedies even when they are not involved. Sometimes, they are merely following orders of British spies, who work to hide their terrorist activities against the United States. However, public servants in agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, military intelligence and believers in God are obligated to reveal the truth when they discover spy activities that harm the U.S. government. They have a duty to expose spies within the U.S. government and refuse to take orders from higher ranking officials who are traitors to the United States. Even if they are fired and resign, they will be reward with peace and happiness after they die.


However, public servants who don’t have condemning facts but suspect high-ranking officials are engaged in criminal activities against the U.S. government think they should remain quiet about dangerous activities. They may think it is still their duty to follow orders until they learn the truth.


It is the duty of people living in other countries to respect and obey the rules of that society. If they object, there only recourse is to leave that country. In all case, they should obey the laws of God wherever they live. Obviously, God didn’t create national borders. Unfortunately, people don’t follow the way of God who created one borderless world. The world is one international country that belongs to God who gives all humans the right to live anyplace they wish. It is the duty of all people to preserve and protect the world that God gave them and to promote worldwide peace meantime every society of every country has to respect those people come their country to trust them as humanity.


Moreover, Jews must stop using spies that cause tragedies and problems in other countries. Halting spy activities will also benefit Jews by reducing hostilities against Israel.


Many British politicians and corporations in Britain and the United States and multinational companies worldwide operate as British and Jewish spies. Government and business leaders are not ordinary criminals. However, they are responsible for killing millions worldwide and secretly abuse their power to steal the wealth of other countries. They adopt international laws to protect themselves and to work against the interests of individual countries and citizens of the world.


The same politicians and corporate officials also brainwash people into taking actions that create tragedies worldwide. The British actively encouraged many European countries, China and Russia to engage in the Cold War. Both rich and underdeveloped nations were forced to use their wealth and valuable resources in this imaginary fight. Britain was the primary beneficiary of the Cold War.


In this way, Britain has become the richest and strongest country in this world. The British have no qualms about abusing power directly or indirectly against other nations. They are willing to kill millions and cause diseases and homelessness, and libel and slander individuals as well as entire nations if increase their power and wealth. They operate with an army of spies who are willing to use any means to achieve their goal of world dominance. Nothing is off limits, including false imprisonments and torture. And the British have dictators, criminals, homosexuals, corrupt corporations and terrorist organizations to help them steal the resources and wealth of underdeveloped and poor nations.


British propaganda is effective at blaming the United States and rich and underdeveloped countries for tragedies and criminal activities that are actually the responsibility of the United Kingdom. The fact is the British, through its spy network, is almost singularly responsible for criminal activities and miseries worldwide – especially crimes against the United States.


Through its spy network, the British create and support dictatorial governments around the world. Dictators who fail to do their bidding are easily replaced by another dictator or copy of before dictator who has been brainwashed to work on Britain’s behalf and against the interests of their own country. Ex-dictators are usually allowed to run away or hidden in exile under British protection. Saddam Hussein is the best example of a dictator who worked on Britain’s behalf that Britain paved the way he run away before the war begins.


How is it possible that a dictatorial spy who had worked so long for the British could be captured and killed? Certainly, it was evident he was one of the world’s most dangerous and brutal dictators. The task of taking out not really Saddam Hussein his copy was given to the United States. Instead of using the authority of the United Nations to depose the Iraqi dictator, the use sided with the British to unilaterally launch a war against all Iraqis. While the war strengthened the British, it was a drain on the U.S. treasury and created worldwide animosity against the American government.


The British have an even more nefarious agenda. It includes triggering another war between Iran and Iraq, encouraging hostilities by Kurds in Iraq and Iran that spills across borders into other countries, including Turkey. The British objective is to force the creation of a separate Kurdish nation to later be used to make war against other countries in the region. Using the Kurds to destroying neighboring countries is in the future best interest of the British. This is the same strategy used by the British in partitioning India and Pakistan. By using its spies to support dictators around the world, the British create internal problems that can only be solved by dividing territory into separate, new countries. Once these new countries are created, the cycle of hostilities between the new and the old nation continues – all to the benefit of the British. All of this is done with the support of Jews worldwide who use economic policies that are highly favorable British and Jewish elites.


The British play a deceptive game. They created Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, and the mafia to work against the United States and other countries. At the same time, they launch propaganda that demonizes these same individuals and groups. The British capitalize of the atmosphere of fear they created as a pretext for stealing the wealth of other nations.


This is a common British game. They create dictators around the world and then deploy propaganda to in wealthy countries that brand these dictators as dangerous terrorists. This ploy enables them to steal the wealth of other nations. More importantly, it oppresses the people living under dictatorships who are unable to enjoy the same freedoms and equality of the wealthier nations. And they look to the United States to do their dirty work. It is the duty of people, especially those who lost family members on September 11, 2001, to expose the British deceit and manipulation. Those who lost family and believe in God can find solace and happiness for themselves and their family soul who got killed by exposing the British brainwashing machine that hides the facts.


The United States played a lead role in the coup d’état that ousted Pakistan’s Nawas Sharif and replaced him with a military government under the leadership of Purvis Musharraf. Musharraf cooperated extensively with George W. Bush, who was backed by the international mafia and freemasons in a presidential election marred by voting fraud. Bush and other high-ranking officials then cooperated with the British Jewish mafia and their spy Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to stage the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center tragedy as a pretext for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. At the same time, British spies led a coup d’état against Nawas Sharif to secure Pakistan as a base for future attacks against Iraq and Afghanistan.


In an atmosphere of fear, U.S. politicians succumbed quickly to British and Israeli policy. The British propaganda machine built support for U.S. antiterrorist actions, brainwashing Americans and others with false stories. This enabled Bush and Blair to continue their evil policies against Iraq, Afghanistan and any other country. Fortunately, the destruction of the World Trade Center gave Americans insight into the dangers of the British Jewish spy network. Now that they know the truth, it is the responsibility of Americans to work with other people worldwide to stage a revolution and prosecute the government traitors. Ridding the U.S. government of these traitors is the first step toward a more peaceful world. Revolutionary actions taken in the United States will have a positive impact on other nations worldwide.


British policy in the United States has increased the frequency of dangerous disputes between America and other countries. This policy uses fear to control U.S. public opinion to favor British and Israeli interests. The real danger lies in transforming the United States into a dictatorship – not unlike Hitler’s Germany – and the re-colonization of America under British control. The Europeans increasingly understand the dangerous impact of British policy on the United States and the world.


The 2004 movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” documents how Jews tortured and killed Jesus. Wildly shown in theaters, the movie aroused anti-Semitic feelings among Christian Americans. The propaganda effect was to create hostilities between Jews and Christians over whether Jews killed Christ or whether the Romans killed Christ or whether both, Christ and the Roman Empire were controlled by Jews.

In fact, Jews within the Roman Empire killed Christ. For that reason, he is worshipped as the son of God or a Jewish prophet. These actions resulted in the creation of Christianity and paved the way for future religious disputes. If Christ had not been killed, he would not have been the son of God or a prophet.


By holding top government positions under Roman occupation, Jews paved the way for future control of other governments worldwide. Today, Jews are either British spies or working covertly in terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda against the United States and other targeted countries. This subterfuge ensures that U.S. policies are pro-British. Even politicians who know of or suspect an Al Qaeda link lack the courage to reveal Britain’s behind-the-scenes role in terrorists acts worldwide, especially against the United States. Many high-ranking politicians know of Britain’s terrorists links because they are part of the spy network themselves. As always, the British escape blame while the United States, the country least responsible, shoulders most of the blame. As mentioned before, this is all part of a master plot to frighten the American people into submitting to a more authoritarian, anti-democratic U.S. government that is more easily controlled by the British.


Even political leaders who know of dangerous British terrorist activities aimed at their countries remain silent. They know the threat posed by British control of oil and important natural resources worldwide and foreign military operations. If they expose the British, their countries will become targeted campaigns that destroy economies, cause civil unrest and damage relations with other nations.


The narcotics trade offers the best example of how the British spy network can destabilize another country. Working on behalf of the British, highly placed traitors in other countries operate and profit from drug trafficking. They control the flow of drugs and can lower prices to attract more abusers, which creates a major social problem. Likewise, Britain and its traitors can manipulate food and housing prices as a way to strength or weaken support for any government. By causing inflationary increase in basic goods, the British can cause more crime. Citizens who fear more crime are more willing to relinquish control to political leaders who favor British and Jewish companies.


British propaganda has brainwashed the United States and the world into believe falsehoods about Osama Bin Laden. The British would have all of us believe that from his hiding spot, Bin Laden directed the massive deployment of Al Qaeda operatives to conduct terrorist activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the United States and other places worldwide. It is false that all terrorist activities are directed by Bin Laden. If Bin Laden is responsible, why did reporters done so little to locate Bin Laden, so he can be stopped?


Even if Bin Laden were killed shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks, Britain received more benefits by keeping his name alive in the media. Using an imagined Bin Laden threat led the United States to peruse policies and take actions most favorably for British interests. Following British propaganda cues, reporters slavishly report the latest terrorist activities while ignoring who is really chairing and directing Al Qaeda – namely the British.


If we look at slavery during the Roman Empire, we would see that the Romans enslaved soldiers defeated in war and used them to fight on behalf of the empire. They were willing to be enslaved as gladiators or foot soldiers to avoid execution or to gain their eventual freedom. And in all case, decisions about life, death or freedom came from Rome. Slaves knew they were slaves, but they also knew their enemies – Roman rulers. By contrast, 21st century “slaves” of the British government and their multinational corporations do not know who their masters are and certainly do not know who their enemies are.


The worldwide British spy network uses sophisticated propaganda techniques to ensure the slaves do not discover the master behind the curtain. Instead, modern “gladiators” have been brainwashed into fighting with other “gladiators” without knowing they are doing exactly what the British want. This evil policy of enslavement has given the world endless disputes, wars and massive killings. It is a modern gladiator system used by the Romans to subjugate citizens of its vast empire.


Nevertheless, 21st century slavery differs in small ways from Roman slavery. The modern slave has the illusion of political and economic freedom. Either he works hard to stay ahead or lives in or near poverty as the British steal the wealth and resources of their countries. As the wealth is being stolen, people are distracted with religious disputes, wars between countries or economic hardship and poverty. Each of these conditions enables Britain to maintain power and control.


Oddly enough, the United States cooperates in ways that relinquishes power that enables the British to continue their worldwide exploitation of enslaved populations. The situation is no different than that experienced by slaves of the Roman Empire. The only difference is the enslavers are the British and Israelis and their empire is truly worldwide.


Britain’s policy is most apparent in its enslavement of Africans in the Americas. The use of black slaves set up future racial tensions, especially in the United States. Even after black Americans were freed by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the British operated behind the scenes to ensure the continued enslavement and destruction of blacks through new systems of subjugation. The use of spies to create ongoing racial tensions led some blacks into terrorist and criminal activities. Whites responded with laws and punishments that established even stronger control over black citizens. These racial tensions are a legacy of the British, who have vested interest in keeping hostilities alive in the United States.


Nearly all U.S. presidents and many in high-ranking government positions can trace their ancestry to the British Jewish elite. U.S. presidents who do not come from this elite group face special threats, including the assassinated president, John F. Kennedy. It is possible some U.S. officials are aware of the problem but fear the impact of their careers and families if they expose the British Jewish presence in their government.


The United States may be the richest country in the world, but much of its wealth is drained off to Britain, Israel and their multinational corporations – and not for the American people.


Why do the British seek the support and sympathy of the Iranian people? After all, British spies and their Islamic dictator have inflicted enormous suffering on Iran. They increased this suffering by making enemies with the United States and other countries. They have manipulated Shiite missionaries into forming partnerships between Shiite and Sunni to drive the United States out of Iraq. At the same time, British spies use terrorist organizations to increase hostilities between Shiites and Sunnis. Long term, the spies are pushing creation of a Kurdish nation that will incite future conflicts in the region.


The British have a long history of creating hostility against the Kurds. British spy Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Kurds. Iran has blamed the Kurds for killings in Iran and Turkey. Turkey has sustained ongoing military action against Kurdish rebels. All of these British-inspired hostilities are aimed at the eventual creation of an oil-rich Kurdish state that could, in turn, be used against the United States and other countries in the region.


American political leaders who refuse to assist the British will have their careers destroyed or be killed. How can the United States be viewed as having independent policies, a strong economy, and freedom and democracy if all its decisions are based on the British and Israeli interest? While the United States spends billions in foreign aid and other assistance, the British-Jewish mafia and not the American people-benefit from these investments in other countries. That’s because the decisions about U.S. investments are made by spies in the best interest of the British-Jewish mafia. They are never spending their own money


Many countries have the atom bomb and other dangerous weapons that pose a worldwide threat. The big danger lies in the ability of a well-armed nation to use its military might against a country unable to defend itself against such a show of power.


A major problem is the failure of the U.S. government (also in other countries) to support a strong industrial base. The loss of factories to other countries has weakened U.S. exports and created widespread joblessness. Meanwhile, corporate profits have mushroomed because of cheaper imports to the United States from British “colonies” such as Japan, South Korea and China. This network is an impediment to world peace. They control our countries, our ideas and our families and lives. They cause disputes and war wherever they want.


All countries are mutually interdependent. Whatever happens in one country affects every nation in some way. If these country exercises their collective will, they can coordinate efforts that will begin to expose and destroy the spy network.


Spies should be judged by their actions. Initially, they install dictators or leaders who charm with their plainspoken rhetoric and their commitment to working together to solve problems. However, their actions rarely match their words. When judged by their actions rather than their words, it is easy to expose the spy network behind government officials. Their actions make them traitors and spies. They secretly cooperate with Britain and their surrogates provide blackmail and cheap goods and services stolen from the people. They use their power to enrich themselves and their families and friends. They embezzle, appoint family and friends to well-paid, high-ranking government jobs regardless of qualifications, and implement plans that benefit other countries. They and their families are often protected by security guards from other countries, suppress dissidents or relinquish control of the country’s economy and independent political institutions. They are also sever beneficial economic and political ties to other nations, engage in warfare with otherwise friendly nations, and use religious and cultural differences to ignite disputes and war with others. They master the art of propaganda while they act in ways that destroy their own countries from within.


As long as the United States supports dangerous British and Israeli policy, the world will experience more tragedies and will never have peace. It is strange U.S. political leaders don’t seem to get it: the more help they give Britain and Israel, the more America suffers worldwide. The United States receives blame for its policies even when those policies are dictated by Britain and Israel.


If British behavior wasn’t so nefarious, it would seem almost childlike: The British stir up trouble and then run away when the fighting begins. Understanding the trickery of British policy is difficult. Even experienced, self-centered politicians don’t understand what the British are up to. But the British are clever and smart. Their policies work. They can interfere and influence any situation or individuals in any government. They can find a body double to replace any political leader as a spy to their liking. Any high-ranking political or religious leaders who fail to comply with British demands can easily be forced out and replaced. For example, a political leader can be invited for a conference in England. During his stay, he is set up for blackmail or brainwashed into working against his own country and on behalf of British interest. Either way, the British “own” him.


Americans work very hard to cover all of their expenses – housing, insurance, taxes, education, etc. Unfortunately, U.S. politicians, in cooperation with British politicians, pursue policies that do little to help citizens and keep them enslaved to jobs and financial obligations. The role of British spies is never discussed. The role of British and Jewish spies in the U.S. government is similar to that played by the S.S. in Nazi Germany. All aspects of American life are under their control.


We have an obligation to love our country. At the same time, we all have a responsibility to observe humanitarian principles and the way of God in our relations with other nations. It is the most effective way to achieve peace and happiness worldwide. We all have a duty to stand up to the evil of dangerous politicians and religious zealots and prevent the wealthy and major corporations from using their wealth to exploit and subjugate people in other countries.


Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Castro and More


Oddly enough, Osama Bin Laden and others like him occupy low-ranking positions in Al Qaeda. They take their orders from Britain and British spies in the United States and around the world. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda accepted responsibility for the September 11th attacks, which were directed by Britain’s spy network.

The fact leaders like Osama Bin Laden, Talban and i, to spy for British- Jew Masoud Razavi wish from their group to introduce enemies of the British-Jewish mafia to them, to pave the way get killed.


It is difficult to comprehend how the world’s richest country with its highly educated population can be so easily used. Many citizens come from different countries for better lives for themselves and their families. However, the United States doesn’t tap into this pool of talent to solve the nation’s problems and to replace the elaborate spy network operating at every level of government. Meanwhile, the U.S. government continues to support policies that promote murderous dictators who abuse their citizens while the British to steal their oil, resources and wealth.


Americans and citizens in other countries don’t understand the dangerous impact of British policies. It is difficult to comprehend that Americans can be so easily duped and brainwashed by British spies.


If Al Qaeda isn’t eliminated, the United States may face a situation similar to Iraq or dictatorial regimes in Latin America. Imagine the United States as a dictatorship where freedom has been eliminated and the government is a colony of the United Kingdom and its Al Qaeda operatives. The groundwork is being laid for such a scenario. Secret agreements between the U.S. and British government officials and Cuba’s Fidel Castro established prisons for Afghans in Guantanamo and Ireland. However, no actual Al Qaeda members have been captured and imprisoned because they are protected by the British Jewish mafia. The relationships underscore Castro’s role as a British spy who main role is to create conflicts throughout Latin America with his communist ideology. The constant turmoil destabilizes Latin American politics. It’s all part of a divide-and-conquer approach that allows the British to exploit the wealth and resources of other nations. It’s ironic that the Soviet Union, the most powerful communist government, was dismantled while a small, Cuban communist state has survived. Repeated U.S. attempts to assassinate Castro and bring an end to communism have failed.


On the one hand, the United States pretends to be a democracy that reflects the will of the people and support democratic freedoms worldwide. At the same time, the United States has punished citizens who have exposed abuses of Iraqi prisoners. The U.S. military is allowed to operate secretly like a military dictatorship able to hide illegal activities – from denying basic legal rights to arbitrary killings of innocent people. The inability of individual Americans to expose and stop military abuses is a threat to democracy.


U.S. military leaders who abuse their power need to be exposed and prosecuted under the law. Citizens who expose these abuses must be guaranteed full protection against retaliation or punishment for exposing wrongdoing. The military cannot be allowed to hide behind false national security claims. All military actions must be guided by the rule of law and humanitarian, democratic principles.


Investigations of alleged military abuses in Iraq and elsewhere must be in-depth and thorough. Investigators must vigorously pursue possible ties of military officials to the British spy network. If links to other countries or the spy network are revealed, military personnel must be prosecuted as traitors and receive the most severe punishment possible. Investigators must also determine whether crimes against humanity were ordered by military or government leaders. If so, those giving orders must be punished. The most heinous crimes involving using fear against Iraqi prisoners, accusing them of homosexuality or blaspheming their religion.


The truth is that the British direct the worldwide activities of Al Qaeda. Most Al Qaeda members are either British by birth or nationalities of varying religions. In addition, many U.S. political spies cooperate with British politicians having Al Qaeda links.


While the media report about Al Qaeda’s threat worldwide, they fail to probe deeper to expose who the real people are running and managing the organization. The fact is no Al Qaeda member has been captured. Those who have been captured claim to be Al Qaeda members, but they are not. The true Al Qaeda operatives who are captured are killed on the spot to prevent their exposure as British spies. The media have successfully used propaganda to generate fear among Americans. Lies are told repeatedly about Al Qaeda and its terrorist activities.


British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush collaborated secretly to hide the true identity of Al Qaeda as British spies. Instead, people are led to believe Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Husain and others were the true face of Al Qaeda. They are wrong. These so-called terrorist leaders are actually low-ranking Al Qaeda members who take their orders from higher ups. The fact is Bin Laden, Saddam, Rafsanjani, Khomeini and others like them are never captured or killed. Propagandists may claim one of them has been killed, but the dead man is actually a body double who has been trained and brainwashed into standing in as a surrogate. Men like Bin Laden are protected by the British. They are hidden away for future use. How is it possible that Saddam Hussein – a servant of the British – could be so easily captured and executed?


It is our responsibility to love all people and nations, regardless of past history. We need to forget history and focus on the present. All that happened, both good and bad, must be forgotten if we want to create a new world in which all people can enjoy peace and happiness. We have a responsibility to guide people to move in the right direction. If they reject our efforts, they must be separated (one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch).


If we take an in-depth look into the lives of Hitler, Lenin, Gandhi, Jinnah, Saddam, Khomeini and Kamenev and many U.S. presidents and politicians, we see many have links to British and Jewish families. History will teach us that Hitler was a British spy. The British used Lenin to lead a revolution that would lead to civil war, create ideological conflicts worldwide and eliminate Russia as a competitor for resources worldwide. Eventually, Russians understood the destructive nature of communism. Gandhi, Jinnah and British politicians conspired over the partitioning of India into two states. Saddam Hussein cooperated with Khomeini and British spies in launching a war that destroyed Iran and Iraq.


The British fabricate problems for the United States. For example, support for their spy Fidel Castro enabled him to stay in power as a communist dictator. While Castro suppressed his own people, his cold war activities against the United States South and Central of America gave the British a strategic advantage in Latin America.


Napoleon a Jew may have been a British spy. When he attempted to unify France by attacking other European countries, the British did not intervene even though France and Britain were traditional enemies. Napoleon chose not to attack England. Instead, Napoleon attacked Russia. He then made peace with Russia and turned his attention to attacking Egypt. When Napoleon was at the peak of his power, he chose to attack Russia in winter. It cost him the war and devastated France. When he turned to fight England, he was easily defeated. Napoleon’s loss led to decades of British dominance of France and Europe and caused its many colonies and commonwealth in USA and the world for favor British government.


Unfortunately, it is difficult for Americans and citizens of underdeveloped countries rich in resources to understand the hidden influence exerted by the British spies in their countries. This lack of awareness makes the presence of British spies and their Al Qaeda operatives potentially more dangerous than any atom bomb. Intelligence services in many of these countries are indifferent to the presence of the dangerous British spy network.


Contrary to conventional thinking, most Al Qaeda members are religious leaders and teachers representing different countries and religions. All are united in their common religious extremism. They use their holy books to brainwash their followers into taking violent action against non-believers. British and Jewish spies encourage this extremism and religious conflicts because it benefits them.


Given modern 21st century technology, it is not difficult for the U.S. government to expose Al Qaeda operatives around the world. Almost all British and Jewish spies in high-level government positions have links to Al Qaeda. This spy network has infiltrated nearly every element of U.S. society, including religious institutions and the military. The spy network includes Al Qaeda members who work cooperatively to shape economic, religious and political policies. These groups maintain an extensive arsenal of weapons in the United States and around the world that can be used to achieve their objectives.


The spy network is skilled at using the legal systems of other countries and international law to protect their interests while working against the best interests of citizens. Anyone who cooperates directly or indirectly with these spies is an enemy of democracy and freedom. They are traitors working on behalf of British and Israeli interests. Even if they cooperate out of fear of the spy network or Al Qaeda, they are traitor even the leaders of every country either communist or else are English and Jew spies belong for Qaeda.


In fact, all Al Qaeda groups form an uninterrupted chain that allows the easy exchange of dangerous weapons and expedited flow of wealth and resources stolen from every country. They hide behind the protection of national and international laws and willingly resort to illegal means to achieve its goals.


The only effective way to defeat Al Qaeda terrorist is to find and remove them from government. Individuals who want to play a role in ousting Al Qaeda need to work secretly to befriend suspected members and use any means necessary to expose and eliminate them.


Unfortunately, most politicians (British, American and in other countries) don’t really care if their citizens are happy, comfortable and living in peace. After all, it was the British who pushed the United States into a prolonged, losing war in Vietnam. America lost thousands of its young soldiers and destroyed its economy. Politicians who attempted to stop the war were demeaned and ostracized. After more than a decade of destructive warfare, the United States left Vietnam empty handed. The United States failed to learn valuable lessons from Vietnam. Britain and Israel encouraged the United States to bypass the United Nations and other nations and evade Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein. Once U.S. troops were in Iraq, the British worked covertly with its Islamic spies to increase the violence and force America out. Meanwhile, spies worked to increase hostilities between Shiites and Sunnis. By pitting Iraqis against each other, the British ensured continued control over Iraq’s oil and wealth. If Saddam Hussein was out of favor and fought against the British in two Gulf wars, how was it possible Britain’s Al Qaeda operatives were able to easily capture and kill him.


In fact, Saddam Hussein cooperated with the British in a dramatic charade that used a body double to stage his death. British captured a look-alike surrogate and brainwashed him into testifying in court that he was Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, the real Saddam Hussein either fled Iraq under British protection or remained as spy working with the British to undermine the U.S. war efforts and install a new, pro-British dictator.


British foreign policy is mysterious and confusing. Publicly, the United States is Britain’s best friend. Secretly, the British pursue policies that undermine U.S. credibility and inflict severe hardship on other nations. Through its control of Al Qaeda, the British have unleashed fear and terrorism worldwide. Indirect, their clandestine activities have sparked conflict and war between Shiites and Sunnis. They urged the United States to bypass the United Nations and invade Iraq. Once troops were on the ground, British spies and their Al Qaeda operatives began a new phase to undermine combat efforts and ensure an early U.S. exit. This double dealing was intended to pave the way for a new dictator to serve the economic interests of the British in Iran. All the while, the British maintained the ruse of supporting the U.S. mission as they were working behind the scenes to drive Americans out of Iraq.


Any religious leader who shapes his beliefs to favor British policy is a traitor and spy. He will use his false religion to mislead his followers and incite them to take destructive actions against their own country. If people investigate fanatical religious leaders, they will discover most are either frauds or Al Qaeda spies who have been recruited and brainwashed by the British. A more in-depth investigation will reveal the duplicity of many religious leaders as well as the vast power and danger of British activities worldwide.


The United States and other nations also face a major problem with Al Qaeda’s ability to recruit women to seduce and blackmail high-ranking government officials. These women spies can keep extensive documents to blackmail officials into supporting British-supported dictators and dangerous policies.


Unfortunately, the fate of many countries is in the hands of British and Israeli politicians. While ordinary criminals may kill a few people, secret British and Israeli dealings results in the deaths of millions, untold poverty and massive destruction of underdeveloped countries.


Tearing Down the ‘Spy Wall’


President Ronald Reagan advised Russian Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the dividing wall between East and West Germany. Gorbachev’s courage in removing the wall destroyed the communist dictatorship of East Germany and paved the way for German reunification. Now, it is time for the British and Israelis to tear down the “wall” and put end to British Al Qaeda terrorism.


A bright, new future for the world – including British and Jewish people – will begin the day Al Qaeda and other organizations are wiped off the face of the Earth. Al Qaeda strikes fear in the hearts of most people even as these terrorists follow orders from their British and Jewish masters. The only real beneficiaries of alleged terrorism are British and Israeli politicians and multinational corporations – not the British or Jewish people.


Destroying Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations will lead to a world at peace – almost like heaven. Ideally, members of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations as well as British and Jewish spies and multinational corporations would surrender and join the fight against terrorism. Their efforts are especially needed against Al Qaeda whose main members are many Jews mafia and British politicians who don’t believe in God and believe power and evil act. If they truly believed in God, they would be responsible for so much tragedy and destruction worldwide. Their true belief is in power and money. They are even more dangerous because they wrap their fanaticism in religious beliefs. They are enemies of God, and they are incapable of following humanitarian principles and the will of God.


God created this world for all people. It is against God’s will to erect borders and partition the world into separate countries. The world belongs to God, and people have been entrusted with its wise stewardship. Nature and resources must be respected and used judiciously. If they need oil or other essential resources, they must share equally with others entire world.


Our first duty as world citizens is to follow humanitarian principles and love all people. Humanitarian practices take precedence over any individual religious beliefs and must be applied equally and fairly regardless of a person’s religion, ethnicity or nationality. Believers must stand up to fanatical groups such as Al Qaeda member who use their religious views to violate humanitarian principles. Borders must be removed to create one world and resources and wealth must be shared equitably with all mankind.


Many people have long predicted a U.S. attack on Iran. While it hasn’t happened, many believe such as an attack is inevitable. Iran has been accused of using its connections with the majority Iraqi Shiite population to attack U.S. troops. The accusations are true. Attacks on U.S. troops are being orchestrated by British spies operating within the U.S., Iranian and Iraqi governments and among Islamic religious organizations worldwide. Britain’s use of its Middle Eastern spy network has one goal: weaken the Iraqi and U.S. economies and diminishing America’s standing in the world. The secret British actions are aimed at forcing U.S. troops to leave Iraq. A weakened Iraq is much easier for the British to exploit for their financial benefit.


The fact is that the Islamic government of Iran is leaded by and supported by British spies who are also helping Iraqis fight against the U.S. military. In exchange for its commitment, Iran is shielded and protected from a U.S. attack. All Iranians government leaders – Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Khomeini and their supporters – are in power because they are British spies. Therefore, the British will not allow an attack on Iran at this time. That could change if the current Iranian leaders become sick, die or are no longer in control in Britain’s favor. In other words, what happened in Iraq will be repeated in Iran. The United States will attack but will eventually be forced to leave so Britain can reassert its control over a new generation of leaders. Such a plan would work perfectly because the British know through well-placed spies that Russia, China and France will not interfere in Iraq.


The real irony is that U.S. actions impact every country except Britain and Israel, and actions taken by all countries affect the United States.


It is against the will of God when a religion doesn’t observe humanitarian principles in its treatment of all people, regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity or beliefs. It is against God’s will to use religion to provoke hostile actions against others. History shows that religion has been used repeatedly to inflict tragedies and war on others. For example, Al Qaeda indoctrinates teachers and students with false religious values. The organization’s main targets for religious propaganda and terrorist training are the young, uneducated and poor


Today, Al Qaeda is active in the United States and around the world gathering information about people, especially the well-educated and those in high-ranking government and religious positions. They are also gathering data on the most promising people in the younger generation. All of these data are pooled to use against individuals who fail to cooperate with Al Qaeda in the future. Those who cooperate are rewarded with prestige and power – even if information about them in Al Qaeda’s secret files is bad.

Membership in Al Qaeda is a permanent trap. Members who decide to leave the organization to follow humanitarian principles will be targeted for harassment or death. Al Qaeda members know they came into existence because of the exchange of lustful liquids between a male and a female. No one knows when or how they will die and what happens after death. All we know is that they are brought into the world from a female. After they die, their souls are transferred to a second world and eventually to a third world and so on. We know our actions in each life are transferred with our souls. Our souls will punish for immoral acts and reward for benevolent actions.


Members of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations need to examine their souls and change their behavior. They need to abandon their fanaticism and follow the humanitarian values that reflect the will of God to love all people. The mixing of female and male lust can result in a baby. That baby will have a soul also and that baby will also create offspring who create additional souls. All soul will live on to eternity. In all three steps soul exist in babies and continue throughout life up death and after death soul will exist forever. Nobody leaves this world in the end will all his wealth and status. Therefore, it is wrong to boast about our wealth and achievements. It is also wrong to use our personal wealth for only one part of the world while others live under tragic circumstances. We are obligated to do good works in this world. Whatever we do in our lives – from our creation by mixing of male and female lust until death – will remain with us after we die.


It should come as no surprise that the United Kingdom hasn’t experienced problems in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s because top politicians and military officials in those countries are working directly or indirectly on behalf of the British. Many of these leaders are British and Jewish agents and Al Qaeda spies working to provide Britain with oil and natural resources at bargain prices. Ironically, the United States has had historically good relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet, Americans have not benefited at all from military actions in those countries.


Unfortunately, some U.S. politicians who work with Al Qaeda are British and Jewish secret agents. Their primary interest is to shape policies that provide economic and political benefits to the United Kingdom. Rarely does the United States benefit from its own policies. Instead, U.S. policies protect the profits and economic interest of the British and Jews.


It is fair to say that Al Qaeda is paving the way for a third world war. The predecessors of Al Qaeda created the first and second wars. The third world war may see the first use of nuclear bombs. Al Qaeda will launch the war in the Middle East and Asia. Russia and China – guided by highly placed British and Jewish spies – will support the United Kingdom in a third world war. If World War III starts with a first-strike launch of an atom bomb, the Russian, Chinese and North Korean won’t have time to respond. Any retaliatory strikes will fail as the British and their colonial allies will destroy their nuclear arsenal. In a third world war, the British spies are in full control of Pakistani or Indian nuclear weapons. France – the only nation on the European continent to possess nuclear weapons – will ally itself with the British. For their cooperation, the French will be given control over oil and other valuable resources in Africa and Asia. The United States – which possess the world’s largest nuclear arsenal – is a former colony and true ally of the British will never use atom bombs.


Britain stands to benefit the most for a third world war. The biggest losers will be the United States, Russia, China and many other countries.


Turning to the Way of God


Total devotion to any one prophet will not solve the world’s problems. Only belief in God can solve the world’s problems. By believing in God, we commit ourselves to loving all people. If we truly believe, we know God is watching and guiding us to do adopt good thoughts, words and actions in our dealings with others. God asks us to do unto others and we would do unto ourselves. Throughout history, people have known how to distinguish between good and bad. We know the law of God. And we have learned about good and bad behavior through scientific inquiry.


Our human history is long. God has tested us through our special experiences. He has given us the will to understand what is good and bad. He has given us a free choice to decide whether we will lead good or bad lives. All people have a duty to imprison evildoers. If the evildoers fail to reform, they must be separated from society forever.


Medical science has also taught us that brothers and sisters should be born at least three years apart from each other. The proper spacing of siblings allows each of them to develop a morally righteous life without interference.


Also, the laws of God and nature teach us that animals don’t practice homosexuality. So, homosexual relations violate the laws of God and nature. It is God’s law that men and women make love and not male and male or female and female. Marriage is the sole right of men and women. In the same way, the law of God teaches us it that marriage between close relatives is wrong. Research documents that the offspring of marriages between close relatives suffer irreversible physical and psychological damages.


Any religion that hostilities and war between people is violating the law of God. God teaches us to love all people. Don’t any attempt to change another religion is against God’s will. It is also against the law of God to create borders that separate people into separate countries. He created the world for all us to share as one people just like the animals who know no borders between countries. God created and owns the world. He has given us a short time on His Earth. We have a duty to respect our bodies and the health and well-being of all people who share life with us on His planet.


Dictators are a great offense to God. They violate human rights, create wars and inflict suffering on people by creating political and religious disputes. We see the law of God at work in nature. The first animal to find a food source is entitled to eat first. Other animals wait until the first animal is full or offers to share the food. Humans can learn from this experience. They are entitled to the “food” to satisfy their needs, but they also have a duty to give access and share “food” with others in need.


Unfortunately, there are many ways to destroy the health and brains of humans. Some people engage in destructive behavior by abusing alcohol, drugs and other substances. Others use substances to destroy the health and lives of others. Likewise, people use religious fanaticism and racial hatred like a drug to destroy others.


All people are entitled to basic rights of life, food and shelter, every person has the right to break the laws of God, societal laws and the laws of nations in order to survive, if no any ways to do right to get food for survival. How is it possible that government leaders allow their resources and wealth to be exploited for the use of Al Qaeda members and not their own citizens? How can a leader allow his country’s resources to be stolen as his own people suffer from poverty, unemployment and hunger? Dangerous criminals often go unpunished because laws or enforcement are weak. Many dictators also use criminal thugs for their financial gain. Of course, parents, friends, schools, religion and societies can determine whether someone becomes a criminal. Fanatical beliefs about race and religion can also lead a person to crime, especially when Al Qaeda is fanning the flames of hatred. Joblessness, poverty and inferior educational and healthcare systems – especially in underdeveloped economies – are all breeding grounds for crime. Other factors influencing lawlessness include hyperinflation, drug trafficking and the inability of a country to defend itself from military attacks.


More importantly, the failure to punish crimes by high-ranking government and corporate officials undermines law and order in any country. When corruption runs rampant among the elite, people lose faith in their political and business institutions. A life of crime becomes the best way to meet the basic needs for foods, shelter and clothing.


Criminal behavior must be punished. Criminals must be separated from the rest of society. Political leaders, government administrators and business managers must receive heavy fines or imprisoned for crimes. They must be permanently separated from society if they fail to reform and live by humanitarian values.


Dictators use their power recklessly to cause tragedies and breed criminal behavior. They use propaganda to create religious, ethnic and racial conflicts. Al Qaeda and other criminal organizations recruit people and convert them into religious fanatics who commit criminal acts. Al Qaeda will recruit and train anyone to carry out its criminal acts – regardless of tribe, language, age, religion or nationality. They will use any tactic or facility to create a vast network of criminals to do their dirty work. They prey on weak as well as strong countries, including those that possess nuclear weapons. The most vulnerable people are those living in underdeveloped countries.


Criminality breeds more criminality. A number of factors to increases in crime: (1) Leaders who suppress freedom and liberty. (2) Nations that have been destabilized by military attacks from neighboring countries. (3) Sabotage, terrorism and other acts taken against a country by Al Qaeda. (4) The constant state of war between Israel and Arab nations. (5) Corrupt political leaders engaged in drug smuggling or violating international laws and treaties regulation imports and exports. (5) Leaders and their spies who appropriate their nation’s natural resources and wealth for personal gain instead of investing in programs that mitigate poverty and foster economic growth.


In general, when rich, powerful countries are led by corrupt leaders and their Al Qaeda secret agents are in control, criminal behavior increases at all levels of society. It is a case of the big fish eating the smaller, defenseless smaller fish.


The only way to stop growing crime rates and Al Qaeda’s abuses of power is for people of the world to unite around humanitarian principles. These principles are the way of God, free of and uncorrupted by religion. As history shows, religion has consistently failed to solve mankind’s problems. Religion causes increases in criminal behavior and pits one man’s belief against another man’s beliefs.


It is immaterial whether a person believes or doesn’t believe in God. It doesn’t matter if someone worships a spirit or an animal statue. Nothing matters but true, humanitarian values and brotherly and sister love for all people. That is the way of a God who commands us to love one another and live in peace and harmony.


Al Qaeda is not the only dangerous group. Many large, powerful countries prey on smaller, weaker poor and rich nations. These large nations are a competitive threat to Al Qaeda’s dominance of oil and other natural resources. For example, Britain has its own Iranian Al Qaeda operatives who formed the Islamic republic and now support the dictatorship of its spies Rafsanjani and Hatami, Khamenei. And these leaders report directly to Britain. Therefore, how is it possible that Britain and the United States don’t know the status of Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons? How is it possible that Iran could acquire nuclear weapons without the permission of Britain and its Al Qaeda secret agents? The fact is Britain secretly supports Iran’s nuclear strategy as a way to frighten and control the United States. Britain may also be pretending that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons because it plans to replace the current dictatorial regime with a new government.


To stop the madness, British and Jewish people worldwide need to cooperate to halt the destructive activities of Al Qaeda that has superior satellite that have discovered new planets. It would be dangerous to the entire world if AL Qaeda is able to establish military bases in outer spaces.


The international legal system needs reform. Punishments for some criminal violations are either too weak or too stronger. Laws should be just and fair. For example, if a jobless person steals food needed for the survival of his family, laws that severely punish him are wrong. Instead, the government should have programs that help him meet the basic survival needs of his family. If he has that support but continues to steal, then laws should provide for severe punishments. In addition, laws should make it easier for people to marry, which will solve problems with promiscuous sex.


People, especially those in high-ranking government positions who have been brainwashed by Al Qaeda, are more dangerous than any atomic bomb. Brainwashed leaders destroy life, religion and people and reject the way of God.


Al Qaeda members are experts at mind control and brainwashing, especially of high-ranking political and business leaders. The dangers to the world are real and frightening – even for British and Jewish people. British spies and their Al Qaeda partners are more dangerous to the world than any nuclear weapon. They control media outlets and use them to spew propaganda and lies that misguide leaders and public opinion. They rob rich and poor nations alike – including the United States – of their natural resource and wealth for their own selfish gains. In addition, many Zionist leaders cooperate with freemason and Al Qaeda in assaults on other nations. Al Qaeda is responsible for supporting dangerous, high-ranking political and religious leaders who inflict enormous damage on their nations and religions. Religious fanatics of all faith inspire their followers to pray to God and their favorite prophets. Yet, when they leave their mosques, synagogues and churches, they engage in hostilities against “non-believers.” They are satanic and evil.


So, how it is possible for marriages to thrive without divorce? When a husband and wife are crazy, they both are a danger to the stability of the marriage and the family. Divorce may be the only option. However, Al Qaeda created a ban on divorce in the Catholic Church as way of generating anti-Catholic feelings worldwide.


It is difficult to imagine that the deceptive, manipulate policies of Al Qaeda can easily destroy the world with just one small spark. We know that is possible because Al Qaeda launched World Wars I and II to rearrange the world in a way that would strengthen its power and control. Using their spies Hitler and Stalin, Al Qaeda destroyed Germany and Russia. Replacing the royal tsars with communism created new tensions and hostilities around the world. They used Gandhi to destroy India and then elevated him to a national and international hero. Few people know that Britain used Gandhi to divide the subcontinent into India and Pakistan. The partitioning ensured ongoing disputes between the two nations – including an endless dispute over Kashmir.


Some people in the United States and some Christian countries have been brainwashed into preferring animals more than humans. Supporting animal rights is good, but human rights should rank as a higher priority. If animals are valued over humans, there is little hope for peace in a world ruled by humanitarian values.


Given Al Qaeda’s secret control over political and business leaders in the United States and worldwide, world peace seems remote and even hopeless. Al Qaeda and its government spies can quickly wipe out efforts by people to mobilize and fight for a better life and more accountable government. So what’s the solution for defeating a dangerous enemy? The answer lies in persuading political and business leaders working on behalf of Al Qaeda to reform their thinking and join with the United States and other nations to destroy the real enemy. Exposing Al Qaeda members is easy. Anyone with strong connections to British politicians in the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States and other nations is an al Qaeda member. The links to Britain may be direct or indirect, overt or covert, but they are real. It is safe to say the highest ranking political and business officials in power today are Al Qaeda members.


Catholics must ask God to guide them to support humanitarian principles and stop Al Qaeda’s assault on world’s billion-plus Catholics. Catholics need to be empowered to select a pope who is not an Al Qaeda operative. Catholics must also rid the church of cardinals, bishops, priests and religious missionaries who serve Al Qaeda with radical preaching that creates hostilities and divisiveness with other Christian denominations and other religions. Rules governing celibacy, divorce and other behaviors must be reformed. Most of these rules are harmful to Catholics and were created by Al Qaeda. For example, marriage was created for men and women who need sex. What are the consequences when a husband or wife is crazy and they can’t divorce?


Today, British-supported political spies in Britain, the United States and around the world conspire to create disputes between the United States, Russia and other nations. These conspirators are responsible for the difficult economic and diplomatic relations between the United States and nations with valuable natural resources, especially the oil-rich Arab countries. Equally disturbing is the cooperation between Al Qaeda and Jewish spies in Russia: this partnership intends to renew U.S.-Russian hostilities with the goal of destroying both nations. Al Qaeda’s approach involves damaging relations between the United States and rich countries such as Russia, and creating destructive hostilities between Russia and Muslim countries. By sabotaging Russia’s relations with other nations, Al Qaeda will maintain a monopolistic control over Russia’s vast natural resources. Likewise, Al Qaeda intends to destroy wealthy Muslim countries.


The predecessor to Al Qaeda created World Wars I and II by cooperating with Neville Chamberlain and Hitler, an Al Qaeda member and British Jewish spy. More recently, Al Qaeda operatives in Britain, the United States and Israel are working to ignite a third world war that will destroy countries one by one. Al Qaeda, Zionists and freemasons have plans under way to destroy China. Al Qaeda is also able to take advantage of the United States because citizens are absorb with their own financial problems and inattentive to learning the truth. News stories – created by Al Qaeda – are spoon fed as fact to an unsuspecting American public. The result is an American electorate that has been brainwashed.


Al Qaeda is responsible for undermining relations between the United States and many countries. Al Qaeda, through its spy network and Jewish agents, has also created tensions between Russia and the Muslim world. The ability of Al Qaeda to manipulate public opinion with its propaganda machine makes it more dangerous than any weapon. Al Qaeda operatives control the economies, politics and military of nearly all countries. The best way to fight back and defeat Al Qaeda is follow the way of God, which follows humanitarian principles that promote equality, peace, harmony and brotherhood. God expects to love all of humanity regardless of religion, race or nationality.


Different propaganda methods are used to brainwash people into following the wrong path. People are especially vulnerable to being brainwashed about religious beliefs by parents and zealot missionaries. Religions have a long history of controlling individual behavior, societal norms and customs and political institutions. The brainwashing goes back generation after generation to the time of the false prophets.


Once people are brainwashed, it is nearly impossible to change and reform their thinking. The thoughts and beliefs of a brainwashed person are set in stone. That is why Al Qaeda invests so much money, power and time in their worldwide spy network. Propaganda that brainwashes is the most powerful weapon that can be used to destroy individuals and their countries. Brainwashing people are easily controlled by authority. They accept false claims about religion and politics. If ordered to kill their own parents or children, they will obey without questioning. The uneducated, poor, young and religious zealots are most vulnerable to manipulate by propagandists.


Oddly, the media provide one of the easiest and most efficient ways to brainwash people into acting in harmful ways. Once a nation is brainwashed, Al Qaeda can deploy that country’s weapons in way it wants.


Most people – regardless of faith – have been brainwashed by their parents who were, in turn, brainwashed by their parents. It goes on generation after generation. People who have been indoctrinated become slaves of their religious beliefs. These beliefs are accepted as the “truth” and rarely challenged or questioned by believers. Even if specific beliefs are poisonous and destructive like cancer, true believers will not yield to facts or reason. They will follow their beliefs regardless of the damage it does to their families, careers or their nations. Collectively, a brainwashed society can be stirred up with impassioned speech to defy humanitarian values.


The truth is that anyone who believes in God must also believe that He created this world for all people. He wants us to follow humanitarian principles to create peace, harmony and happiness for all people worldwide. There is no religious alternative for solving the world’s problems than the way of God.

It is intriguing that various religions spread worldwide long before radio, television and mass media were available. It is even more intriguing that we use our vast array of 21st century communications tools to disseminate so many religious falsehoods. So many lies are told about the way of God and the prophets. However, God created us with brains that are able to distinguish between the truth and lies. We must use the power of our brains to overcome indoctrination and propaganda.


The fact it is strange, how is it possible every false religion without existence of any broadcast by radio or any tools else from long centuries ago up people got many broadcasters, to follow false religions generation to generation, the fact Jewish have created all most all religions against people, so they were all countries entire world to cooperate each other to broadcast and brainwashed their ideas against people, special all kinds religions as broadcaster tool, their broadcast tool was, by cooperate each other entire world from long century up now that it was useful for them more than any broadcasters same as radio and else.


In any government, it is vital to separate the executive power, legislative and judicial branches. Such separation of powers helps minimize the ability of a dictator or any one group to control the government. People are most likely to be free when power is divided equally among different branches of government.

Unfortunately, the United States and other democracy have separate governmental branches in name only. So much power is placed in the executive branch that some of these countries more closely resemble dictatorships. When power is concentrated in one man or branch of government, it is more easily abused and used against citizens.


Politicians who are genuine civil servants and not affiliated with Al Qaeda can learn much from American history. Americans freed themselves from British rule during the revolution. Later, the British and its Al Qaeda worked behind the scenes to spark a Civil War that killed thousands and led to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. If Americans study their histories from the revolution to today, they will see that many of the tragedies that have befallen the nation were caused by British spies in the U.S. government. The British are behind racial tensions between blacks and whites. They were behind the September 11 attacks to push the United States into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The military deployments were costly and destroyed the U.S. economy. The trillions spent brought the United States to the brink of bankruptcy. At the same, British and Jewish investors pulled their wealth to invest heavily in China, causing further damage to the U.S. economy.


The propaganda has been successful. The United States now has more enemies. The economy has been destroyed. Unemployment as at post-World War II highs and criminal behavior is on the rise. Meanwhile, the British propaganda machine places the blame for the U.S. demise on the wrong people and countries. If people really pursue the truth, they will learn that British and its Al Qaeda (British- Jewish mafia) members are behind the destruction of the United States and many other countries. These evil forces were behind World Wars I and II and the destructive leaders of Khomeini, Rafsanjani and Khomeini. They also targeted Catholics and parochial disputes throughout Europe.


Al Qaeda has played a destructive role in Africa, Asia, North and Latin America and elsewhere around the world. A study of history shows us that Britain (Al Qaeda) has never been a friend of any nation, especially the United States. Ironically, the United States has been a loyal friend to Britain throughout history. Secretly, the British have helped other countries acquire the atom bottom and other dangerous weapons that pose a threat to the United States.


Citizens of the United States and other nations have to unite save and protect American from the evil activities of Al Qaeda. The United States needs to reassert its democratic, political, economic and military freedom. America is a beacon to many people of many nationalities, races, religions and ethnicities. America belongs to the world – not to evildoers form Britain and Israel.


Al Qaeda member has ordered the United States and its allies to commit 10-15 percent of their income for economic and humanitarian aid for Africa. How can a nation pour so much foreign aid into Africa while Al Qaeda is stealing the resources from so many nations worldwide? After all, Al Qaeda’s exploitation is the main reason so many African nations have been destroyed or bankrupted. As history shows, colonial rule by the Al Qaeda British has left most African nations poor, underdeveloped, uneducated and politically unstable. Al Qaeda has exploited religious and tribal difference to subjugate Africans. While many countries want to help Africa, Al Qaeda spies limit the effectiveness of any initiatives.


The fact is Al Qaeda will never help Africa. Al Qaeda is satisfied with the status quo because it allows them to extract the resources and wealth of African nations for their own benefit. African governments are run by Al Qaeda spies. Leaders who actually try to use the resources of their countries to improve the lives of their own people will be replaced with new, loyal spies. Al Qaeda handles recalcitrant African leaders the same way it dealt with Saddam Hussein in Iraq.


Al Qaeda is even more committed than ever to Africa’s destruction. Al Qaeda wants to prevent African development because it doesn’t want competition for valuable resources it has monopolized for centuries. Al Qaeda is also racist to the core. Since colonialism, the Al Qaeda agenda has systematically destroyed and enslaved blacks worldwide. It organized and profited from the slave trade and continued racial tensions in the United States.


Earlier in history, Al Qaeda used homosexuality to corrupted Catholicism. In creating a large criminal class of homosexual, Al Qaeda set the stage for strong anti-Catholic feelings worldwide. Al Qaeda’s success in infiltrating Catholicism destroyed the faith of thousands of believers and severely damaged the ability of the church to have a positive impact around the world.


All religions promise resurrection and redemption to their faithful followers. Believers who fight evil and temptation will find happiness in the next world. However, more than 99% of people living in the 21sth century are suffering and need delivery from a different kind of oppression – Al Qaeda. It is the evil of Al Qaeda that needs to be stopped. Religion must stand in the forefront to defeat Al Qaeda and to put a stop to all future wars. People have no alternative but to use any weapons available – including Molotov cocktails – to defeat Al Qaeda. If a million people use Molotov cocktails, Al Qaeda will be destroyed to help pursue eternal redemption.


It is especially difficult to comprehend Al Qaeda’s policies toward the United States, Iran and the rest of the world. Even the most intelligent politician is unable dissect and understand Al Qaeda’s policies, which have been evolving for centuries. For example, Iranian President Ahmadi Nizad wasn’t elected by democratic vote. He was selected by Al Qaeda, with the support of Al Qaeda members Khamenei and Rafsanjani – to carry out a specific mission to capture the U.S. ambassador in 1987.Ahmadinejad selection also signaled a permanent end to diplomatic relations with the United States and increased hostilities between both countries and the world. When countries impose trade sanctions or ban companies from doing business with Iran, Al Qaeda gets what it wants – the sole rights to appropriate Iran’s oil and natural resources for its own financial gain. At the same time, Al Qaeda with British support was able to stop any military retaliation after the U.S. ambassador was taken hostage.


Al Qaeda masterminded an explosion in London but was able to blame it on others and rally the cooperation of France, Germany and the United States to fight against nations Al Qaeda wants to target in the future. Al Qaeda also wants to create anger and hostilities against the United States. Al Qaeda can easily launch revolutions in any country to install a government that is favorable to their objectives. Al Qaeda has the support of Jews in high government British positions guarantees that the world’s problems will never be solved. It also guarantees that Britain’s Jewish royal will reap great wealth at the expense of other people.


Religious people curse and insult God by building houses of worship that honor long-dead prophets while they do nothing to build a more humanitarian world for the present and future. Most who profess to be religious worship the dead, especially Iranians. Today, Iranians worship 12 dead Imams. These Imams are central figures in a new Shiite religion created by Sheikh Safi-e-Ardabil during the reign of King Ismail Safari. Sheikh Safi-e-Ardabil was a British Jewish spy. He foresaw future conflicts in which Shiites in Iran and Sunnis in Turkey would destroy each other, thus paving the way for British and Al Qaeda dominance in the region. Iranians were brainwashed into ignoring the progress of science and replacing the worship of God with adoration of the 12 dead Imams. When Iranians embraced the Shiite beliefs, they sealed the nation’s fate. Fortunately, the excess of Khomeini and his followers exposed the destructive nature of the Shiite beliefs to Iranians. Iranians now realize that the Shiite religion opened the door to Al Qaeda’s control of their government. Many believers have misconceptions about the prophets. The only true prophets are never worshipped. Instead, these prophets invite and bring followers closer to God.


Al Qaeda recruits and provides the finances to place criminals in the United States and other nations in high-ranking government jobs. Once in office, these government officials are loyal Al Qaeda servants. Democracies that successfully maintain a balance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches are most able to resist Al destructive agenda. When the executive branch has too much control of the other branches, the government is vulnerable. The destruction of the Iranian and Iraqi governments and the oppression of citizens came about because the executive branches gained full control over the legislative and judicial branches. These governments were made more dangerous to the world because they were led by religious zealots easily controlled by Al Qaeda.


Another worldwide problem is that once rich people assume powerful government jobs, they become more dangerous servants of Al Qaeda. Hitler, Saddam and Rafsanjani are the best examples of leaders who became wealthier and more destructive to their countries and the world. In fact, British Al Qaeda has destroyed Asia, Africa, the United States, Central and South America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and even the United Kingdom. Canada offers an especially good example of Al Qaeda’s destructive agenda. While Canada has vast lands, abundant resources and a relatively small population, it suffers from high unemployment and an inability to solve its political and economic problems. Canada’s problems with its French citizens are made worse by the presence of Al Qaeda spies in government and interference by Al Qaeda government officials in Britain and France.


Most voters repeatedly elect leaders who are tools of Al Qaeda and freemason Governments that meet the true needs of citizens deserve support. However, citizens need to overthrow leaders who fail to govern in the people’s best interest, abuse their constitutional powers and pursue destructive domestic and foreign policies. Leaders who assume dictatorial powers can either be dealt with at the ballot box. If peaceful means fail, citizens have a duty to use forceful means, including outright revolution, to restore democracy.


Citizens of countries under the control of Al Qaeda have to work cooperatively to end Al Qaeda’s monopolistic control of the world’s oil and natural resources. Governments and corporations that use their powerful abusively need to be destroyed. The world’s oil and natural resources must be used to meet the needs of all people.


No individual or institution will ever be better for children than their own parents. Parents are “God” to their children. So we can call them the “minor God” for their children. Most people worship a universal God who created the unique biology conditions that enables parents to create children.


Relationships between the living and deceased relatives and friends are only imaginary in our dreams. Our only real relationships are with other living people. Our obligations are not to idolize and worship the dead, but to work together with the living to create a more peaceful, harmonious world. If we live to honor the living and not the dead, we don’t need to spend our wealth building churches and mosques. These institutions provide few benefits. Instead, they are centers for brainwashing believers into taking actions that cause grief and tragedy worldwide. If our purpose on Earth is to create peace and harmony, then we are obligated to stop religious groups and others who want to create different society against each other or halt the progress of science.


Al Qaeda’s colonization of the United States violates the principles on which the nation was founded. It will require the strength and power of the United States and other nations to end their colonization. Together, they can end the tragedies and disasters caused by Al Qaeda if they believe in God’s instructions to create a world based on brotherly love and humanitarian principles.


The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were undertaken to demonstrate the power of British Al Qaeda over the United States. The attacks achieved a wider goal of creating widespread fear among citizens and greater control of U.S politicians. Even politicians not previously controlled by Al Qaeda are allied or lack the courage to fight back and remain silent. The threat to democracy has never been greater. Even when people organize to right against Al Qaeda and its puppet governments, most remain silent. They don’t support protestors or strikes. Their silence makes them partners with Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, anyone who mounts opposition to Al Qaeda risks retaliation in their careers and against their families. There are many examples that underscore Al Qaeda’s destructive capabilities, including tragedies against the United States and Iran.


The world has millions of talent people who contribute to a better life for all. Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin and some else made people all over the world laugh. Every day, doctors cure illness and save people’s lives. The dreamers have given the world cars, airplanes and new technology to save and improve lives. Musicians, dancers and artists enrich the human experience. At the same time, there are millions who have developed weapons capable of destroying all of God’s creation or created divisive between people that cause disputes and killings in the name of God or their favorite prophet. These creators of weapons and religions of mass destruction are enemies of God and tools of Al Qaeda.


Most people are at war with nature and the essence of God. Shiite religious zealots use lies to inflict suffering on their followers. These zealots, along with other religious fanatics, use their faith as a pretext or an excuse to perpetrate tragedy and death. Zealots who encourage suicide bombings in the name of God are evil. They are destroyers of people and God’s creation.


Al Qaeda’s Destructive History


Al Qaeda and other evildoers have a long history of using churches, mosques and other religious institutions to achieve personal, financial and political gain. They have used these institutions to launch sectarian violence, war, slavery and other tragedies to enhance their wealth and prestige. In all cases, Al Qaeda uses religion as a means to steal the wealth of nations and to increase their own political power and wealth.


British Al Qaeda used its spy Lenin and his supporters to create a communist regime in Russia. Following World War II, Al Qaeda helped install oppressive communist regimes around the world, especially in Eastern Europe. Russian attempted to strengthen its economic and political status with other countries. However, only poorer nations aligned with Russia while the wealthy nations partnered with wealthier industrial nations. All regime change occurred in cooperation with the British Al Qaeda, whose goal was to block the access to valuable resources by other European nations. Less than a century later, Al Qaeda caused the financial collapse and eventual destruction of communism in Russia and its republics. Al Qaeda spies embedded in Muslim groups created hostilities to further erode Russia’s power.


Following World War II, Jews learned about the availability of land in the Middle East under the control of British Al Qaeda. Jews worldwide have had a long connection with the British Jewish royalty. This connection also aligned them with Al Qaeda, which controls all Arab countries on behalf of Britain. Jews cooperated to prevent revolts against Al Qaeda in Arab countries. The British were double-dealing Jews. On the one hand, they promised a Palestinian homeland to Jews. At the same time, they secretly collaborated with Arab nations to wage war against the new Jewish state. The British agenda is to create constant hostilities and warfare as a distraction as Al Qaeda steals the resources and wealth of the countries involved.


People who attended mosques, churches and other places of worship are vulnerable to easily accept the dangerous teaching of zealous religious teachers who do not follow the humanitarian teachings of God.


Al Qaeda encourages people to become sports spectators as a way of distracting them from their countries’ true problems and tragedies around the world.


If people worldwide don’t unite to defeat British Al Qaeda’s efforts to monopolize wealth and riches, they will be responsible for the destruction of the world.


Most suicide missions against Iraq and Israel (pave the way Jews entire world to be united for favor Al Qaeda and Jews) are conducted by young, uneducated people who have been brainwashed and radicalized by Al Qaeda. They become religious fanatics who are used to take actions that serve no religious purpose. They are undertaken to protect the financial and political interests of Al Qaeda. Any high-level government official in any country has more than likely been brainwashed into spying on behalf of Al Qaeda.


Al Qaeda knows no limits. It was behind the September 11th attacks as a means to gain greater control over U.S. policies. With such control, Al Qaeda has generated more tragedies and hatred for the United States around the world. Al Qaeda’s reward is greater control over U.S. and world resources and wealth. The September 11th attacks enabled Al Qaeda to tight its grip on the natural resources, armies, corporations and factories of most nations. Having control enables Al Qaeda to direct economic in ways that rewards or destroys countries. Higher oil prices, controlled by Al Qaeda, have damaged U.S. and European economies.


Al Qaeda intends to use its wealth to destroy the United States and other nations. The Al Qaeda organization is governed by highly intelligent leaders who are masters of trickery and deceit. For example, Al Qaeda spies hold the highest positions in Iran’s government and they are behind efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. If Iran refuses to follow Al Qaeda’s directives, the British will use propaganda to alert the world to the dangers posed by a nuclear arsenal and enlist the support of the United States against Iran. Americans will be brainwashed into thinking the Iran in partnership with Russia and China will be a dangerous, volatile mixture. The reality is that a nuclear-armed Iran poses no danger to Al Qaeda because it controls the government. However, Russia and China are a threat, although Al Qaeda has a vast spy network in both countries.


Al Qaeda wants to generate conflicts between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iran and the Middle East and has enlisted U.S. and British cooperation against Russia and China. Ultimately, Al Qaeda wants to spark a third world war that will destroy the Middle East, Russia, China and a few smaller Asian and African nations.


In fact, Al Qaeda exerts a strong influence on high-ranking government officials in Russia and China and over Muslim and Christian religious leaders. The Muslim leaders are used to undermine Russian and Chinese policies. While Jews exert great influence in the Russian government, they secretly cooperate with Al Qaeda against the Russia and Muslim countries on policies that strengthen Israel.


Current Al Qaeda operatives are descendants of the 19th and 20th century branches that created an international slave trade, World Wars I and II, and dictators such as Hitler, Lenin, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Khomeini, Mao and Gandhi. The early Al Qaeda enlisted Pakistan’s Jinnah and India’s Gandhi in the partitioning of India. Many dictators in Africa, Asia and Latin America owe their rise to power to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda engineered Castro’s communist Cuba to stir up trouble with the United States and Latin America. These conflicts enable Al Qaeda to maintain a stronghold on the wealth of the western hemisphere.


As an Al Qaeda member, Lenin played a lead role in ramping up the Cold War and hostilities between communist and non-communist countries and blocking satellite communist countries from having political and economic ties with rich and Muslim nations. Thwarting trade between communists and non-communist nations enabled Al Qaeda to exploit wealthier countries without competition.


British Al Qaeda is guilty of crimes against millions of people around the world, including both world wars and on every continent.


It remains an incredible that after centuries so many people live in subhuman conditions where they are denied access to civilized society, education, science and technology. Much of the lack of progress can be blamed on religious brainwashing and manipulation by their government leaders. Many underprivileged nations cling to ancient, dysfunctional systems that keep citizens permanently impoverished and ignorant.


Journalists committed to revealing the truth about Iraq or conflicts elsewhere are special targets for Al Qaeda. Many have been murdered or kidnapped by Al Qaeda (including British Jewish spies). Since the beginning of the Iraqi war, more than 60 journalists have been killed. Suicide bombers who kill Iraqi citizens or U.S. soldiers have been brainwashed to carry out Al Qaeda order. In all cases, journalists who know the truth are killed, thus preventing them from revealing the truth to the world or some journalist have been kidnaped for brain wash to forget the truth for favor of Iraqi people against USA and British government and Jews mafia entire world, even some soldiers who have gotten permission to come back their countries before brain washed during of war.


The United States is also cursed by the existence of spies in high-level positions who use their power to violate the Constitution and basic laws.


It is a historical fact that a democracy will become a dictatorship if a king, president, prime minister or other leader uses his power to overly interfere or control the judicial and legislative branches of government. If the leaders power is international (Hitler), his actions can destroy the world. To protect democracy, leaders should not be allowed to select Supreme Court justices for Senate approval. The best way to ensure the independence of the Supreme Court is to allow justices to select their replacements by majority vote and refer their nominations to the Senate for approval. Once approved, the president would be asked to confirm their appointments. Using this approach, the president would not be able reject the new members without good reason.

Illegal immigrants who gain citizenship will improve national security as well as the nation’s economy. The change in status would make them less vulnerable to recruitment by criminals or Al Qaeda members while improving America’s image abroad. The United States isn’t the only country dealing with illegal immigrants. Iran and Iraq have been flooded with illegal border crossings. Many have been used by Al Qaeda to destabilize countries and create religious conflicts.


Inaction and gullibility are major obstacles to weeding out the presence of spies in the U.S. government and businesses who are willing to conduct terrorist activities inside America and around the world. Americans leaders, the media and citizens seem willing to accept every pronouncement by the government about terrorism. Consequently, little effort is made to learn the truth or the facts. Such widespread apathy and indifference enables Al Qaeda and its guilty partners operate with impunity worldwide.


Today, most Americans face an uncertain, insecure future. Only a minority are safe and secure in their lives. In general, Americans resemble a person sitting on the highest branches of tree enjoying honey from a bee hive hanging on a nearby branch. He doesn’t realize that someone below is sawing away on his branch. The analogy applies to both rich and poor, who fail to realize Al Qaeda is the culprit below sawing the branch.


U.S. race relations also pose a security threat. American blacks need to cooperate with each other to achieve equality and justice. People who resist true equality can destroy American society. The only people who can solve the racial problem are black people themselves.


Another problem unique to America and Europe is the use of pans as toilets. It is an unhygienic practice that causes transmission of skin problems and diseases to others. The use of toilet paper in restrooms instead of water isn’t hygienic. If you shower after using the restroom, that is hygienic. If water isn’t used to clean the ass, it is bad because the feces will be left behind anywhere they sit. It is also more economical to use water rather than purchase toilet paper.


In the United States, poor black and whites rob small businesses or commit other crimes. Some are sent to jail. However, high-ranking government officials who steal or partner with Al Qaeda to rob other nations use propaganda to become famous. They earn a cut of the wealth by serving as tools for Al Qaeda. At the same time, their actions weaken the U.S. economy and cause widespread social problems. Government officials who refuse to cooperate with Al Qaeda will be targeted or terrorized by the mafia. Their families may also be targets for retaliation.


The truth is that Al Qaeda has many spies working on its behalf in the United States and around the world. These spies have no concern for their country of origin, and their families are safe and secure. They will not betray Al Qaeda and will follow any orders regardless of the consequences. Even British Al Qaeda members care nothing for the United Kingdom. Their only concern is the wealth and benefits they accrue for themselves, Al Qaeda and the British Jewish mafia. Unfortunately some wealthy Jews cooperate with Al Qaeda’s mission to destroy the United States and the world. And even if Israel is destroyed, they will be safe and their families will be protected for generations.

Membership in Al Qaeda has no national, racial, ethnic or religious boundaries. Leaders who claim they subscribe to humanitarian ideals but act contrary to these values are the sons of evil. They take their orders from central headquarters in Britain and Israel and play role in dangerous activities that will destroy the United States and the rest of the world. They are experts at using propaganda to make people believe they are against the British and Jewish mafia. They are not.


Nearly all countries warn against the harmful effect of using tobacco products. However, these same nations only bar sales to minor under 18. They should ban tobacco sales to all citizens because of the severe danger to public health.


The controversy of the cartoon depiction in Denmark of the prophet Mohammed led to the killing of more than 45 people worldwide. Scores of others were injured protesting the cartoon. One simple cartoon also caused significant economic damage, especially in Denmark, and disrupted diplomatic relationships around the world. Responsibility for the deaths and injuries lies largely with the mullahs who organized many of the protests. Many of the protestors were young, uneducated and brainwashed by the mullahs. The protestors played into Al Qaeda’s willingness to use the events to damage Muslim countries. Al Qaeda’s has no problem allowing one small piece of paper to arouse such passion that it results in the death of so many. The protestors forget that God prefers saving lives death over a little piece of paper.


Al Qaeda and other evil people who conspire to destroy and steal the wealth and natural resources of other nations will go about their work in silence. If an Al Qaeda-supported government tortures, kills or injures its citizens, they will remain silent. In fact, Al Qaeda members will never take action against their government spies as they kill and destroy the people. They will also never stop religious zealots who misguide people into taking destructive actions. At the same time, people need to be cautious about overly idolizing prophets. All most of them are false or all. Using prophets for political gain is wrong, and people who pay too much homage to prophets will not go to heaven.


All people have an obligation to follow humanitarian principles. It is the will of God that people do good deeds for their families and all of mankind. Parents have a duty to guide their children properly and teach them the truth about God’s will. People should never trust that religious missionaries will guide them to the right belief. Many of these religious figures care only about their own lives and willingly support corrupt, oppressive governments and businesses. They totally ignore will and wishes of God to practice brotherly love and embrace humanitarian values.


Indirectly, British Al Qaeda controls all Arab countries, especially Dubai, and Arab countries. Any deals between Dubai and United States are negotiated secretly on behalf of Al Qaeda by British Jewish leaders. In early 2006, news reports announced the signing of contracts that gave Dubai control of six strategic U.S. ports (New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Miami). Some U.S. government officials and citizens argued the Dubai deal posed a threat to national security, citing allegations linking Dubai to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. People against the Dubai deal are afraid to be against Al Qaeda. U.S. government officials supporting the deal are willing to ignore Dubai’s membership in British Qaeda or Britain’s direct involvement in all transactions between the United States and Dubai. In this case, any wrongdoing against the United States by Dubai was overlooked on purpose.


Instead, politicians simply announced the U.S.-Dubai deal without mentioning the reality that control of the ports would now be in the hands of Britain and British Al Qaeda. The transaction provided no tangible benefits to the United States or Dubai.

Also ignore is the fact that British Al Qaeda interferes in and controls U.S. interests worldwide and manages the worldwide narcotics trade with the full support of Iran’s Rafsanjani and Khaminei. Many of these drugs end up being sold on streets across America, especially in minority neighborhoods in major cities.


Today, Al Qaeda is the major world supply of narcotics. In Iran, 70 percent of young people are addicts. They suffer high unemployment under an oppressive government.


Al Qaeda’s support for Hitler’s dictatorship and a companion strategy to undermine Germany with the Holocaust paved the way for the creation of Israel. The long-term strategy of having a Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world led us to where we are today – nonstop animosity and hatred between Jews, Christians and Muslims worldwide. The constant tensions work to Al Qaeda’s advantage in controlling the wealth and resources of all nations. Al Qaeda was behind the Bosnian conflict with Yugoslavia, employing the same tactics it used against the United States, Iraq and Iran.


Americans, Iranians and others are unable to stop Al Qaeda members, who control the wealth and power of all nations. The only way to defeat Al Qaeda, especially in Britain, is through massive governmental and military cooperation among all nations. This will be difficult because Al Qaeda isn’t the only group bent on destroying the world. Other groups have economic, political and military ties with British Al Qaeda. Some Jews are not Al Qaeda members but offer their full cooperation against the United States and other nations.


Most of the time, British Al Qaeda relies on spies who were not born in the United Kingdom or are not British subjects. However, these spies, like Hitler, are fully affiliated with and loyal to Britain. Although Hitler was born in Austria, it is likely his ancestral roots were in Britain. In other words, Hitler’s ancestors had worked for British Al Qaeda for generations before he took power in Germany. Finding the ancestral roots of the members of the vast spy network is nearly impossible. Identify the links is made more difficult because Al Qaeda use non-British spies in the United States and around the world. Al Qaeda’s worldwide propaganda machine makes learning the truth virtually impossible.


Worldwide, fewer may be than 10,000 people control nearly all the wealth and power. What makes them especially dangerous is that they benefit from belong to Al Qaeda, which controls the wealth and natural resources of most nations. This control encompasses all government functions, including the military and weapons systems. If the United States and the world (including ordinary Israeli and British citizens) don’t wake up to stop Al Qaeda, World War III or permanent enslavement will become an inevitability.


The United States has an obligation to cooperate in international efforts to stop renegade nations from using dangerous weapons or aggressive military actions against neighboring countries.


However, it is wrong for the United States to support Al Qaeda’s destructive campaigns to steal the wealth and livelihood of other nations, create conflict between nations and install oppressive dictatorships.


Whenever Al Qaeda is unable to initiate its policies, its leaders enlist the assistance of Jews, traitors and homosexuals in other countries. Jews, who have the secret backing of Al Qaeda, are used frequently as spies in Arab countries. By concealing their faith, Jews also occupy high-level government and corporate positions as spies worldwide. Jews willingly cooperate with Al Qaeda because of their direct connection to Britain, which controls all Arab governments. Al Qaeda cooperated in founding of Israel because of its potential value that would create conflicts with the United States while ensuring complete loyal to Britain.


Al Qaeda is an organization with a long history. It constantly renews itself with new members from around the world. It has evolved from its British-only origins to an international operation in which all races, religions, nationalities and languages are represented. Members share a common commitment to working solely on behalf of Al Qaeda’s political and economic interests.


The policies of Al Qaeda have had a destructive impact on black people for centuries. The enslavement of blacks laid the foundation for today’s racist attitudes. The mistreatment of slaves has led to a long history of joblessness, crime and poverty. Racial tensions between whites and blacks continue to exist today in the United States and worldwide. These tensions are a source of political unrest and problems even today. In the same way, Al Qaeda is responsible for hostilities between Muslims and Hindus. These hostilities were made chronic by Al Qaeda spies Jinnah and Gandhi. These two men are largely responsible for the partitioning that has resulted in a constant state of hostility between Pakistan and India and Muslims and Hindus around the world. Al Qaeda, using Hitler as its proxy, is responsible for the ongoing tensions between Jews, Christians and Muslims around the world as well as Israel’s war with Arab nations. All of these tensions play out in favor of Al Qaeda.


Also, Al Qaeda frightened Europeans and other non-oil producing nations by threatening to cut supplies unless they support dangerous polices against the United States and the world. These non-oil countries were coerced into supporting British Al Qaeda policies worldwide in exchange for guaranteed oil supplies.


Logic and math tell us one plus one equals two. Historically, facts plus logic show that Zoroaster is Ibrahim. Centuries ago, during the reign of King Cyrus in Persia (Iran), people believed in one God. In fact, Persians were the first to practice monotheism. Through the reflective and pensive Zoroaster, people believed in one God and his standards of “good thought, good talk and good acts.” Zoroaster, long acknowledged as a prophet, was born in Uremia, Persia.


Zoroaster is Ibrahim. When Arabs in the name of Islam attacked and conquered Persia, they changed the name of Zoroaster to Ibrahim. However, they were unable to wipe out the true history of Zoroaster as the precursor to Ibrahim. They stole or destroyed statues. When believers asked about the destruction of the statues, Zoroaster (Ibrahim) told them the biggest statues were destroyed. When people objected that the large statues could be broken up when they are too big to move, Zoroaster (Ibrahim) asked how a statue could be a God if it can’t move or talk. By changing the name of Zoroaster to Ibrahim, Arabs made him their prophet and forced Iranians to accept Mohammed as the main prophet. So more than 3,000 years before any other prophet and before Cyrus, Iranians were the first to believe in one God. Many Persians traveled to Egypt and Arab countries. Many became slaves of the Egyptian pharaohs but continued their belief in only one god.


The monotheists who were Egyptian slaves for generations trace their origins to Persia. Persian descendants created Moses as their prophet. Moses caused the breaking up of the royalty and Egypt’s adoption of monotheism. Egypt’s conversion was the beginning. After Moses, generation after generation practiced monotheism, eventually culminating in the teachings of the prophets Jesus and Mohammed. In effect, the practice of monotheist religions owes its beginning to Iran.


After the Arab conquest of Iran, Al Qaeda embraced the differences between Zoroaster and Ibrahim and newer prophets. They also falsified historical facts to create disputes among believers. Al Qaeda’s success in creating hostilities between religions and dividing larger countries into smaller nations continues to be part of strategy to “conquer and divided.” Religious disputes and smaller nations are more easily controlled for Al Qaeda’s political and economic interest.


Small groups of Jew living in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs eventually intermarried with Persians. The genetic links indicate Jews and Iranians are of the same Aryan race. However, Al Qaeda – guided by the racial purity beliefs of Hitler – changed the designation of Jews from Aryan to Semitic in order to create hostilities between the two ethnic groups.


Reforms: Immigration, Other Problems


The United States is a nation of immigrants. Immigration laws accept a large number of legal immigrants every year. Some people come on legal visas but stay beyond expirations, thereby becoming illegal. Still many enter the United States illegally. If illegal immigrants are caught, they are punished, often by deportation. New laws that have harsher penalties are inhumane, and the United States needs to revert to less harsh old laws that treat immigrants better.


However, illegal immigrants know they will eventually earn amnesty because the United States needs their labor. Moreover, the United States benefits from illegal workers who work hard for low wages. The need for low-wage workers is the main reason flow the United States allows illegal immigrants to cross its borders. Illegal workers are slaves who live with the threat of jail, deportation or steep fines. The threat keeps them in line and prevents them from demanding better wages and opportunities. If the United States really wanted to seal its borders, it would be easy. In addition, the United States grants multiple visas for workers to come legally.


U.S. immigration policy resembles the slave system of the Egyptian and Roman Empires in which slave labor was forced to live under harsh, punitive conditions. The only difference between the U.S. approach and that of the ancient regimes didn’t punish their slaves with deportation or imprisonment. They simply worked them to death.


The U.S. immigration policy is dangerous and inhumane, and it was devised by Al Qaeda members from Britain and within the U.S. government.


U.S. policy also encourages its own citizens to be lazy and jobless. Salaries are low and unfair. The government needs new policies that create more jobs. If the government is unable to provide jobs, it must pay citizens a basic livable salary. If it finds jobs, citizens should be required to work or they will receive no government-paid salary. People who refuse to work are lazy and will resort to criminal activities. However, if they violate laws, they should be jailed. In addition, the United States has a right to control its borders to stop further illegal immigration. The 12 million-plus illegal immigrants currently in the United States should be granted legal status. These immigrants can create new businesses and jobs that contribute to a stronger economy and better international relations. If their status remains unclear, it will hurt the growth of the U.S. economy. Continuation of the current policies is also harmful because illegal immigrants take jobs away from regular American citizens. At the same time, the illegal status of workers means they are barred from investing in businesses and creating jobs for other Americans.


The best approach is to begin breaking down borders between the United States and Mexico to allow the free movement of labor between the two countries. Eventually, the United States should eliminate its borders until the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central and South America are one country without borders. This is the will of God and follows humanitarian principles that provide equal treatment to all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin or religion.


Illegal immigration is only one problem that needs to be solved. The United States also needs to focus its attention on reforms in many areas, especially the destruction of Al Qaeda:


1. Laws need to be updated and changed to increase punishments of people who break the law. Laws must be harsh but fair, but if the new laws is harsh than before laws about illegal immigrants, it is right by according of international law and humanity before laws have to rule for those illegal people who came before passing new laws, but if new laws are favor for illegal immigrants, new laws have to rule for all illegal immigrants.

2. It is wrong for the executive branch to control the legislative and judicial branches. The executive branch should no longer have the power to control the appointment of Supreme Court justices. Giving such appointment power to the president paves the way toward a dictatorship. For example, Hitler controlled court appointments from 1936-1944, a key factor in Germany’s eventual destruction.

3. Allowing the president to appoint high-ranking CIA and military officials concentrates too much power in the hands of one individual and paves the way for dictatorship. History shows that giving too much power to military and religious leaders is destructive.

4. All people – not just Jews – are entitled to live in peacefully and safely and have the right to protect themselves against evil forces.

5. The United States has the right to secure its borders. Unfortunately, U.S. politicians have lacked the motivation to stop illegal crossing for the past 20 years. Despite inflammatory rhetoric, they have failed to solve the border problem.

6. The world belongs to God and He has given all people the right to live anyplace they want. God wants only one country with no borders where people are free to live, regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion or national origins. They can practice their own language or learn a new international language and work together to solve problems peacefully.

7. Every church has a responsibility to reveal God’s truth to all believers and guide them to live in peace and harmony with all of humanity. Unfortunately, some churches in the United States have abused their responsibilities to God. For example, high-ranking Catholic clergy have sexually assaulted and abused minor children.


American need to have a full understanding of Al Qaeda’s past and present activities.

8. Al Qaeda spies in the United States are responsible for the September 11th attacks. They also engineered the overthrowing Pakistani Prime Minister Naas Sharif and replacing him with one of their members, Musharraf. They exchanged the leader of the Taliban (an Al Qaeda member) for another Al Qaeda member who paved the way for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. They overthrew Saddam Hussein (an Al Qaeda member) with another Al Qaeda member to ensure they would maintain control over Iraq. Al Qaeda’s objective in meddling in all of these countries is to create economic and diplomatic problems making problem against U.S.A. and the world economically and dispute between people for the United States. They succeeded in destroying the U.S economy, increasing unemployment and criminal activities and the spending of trillions of dollars for military operations. All of these actions were beneficial to Al Qaeda (British government and Jews mafia) .

9. Another Al Qaeda objective was to create hostilities between the United States and Muslims worldwide and pave the way for Al Qaeda to exploit the oil and natural resources of other nations.

10. Today, Al Qaeda controls most of the oil reserves in the United States, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Canada. By controlling the oil supply, Al Qaeda is able to threaten other countries and obtain worldwide support for their dangerous policies.

11. By masterminding the tragedies in New York and at the Pentagon on September 11th, Al Qaeda demonstrated its power to use fear and intimidation to control U.S. politicians as well as leaders in other nations.

12. As a major international supplier of narcotics, Al Qaeda earns billions of dollars and destroys individuals, families and societies. Meanwhile, these weakened societies enable Al Qaeda to continue stealing oil and other valuable resources from other countries.

13. Al Qaeda reaps huge benefits from creating tensions and hostilities between black and white people. Racial animosities keep the focus of the dangerous activities of Al Qaeda.

14. Al Qaeda spies use propaganda effectively to brainwash Americans and people in other countries into believe false stories and lies.

15. Al Qaeda bullies and terrorizes high-ranking politicians in every country. These politicians are silenced to follow Al Qaeda policies. Politicians who fail to comply are defamed or murdered.

16. Al Qaeda does a masterful job of shifting the blame for its destructive actions worldwide to the United States.

17. Al Qaeda spies control dictators who cooperate in the theft of oil and other natural resources from their countries or participate in hostile actions against the United States.

18. The Al Qaeda world spy network has provided nuclear weapon to Iran, Pakistan and other countries willing to engage in hostile actions against the United States.

19. Al Qaeda supported Hitler’s policies to exterminate Jews in Europe during World War II. Al Qaeda’s ultimate goal was the creation of a Jewish state in the Middle East that would create permanent hostilities between Jews, Muslim and Christians worldwide. Al Qaeda also used propaganda to turn people worldwide against the Jews, thus allowing Jews to accumulate vast amounts of wealth to support Israel. Jewish wealth led to inflationary increases in real estate and rental properties, especially in the United States. Concerns about inflation distracted Americans from the behind-the-scenes work by Al Qaeda to make the world a more hostile place for the United States. By supporting the persecution of Jews during World War II, Al Qaeda made it possible for Zionists to demand they be given their own state as well as nuclear weapons to protect themselves from a second holocaust. The fact is that all of God’s people have the right to protect themselves for evil forces. A Jewish nation is good for Jewish people and all people worldwide.

20. The United States (and other nations) has the right to expose and eliminate spies. However, it is unproductive for the United States to focus on spies from other countries while ignoring British and Israeli spies The American people have the right to be protected from all spies. They have the right to know the historical truth that Britain and its Jewish and Al Qaeda spies have never and will never be friends to the United States. The British spy network’s main goal is to destroy the United States. In other words, America’s “best friends” – Britain and Israel – are actually its biggest enemy

21. Illegal immigrants who are physically or psychologically abused can be more easily recruited by Al Qaeda to work against the United States.

22. Military, CIA or FBI officials who discover the truth about secret Al Qaeda activities against the United States are disgraced, defamed and forced to resign. This ensures that Al Qaeda’s secret dangerous actions against the United States are protected. As in Hitler’s Germany, Al Qaeda’s secrecy will eventually lead to the complete destruction of the United States.

23. By operating in every country, Al Qaeda spies are able to control the oil, natural resources and wealth of nearly every country. All nations under Al Qaeda are deprived of their heritage and wealth and their lives are made more miserable by inflation, unemployment, inadequate education, religious conflicts, war and crime. The drug trade – also controlled by Al Qaeda – leads to addiction and crime. Deprived of their nation’s resources, many people are driven to a life as an illegal immigrant. These illegal immigrants become slaves in another country and work at low wages to further benefit British Al Qaeda

24. What will happen to democracy, freedom and liberty in the United States when the president has the ability to appoint military, CIA and civilian leaders who will eventually take over the government without objection, it is unfortunate that no one in government or society can stand up to the president and stop him from turning over the world’s longest living democracy from becoming a military dictatorship. What is the fate of the world if even the person in the highest position in the U.S. government is a traitor and spy for another country or members of Al Qaeda? What is the future of the world if no one is able to stop the evil actions of the U.S. president? In fact, is the United States a democracy at all?

25. Al Qaeda often recruits high-ranking U.S. government officials with criminal records or willing to commit crimes for key government jobs, especially in the judicial branch. Officials with criminal pasts are more easily blackmailed and manipulated to do Al Qaeda’s dirty work. These corrupted U.S. officials – including many who have committed sexual crimes – are more willing to pursue policies that are a danger to the security of the United States and other nations. Those who work most effectively for Al Qaeda are promoted to higher government positions. If government officials fail to cooperate, they are bribed or their illegal, criminal activities are exposed for prosecution in courts. Al Qaeda is willing to take even more drastic actions to achieve its goals. Uncooperative would-be recruits are often invited to Britain to discuss business, economic or political issues. They are then brainwashed, put into compromising situations for later blackmailing or replaced by a body double who can execute Al Qaeda’s dangerous policies. In all instances, the fact is Al Qaeda always wins.

26. After World War II, the civil war in China led installation of a communist government. Al Qaeda, largely through its missionary Christian and Muslim spies, has maintained a strong presence in both pre- and post-revolutionary China. Today, Al Qaeda spies occupy high-ranking government and military positions. These agents promote international trade and reap the benefits for themselves and their supporters. Ultimately, Al Qaeda’s goal is to destroy China in the same way it brought down Russia, or to use its political and financial might against the United States. Al Qaeda is aided by Chinese spies around the world. The rise of a powerful China in the 21st century will lead to a more dangerous world and more tragedies worldwide.

27. The biggest threat to world peace comes from religious fanatics. Throughout history, religious fanatics have been responsible for the deaths of millions. They usually betray their countries and their families. They claim they are on a mission from God. However, they are enemies of God’s will. God will condemn them forever when they die. Nations with abundant oil, gas and other natural resources can fight religious extremism by cooperating to ensure an equal distribution of resources to meet the needs of all people. An international institute, comprising all nations, needs to work to fight Al Qaeda’s worldwide control of other nation’s resources. Their efforts should target the elimination of brokers and companies that reap large rewards by manipulating supply and prices. Their abusive actions lead to the grand theft of other nation’s valuable resources. More importantly, Al Qaeda’s theft of resources fattens their wallets while creating political unrest, crime epidemics and extreme poverty in nation after nation. Nearly all wars start as conflicts over access to valuable natural resources. However, Al Qaeda using religious conflicts as the spark to ignite wars. How is it possible to have a truly God-centered, humanitarian religion? Most religions were created following the death of a revered prophet. Yet, somehow they ignored the message of these prophets and created anti-humanitarian faiths that hate people who don’t believe the way they do. Most religions were created to benefit individuals, tribes or one nation. For example, Jesus Christ as great person not as son of God preached that universal brotherhood of all mankind (Love thy neighbor as thyself). He preached that love for on another should include people of all different faiths, not just His followers. All great people not as prophets invite their followers to love God. However, they are not true prophets unless they believe that God created one, united world without borders to be shared by all people and guided by humanitarian values.

28. Unfortunately, Americans are usually absorbed in watching sports. Their distraction enables Al Qaeda to pursue its dangerous policy without interference.

29. All Arab countries, included Dubai, are controlled by Al Qaeda. Because Al Qaeda is British controlled, all hostilities against the United States by Arab nations are the responsibility of the United Kingdom. In addition, Britain secretly conducts all business and trade relations between Arab countries and the United States and other nations. Whenever Dubai and the United States sign a trade or business agreement, it is an open secret that Dubai controls six U.S. ports (Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, Orleans, New Jersey, New York) through British spies.

30. Al Qaeda’s dangerous policies include eliminating all competition and establishing dictatorships that give it complete control over a nation’s oil, natural resources and wealth. Al Qaeda is able to use the executive and military power of the United States and other countries to pursue favorable actions. Any bad actions undertaken by Al Qaeda are ultimately blamed on the United States. Even when the United States attempts to solve problems worldwide, propaganda is used to demonize U.S. actions

31. If Africans were asked the reason for their long history of disasters and tragedies, they would blame their ills on the United States. The British are rarely blamed despite their long, historical presence in Africa as colonial exploiters. Instead, the British and Al Qaeda propaganda machine has successful shifted the blame for all of Africa’s problems to the United States. Al Qaeda is able to use U.S. presidential and military power against African nations in ways that are beneficial to Al Qaeda’s interest.

32. The executive and military branches as well as the natural of nearly every nation are controlled by Al Qaeda. This is especially true in the United States where Al Qaeda controls the executive branch of government and well as the legislative and judicial branches. By ceding it power and wealth to Al Qaeda, the United States has made the world a more dangerous place

33. Al Qaeda members support all religion. While they don’t believe in God, control over religion enables them to create sectarian conflicts that weaken nations while protecting their own wealth. For example, Al Qaeda launched World War I and enlisted the cooperation of Britain and the Jewish German government to start World War II. Al Qaeda and its British spy, Adolph Hitler, cooperated to destroy Germany and pit Christians against Jews, leading to the Holocaust. Al Qaeda was behind the dropping of atom bombs that killed thousands of Japanese Christians and innocent people. Similar mass killings of innocent people have occurred worldwide under Al Qaeda’s secret leadership. Al Qaeda members aren’t necessarily interested in killing innocent people; they are simply doing what they think is necessary to maintain their power and control over the wealth of other nations. It’s an effective strategy that relies on U.S. military might to achieve its goals. Oddly, the United States receives no benefits from its support of Al Qaeda. The only thing the United States gets is more enemies.

34. Unfortunately, the United States spends trillions to support Al Qaeda’s worldwide agenda. Meanwhile, this wasteful spending means flood walls aren’t rebuilt to protect U.S. cities from destruction and loss of life. Investments aren’t made to reduce crime, unemployment and personal bankruptcies, and improve transportation systems and other infrastructures. Schools are closed as teachers are laid off and buildings crumble. Instead, the nation’s wealth and tax dollars are spent to export oil and other natural resources and on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Trillions of dollars are spent on wars against countries that pose no security threat to the United States but provide enormous benefits to the British and Israeli governments. The United States claims its going after terrorists and establishing freedom and democracy in former dictatorships. The ugly truth is that the U.S. government policies violate human rights. Moreover, if the United States was truly interested in preserving its democratic institutions and maintaining its national security, it would not have cooperated with Al Qaeda in Britain and Israel in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the United States were truly interested in freedom and democracy for Iraq and Afghanistan USA has to first finish their enemies as spies for United Kingdom and Israel and else inside of USA then , it should have cooperated with the United Nations to combat Al Qaeda’s destructive intervention in both nations. The U.S. invasions only succeed in making Iraq and Afghanistan poorer and more dangerous and ruined the American economy.

35. In the United States and other countries, the executive branch of government controls the legislative and judicial branches. The U.S. president controls judicial appointments, including Supreme Court nominations, as well as all military operations and weapons. The executive branch can act unilaterally to support Al Qaeda-backed dictators who brutalize and oppress their people. It is wrong for the United States to spy on other countries on behalf of Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, it is difficult to stop U.S. actions when power is concentrated almost solely in the executive branch. The only way to check excess executive power is to strengthen the legislative and judicial balances to achieve a greater balance of power between all branches. The judicial system should select Supreme Court members, enforce strict punishments for legal violations and prosecute any attempts by military and civilian leaders to interfere in court proceedings. Until judicial power is restored, attorneys and constitutional advocates must fight against the executive branch’s control of court decisions, especially rulings that have a negative impact on the American people. Likewise, congress has a responsibility to apply strict standards of accountability during confirmation hearings for presidential appointments to the CIA, FBI and other cabinet, agency and judicial positions. If the president doesn’t adhere to strict standards, congress must reject the appointments. The judicial branch must also apply strict constitutional standards that maintain their exclusive powers in relationship to the powers vested in the legislative and executive branches.

36. British Al Qaeda owns sizable share of industrial companies in most countries. For example, Al Qaeda controls the export of most Japanese production worldwide. The dominance of a Japanese production has been a key factor in the destruction of industrial production in the United States.

37. Transferring or investing in industrial production abroad has been a tragic mistake for the American people. The exporting of production has created severe levels of unemployment, resulting in higher crime rates. The loss of industrial productions has damaged the U.S. economy. However, many companies have become extremely rich by shipping the production capacity overseas where wages are much lower and regulations are less restrictive.

38. Despite its slavish cooperation with British Al Qaeda operatives in going to war against Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations, the United States has reaped absolutely no benefits. Animosity directed at the United States has increased dramatically worldwide. At the same time, Al Qaeda has increased its power and control over the economies of other countries, including the United States. While the United States would benefit from neutral, more humanitarian policies, Al Qaeda is in complete control of legislation and policies. Even if Americans wanted to rebel, Al Qaeda will quickly reassert its control of government as it did in Iran, Iraq and India. If Americans don’t wake and fight back vigorously to destroy Al Qaeda, the day will come when the United States is no longer united: They will become a series of 50 separate countries powerless to control their own destinies. This would be nothing new for British Al Qaeda. As history demonstrates, Al Qaeda has been practicing its “divide and conquer” strategy for centuries.

39. When political opponents publicly debate the pros and cons of U.S. military power in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere in the world, Afghanistan and the world, their comments are short on detail, shallow and often factual wrong. The debates make good theater but do little to change destructive policies or reshape public opinion to support more effective actions that benefit U.S. interests. These types of debates only serve to strength Al Qaeda.

40. Sexual abuse of minor children by Catholic clergy is a major problem in the United States. The abuse has taken place over many years, but many victims have come forward after years of silent suffering. The abuse charges have been explosive and costly to the Catholic Church, resulting in millions of dollars in settlements. The abuse of young boys, in particular, has led to an increase in the number of people living lives permanently as homosexuals and helped create new class of criminal behavior. The U.S. government’s failure to pursue and prosecute child abuse by priests helped open the door for Al Qaeda to use the victims to pursue their secret agenda against the United States and other nations. This is wrong. While all humans and animals need sex, they need sex it in the natural way between a man and a woman in marriage as God intended. Every man should marry. Sex is as natural as food and drink for survival. It is a great tragedy that Catholic male clergy are not allowed to marry. Not allowing priest to marry and enjoy sex is against the laws of God and nature. The ban on marriage for Catholic clergy was created by Al Qaeda spies to gain control of the church. Catholic clergy who can’t marry will find ways to fulfill their natural urges by having homosexual relations with children. In the same way, Shiites violate the laws of nature and God. Shiites who beat themselves with chains or cut themselves with knives think they are pleasing God. But violating oneself physically and psychologically is against the laws of God and humanity.

41. It is tragic that the United States allows its industries to be sold off to Al Qaeda spies. Under Al Qaeda control, this industrial wealth is siphoned off and used to damage U.S. economic and political interests.

42. Whenever high-ranking British and U.S. officials meet, they often make decisions that result in tragedies worldwide. All decisions that are made follow the orders of Al Qaeda and not the citizens of the United Kingdom or the United States.

43. Human rights organizations cooperate with the world’s most dangerous dictators and are controlled by Al Qaeda members. Seeking assistance from these organizations will only make the problems worse.

44. The September 11, 2001, attacks were the biggest tragedy to behalf the United States since the Vietnam War. The attacks occurred with the full cooperation of British and U.S. Al Qaeda operatives.

45. Al Qaeda created the Vietnam War and was angered by President Richard Nixon’s success in ending the conflict. As retaliation, Al Qaeda engineering Watergate, which led to Nixon’s resignation and jail terms for several of his top advisers. No one other than Al Qaeda spies knows Nixon’s true knowledge of the Watergate crimes. Although the war ended nearly 40 years ago, Americans still don’t understand that their real enemy wasn’t the Vietnamese but rather Al Qaeda spies in Britain and the United States. The Vietnam War was staged to diminish U.S. power internationally. Likewise, Al Qaeda staged the September 11th attacks to weaken the United State economically and politically.

46. The United States was created by immigrants from around the world. This immigrant experience makes the United States uniquely qualified to use the diverse skills and talents of many people to build a better society without regard to a person’s race, religion or national origin. It is also qualified to serve as an example of humanitarian values and equal opportunity to other nations. However, the United States needs to promote more people of diverse backgrounds into high-ranking government jobs. If the United States is going to continue favoring only two nationalities – British and Jews – for government service, the country will remain in the service of Al Qaeda and be destroyed. As it stands now, the United States has relinquished its power and independence to the British Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia. In relinquishing its freedom, America has mortgaged its future to groups that want to destroy it. Many British and Israelis were born in other nations. So were their parents and grandparents. They have not lost their allegiance to Britain or Israel. Many occupy high-ranking government positions in the United States, but work to support the worldwide agenda of their Al Qaeda partners.

47. Al Qaeda has sent missionaries to Africa and Asia to convert large numbers of people to Christianity. Al Qaeda’s goal isn’t to bring believers to Jesus Christ, but to use Christianity to achieve political and financial gains. Al Qaeda members don’t believe in Christ. If they did, they wouldn’t be responsible for launching World Wars I and II and for the deaths of millions in Africa and worldwide.

48. Extremists of any type – religious, nationalists, racial and cultural – are just as dangerous as the Jewish extremists. The threat of extremists groups and the damage they have done ripples throughout the pages of history in every century. The only way to defeat extremists is through the way of God. God believes in the unity of all people living in peace and harmony in one world country without borders. Uniting the all of humanity into one country is difficult. Al Qaeda works to divide Earth into many smaller countries that are more easily controlled because of hostilities and warfare between nations. Al Qaeda promotes animosities between religions and encourages religious extremism because it serves their political and economic interest. Al Qaeda primary goal is to create a Hell on Earth for all of mankind.

49. Many U.S. senators and congressmen and other high-ranking government officials are committed to working for all American citizens. Unfortunately, the Al Qaeda spy network has infiltrated and wields power over virtually every U.S. government agency, congress and public and private corporations. Anyone high-ranking officials or executive who attempts to resist the undercover agents will be targeted with a smear campaign that will destroy their reputations and ruin their careers. Many government and business leaders want to do what is right for the United States by stopping Al Qaeda’s theft of the nation’s wealth and ruinous domestic and foreign policies. The obstacles these patriots face is not insurmountable, but require strong character and resolve.

50. In addition to controlling U.S. government and business leaders, Al Qaeda maintains control by censoring news reports in all media and all speeches by government officials. Consequently, Americans who follow news reports never hear the truth. All news content has been laundered to favor British and Israeli interests worldwide. Sometime Al Qaeda to let for their some members to talk against Al Qaeda, not their really Al Qaeda, to talk against those people who are fighting against really Al Qaeda wanted destroy their country.

51. 51 Al Qaeda may be America’s strongest enemy. It isn’t the only enemy. Al Qaeda supports both the Jews and the Arabs in the Middle East. With Al Qaeda support, Jews worldwide resist any peace initiatives. Jews don’t want peace between Israeli and its Arab neighbors. Nearly all Arab countries belong to British Al Qaeda, which exerts control over Arab nations, especially Palestine. Although the United States secretly supports Al Qaeda against Israel, it has gained no benefits from its position. All the oil and natural resources wealth in the Arab countries remain under the firm control of British Al Qaeda. In addition, it doesn’t really matter what Al Qaeda does. Israel is much stronger and able to block anything Al Qaeda attempts.

52. Russia and China are also strong enemies because of U.S. support for Al Qaeda. In fact, China and Russia are main competitors for oil and the natural resources of Arab countries. Al Qaeda doesn’t want that competition and uses the economic and military power of the United States to block Russian and Chinese access to Middle Eastern wealth. The United States spends trillions of dollars protecting Al Qaeda’s interests in the Middle East, but receives no benefits in return.

53. The ugly truth is that the power of the president and his cabinet are granted by Al Qaeda and not U.S. voters.

54. The good news is that there are good intelligent, talented people in the U.S. government who are determined to do the right thing for Americans and people of the world. However, Al Qaeda is strong entrenched in high-ranking positions, government officials trying to do the right thing are unlikely to succeed. No one can predict whether the United States can survive as nation if Al Qaeda spies and the Jewish mafia remain in control over government.

55. Before George W. Bush’s presidency, Al Qaeda’s dangerous policies against the United States and other nations were a secret. After September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda’s evil policies were revealed for all to see. Unfortunately, people who have been identified as Al Qaeda members are actually not affiliated with the group. Again, Al Qaeda’s propaganda machine has provided protective cover for their true operatives in the U.S. government and elsewhere. In other words, Al Qaeda continues to operate with impunity. Al Qaeda in Britain and Israel has suffered no real damage. It remains powerful and in control of governments worldwide.

56. Every church has a responsibility to reveal God’s truth to all believers and guide them to live in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, some churches in the United State have abused their responsibilities to God. For example, high-ranking Catholic clergy have sexually assaulted and abused minor children.



Many Iranians long for the days of royal rule when they had more freedom to travel worldwide. Unfortunately, these same Iranians forget that the king gave Al Qaeda free reign over the nation’s resources. Al Qaeda earned huge profits selling oil at deep discount and paid low wages to workers. The king invested heavily in outdated weapons, granted loans that were never repaid, and amassed a fortune for his family in overseas accounts. Under the king, the poor became poorer and factories sat idle.


Al Qaeda blocks all attempts by the U.S. government to pursue policies most favorable to the American people and other nations. In addition, Al Qaeda meddles in all religious denominations to stir up animosity and violence and to create a new class of criminal homosexuals.


Before July 4, 1776, America was a British colony. America achieved independence by fighting against oppressive British laws and economic exploitation. Every year, Americans mark this day of freedom with a nationwide celebration. However, independence is just an illusion. The United States remains a colony firmly under British control.


Before 1776, Britain used overt and covert actions to control its American colony. After independence, Britain resorted to secret, indirect actions to maintain its hold on the U.S. government, military and economy. President George W. Bush underscored just how much control Britain still has when he decided to bypass the United Nations on Iraq. Instead, he fell in line with British plans to manipulate the United States into invading Iraq – a decision with disastrous consequences. America’s 300 million-plus people are unaware or ignore the fact that their nation remains a colony controlled by British spies and its Al Qaeda terrorist network. All decisions and actions taken by the United States are designed to advance the political interest of the British masters – not Americas. All decisions regarding U.S. exports and imports are dictated by the British. Following World War II, the wealth and power of Jews gave them greater control over the U.S. economy, especially property. Home prices and rental costs skyrocketed, making it difficult for many Americans to meet their basic needs for shelter on their low salaries. Naturally, Jews benefited financially from the inflationary increases on property. They exert the same control over the pricing of other basic goods and services. The new wealth also enabled to expand their influence and control of political institutions. Needless to say, Jews have collaborated with the British and Americans remain under the illusion they are a free and independent people. Nothing is further from the truth. British control was open and obvious before 1776. Today, its control is secretive, vague and indirect.


During the years leading up to World War II, Adolph Hitler pitted Christians against Jews. His racist rants culminated in the murder of more than six million Jews that many of them more than Jews were Christian the name of Jews, because in that time Germany was ruled by Jews, even Hitler was Jew and paved the way for the post-war creation of Israel. Wealthy Jews, primarily from the United States, sent billions to support the building of the Jewish state. However, their greed caused problems worldwide. Ironically, Hitler’s actions emboldened Jews who became dangerous against non-Jews as hostilities between Judaism and other religions intensified. These religious hostilities continue into the present. The fact is Jews, like all people of this world, have the right to live anywhere in the world they want, but not by their minority to rule majority of every country entire world.


Many Jews have concealed their religious beliefs so that generations later their descendent operate secretly as spies on behalf of Britain government just like Al Qaeda members. They share a common mission to occupy high-level positions in government and business with the intention of destroying the United States and other nations. As a result, Jews who hide their religion and work as spies are far more dangerous than any terrorists.


During a state visit to the White House, the Japanese prime minister wanted to take President Bush to task for ignoring many of the world’s most pressing issues. The prime minister understood that Bush was taking orders from Britain and Israel. He also knew that if Bush ignored his marching orders, the political and economic ties between Japan and the United States would suffer. The prime minister opted to not confront Bush because Japan’s factories operate secretly in partnership with the British and have full access to American markets for their products. Britain’s control of oil also gives them enormous leverage for keeping the Japanese in line. At the same time, both Japan and Britain reap huge financial benefits from their partnership then he changed his idea to talk about one singer, when he was in USA before.


George Bush’s appointments to the Supreme Court, CIA and other agencies gave the administration full protection against law suits and other legal action filed by the American people or international bodies. That protection extended into the future long after Bush left office.


If the British wants to halt the North Korean missile program, it could easily do so through its proxy, China. Given its control over the Chinese, Britain could simple threaten China and North Korea’s program – aimed primarily at the United States – would end. If China failed to act, British Al Qaeda could step in to disrupt Chinas trade relations with the rest of the world.


Iranians (previously Persians) were the first to adopt the monotheistic teachings of Zoroaster. This belief in one God occurred more than 4,000 years ago and predates by centuries the monotheistic teachings of Moses, Christ, and Mohamed. In fact, the extensive travels of Persians throughout the Arab world and Egypt persuaded others to adopt beliefs in only one God. In fact, Moses was born in Egypt to an Iranian family that believed in only one God. Before Moses, Persians were simply a collection of different people who believed in a single God. Given Moses’ deep Persian roots, it should be accepted than Iranians have no problems with Jews.


Today, the Iranian government is fully under the control of British Al-Qaeda, Arab spies and agents from other countries. Many top government officials are British spies, who also control the leaders of Hezbollah, the so-called “Party of God.” It is shocking that Hezbollah would include “God” as part of its name because their actions on pure evil. God never provides guidance to people who fight and kill each other over religious ideas. God desires that people love and cooperate peacefully with one another. Instead, the Hezbollah mission is harassment, torture and murder of Iranians as well as Jews in Lebanon.


The hypocrisy of British policy is astounding. British Al Qaeda and its spies in Lebanon target Israel. They also provided secret support for Lebanese Hezbollah groups against Jews. Their goal is to declare war against the Jews, all part of a drama stage by Britain’s Jewish royalty.


In fact, British Al Qaeda used its Hezbollah spies to capture and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. By lending such support to Hezbollah, the British wanted to encourage Israeli attacks on Lebanon, thereby setting the stage for U.N. intervention to police Lebanon-Israel borders. A U.N. presence would enable Britain to provoke future increases in Arab and Israeli hostilities. Increased border tensions would benefit the British by stoking fears of rising oil prices – a potential windfall for Britain, Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia.


Mysterious Death of Shah Massoud and the Aftermath


On September 11, 2006, ABC broadcast a special report based on the life Shah Massoud who had cooperated with the United States in Afghanistan against the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden and terrorist groups. Massoud operated with a vast network of well-placed spies in Lebanon and Afghanistan and within the Bin Laden and Taliban organizations. ABC reported that Massoud told a top CIA official that the Bush Administration was using another CIA agent to launder money to Bin Laden and the Taliban. A few days after the Massoud’s conversation with the CIA, he was killed by a two terrorists posing as journalists. A U.S. government cover-up followed with the full support of British Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and the Taliban. Shortly thereafter, Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair engineered the September 11th attacks on the United States. During an interview after the movie, ABC’s Charlie asked two politicians about the truth of the movie. Their answers were evasive. The movie neglected to mention that in addition to prisoners in Cuba, the United States detained more than 400 prisoners in Island. All were members of Massoud’s organization and had been cooperating with the CIA against Bin Laden and the Taliban. It has alleged the Bush Administration cooperated with British Al Qaeda to imprison Massoud’s operatives as part of a strategy to hide the September 11th attacks. During their detention, these prisons were denied all legal rights and were subjected to physical and psychological abuse for more than four years. Their only “crime” was that they tried to work with the CIA to prevent terrorism against the United States. As always, the United States said all prisoners were housed in comfortable facilities and were not tortured.


The truth about the 400-plus detainees at Guantanamo Bay is that they were captured and have been imprisoned and tortured for more than four years without any evidence of wrongdoing or guilt. The U.S. government and its Al Qaeda agents have held them to cover-up the truth about the real guilty parties behind the September 11th attacks. All of these prisoners were quickly taken into custody immediately before September 11th attacks. None of these prisons killed anyone. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The fact is the U.S. military presence at Guantanamo Bay has the full support of Fidel Castro, who backs British Jewish mafia actions against the United States in Latin America.


People of the United States, Israel, Britain and the rest of the world completely misunderstand the true function of their governments. As citizens, they entrust their leaders with power and authority over the nation’s wealth, natural resources and weapons. But their leaders betray that trust as they serve the needs of Al Qaeda spies for the riches of every nation. These rulers will use their power to create conflict as citizens become enslaved as they were under the pharaohs. Fighting back is difficult. British Al Qaeda has its agents in every high-level government, religious and corporate position. Defeating these evil forces requires that citizens recognize who their leaders really are – dictators and terrorists – and ban together to defeat them. Even when they appear to be enemies, they are united and working together to achieve British Al Qaeda’s goal of stealing the wealth of all nations. For example, the Iranian and Cuban governments called President Bush an evil terrorist. However, the harsh rhetoric doesn’t mean they are genuinely against each other. It is all part of the international theater used to deceive people.


All of the tragedies and killings under President Bush occurred because he was either an Al Qaeda member or brainwashed into action. Bush’s mission on behalf of Al Qaeda was to destroy the U.S. economy and ignite conflicts with other nations. He was also enlisted to cooperate in the September 11, 2001, attacks. His actions unleashed untold tragedies and killings worldwide. Ironically, Bush’s only “accomplishment” was to expose the truth – that America is not a democracy, is not free and is not independent. Unknowingly, he proved that all U.S. policies and actions are driven by Al Qaeda masters in Britain and Jews in Israel. These two powers control all U.S. political parties, the House and Senate, and all agencies. Any politician who attempts to expose the corruption will be defamed or killed and run out of officer, but during of George w Bush presidency all most all tragedies and many wrong decision of congress and senators and republic and democrat of USA against USA and the world favor of British government and Israel and Jews mafia entire world have been revealed for USA and people entire world, meantime many wrong acts and homosexual criminal against teenage and another have done in churches, special Catholic churches have been revealed. So by all these tragedies in USA and the world can, prove how British government and Jews mafia were and are ruling against USA and the world that before never revealed by any president in USA, so if George W Bush by his wrong acts against USA and the world was by intended to prove all most all tragedies direct and indirect over and cover are happened by British government and Jews mafia against USA and rest the world, we can call him hero but if no intend to pave the way many tragedies by British and Jews mafia were revealed, we can call him traitor and evil. So Bush to take one long wood to put inside of well full of water to shake it, the all dirty items of well came out, before shake every person to wish to drink water of well, but now situation of government of USA is same as well, has many British and Jews mafia spy against USA and the world.


For example, 55 senators voted against and 49 voted in favor of gay marriage. The vote revealed that 49 senators voted in favor of a law against the natural marriage of male and female, the beliefs of all religions and the wishes of God. The church has a duty to guide people to lead a moral life. Clergy who have homosexual relations with a minor are corrupting and creating future criminals. The corruption in the Bush administration was extensive. Bush demonstrated to the world that the United States is like a deep well. At the surface, the water appears clear and drinkable. However, if someone stirs the water, it becomes muddied and undrinkable. Following the resignation of Bush’s secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, a Jew, British spy and Al Qaeda member, told soldiers that with patience the United States would succeed in Iraq and around the world. He is 100 percent right but not USA it is Al Qaeda(British-Jews mafia).

If you study the history, you will discover that Britain and its colonies have enjoyed great success worldwide with their dangerous policies. They have redrawn the borders of countries and created new nations. They have instigated religious and nonreligious wars in nearly every country. In each instance, they produced changes that strengthen the hold on the world’s wealth and resources. Eventually, British spies and agents will trigger a destructive war between the United States and China.


Throughout history, British Al Qaeda has propped up dictatorship in Africa, Asia and Latin America. All of these dictators are anti-American and serve at the pleasure of the British. Along with their Jewish allies, they directly and indirectly brainwash people worldwide to go on suicide missions, primarily against Israelis, Russians and Iraqis. These brainwashed religious fanatics will eventually destroy the world.


Religious zealots are only part of the problem. Al Qaeda spies occupy the most powerful positions in governments worldwide, especially in the United States. These spies are targeting the United States, Russia and China.


Al Qaeda operates from headquarters in Britain and Israel, where decisions are made about who gets to become the president or leader of another country; where and when violence, war and terrorism need to be unleashed; who gets oil and at what price; and which countries economy needs to be damaged or destroyed. Of course, they will decide when World War III will be launched.


To defend itself, Iran has the right to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran, a Shiite nation, is surrounded by hostile Sunni Arab states. The Arab world’s hostility was underscored when it joined forces with Iraq during the 8-year or more award. Moreover, the British provided secret, indirect support to Iraq during the war. The collective action gives a solid rationale of a nuclear-armed Iran. In addition to hostile Arab neighbors, Iran is bordered by two nuclear nations – Russia and Pakistan. It is unfair that the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia have nuclear weapons that can destroy Iran, but Iran is barred from the same weapons for its own self-defense.


Britain’s power over the United States is most evident during state visits. U.S. Congressmen and Senators supplicate themselves like frightened mice confronting a cat. While the United States is a conglomeration of people from many nations, Britain and Jews control all nationalities in the United States and can use them to work on their behalf.


Those who voted for George W. Bush the first time are not responsible for his criminal support of Al Qaeda. However, those who voted for a second Bush term knew of his criminal record and therefore share responsibility for his crimes.


Al Qaeda has long supported Jewish policies to create multiple religious factions. Al Qaeda picks the religious leaders and then uses them to provoke tensions and hostilities between rival sects. Followers are often radicalized by the extremist views of their fanatical leaders to engage in vitriol and warfare against other religions.


Surprisingly, 100 people working together can easily rule an entire nation by simply capturing the highest government positions. This small cadre can have a highly positive or completely devastating impact on the countries they govern. In fact, millions of Jews have forged an inseparable bond that enables them to control the politics and economies of every nation. For example, Al Qaeda member Adolph Hitler’s persecution of Jews led to ongoing conflicts with Christians. Tensions and hostilities between Muslim and Jews over Israel were created by Al Qaeda.


Jewish young people who grew up in Hitler’s Germany and later rose to a high-level job have been especially dangerous. The intensity of their life experiences has made them a big threat to Israel and the United States and the world.


No one really understands just how much Al Qaeda influences and controls the United States. Fortunately, it is easy to gather the information needed to expose Al Qaeda spies working directly or indirectly with the British and Israeli governments and against the United States. If Americans remain indifferent to Al Qaeda’s control of their government, the United States will disintegrate and become engulfed in a third world war.


Al Qaeda has secretly armed countries that pose a threat to China. Indian, Pakistan and North Korea all have nuclear weapons. Al Qaeda is working to arm Iran, which borders Russia. Arming North Korea poses a threat to the United States. Al Qaeda’s nuclear initiatives are designed to create tensions and distractions that weaken individual nations. The United States must be wise to this game and not support Al Qaeda and Israel against its colonies.


The Iraqi military is taking orders unknowingly from Al Qaeda spies in the United States. In fact, even U.S. military soldiers blindly follow orders from government officials who are puppets of Al Qaeda and Israel. Not surprisingly, these soldiers aren’t working on behalf of their own countries.


Meanwhile, Al Qaeda members in Britain and Israel, living in grand castles and spacious homes, are busy looking at world maps, plotting their next moves. Their decisions will destroy nations, trigger hunger and poverty, create a new generation of drug addicts, and kill millions. Their actions will be evil. And those who support these destructive policies will be guilty by association.


Al Qaeda operatives are brilliant. Their spies in Britain and the United States were behind the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Al Qaeda then backed mobilization of the British and U.S. military to invade Iraq and Afghanistan in search of terrorists responsible for the attacks. At the same time, Al Qaeda knows who the terrorist are because they are members of their organization. The invasions were undertaken by brainwashed military leaders who naively launched a “war on terrorism” in support of British Al Qaeda’s policy to gain control over oil and other natural resources. U.S. actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other nations managed to roundup only innocent people who were guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. None had terrorist links. In fact, America’s military actions have brought nothing but tragedy and death to hundreds of thousands. The most intelligent observers know the real purpose of the military actions was to secure oil and other natural resources for British Al Qaeda.


Al Qaeda members in Britain, the United States and around the world see themselves as having God-given rights to interfere, disrupt and destroy life as they see fit. However, people of the world are partially to blame because they allow Al Qaeda to grab political power and rob their nations of wealth. People need to unite and take back the power and the wealth and punish evil Al Qaeda spies. Reclaiming that power is the only path to universal peace and human rights, as God wills.


If Al Qaeda members in Britain and the United States fail to correct the errors of their way by cooperating to eliminate their organization, the world will face a nuclear holocaust that will kill billions. Al Qaeda needs to put its destructive past behind – a past that includes starting World Wars I and II and numerous other conflicts that have killed millions. Those who continue to work for Al Qaeda, including military leaders, are abusing their power and guilty of conspiring to steal the wealth and resources of their nations. These military leaders will continue to use common men in their own country against civilians and to wage war against other nations on behalf of Al Qaeda. This has already happened in Iran, where the revolutionary guard commands troops that brutalize their own citizens and conduct terrorist activities against other nations.


Today, millions of Jews function as a continuous, interlocked chain of mutual support. They often conceal their religion to obtain high-ranking positions in government and business that allows them access to top secret information, particularly in the United States. Their high achievements in education and their acquisition of power enable them to amass great wealth, which they funnel into helping Israel finance terrorism or military action against other nations. They continue to hate Christians, whom they hold responsible for the German holocaust, yet ignore the fact that millions of Christians were tortured and killed during World War II. Jewish hatred of Muslims is rooted in the 1967 Middle East war and the ongoing hostilities. When necessary, Jews cooperate with Al Qaeda branches in Britain, the United States and Israel to achieve their destructive goals against other nations. Al Qaeda’s top leaders know the identities of well-placed Jews in governments and businesses worldwide and use them routinely to achieve political and financial goals. In the United States, no one knows for sure if the president is Jewish. However, Al Qaeda’s leaders know the true identity of the U.S. president.


In the United States, the president has the same power as any dictator. Using his veto power, he can overrule decisions of the House and Senate. With so much power, a president who cooperates with Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia can singlehandedly destroy the world with the vast U.S. weapons arsenal. The president can even use the military against the American people.


It is difficult to imagine that one person – whether the U.S. president or the dictator of another country – could hold so much power to singlehandedly destroy the world. The world is made more dangerous because millions of Jews and Al Qaeda agents cooperate to control governments worldwide. The truth is that God created this world to share with all people – not just a few. Jews are entitled to their own country and have the right to live in peace and security. However, all countries – including Israel – must follow the will of God to respect universal humanitarian principles, reject all religions and create one international nation without borders.


All nations have the right to possess nuclear arms to protect themselves for others who want to destroy them. Nuclear weapons enable them to protect their democratic freedoms and their natural resources for the use of all nations. In fact, all of these natural resources, including oil, belong to God and should be shared fairly with others.


If all nations are unable to acquire nuclear weapons, then the nuclear-armed countries will enslave the unarmed. The result will be a continuation of tragedies and destruction. The threat to humanity is real. For example, China and neighboring India have nuclear weapons and Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal aimed at India. Iran is trying to arm itself against its Russian nuclear neighbor. Russia has nuclear weapons that can easily strike Europe or the United States, and the United States can readily target North Korea, which is a nuclear neighbor to China. Britain, France and Israel also possess nuclear weapons and surround unarmed nations. The haves can easily threaten the have-nots. All of these nuclear nations share one thing in common: They are under the control of British Al Qaeda, which determines membership in the nuclear arms club. These nuclear nations are unable to use their weapons against the United Kingdom. While France is closes to Britain, they are allies who cooperate and share intelligence and pose no threat. Moreover, Britain will never allow any other European countries to acquire nuclear weapons. Britain is less concerned about who has nuclear weapons elsewhere around the world. While both Israel and Russia have nuclear weapons, Russia poses no threat to Israel. That’s because Jews control all positions of power in Russia. The main point is that every non-nuclear nation is at risk because it has no way to defend itself against nuclear aggressors. They are virtual slaves to the nuclear powers.

Tragedies caused by both the Republican and Democratic parties as well as churches are U.S. institution have been revealed to the American people and the rest of the world


Millions of dollars were spent to produce the movie “The Ten Commandments.” It’s based on falsehoods and lies about history

The truth is that Moses’ animosity toward Egypt caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people. After Moses received the Ten Commandments from God (it is false), he returned to find his people worship a gold idol. He became enraged at their idolatry, smashed the commandments, and destroyed all but four or five members of his family.


Is it really possible that God became angry and killed people just because they were worshipping a gold statue? No, it is not truth. This false story was created by men to prove that men need to pray to God. The Jewish people are originally from Iran. Moses’ beliefs came from Zoroaster, who believed in fire and light. Before Judaism, Jews were Farsi. Today, Jews hide their true identity and pretend they are another religion so they can attain high-level jobs and work for the benefit of all Jews worldwide.


The true believers in God have no desire for revenge against anyone. It’s false to believe that God would allow the killing of the first-born child of every family in Egypt and that because of Moses, would allow the killing of so many Egyptians. It is foolish to believe God would allow Moses to part the Red Sea so the Jews could escape as the Egyptian army drowned when the sea closed around them. This fictional story is written in the Bible. God doesn’t take sides and cause tragedy and death to nonbelievers. All of the stories about God’s vengeance were written to prove that some people are chosen as special by God.


The holy were written and rewritten to favor Al Qaeda and some Jews and minorities and to block the acceptance of humanitarian principles that are most favorable to the rest of the world. Billions have been wasted to build churches, mosques and synagogues instead of investing in institutions that promote genuine humanity and peace for everyone.


The falsified holy books have been used to justify hostilities, warfare, dictatorships and killings. “Holy scripture” has been cited to support slavery, narcotics trafficking and other crimes against humanity by Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia.


The relationship between U.S. citizens and their government – especially under President George W. Bush – is similar to the subservient relations between the Egyptian citizens and the pharaohs. There is little difference between the enslavement of 12 million or more illegal immigrants who work very hard same as slavery and always worry to be deported in the United States and brutal torture and enslavement during the time of Moses. Military deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians. These deployments also depleted the U.S. treasury, resulting in a financial collapse, high unemployment and record bankruptcies. Of course, Al Qaeda supported Bush, who trampled on the U.S. Constitution and ignore his opponents and critics. Bush’s proved by his actions against U.S. citizens and Muslims that he is Jewish.


Americans need to ban together to restrict the president’s dictatorial powers to veto legislation in the United States and take unilateral actions against other nations. All government power must be made to work on behalf of the people. The executive, legislative and judicial branches must have autonomy to check excesses of power from the other branches. President hasn’t right to have interfere and influence another powers.


Persian and Arab history documents the presence of a Jewish minority that controlled the majority in every country. They exert this control by hiding their religious affiliation and cooperating with each other to establish control over political and economic institutions. They work on behalf of Jews worldwide and ignore the majority of citizens. For example, Moses and his Jewish followers destroyed the Egyptian empire. When a Jewish woman married the king of Persia, she destroyed the empire. Jews are behind the creation of multiple religions that today are in constant conflict around the world. They also create a lot of Jewish prophets.

If Jewish government officials were investigated, the results would show their unanimous support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the destruction of the United States.


The British and Israeli governments lauded Osama Bin Laden, a Jewish spy, as a hero to the Muslim world. In fact, Bin Laden posed a danger to all Muslims as well as the United States and Europe. As a dupe for Al Qaeda and Jews, Bin Laden was used to generate disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims and between oil rich and oil-starved nations.


Because of Al Qaeda, the United States spent trillions of hard-earned tax dollars and valuable resources to wage wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq war was especially disastrous. Even if weapons of mass destruction had been discovered, they never posed a threat to U.S. security. Even the perceived enemies in both countries are the real enemies. The real enemy is Al Qaeda and their partners. However, the truth is hard to learn. Al Qaeda has targeted and killed journalists who discovered the organization’s role in suicide bombings and hostile actions against the United States and its allies.


Military forces in most countries have been trained to blindly follow the directives of Al Qaeda. Government and military leaders have an obligation to investigate all officer and soldier rankings for the presence of Al Qaeda spies. To protect their nations, the military needs to know whether its members are friends or foes. If military spies are exposed, they should be prosecuted. All nations should cooperate to expose enemy spies within their ranks.


In nations such as Iran, Spain and Egypt, history shows that Jews hide their religious beliefs and adopt another religion as a pretense. This charade enables them to attain high-ranking positions. This tactic has allowed a minority group to achieve mastery over majority populations in many countries and use its power to create religious disputes and wars that favor British Al Qaeda’s interests. Repeated use of this tactic has enabled British Al Qaeda to control superpowers such as the United States, China and Russia. In fact, British Al Qaeda has had a role in China and Russia for centuries and engineered the communist revolutions in both countries. Both Lenin and Chairman Mao became dictators with the blessing of Al Qaeda.


To prevent economic and political cooperation, Al Qaeda has long used propaganda to create tensions and distrust among nations. Al Qaeda has controlled China and Russia for centuries, even during the communist era. U.S. President Ronald Reagan cooperated with Jewish agents to bring down the Soviet communist government. In retaliation, the United States was struck by terrorist attacks.


Historically, the intelligence service of British Al Qaeda destroyed the Spanish empire by generating disputes between Jews and Spaniards. Likewise, Al Qaeda roused German animosity against Jews, leading to the holocaust. Al Qaeda has also used the papacy to create disputes between Catholics and Protestants.


If Americans were free of British Al Qaeda, they could solve their economic and political problems and emerge as an independent, powerful nation in harmony with the world. Stronger diplomatic relations with Canada and Mexico could lead to the first step in dissolving all national borders in North, Central and South America. Using this as an example, the United States could lead the way around the world to remove borders and begin a new era in which the world is united as one international country. This is the will of God for universal peace and brotherhood.


In a borderless world, people would be free to travel and live wherever these choose. Today, refugees and those seeking asylum abroad face enormous risks because all countries are controlled by British Al Qaeda. Even the United States, United Nations and most nongovernmental organizations have been infiltrated by Al Qaeda agents. Non-Christian minorities face the most difficulty trying to flee oppressive regimes. Ironically, minorities who have not opposed their government openly or committed crimes find it difficult to understand why they are so readily denied refugee status or asylum.


Muslim in the United States or countries with majority Christian citizens should avoid using Jewish attorneys to represent them on immigration and asylum issues. Jewish attorneys are often anti-Muslim and will not provide Muslim clients with the best legal counsel.


Under George Washington leadership, America enlisted French help to gain independence from Britain. After the revolution, the British changed tactics to regain indirect control over their former colony through presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Britain has maintained its control through ages to the current president, Barrack Obama. The only exceptions were presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan got problem by Al Qaeda but Reagan remain to live for short time after terror and Kennedy got killed


British Al Qaeda had Kennedy assassinated because of his efforts to create greater racial equality and he learned of Castro’s support for Britain against the United States. Reagan, who was not affiliated with Al Qaeda, survived an assassination attempt. However, Reagan was the first president to deal with Al Qaeda terrorist attacks as punishment for his role in the breaking up of the Soviet Union.


In effect, the American Revolution failed. In addition, Britain ensured that the United States became a collection of individual states with enormous autonomy from the centralized government, making the nation easier to control. The United States has neither freedom nor democracy. Americans are bombarded and controlled by British Al Qaeda. Anyone who dares to tell the truth has his character defamed and his career and family destroyed or he is murdered. For example, on May 25, 2007, a woman who identifying herself as Elizabeth or may be another name called a TV station to report the truth that nearly 700,000 Iraqis had been killed – not by U.S. and allied troops – but by Al Qaeda and Jewish spies, Kurdish traitors and Shiites and Sunnis who had been brainwashed by British Jews in high-ranking Iraqi government positions. For telling the truth, she was fired from her job.


Under the pope’s leadership, the Catholic Church ruled Spain and other European countries for centuries. The papacy, working on behalf of Al Qaeda spies, had firm control over political institutions and the military controlled governments and the military. In Spain, Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism or face exile. It was one of many persecutions of Jews by the church, culminating in the holocaust during World War II, the Arab-Israeli war in the 1960s and other hostilities against Jews worldwide.


How is it possible that the United States so readily accommodates Christians, Muslims and Jews, yet it engages in religious-based hostilities around the world. Jews have, who occupy so many high positions in government in business, must change their ways. Non-Jews are watching and expecting them to use their powers to do the right thing. They need to pursue new policies that stop hostilities against innocent Israelis or even another holocaust.


The security apparatus of the United States and most countries has been manipulated to favor the British Al Qaeda network, the mafia and their government protectors. Their criminal acts, including support for dictators, spies and rapacious policies, go unpunished. Millions of innocent people die because of their policies. On the other hand, secret agents perform horrendous acts, but enjoy full protection unless they betray Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is able to decide who to protect and who to punish because they “own” government intelligence and security operations in every country. Government and business leaders who try to do the right thing have no safety or security. If they fail to serve or publicly expose Al Qaeda interests, their careers and family are ruined. If they are persistent against Al Qaeda, they can be targeted for killing.


Israel won the 1967 six-day war against its Arab neighbors largely because of U.S. and British support. However, the outcome was never in doubt. Secretly, Russia supported Israel. Egypt’s Abdul Nassir, Jordan’s King Hussein and other Arab leaders conspired against their own countries by cooperating with Al Qaeda secret agents on Israel’s behalf. In this case, the support is legitimate because Arab Muslims and Jews have lived next to each other on the same land for more than 2,000 years. When both parties agreed to divide the land, it was appropriate for Muslims to grant land peacefully to their Jewish brethren. Such divisions of land are part of a natural evolution in which two parties who previously shared lands negotiate to achieve an equitable resolution. When these types of negotiations reach a stalemate, a neutral third party, such as the courts, intervenes to settle disagreements. If those with larger land holdings refuse to bargain in good faith with smaller holders, then international courts and laws need to rule. If that fails, as it did in the Middle East, powerful countries – such as Britain and the United State – move in. This intervention of superpowers occurred in the Middle East and is the main reason Israel exists as a state today.


Everyone is free to criticize the United States. However, no one can criticize Great Britain, except British Al Qaeda. Anyone who dares criticize Britain faces severe repercussions: job loss, retaliation against family members or death. Critics in high-level or government or religious positions will be denounced and exposed for their criminal activity by Al Qaeda. Those without a criminal past will be singled out in other ways that will destroy them. Consequently, few government or religious leaders are willing to take the risks required to expose Al Qaeda wrongdoing. Although these leaders have legitimate fears, they are traitors if they know of the presence of Al Qaeda agents in high-ranking jobs and their destructive worldwide agenda. If they have been brainwashed by Al Qaeda, that is a different matter and excusable.


Unfortunately, most politicians are over 60 years old and have no misgivings about spewing propaganda about the United States or their own countries. They believe in their own immortality and think they will live on forever to continue their malicious leadership.


Why hasn’t the United States withdrawn its soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan? U.S. politicians fear that returning soldiers will reveal the truth about what has really happened on the battlefront, including the killing of journalists who were willing to tell the truth about Al Qaeda masterminds behind the wars.


As long as Al Qaeda is in control, the United States will never remain neutral on important world issues. Consequently, Americans will continue to face hostilities around the world and terrorist attacks at home.


Whenever Britain (aka Al Qaeda) attacks another country, its primary goal is to defeat and colonize that country. Once conquered, the British conscript soldiers from the newly occupied country to use in military actions against other nations. Throughout its colonial history, Britain has used this approach to amass greater power and control worldwide. It has been successful in maintaining control over colonies and former colonies, including the United States. In addition, Britain unleashes its spies in all its colonies to take over high-ranking positions in the government and military. This power is continuously recycled and handed down to succeeding generations of new spies who will work to implement dangerous British policy around the world. All of these actions underscore how Britain built its worldwide empire.


Former colonies are independent in name only. Using Al Qaeda spies, Britain maintains indirect control of these nations. All government, business, religious, military and social institutions remain fully under British control for use in supporting British Al Qaeda policy worldwide. Al Qaeda agents occupy high-level positions in every one of these institutions. All who stay in these powerful positions are spies who betray their nations. Opposition leaders who challenge Al Qaeda’s control over their country will face personal destruction or death. Only British Al Qaeda determines whether revolutions will be successful. For example, revolutions in Iran, Russian and Cuba were allowed because the leaders vowed to continue to support British Al Qaeda’s agenda.


All nuclear and chemical weapons in a nation’s arsenal are controlled by spies on behalf of British Al Qaeda. Even Israel’s nuclear missiles are controlled by Al Qaeda, which has the support of Jews worldwide.


Likewise, British Al Qaeda controls the politics, economies, religious institutions and diplomacy of all its “colonies,” including the United States.


Al Qaeda’s long reach enables its spies to control every aspect of religion, including the creation of new denominations to compete with established religions. The result is ongoing religious strife and conflicting. In addition, the ideological battles between communism, socialism and capitalism are encouraged by Al Qaeda and have been the sources of multiple wars throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.


Since leaving office, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has focused on the Arab-Israeli talks over Palestine. However, his efforts are a fraud. During his time in political office, he engineered many disputes between nations. With such a poor track record, it is unlikely he could be effective in the Middle East. He is more likely to intensify the conflict by secretly sabotaging any peace efforts in favor of Israel.


Nearly all the news coverage about the United States is false. Nothing reported in the media about the U.S. economy, politics, military and events can be believed. Most of the coverage is negative and critical. Meanwhile, nothing negative is ever reported about British Al Qaeda politicians or their agents and spies.


Unfortunately, the highest ranking and most important government positions are held by Al Qaeda members. Whether officeholders are Democrat or Republican and regardless of the department or agency, they are Al Qaeda members of British or Jewish ancestry. Al Qaeda members occupy this positions generation after generation and most are Protestant fanatics. Nearly all presidents after George Washington have been of British Jewish ancestry. They control the American electorate and won’t allow the United States to remain neutral in its relationships with other nations.


It is best for the world if the United States maintains neutral relations with all nations. In turn, all countries need to support U.S. neutrality and punish those who attack the United States. Now, the United States cannot be the strongest country because it is an indirect British Al Qaeda colony whose economy and politics are controlled by British and Jewish interests. Moreover, the United States cannot be a free democracy when its political leaders have been either British or Jewish for generations and the president is a dictatorial puppet.


The Role of God in the World


All creations need creators. A creator created the car, which needs gasoline, electricity and a key to operate. All car parts operate in a chain of cause and effect that makes the car move under the guidance of a driver. A candy factory operates in the same way with a complex system in which each part has a role in creating a finished product ready for delivery to consumers. When all parts are working together in harmony, the system is called automation.


God created the world to operate in the same automatic way. Even if we don’t understand all causes and effects on Earth, we know God created everything for a reason. God is the direct or indirect causes of all that exists. His world interacts through various causes and effects in a constant state of change. All humans, animals and inanimate objects are his creation.


God created male and female as separate and unique humans. Indirectly, he gave them the ability to join together directly under special conditions to create a child. Indirectly, he created the child by creating lust between a man and a woman. That lust created a child in the womb in ways that are similar to an automated factory. Under special conditions, the child is born from the mother’s womb. The special conditions of life result in an automatic sequence of events that enable the child to grow and become old, unless is interrupted and ended by accidents or diseases. Upon death, the soul leaves the body with keep the memory of every act performed during life. The soul will act as lawyer and judge. Souls responsible for bad and dangerous acts will be punished in hell; souls with a memory of good and generous acts will be rewarded with heaven. In other words, from the time of birth until death, one child goes through life in ways very similar to the automated process in a factory.


All things that have been created in this world – even man’s creations – reflect the direct or indirect hand of God. He also gave people the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to make choices about liberty and freedom. People don’t need prophets to guide them. If a prophet comes along and provides good advice, that is beneficial. However, they were not sent by God. If they are in heaven, just honoring them will not ensure you a place in heaven. Only good acts will earn a soul a place in heaven – and not the words of a prophet.


The souls of people can only go to heaven if they have led a good life on Earth. No prophet can help an individual soul get to heaven. People who call themselves or others prophets are not acting according to God’s will. These prophets are not messengers of God. Believers in prophets have been brainwashed by their parents, society and government in ways that enslave them to the Al Qaeda and Jewish agenda.


Historically, Jews are responsible for creating many religions as way to foment divisions among people. More importantly, people who are divided and separated by their religious beliefs are more easily controlled by Al Qaeda. To counter the divisiveness, people must reject sectarian distinctions and embrace the true will of God – a universal brotherhood of men based on humanitarian principles that govern one international country without borders.


God has influence over all of creation either directly through his actions or indirectly through mankind. He created the conditions and circumstances that make new creations and inventions possible. Changes can happen automatically, accidentally or simple cause and effect. He has made it possible for prophets (not misunderstand they are not prophet) to guide people in the right direction or to do evil. People need to work in partnership with God to do good works for other people and to resist and fight back people who bring suffering and misery to others. All people must be treated equally and with respect and dignity whether rich or poor.


Unfortunately, people can be self-destructive. When given power, they pursue actions that destroy others – and ultimately themselves. The last chapter in the last book of the Bible foretells prophets who pretend to be good will be exposed as evildoers committed to the destruction of property and life. If we think deeply we learn Jews want to prove true all things written in the Bible. For more than a century, British Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia have been unleashing dangerous and destructive warfare on humanity. They instigated World Wars I and II, the Arab-Israeli War, the Iran-Iraq War as well as numerous sectarian and religious conflicts across Europe, Africa and Asia. Al Qaeda can easily trigger hostilities and war through a spy network and dictators who manipulate the religious sentiments of people. They are masters of deceit. They wear a mask in public, talking of freedom and democracy for all people. Like prophets, they pretend to value humanitarian principles and work for peace and happiness for all mankind.


China is a nation of more than 100 million people. Most are Muslim. Some are Christian. Most of China’s Muslim and Christian leaders are members of Al Qaeda or spying on behalf of Al Qaeda. The Chinese government and citizens must be on guard against Al Qaeda’s intentions to destroy their country. Most of the religious leaders are potentially poisonous. The government needs to expose these spies and punish them.


Likewise, India – with a population of nearly a billion – also has many Muslims. The Indian government and people must take precautions to prevent Muslims from acting on Al Qaeda’s behalf to destroy their country. Some of them are poisonous to Indian society, especially Muslim extremists. It is important to note that both Muslims and Christians do not have to follow the dictates of Al Qaeda. If the governments of China and India develop wise policies, they can guide these religious groups to perform positive acts that benefit their countries and prevent traitorous actions.


Meanwhile, many Christian leaders and Jews are working on behalf of British Al Qaeda against China, India and other nations. China and India need to tend to the needs of Jews in their countries to reap the benefits of their skills and to prevent them from aligning with British Al Qaeda


Al Qaeda can easily call on his religious spies to destroy China and India. Many of these Christian, Jews Muslim spies have connections with other religious spies in other nations. They are more dangerous than nuclear weapons. However, if China and India expose these spies and block their communications with religious zealots in other countries, they can stop their destructive actions.


Muslim spies are the most dangerous because most are Al Qaeda members or special agents. They instruct their followers to conduct suicide missions against their own countrymen while promising them a special place in heaven as martyrs. Other followers are brainwashed are promised heavenly rewards for committing homicide. Still others jailed for their actions are promised heaven. The use of their followers to commit violent acts paves the way for British Al Qaeda to install a dictatorship and gain full control over the natural resources and wealth of nations.


Every nation has to carefully select its highest leaders. During an interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose, former U.S. House Speaker House Nancy Pelosi said the estimated 12 million immigrants would not be given amnesty, green cards or work permits. She ignored the fact that the government allowed these illegal immigrants to enter illegally or to overstay their visas to become modern day slaves working at low wages for businesses with no medical benefits. Those who develop psychological problems are deported or given inhuman jobs no American would take. Many take these jobs hoping they will one day become citizens.


The United States is a nation of immigrants – both legal and illegal – from around the world. However, the Bush administration made the nation’s immigration laws worse that are on assault on international laws and humanitarian values.


Pelosi is wrong to assert immigrants will never become legal citizens and must either leave the country or face punishment. This punishment would be similar to that meted out by the pharaoh who was asked by his wife to kill all Jews and bring her the head of Moses. Many pharaoh military were killed in the pharaoh’s assault while other fled across the Red Sea, but Jews passed without fled across the Red Sea because of Mosses create passing road inside of Red Sea only for Jews to pass, how is it possible even simple people to believe..


A leader like Pelosi has dangerous ideas and may be an Al Qaeda member who wants to destroy the lives of illegal immigrants. She may have achieved a high-ranking government position, but she is Jewish and has forgotten that the world belongs to all people without regard for borders. If she believes in God, she also has to accept that all borders are meaningless and that He desires freedom of movement for all people within one international country.


Pelosi fails to consider that granting citizenship to illegal immigrants will generate business and job growth in the United States and improve national security and diplomatic relations with other nations. Giving immigrants legal status would generate economic growth and billions of dollars in now-uncollected tax revenues. Pelosi is wrong to claim illegal immigrants take jobs away from legal residents. Many of these jobs would go unfilled because American citizens would never do them at existing wage rates. In fact, illegal immigrants will never be deported en mass because the United States needs their cheap labor, so by this way to pave the way to keep illegal immigrants to work as slavery to cause American no job if American find job they work as slavery also.


The American people are also enslaved by the demands of their wages for mortgages, rent, insurance, taxes and loan. Their lives are consumed by the stressful demands of careers and child-rearing. They are so busy they are paying virtually no attention to the destructive antics of their government domestically and internationally. Like illegal immigrants, Americans are slaves to economic system in which there aren’t enough jobs at decent wages.


The criminal people issue is like a rotting apple. If the rot is not removed, it will spread to the rest of the apple, ultimately destroying the entire apple. The same rotting can happen within the human body. For example, cancer begins with a small spot and can spread to other parts of the body. Without a medical intervention, the likelihood of curing the diseases is reduced and will lead to death.


Al Qaeda and their Jewish associates have invested a great deal of U.S. wealth in China, which then imports cheap goods back to the United States. The reality is these investors have no allegiance to the United States. Their only interest is maximum profits. However, numerous news stories have reported many of these imports are contaminated with poisonous chemicals. It is possible Al Qaeda operatives intentionally allowed China to export contaminated products in hopes of creating tensions with the United States.


Americans are simple, hard-working people who provide well for their families. However, their leaders give control of the United States to Al Qaeda operatives who intend to destroy America and its relationships with the rest of the world. Nearly all members of Congress in both political parties as well as leaders in the other branches of government and agencies cooperate with British Al Qaeda in ways that are detrimental to the United States. Many of these people may accumulate vast property holdings and wealth thinking they will live forever. Eventually, they will be buried underground without their wealth and their bodies will turn to dust.


Great Britain is the strongest nation in the world and headquarters for Al Qaeda. It controls the United States. Some might content Israel is stronger than the Great Britain, because the royal family is Jewish as are many high-ranking government officials and all Jew people support Israel without reservation. Moreover, Israel operates totally independent of other nations is not a British colony. They possess their own nuclear arsenal and have enormous influence over U.S. policies. France is the world’s third most powerful nation. It possess nuclear weapons, conducts domestic and foreign polices independently and is not a colony of another country. However, that freedom is threatened as more Jews obtain high-ranking government positions.


China ranks as the fourth most powerful nation. In addition to having nuclear weapons, China is largely in control of its domestic and foreign policies. However, China’s supremacy is threatened by Muslim and Christian religious zealots who support Al Qaeda.


Russia is the world’s fifth most powerful country. It possesses nuclear weapons and is not a colony of another nation. However, Russia is threatened by the enormous power of the Jewish mafia and Al Qaeda agents in government and high-level science and research positions. Make no mistakes, these agents are in full control of Russia’s nuclear arsenal and are working on Israel’s behalf.


Surprisingly, the United States ranks sixth. Although the United States has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, it operates as a British colony, and its domestic and foreign policy is fully controlled by British Al Qaeda. U.S. power is also diminished by the extraordinary influences of Jews on all policies.


Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea and many European and Asian countries and Asia have had no problem sending troops to support British and U.S. war efforts in Iraq and elsewhere around the world. They cooperate to ensure access to Al Qaeda-controlled oil and other essential resources. Failure to support war efforts could prove disastrous to their economies.


Al Qaeda has commandeered and brainwashed the U.S. military to take actions that benefit Britain and Israel and not the American people. Nearly all top officers are Al Qaeda members of Jewish special agents who oversee the training of soldiers who blindly act against American interests by their forceful actions worldwide. These soldiers are like puppets on strings as they violate the will of God and humanitarian principles. Doing the work of Al Qaeda, the military engages in wars and creates hostilities between nations around the world. Al Qaeda’s control of the military extends to other countries as well. Using brainwashing techniques, Al Qaeda direct a worldwide military force that has created violence and death around the world. Most of the fatalities are innocent people.


Al Qaeda, with its spies in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and among the Kurds, has been responsible for numerous crimes against the Kurds. The hostilities and intrigue are designed to provoke rebellion and pave the way for an independent Kurdish state formed from parts of Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Naturally, the Kurds are cooperating with British Al Qaeda to achieve independence status.


The French president is a Jew who does not have the best interests of his countrymen at heart. Al Qaeda uses the French, especially the president, to stir up animosities and hostilities with more than one billion Muslims worldwide, especially Arab nations bordering Israel. France’s agenda is to maintain access to Arab oil in the event the president decides to defy Al Qaeda and reject its dangerous policies.


British Al Qaeda is also waging a secret war against the European Union. Al Qaeda is pushing the Union to adopt communism. Its policy is similar to the one used in the last century when Al Qaeda installed Lenin in power to lead a communist regime. Lenin’s ascendancy was part of a master plan to create satellite communist nations in Eastern Europe under Al Qaeda’s indirect control. By exerting control over Eastern Europe, British Al Qaeda created a firewall to stop the spread of communism to Great Britain. Al Qaeda launched a propaganda campaign to discredit communism for its atheism, thereby creating conflicts with other nations. All of these tactics had the effect of creating distractions and hostilities, thus enabling Al Qaeda to maintain a firm grip on the wealth, oil and natural resources of other nations.


Al Qaeda’s control of the world includes power over ocean traffic. Al Qaeda invested heavily to change communist Eastern Europe to non-communism. That investment by wealthy Jews and deployment of a secret agent continues today as Al Qaeda tries to convert the entire European Union to communism.


If Al Qaeda can indirectly limit European trade with the rest of the world, it will create a crisis in which Europe’s economy declines and unemployment and poverty increase. If Europeans lose faith in their current governments, they could turn to communism as the solution to their problems. Such a scenario would boost Al Qaeda’s control over Europe and protect its financial interests in other colonies worldwide. By controlling Europeans exports and imports, Al Qaeda can pave the way to change Europe to a communist stronghold. This conversion would destroy modern Europe and could happen despite the European Union’s achievements in governing with strong humanitarian practices that closely follow the will of God.


Jews around the world who hide their religious and racial identity to attain high-ranking government position are most assuredly spies. If they are not concealing their true identities while working for another country or to benefit Israel, they are spies.


A Brief Iranian Shiite History


Five thousand years ago, Iranians were the only people to believe in one God and the three humanitarian principles of “good thought, good talk and good acts.” These monotheists traveled to other countries where they proselytized and paved the way for future monotheists Moses, Christ and Mohammed.


It is tragic that Iran has abandoned its rich traditions and culture in favor of the corrupt Arab laws and customs. These Arab traditions -- which include burning daughters and bad dietary practices – violate the will of God. For centuries, they have engaged in criminal activities against each other. In the 21st century, Iran has allowed the taking over of its government by Al Qaeda members and ignorant Arabs. Their control of Iran has ignited hostile relations with the United States and other nations. At the same time, Shiite leaders have brainwashed followers into killing enemies in the name of God. Iran’s fanatical religious leaders have played a major role throughout history in ongoing conflicts between Shiites and Sunnis. By fomenting religious conflicts, Al Qaeda hopes to weaken and the colonize Iran.


Despite the tragedies caused by religious fanatics, the Iranian people remain loyal to their Shiite beliefs. Such devotion creates a bleak future for Iran’s children. The Shiite religion was created by Sheik Safi-e-din Ardabil during the reign of Shah Ismail Safavieh to counteract the Sunni religion. The result was warfare between Iran and Turkey that weakened both nations and led the redrawing of borders under British control. British control has been in place for centuries, resulting in a series of brutal, oppressive dictatorships. More recently Britain secretly cooperated with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Iranian Al Qaeda member Khomeini to provoke war between the two nations. The war paved the way for the ascendancy of a dictatorial government in Iran led by Khomeini. He received the full backing of Al Qaeda members Khamenei, Rafsanjani Ahmadinejad and others. This lethal combination destroyed Iran. Relations with the United States and other nations deteriorated as new policies were implemented in support of British Al Qaeda.


Iran President Ahmadinejad is a Jewish Al Qaeda member who is anti-Iranian and anti-American. His leadership favors British and Israeli Al Qaeda. Secretly, he collaborates with the U.S. president to undermine Iran’s relationship with the United States. The result has been more than 30 years of hostilities between the two nations. However, war between Iran and the United States is unlikely unless it benefits Al Qaeda. Ahmadinejad and Bush are both Al Qaeda members who favored Al Qaeda interests over those of their own nations. They have played a similar role in undermining the governments of Iraq and other Arab nations.


Unfortunately, bombs were detonated at Al Qaeda headquarters in London. Fortunately, no one was killed. However, the bombs injured a number of people and property was severely damaged. The British and the Queen blamed the attack on innocent people-and not the real culprits. However, British Al Qaeda identified innocent people as terrorist to cover up their active role in the bombing. With their propaganda, they were able to convince people that the explosions were caused by terrorists from wealthy Arab states.



Six countries – the United States, China, Russia, Britain, German and France – cooperated to impose import and export sanctions on Iran.


The British-imposed sanctions on Iran are especially strange because the Iranian government is led by Al Qaeda operatives who report to London. Iran is totally under British control, and its government leaders work against the best interests of Iranian citizens and for the benefit of Al Qaeda’s interests. Britain enlisted six other nations to support sanctions as a way to create hostile relations between those nations and Iran and capture Iran’s abundant oil reserves. Nations that fail to cooperate on sanctions with Al Qaeda will have supplies of oil and other natural resources cut off.


Although China feels compelled to cooperate on sanctions, participation weakens relations between China and its important Iranian ally. China has major economic ties with the United States and the rest of the world. The long-term consequences of China’s imbalanced trade with the United States are unknowable. Al Qaeda has allowed expanded trade because it wants to interfere in China’s internal politics. Al Qaeda enlisted China’s support for sanctions against Iran. At the same time, it’s working to foment conflict between Muslims and the Chinese government.


More than 100 million Muslims population are in China, British Al Qaeda to try to make dispute between Muslim and the rest Chines, can easily trigger civil conflict that destabilizes the government. These Muslims are spying and feed a steady flow of internal intelligence about China back to Al Qaeda. At the core of Al Qaeda are tactics that use Muslims to against the Chinese government, thereby creating societal divisions that lead to eventual collapse of China. The strategy for China’s disintegration is similar to that employed against the former Soviet Union, which invaded Afghanistan and waged war with its Muslim republics. Russia’s support of Arab nations also triggered disputes between Russia and its powerful Jewish citizens. This same tactic could work by engaging China in Iranian sanctions. China’s participation could provoke resistance by Muslims in China and around the world. Such divisions play to Al Qaeda’s benefit, giving them stronger control over the wealth and resources of China.


The Jewish population encompasses about six million each in the United States and 20 million in Israel and around the world. All are connected with each other in a cooperative enterprise to provide Israel with up-to-date intelligence on every nation. To ensure Israel’s security, this Jewish network cooperates with British Al Qaeda, which controls a colonial empire that includes Arab nations. In exchange, Israel participates in dangerous Al Qaeda policies aimed at the destruction of China and the United States – a move that is highly beneficial to British Al Qaeda.


Near the end of September in 2007, the Iranian president told an American audience that Iran had no gays, a claim that was immediately scoffed at and disputed. It was a lie. Like the United States, Iran has many gays. Where American gays are more public and open, Iranian gays are forced into secrecy because of religious hatred and social custom. While some Americans are anti-gay, many states have enacted laws that allow gay marriage or civil unions. Premarital sex is also not illegal in the United States whereas Iran forbids premarital sex. During royal rule, laws against premarital sex were not enforced. Under today’s Islamic regime, laws are strictly enforced.


Although easy to arrange, marriage rates have declined under the Iran’s Islamic regime. Social problems, including high unemployment along with stricter laws limiting contact between men and women have made have made marrying more difficult. Tensions – both psychologically and physically – have intensified under the regime. The royalty and regime promoted homosexual activity within the government. Many boys under 16 were raped or forced into prostitution. After age 18, these same men become predators themselves and seek out of homosexual victims.


The number of homosexuals in the Iranian hierarchy has increased since the time of royal rule. Unfortunately, laws against criminal homosexual assault of minors were not strictly enforced. The laxity of enforcement resulted in an increase in homosexuality and in increase in the number of homosexuals in high-ranking government jobs. The presence of these homosexuals poses a threat to Iran’s security and its diplomatic relations with other nations.


Increased homosexual activity can be dangerous to individuals and their families. Homosexuality is also a danger to a country and the world because gays who were assaulted as minors attain political power. Many are bent on revenge against society because they didn’t choose to be gay and were led into a life of criminality by their seducers. These men are bold and have little regard for life, family, country or the world. Many don’t fear God and want vengeance or don’t believe in God. Homosexuality has changed their personalities since they were first sexually assaulted when they were young. These angry homosexual, many in high government jobs, are susceptible to being recruited as spies for British Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda can force them into service by threatening to reveal their homosexuality. Al Qaeda is also adept at recruiting heterosexuals and placing them in situations in which they are photographed or video recorded in homosexual acts. Once comprised, Al Qaeda can place them in high-ranking government positions to work on behalf of Britain and its allies. Those who unwisely volunteered to have sex with men or were threatened or forced into homosexuality as minors grow up and often continue the pattern of sexually abusing other minors. The cycle of criminality continues.


Homosexuals who have been assaulted as minors are not to blame. The fault lies with parents, the society or public officials who fail to vigorously prosecute those who commit criminal sexual assault. They deserve respect. They deserve a chance to live privately as other citizens. However, they should be barred from high positions in government and religion where they can damage society. Given their state of mind, they are ready to engage in all kinds of criminal activity against their country and the world. The government needs to pursue and prosecute homosexual criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Medical exams need to be performed to determine sexual orientation. Those identified as gay should be barred from government service. However, they should be allowed careers in business without discrimination.


Unfortunately, Al Qaeda enlists the help of some Jews, dictators, criminals, religious fanatics and homosexuals to control government institutions. All of these proxies work against their own countries and on behalf of Al Qaeda’s interest to control a nation’s wealth and resources. Anytime there are hostilities and wars within or between nations, Al Qaeda benefits. Even the Israelis work with Al Qaeda to create religious tensions with Middle Eastern neighbors by promoting the Ayatollah in Iran as well as Muslim fanatics and homosexual leaders into high-ranking government positions.


Rising taxes in the United States triggered inflationary increases in foods and other basic needs. Property taxes rose as home and rental prices increased. Increases in taxes destroyed small and big business, leading to high unemployment and crime. Meanwhile, big companies invested overseas, resulting in large increase in imports and a decline in U.S. exports. The movements of investment overseas resulted in even higher unemployment.


Each state in America runs taxpayer-funded programs to meet the basic needs of its residents. These programs are financed by taxes. Keeping taxes as lower as possible while maintaining good programs is good policy. Many of these taxes come from exports. However, the U.S. government’s tax policies have resulted in the allocation of taxes overseas to finance military operations and other programs that support the Al Qaeda agenda. The misallocation of tax dollars to deploy soldiers and fund other foreign operations produces few tangible benefits for the United States.


President Bush was reelected in 2004 despite the disastrous invasion of Iraq and other international mishaps. Bush was reelected despite the trillions in tax dollars wasted to support Al Qaeda polices that are destroying the United States. The reality is that Bush was reelected: He was “reselected” by the Al Qaeda spy network as a reward for policies that would lead to the 2008 financial collapse, high unemployment, high taxes and more crime.


Benazir Bhutto, former Pakistani prime minister, went into exile in the United Kingdom. There, she was indoctrinated to work against the best interests of her countryman and for British Al Qaeda policies. Al Qaeda also supported Al Qaeda member Purvis Musharraf as prime minister and head of the military.

Upon her return to Pakistan, Al Qaeda spies staged a bomb attack on Bhutto’s vehicle en route from the airport to her home. Bhutto and her security guards as well as Musharraf and British Al Qaeda knew in advance the precise time the attack would occur. Bhutto was being transported in a bomb-proof truck. She squatted down in the truck at the appointed time. People near the vehicle died in the explosion. Many others were severely injured. Bhutto escaped harm and was became a heroic figure known as the iron lady whose return to politics would change Pakistan with God’s help. Musharraf attempted to portray Bhutto as a woman who had spoken out against Muslims, calling them fanatics and terrorists and holding them responsible for the bombings in London and Pakistan. The truth is British Al Qaeda brainwashed fanatical Muslims into conducting terrorist acts against Pakistan and around the world. In fact, Bhutto, Naas Sharif and Musharraf were on the same team working on behalf of Al Qaeda while pretending to be competing against each other for political prominence. They shared a common goal of destroying Pakistan and creating tensions with neighboring countries. Nobody really understands why Bhutto was eventually assassinated. Many believe her husband was behind her death.


Al Qaeda agents in Britain and the United States were behind Al Qaeda member George W. Bush’s support for the Dalai Lama, the Tibet nationalist and Buddhist leader. This was part of an Al Qaeda plot to create tensions between China and its millions of Buddhist citizens and between China and the United States. The Chinese have understood the Dalai Lama’s cooperation with the United States and had him exiled from Tibet.


By presenting the Dalai Lama with a gold medal, the United States participated in a game to damage U.S.-China relations. This action bears a close resemblance to other Al Qaeda plots aimed at undermining the United States and monopolizing the resources and wealth of other nations. The Al Qaeda plots are endless: Depleting U.S. wealth by directing investments into China factories, which imports contaminated goods to America; encouraging Bush administration anti-Muslim rhetoric; brainwashing people into believe all Muslims are terrorists; and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. All of these Al Qaeda-inspired actions have the goal of providing British Al Qaeda with maximum profits by exerting greater control over the production, distribution and sale of oil.


Also, the Bush administration, many of them are Al Qaeda member, used its executive power to prevent congress from adopting universal health care for U.S. citizens, especially coverage for children. Instead, the Bush administration diverted billions that should have been spent on public health to wars against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. This non-humanitarian use of tax dollars harms American citizens, but further enriches British Al Qaeda and its supporters.


Although the U.S. government spent millions on security following the September 11th attacks, most of the funds were targeted at improving the security of Al Qaeda members in the United States. These misguided investments were made despite the role of high-ranking Al Qaeda government operatives in provoking conflicts between Jews, Muslims and Christians, the Arab-Israeli War and the holocaust during World War II under Hitler and his Christian followers.


The only one way the United States can establish good relationships with other nations is to pay attention to the needs of its own citizens: good jobs, a strong military, genuine national security, educational opportunities and reduced crime. U.S. policies should remain neutral and follow humanitarian values that give people of all religious beliefs, ethnic and national origins access to high-ranking positions. British Al Qaeda members and some Jews who are anti-Muslim and anti-Christian should be barred from government service. In addition, the United States should strive to improve relations with Latin America.


No country should be allowed to influence the political, economic or military policies of the United States. British Al Qaeda and its vast spy network and high-ranking Jewish officials worldwide are the biggest threat to world stability and peace.


Anything that happens in the United States will impact other nations around the world. The United States was established by many races, nationalities, religions, and ethnic groups. So, if other nations want peace, they must support the American people.


The quality of food in the United States is another problem. Most meat, fruits and vegetables are contaminated by excessive chemicals. The labeling is adequate, even for people who want a more natural, chemical-free diet. Some companies claim falsely that their foods are healthy and free of chemicals. The tainted food supply causes many illnesses and cancer. In fact, the United States has a high rate of breast cancer.


Jews use their wealth to acquire power worldwide while concealing their religious beliefs. Once in power, they cooperate with each other to acquire more wealth and more high-level positions in government, business and religion. It is credible to think George W. Bush is Jewish and waged war against Muslims to create hostilities and violence with Christians around the world. This ongoing animosity works to enrich Jews and their Al Qaeda partners and increase their power over the world. Many Jews, especially those older than 10, will never forget the connections between British Al Qaeda and the holocaust, World War II and the war between Israel and Arab nations. Those Jews who were older than six during World War II may be the most dangerous than those born after the war because they remember the murders of more than six million of their brothers and sisters that many of them were Christian the tittle and name of Jew. Today, more than 20 million Jews cooperate to maintain and control governments worldwide. They account for most of the military, government and economic tragedies that occur around the globe.


It is astounding that Al Qaeda and its U.S.-controlled president are able to control more than 300 million Americans and nearly seven billion people worldwide. Unless someone successfully stands up, they will destroy the world on behalf of the British Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia. The U.S. government cooperates in this dangerous game. Even if Americans don’t understand the president’s role, he is a traitor and a spy.


U.S. citizens in the military give their support to the president blindly and carry out his instructions around the world without realizing they are working against America’s interests. If the military men and women don’t care about the evil deeds of their president and their high and highest position in military, what hope is there for world peace?


The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles produced two sons. The marriage gave her international visibility and fame. After the couple divorced, she remained hugely popular. Even if she had married a Muslim, her popularity would have continued. During her visit to Paris, the French government had a duty to provide maximum protection. This should have included verifying the sobriety of her driver and accompanying the car she was riding in with additional police escorts.


Unfortunately, the French failed to provide adequate security. That made the car Princess Diana was riding in an easy target for the two-vehicle crash that killed her. The French failed to secure the crash site, enabling ghoulish photographer to shoot away. Moreover, the French fail to enforce criminal laws that would hold anyone accountable for the tragedy. The hidden truth is that the Jewish mafia caused the deadly accident to stop the marriage between a member of the royal family and a Muslim. Certainly, British royalty were enraged about rumors that Princess Diana was pregnant by Dodi Fayed, a Muslim who was either or husband or boyfriend. The royals had a strong motivation to stop what they would have seen as the tainting of the British bloodlines. It is strange that 10 years later the British sent 11 investigators to France to determine whether the Princess Diana’s death resulted from an accident or criminal behavior. The renewed interest may have come from the princesses’ sons who demanded answers about their mother. Unfortunately, such an inquiry was too late. Much of the criminal evidence and most witnesses had disappeared. The princesses’ bodyguard, the only survivor of the crash, left behind no account of the accident, according to police reports. It should have been routine for investigators to interview the bodyguard and file a report. Ten years later, he had been brainwashed into changing his account to conceal the truth. Fayed’ father is closest to the couple and had long claimed the deaths were criminal, not accidental.


Jews and Identity


When Britain became a world power, Jewish secret agents laid plans for the eventual creation of their own militarily strong nation. It is good for the world that Israel was established as a Jewish state. It is time for all nations to respect the right for Israel to exist and possess nuclear weapons for self-defense. At the same time, Jews around the world need to abandon their worldwide spying network, an important first step to establishing peace and democracy worldwide.


Jews living in Israel pose no threat. However, they are dangerous if they live in the United States and other nations. Israel’s founding was financed the personal and corporate wealth of Jews, primarily in the United States. Their vast wealth – much of achieved by hiding their religious and racial identities – has given them enormous power and control of governments worldwide. Historically, Jews have used this power to enslave others and create destructive religious conflicts.


Since the time of Moses, Jews have used their spies in religious leadership positions to create sectarian violence and killings. It has always been part of the plan to create a Jewish homeland. Jews will never forget the role Christians played in Hitler’s murder of more than six million Jews but many of them were Christian as Jew without Jews know or the war between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Jews will never support reconciliation between Christians and Muslims – faiths they would prefer to destroy. In their high-ranking government positions in the United States and other nations, they cooperate with British Al Qaeda to wreak worldwide destruction.


Throughout history, Jews around the world have used their minority status and disproportionate power to spark sectarian violence among majority populations. They exerted their political influence over the Egyptian royal family and arranged for Moses, the son of a pharaoh, to install his own offspring as the king. More than 25 centuries ago, the wife of Cyrus, the king of Persia, was Jewish.


Likewise, Mohammad’s father and grandfather hid their Jewish identities. Jews promoted the belief that one of the 12 Imams (Ali and his 11 Imam successors) will be resurrected to lead Islam’s conquest of the world. Shiite believes Mohammed’s family was Jewish and not Muslim. Jews claimed the prophet Mohammed was Arab and then used that assertion to unite Arabs in attacking Iran. They also cooperated with Iran and other nations, allowing them to conquer all Arab countries. The same tactics have enabled Jews to conquer all countries. By creating the mythology of the 12 Imams for Shiites, Jews ensured disputes with Sunni Muslims and ongoing control of the warring factions. These religious disputes extend to Christians, Hindus and non-believers. The Jewish divide-and-conquer tactics has allowed them to rise to high-ranking positions in government and business in every nation. Jews using a constantly shifting pattern to retain control. They used Islam to unite the Arab world. Later, they claimed Mohammed was Arab rather than the ancestor of Iran’s Zoroaster, who created the monotheist beliefs later advocated by Moses and Jesus. Uniting Muslim under the prophet Mohammed also led to disputes with Christians around the world.


By concealing their religious identities, some Jews have been able to infiltrate and control the U.S. government religious from within. Their presence as spies has resulted in actions and policies that operate against the bests interests of the American people. The strong Jewish representation in high-level positions has given them enormous power and control over the lives of people worldwide. One Jew – with access to the intelligent information of just one country – has the influence of 15 million Jews worldwide. With such concentrated power, they could destroy the Great Britain and its Al Qaeda agents. In the United States, six million Jews in high-ranking positions can use their influence to generate disputes among 300 million Americans. No one will know who is behind these disputes.


For example, if a host invites a guest to select from among 10 apples, including one that has been poisoned, how would he make the right choice knowing he could die? People who hide their religious identities yet control policies can be equally deadly. To remedy this problem, the U.S. and other nations need laws that punish people who hide their religious identity so they can spy on other countries. Identity cards should include information about an individual’s race and religion and that of his ancestors.


Jews laid the initial foundations for the Christian and Muslims religions. Since the time of Moses, they have continued to interfere, reshape and infuse these religions with superstitions, falsehoods and fanaticism. By polarizing religious beliefs, Jews have assurance that sectarian hostilities and violence will cause deep societal divisions that can be exploited by British Al Qaeda for its advantage. Divisions among people make them easier to control and exploit for financial gain. Wherever there are such divisions, there is poverty, unemployment, crime and terrorism.


Jews have a responsibility to rebel against and expose fellow Jews who are responsible for policies that benefit Israel but destroy other nations, including the United States. Outing these evildoers isn’t easy. With the blessings of British Al Qaeda, they operate as spies everywhere – in government, business, religion, the media and the military. They orchestrate sectarian violence, religious fanaticism, terrorism and war. They brainwash citizens with distortions and outright lies. Failing to depose these spies could eventually lead to a second holocaust against innocent Jews.


Historically, religious zealots in Iran have been responsible for frequent conflicts with Turkey and with Sunni Muslims in neighboring Arab states. Iranian Shiites fight Arab Sunnis provides Al Qaeda with the opportunity to control and colonize Iran.


Despite the tragic consequences of following religious zealots, Iranians remain dedicated followers of the Shiite sect, which was created by Sheikh Safi-e-din Ardabil, a British Jewish spy. The Shiite sect was created during the reign of King Iran-Shah-Ismail Safari of the dynasty Safavieh as a pretense for waging war against Sunnis in Turkey. The constant warfare eventually reduced the size of both countries and ultimately led to British control and colonization. British control of Iran led to a series of dictatorial regimes that have remained in power through today. By cooperating with Khomeini and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, British Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia were able to trigger war between Iran and Iraq. This 8-year or more culminated in a new Iranian dictatorship under spies Khamenei, Rafsanjani, to implement Ahmadinejad British Al Qaeda policies aimed at Iran’s destruction and harming relations with the United States and other nations. , the recent Iranian Ahmadinejad president, is anti-Iranian and anti-American and works on behalf of British Al Qaeda. As result, the United States and Iran have been threatening war against other for more than 30 years. Ahmadinejad George W. Bush, both Al Qaeda members and Jews, worked to undermine their own governments, secretly cooperate Ahmadinejad ted with Al Qaeda spies in Iraq and other Arab nations to undermine all Middle Eastern governments.


Nations rich in oil and other natural resources are poisonous to those countries that rely on them. They will be contaminated by the dirty politics of Al Qaeda and Jews who abuse power against them. International efforts are needed to ensure the fair sharing of oil and other natural resources worldwide. These efforts must eliminated brokers who work to maximize profits for British Al Qaeda and the Jewish mafia. International law must reinforce God’s will that all of His creation should be shared fairly and equitably among all nations.


It is best that Jews no longer hide their religious and racial identity from the rest of the world and foll humanity. The U.S. and Russia must pass laws that benefit all people of the world. Laws should include mandates that identification cards list racial, religious and national origin. Such laws will benefit Jews and no-Jews alike.


If the United States and other nations want to expose the identities of Al Qaeda agents and British political spies, they can do that easily. True patriots who fight British Al Qaeda are never given credit for their heroics. Instead, Al Qaeda spies and secret agents are promoted as heroes, especially Muslim figures like Osama Bin Laden. Consequently, most people never really understand the true enemies and their dangerous policies. Most people Christians and Muslims never know their enemies because they operate secretly using false identities. Jewish leaders conceal their religious and racial affiliation to gain power and control over the institutions and wealth of nearly every nation.


British Al Qaeda and its special agents in the United States and around the world are also helped by a vast propaganda machine that uses the media to pump out lies and misinformation. Little is done to correct the lies and distortions broadcast in the United States and around the world.


Britain has long exerted direct and indirect control over its colonies in North American, Latin America, Africa and Asia in ways that have left them most of them poor, underdeveloped, uneducated and involved in endless conflicts with their neighbors and nations around the world. These former colonies can enjoy peace and tranquility as long as they cooperate with their Al Qaeda masters; same as Canada Australia New Zeal and else however, they face upheaval and turmoil if they fail to stay in line to serve Al Qaeda’s political and economic interests.


Jews around the world cooperate with each other to buy the properties of Arab Muslims in the Middle East, thereby expanding Israeli borders. Similar cooperative purchases of non-Jewish properties are being made to gain greater control over the United States. For example, Jews have worked together to control the ups and downs of the U.S. housing market, including the recent mortgage crisis, defaults and individual bankruptcy. When prices are depressed, they are able to purchase property at steep discounts. Later, they reap huge profits from inflationary increases in prices, which they are able to manipulate.


U.S. laws need to intervene to prevent Jews from buying more property than they need.


British Al Qaeda exercises indirect control over the military forces of its former colonies, especially the United States. In addition, these British agents have been planted in high-ranking positions in democratic governments and dictatorial regimes to work on behalf of their Al Qaeda masters. Such strong control enables Al Qaeda to use governments everywhere to oppress people as they rob nations of their wealth and resources.


Nearly all tragedies around the world have roots in actions of British Al Qaeda agents and spies. For example, religious fanatics are Al Qaeda-trained to create tensions over between “believers and non-believers.” These fanatics are at Al Qaeda’s beck and call. At various times, tensions and violence increase rise between Jews and Muslims, Jews and Christians, and Christians and Muslims. Sometimes, two religions join forces against another lone religion. For example, Christians and Jews have used propaganda to convince people Muslims are terrorists.


People worldwide need to join with the United States and United Nations in supporting Christian and Muslims a global fight to stop sex crimes against male and female children, including forced prostitution and slavery. International cooperation is needed to halt sex crimes and to provide maximum jail time for offenders. Efforts should extend to preventing homosexuals for getting high-level government jobs and restricting them to private business only.


During the reign of Iran’s Mohamed shah Pahlavi, laws against homosexual activity were weakened or not enforced, especially homosexual criminal assault on teenagers. Many of these criminals were sexually attacked by homosexuals, and they continued the pattern of homosexual abuses from generation to generation. Many of these homosexuals joined the ranks of terrorist organizations or received high-ranking government or religious leadership positions. Their brainwashing techniques have created masses of people willing to die for God and religion and committed to destroying their countries. Even homosexuals who were forced or bribed into a criminal life are a big danger – to themselves, their families and their nation.


Once they turn 18, they joined terrorist or mafia organizations to work for Al Qaeda. Many of these homosexuals rise to powerful positions in the Freemasons and gain enormous control over the fates of millions of people and hundreds of nations.


Al Qaeda and the freemasonry enhance their power by using homosexuals. As history shows, they have succeeded worldwide. They launched World Wars I and II. It is ironic that seven billion people in the world are unable to stand up and fight a group of only 900 more or less Freemasons and their servants. However, people have been brainwashed into indifference and enslavement. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda and the Freemason run free. They use destructive weapons against others and use the authority of all the branches of government as well as the United Nations and international law.


Billions of people need to unite around humanitarian principles and the will of God to destroy Al Qaeda, the Freemasons and other dangerous groups. They need to create new, powerful international organizations to weed out criminals, especially those who commit homosexual criminal assault and perpetuate a new generation of criminals. People with a homosexual criminal history must be exposed and punished to prevent the assault and recruitment of new homosexual criminals.


A major factor in the downfall of the king of Iran and the royal Pahlavi family was his tolerance of homosexuals in high government positions. Criminal homosexual assaults of minors were overlooked and went unpunished. Many of these criminals joined Al Qaeda and the Freemason and led the revolution against the king. As is true in Britain, the Iran monarch was Jewish. In every city and region of Iran, criminal groups preyed on handsome teenagers and used coercion and blackmail to commit sexual assault, thereby criminalizing and destroying the lives of a new generation. These defenseless young men later sought revenge for the assaults and led ultimately to the revolution against the king and a new government controlled by Iran’s enemies – Jews and their homosexual servants. While Mohammed Shah made tragic mistakes by underestimating the enemy,


Once teenagers who were sexually assaulted by homosexuals become adults, they will understand how their lives have been destroyed. They will become more dangerous and seek vengeance against their countrymen and others around the world. If they are believers in God, they will feel betrayed and abandon their faith. They will conceal their dangerous personalities as they rise to power and unleash oppression and cruelty against their own citizens and other countries. The most savage cruelty will be unleashed against those who knew he was a homosexual.


Each nation has a responsibility to make it easy for men and women to marry, even if they lack money. Teenagers who were sexually assaulted should not be held accountable if they later become criminals. The fault lies with a government and society that failed to protect them by exposing and punishing the criminal perpetrators. These homosexual victims have the right to jobs in business and a peaceful existence. However, they cannot be allowed to serve in government jobs because they have been corrupted by their negative experience. They deserve a good life, but must be barred from jobs that would allow them to access to young men or eke out revenge against their country.


The people of the world will be in danger and their life will be destroyed forever same as the past people will go to hell before to die and after to die by follow any religion to curse God and give chance for Jewish missionaries who hide the religious to enter another religions,


It is a danger to humanity to allow the brainwashing of teenagers with stories that glorify war and horror through cartoons, movies and video games. Such so-called amusements can change normal personalities into characters who later become a danger to themselves and society. Some teenagers may be lured by these violent amusements into crime and terrorism.


Like Jesus Christ, the 12 disciples were all Jews who wrote the gospels that are the foundation of Christianity. The gospels were written to favor Jews and not non-Jews. Their writings led to the creation of many denominations that have been in conflict with each over beliefs since the time of Christ. The beliefs range from the traditional to the fanatical. All were shaped by Jews who have interest in creating conflicts among Christians and Muslims. Jews have been behind the especially virulent attacks on the Muslim faith.


Unfortunately, some Jews have conspired with the British to radicalize the beliefs of many Christian denominations. Generation after generation of Christians have been brainwashed into believing lies and distortions about their faith. Christians so easily brainwashed are easy to manipulate into taking actions that benefit British Al Qaeda’s interests in controlling the wealth and resources of other nations. By simply manipulating Christians, Al Qaeda can spark conflicts and wars. For example, Jews intervened in Russia and all communist nations to create hostilities and violence that led to the collapse of the Soviet empire.


Nearly all churches, mosques, synagogues and places of worship use brainwashing and propaganda to indoctrinate their followers. The result is ongoing disputes over improvable beliefs. These battles over beliefs are ensured by the presence of Jews who falsify their religion to become Muslim and Christian leaders.


Given the history of Britain’s control over religion, people would be better off if they rejected all religious beliefs. The rejection would deal a severe blow to Jews and free people to pursue new options for a more humane, equal world.


By believing in false religions created by their enemies, people are willing to sacrifice their health, families, wealth and property, peace, their countries and their relationship with God. The most dangerous people in the world are religious fanatics and homosexuals who were assaulted as teenagers and turned to a life of crime. It is people from these two groups who acquire political power that can destroy their families and their nations. People need to realize God is watching over us and expecting we will do the right thing to unite all humanity under the banner of the one, true God.


The reality is that Great Britain and the Jews are competing with each other for world domination. They field vast political and religious spy networks around the world. However, Jews usually conceal their religious and racial identities and use their wealth to interfere in the civic and religious lives to control other nations. If suitable, they cooperate with Al Qaeda – but conceal their religion – to achieve their goals.


Al Qaeda employs religious spies and brainwashing techniques to poison the minds of Muslims against Jews, Christians and other faiths. Jews use money and religion to create tensions among Christian denominations and with other religions. These tensions often lead to destruction and violence. Al Qaeda propaganda manipulates people to believe hateful things about how Israel was created. Israel was created by committing enormous wealth to build a Jewish state. The use of vast amounts of wealth enslaved the British as well as people around the world.


Unfortunately, some Jew and Al Qaeda recruit religious fanatics and homosexuals to do their main work – breaking countries into small countries that are more easily controlled. Creating new borders creates new barriers in violation of God’s will. All people have the right to use the property and natural resources of the world regardless of falsely imposed borders. If everyone accepted the will of God, there would be no national or language problems. They will live in peace and harmony in world ruled by humanitarian values that respects all people.


All people are vulnerable to illness and disease from poisons, viruses and other assaults on the body. The body is able to fight back by producing antibodies that fight infections and provide protections. God’s greatest gift to humans and animals is natural saliva. Silvia is a natural medicine capable of cure numerous diseases and illnesses. If saliva isn’t mixed with nasal drippings, it could possibly cure cancer. We should take lessons from animals that cure their own wounds by licking them. Medical researchers should more aggressively investigate the role of human and animal saliva for its curative powers and its beneficial health effects. Silvia can play a temporary role in preventing hunger and thirst.


History teaches us that friendship between nations are short-lived and do not last. Friends become enemies, and enemies become friends. The duration of friendship is determined by each nation’s self-interests.


Cyrus the Great expanded the Persian Empire by conquering other nations and territories. Cyrus saved the Jews by embracing humanitarian principles that enable them to live peacefully in his empire. Unfortunately, Jews collaborated to introduce a beautiful Jewish woman to seduce and marry Cyrus. At the time of the marriage, Persian practice Zoroastrianism. Only after children were born did she reveal her Jewish faith to Cyrus, who was unable to accept her as his wife. Cyrus feared the royal family would become engrossed in future disputes between the Zoroastrian majority and Jewish minority. After his death, his son became king with the support of Jewish royalty. This Jewish deceit is identical to the trickery used against the Egyptian pharaoh. The deceptive patterns have been repeated to gain power for more than 3,000 years, so Cyrus by accepted Jew wife after was revealed she is Jew to make dispute between Zoroastrian and Jews to destroy Persian in future so we can call Cyrus traitor not the great.


By hiding their religious identity, Jews attained high government positions. Cyrus the Great’s wife was a Jew who hid her identity. Her secretiveness enabled Jews to control the Persian royal family for decades. The Jewish monarchy Khshayarshah later conquered and burned Athens. Greeks were not barred from living in Persia. This tolerance paved the way for the Greek general Alexander the Great to later conquer and control Persia for centuries.


Since the times of Moses and Cyrus the Great, Jews have never supported Iran. They have hidden their religious beliefs while conspiring with each other to establish their own country. They have generated religious disputes to subjugate majority rule and capture power for themselves. They have used that power to create conflicts and wage wars. In ancient times, Jews cooperated with Zoroastrians who hide their Jew religion and with Salmon Farsi (changed the name in Sal man Farsi) of Persian Mobbed royal family and highest position in Zoroastrian religion that conspired with Arabs to reveal Persia secrets to Muhammad. These revelations enable Muhammad and his Arab supporters to conquer and destroy Iran. Since that conquest, Jews have exerted direct and indirect control over Iran.


Such Jewish meddling has been commonplace in every country – not just Persia – and has continued across the centuries. This interference is the source of continuous warfare between many nations. As a minority religious group, they have persevered power of majority populations by provoking hostilities and warfare among and between Christians and Muslims. They have benefited by creating religious competition and strife in many countries – including Britain, the United States and Russia. They have capitalized on religious conflict to build support for creating the state of Israel.


When Cyrus the Great established his royal stronghold, he set out to conquer other nations, including Iraq where Jews were imprisoned. He freed the followers of Moses – who were descendants of Persian Zoroastrians. In return, Jews betrayed Persia by infiltrating the royal family through the marriage of a beautiful woman – who concealed her religious identity – to King Cyrus. The new wife of the king helped other Jews attained prominent government positions while hiding their identities. By the time, King Cyrus discovered the deceit, it was too late. When details of the Jewish subterfuge became public, it sparked destructive conflicts between majority Persian Zoroastrians and minority Jews.


Nevertheless, Jews in Persia held on to power and continued their interference in the royal family’s affairs – starting from King Cyrus and continuing through Cambers, Darius the Great, Darius II and Darius III, who were all from Jewish families. Even when Hermes, the son Darius the Great, conquered Athens and didn’t pave the way to make Greece weak to stop Alexander the greater conquer Persian in future, he pave the way in wrong way to allowed Alexander the Great to enter and conquer his father’s Persian kingdom. Rule by Alexander and his descendants continued for more than a century, with the full support of Jews in powerful government positions. The Jews first loyalty was to power and to a future independent state of Israel. This is a pattern that governed Jewish behavior throughout history. They were willing to destroy the royal families of Egypt and Persia to further their own interests. In modern times, they have boldly used all the religions they created – including Christianity and Islam – to promote conflicts and wars that divide and destroy nations.


After Alexander the Great conquered Persia, many soldiers married with Jewish members of the royal family. Because of their dispute with Zoroastrians, many Jews were traitors against Persia. They betrayed Persian King Darius III and pledged their support for Alexander the Great. All the princesses were from Jewish families. They married Alexander and his conquering warriors. Through marriages to Persians, Greeks and Europeans, Jews extended their power and influence from ancient to modern times. They have succeeded because they have been willing to conceal their religious identity to attain power and benefit from the religious rivalries that they provoke. Zoroastrians had many traitors, chief among them Mobbed, who became famous under the name Islam Salmon Farsi. He allowed Islam to conquer and destroy Iran and paved the way for centuries of outside domination of the Iranian people.

For the past 2,600 years, Jewish tribes have been a minority group in every country. Because of their education and wealth, they have always been stronger than the majority, non-Jewish populations. They have typically concealed their religious identity to achieve high positions in government and society. As spies in majority governments and religions, they have gathered and shared information among fellow Jews. They seek to promote their own into prominent positions and directly or indirectly rule majority populations in other nations. As minority rules, they primary goal is foment civil unrest among the people or foment destructive wars with others nations

Jews have created tensions among Christians and Muslims by making false religious claims, promoting false prophets and authority holy books with conflicting stories. Disputes over religious beliefs have led to violence and war for centuries (Shiites vs. Sunnis and Protestants vs. Catholics, etc.) They have used their money, education and political and religious connections to disseminate false stories and holy books and to introduce new prophets, including Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad. They succeed by working from within each religion under hidden identities to generate rivalries between faiths. By creating rival religious factions with societies, the Jewish minority is able to control majority populations in nearly every country.

About Ismail Imams and their religion, Ismail religion has been created by from first Imam Ali, then Hussein died 680-Alizaynal-abiding died 713-Muhammad-bagir died 732 then Jafar sadiq died 755. Jafar Sadiq had two sons Ismail and Musa kasim is Shiite and Ismail belong Ismail religion, Ismail religion has 49 imams up now 2011 first one is Ali current Imam is Karim1988 his father before him was sultan Muhammad Agha Khan died 1957according to list of Ismail religion by search Google. So followers of Ismail are not care either the list is right or not and are not care either British- Jewish mafia has changed their some Imams in Jewish fellows to rule by them against Ismail people and people entire world favor British- Jewish mafia and also are not care their some Imams are crazy or have criminal records only worship them because they generation are from Ali, and it is wrong list or not even, if it is right list to believe them is against God’ wills and people entire world.


The fact British-Jewish mafia by creating Ismail religion against people entire world and brainwashed Ismail people to follow this religion, are not care their country, their life and their generation in future and not follow humanity against people entire world to insult God by their religion so always many religions and their a lot of sects that have been created by Jews from long centuries ago up now always to destroy life of people.


The fact South Africa in early 1900 had many colonies from small countries that main 2 colonies were Dutch and Britain, called Union of South Africa in 1911 British colony only governing, in 1961 republic South Africa became Democrat on overt not really, racial government continue in secret on 1990, and before 1990 Jacob Zuma Jew was president and many Jews’ name ministers (according to the ministers list in internet) even if every person to focus and search every country government, can find out their governments have a lot of Jewish in high and highest position. In My 31-1910 direct colony of South Africa to change indirect by Jews the name of British and other Jew Nelson Mandela to fight overt right of 90 percent black people population favor, fact only favor Jews mafia to control non Jewish in government favor new president Mandela. The fact unbelievable how works power and rule of Jewish against more than 7 billion population entire world by cooperate each other every country and entire world by using the wealth of every country against them and are highest position every country to make not only black people, all people entire world their slave from long centuries ago up now without people to know.


The fact, people of every country hasn’t any person to be hero for their country to work for the favor of their country, up when British- Jewish mafia rule and control the world against people entire world.


In fact Jewish people in one way in society support Christ as prophet and another way cooperate with Jewish people in government by their own Jewish people to order to cross Christ by their government to make confirm, Christ was prophet, to introduce him as prophet in future also by creating Christian religion against Christian and Christ also was supported by Muhammad who became prophet for in future


Jews use their wealth and power cooperatively. They hide their religious identity and infiltrate other faiths, where they foment disputes with rival denominations. The disputes over false religious ideas lead to conflicts and wars. Brainwashed followers accept the dictates of their religious leaders who preach about false prophets and fake holy books. All they get in return for their religious devotion is warfare, death and an endless cycle of poverty and hardship. This religious zealotry and false holy books and stories interfere with a nation’s progress and enslave the hearts and minds of generation after generation of believers. It has been that way for more than 3,000 years and continues well into the 21st century.


By cooperating with the British mafia, Jews have cashed on these destructive religious conflicts by making Israel the strongest nation on earth.


Despite their small numbers, Jews control the world through a mafia government in Israel. They use false prophets and false holy books to manipulate people worldwide. Meanwhile, these believers engage in religious wars and remain in poverty as their wealth and future are stolen from them.

Through marriages by Jewish women, Jews have achieved power down through the ages – from the time of Cyrus the Great in Persia and Alexander the Great to Greece and Roman and from the Spanish Empire to modern Europe and the United States. By concealing their religious identity, they have infiltrated high government and religious positions worldwide and used their power to amass great wealth and influence. In the past, they used their power to create multiple Christian denominations that have engaged in hostilities and warfare.


When all the prophets – Christ, Moses and Mohammed – are Jewish, when Jesus’ 12 apostles were Jewish, and when all the holy books, including the Bible and the Koran were written (and rewritten) by Jews, why should anyone believe the prophets were sent by God and not the Jewish people?


The fact is the British mafia government, working in partnership with Jews, created mafia-style dictatorships around the world to rule and serve their economic interests. In the United States, a minority of about five million Jews – mostly doctors, lawyers and scientists – do not hide their religious identity. They openly use their wealth to help each other attain high-ranking government positions and social status. They wield their power to control executive, legislative and judicial power (i.e. CIA and FBI) and religious authority to control a population of more than three hundred million. They alone determine U.S. domestic and foreign policy.


If the United States remained neutral in its policies and was free of Jewish and British influence, its standing in the world would rise dramatically and its problems with other nations would disappear. Conversely, the future is dismal if the United States continues on the current course. Jews have already moved their investments outside the United States, resulting in increases in bankruptcies, poverty and crime.


Jews falsely contend God promised them they would return to their own country, Israel. However, God made no such promise because He doesn’t distinguish between nations. He created one world without borders where people can live anywhere they choose. Moses allegedly died and was buried in Palestine. However, Moses – like Solomon, David, Noah, or others with Persian names – was buried in ancient Persia. In other words, Jews have systematically falsified history and created a mythology of lies that benefit their interests against the rest of the world. Jews have created a false religion of false prophets and falsified holy books – and they are using this web of mythology to gain greater control over other nations’ wealth and resources.


Jews have advanced skills and technology for spying. There is good reason to suspect the British royalty and many U.S. presidents are from Jewish families.


We have to accept that all people, even Jews, have the right to live in peace. Jews should be allowed to live in their own country without harassment from other nations. A peaceful Middle East is beneficial to entire world. Unfortunately, some Jews who created Israel are more fanatical about money, religion, race and nationality than before. Consequently, they are even more dangerous than before Israel was created. Now that Jews have their own state, they have a shared responsibility to build trust and deal openly to create a Palestinian state.


It is wrong for Muslim and the British mafia government to generate more conflict and violence in the Middle East. Britain and the United States must cooperate with Arab nations and Jews to reach a peaceful settlement to the Palestinian question.


So it is duty of people all the world to cooperate each other by helping and cooperate of their three powers that are serving wrong way for their mafia governments favor, don’t cooperated with mafia people it is good to refuse cooperate with their mafia governments to break down their dangerous government for benefit of their own people and people of the world. If these powers serve mafia, don’t cooperate with people of their own people of the world mafia of all countries in this world will cooperate each other to make a lot of problem against the world, even they will create third world war to destroy the world. In an interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose, Nobel Prize playwright Harold Pinter called George W. Bush and Tony Blair murderer master. He also asserted Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons to protect itself against the United States, which has more than 2,000 times the capacity of any Iranian arsenal. Iran also has the right to protect itself against hostile Arab neighbors. When war broke between Iran and Iraq, most Arab nations rallied to Iraq’s defense. In addition, Iran is surrounded by nuclear warheads from Russia and Pakistan and is close to the nuclear nations of Israel, India and China.


Why should Iran not be protected by its own nuclear arsenal? While the United States possess a large nuclear arsenal, these weapons are controlled by the British mafia government and the Jewish mafia headquartered in Israel. Likewise, these mafia organizations control the nuclear weapons of other nations to unleash at will.


The British and Jewish mafia operatives even control the new U.S. Cyrus Exploration Space System, a multimillion space program through 2050. The Jewish mafia even named the exploration program after Persian King Cyrus the Great, who ruled the world’s most powerful empire more than 2,500 years ago and helped establish the foundation for all future Jewish power worldwide. The “Cyrus” name underscores the power and control the Jewish mafia has over the United States.

U.S. President. John F. Kennedy challenged the America people with the now famous line: “Ask what your country can do for you, but what you can for your country.” In contrast, President George W. Bush and his cabinet caused the 2008 financial collapse, which led to high rates of bankruptcy, joblessness and crime worldwide. Bush’s actions in Afghanistan and Iraq also created worldwide anger against the United States. So what your country do for you and what you do for your country so, George W Bush used USA government against USA and the world now what you do for favor of your country. ?


Dangers of Excessive Wealth


While religious fanaticism poses the biggest danger to the world, billionaires and millionaires are dangerous actors too. With their vast wealth, they are able to install dictatorial governments and finance terrorist organizations to unleash attacks against the United States and other countries. Their wealth enables them to “own” high-ranking government and religious leaders, control the import and export economies of every country, and manipulate domestic and international laws. They can use their might to cause inflation, joblessness and poverty. By controlling the media, they have the propaganda tools needed to control how news is reported and shape what the public thinks. On a more nefarious front, the rich control the narcotics trade.


The corrupting influence of their wealth is most evident in politics where they can buy and sell the presidency and other high-level government positions.


As the rich become richer, the poor become poorer. The great income gap produces murder, robbery and other crimes. They can also use their wealth to generate conflicts over religious issues: Jews against Christians, Christians against Muslims, and on and on. A disproportionate number of Jews are billionaires and millionaires. They offspring well into the future will also be excessively wealthy. And they are masters at using religion to create hostilities and warfare worldwide.


So, they are by their money interfere and influence the basic of every religion in the world, control the world, and by hiding their religion and racial to introduce themselves as another religions (spying) make a lot of problem against this world by getting high and highest position in every country in this world, they by cooperating each other and cooperating with England mafia government to increase the problem of the world,

All nations – especially the United States – have a responsibility to cooperate to prevent Jews and no-Jews from accumulating massive amounts of wealth. All identification cards should list current and past religious and national affiliations as well as their ancestors’ affiliations. Anyone who tries to conceal his true identity should be punished severely as a traitor and spy.


Most people who are mulch-millionaires acquired their wealth by forced theft or trickery. They have looted the wealth and natural resources of nearly every country. Their success comes from their willingness to abuse international and national laws through legal or illegal means. They will use force, torture, defamation of character and killing to get what they want.


How is it possible to call men prophets when they perform magic or claim to heal people or cure blindness? Many who claim to be blind are not blind but are part of plan to trick people into adopting false beliefs. In the 21th century, we don’t call doctors who cure people of illnesses or repair damaged bodies “prophets” If we believed that medical cures were magic, we would have millions of prophets around the world.

God doesn’t receive pleasure when people beat themselves or fight and beat others. Unfortunately, some people – such as Shiite Muslims – believe inflicting pain on themselves or others has God’s blessing. That is false. God doesn’t want us to harm ourselves or others in His name. Neither does God want us to embrace any religion. All of them were established by the British and Jewish mafia to create factionalism and conflict among people. Sectarian competition and violence makes it easier for the mafia to exploit the wealth and natural resources of nations.


One of the world’s biggest problems is the monopolistic control by the British and Jewish mafia of oil and gas production and distribution around the world. Jews, in cooperation with the British mafia, are in control of Russia vast energy resources. Nations that lack energy resources are at the mercy of the monopolists. Cuts in energy supplies can result in factory closing as well as increased joblessness, poverty and crime. To secure their energy requirements, these same countries have no other choice than to accept the destructive policies of the British-Jewish mafia and Israel.


To combat the current inequality and injustices, greater international cooperation is needed to ensure the fairer distribution of the world’s oil and gas resources at reasonable prices. This international cooperative needs to eliminate brokers, who manipulate supply and prices to benefit the British-Jewish mafia. Eliminating the middle man will help stabilize prices, ensure better conservation practices and minimize the risks that nations will wage war over scare supplies.


Another common problem is the use of sex to blackmail high-ranking public officials as way of stopping them from taking actions harmful to British-Jewish interests. For example, President Bill Clinton reached out to strengthen relations with Latin America. His efforts were blocked when the British-Jewish mafia revealed the president’s scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky. Nations need to adopt new standards for public officials that distinguish between private and public law breaking. Any punishments should be imposed after these politicians have completed the terms in office. Many U.S. presidents and high-level government officials have been privately breaking laws and betraying their country throughout their careers. When their illegal activities are revealed, these politicians tend to do right for their country. However, illegal actions by many politicians are never revealed after a long career of supporting the dangerous policies of British-Jews agents.


From the beginning of Judaism through the 21st century, Jewish minorities created a series of prophets – Moses, Christ, Muhammad and others and wrote multiple holy books, including the Old Testament (Mosaic Law), the Christian Bible and the Korean. These holy books contain false and conflicting stories that create disputes and provoke wars among Christians and Muslims. For example, Christians say anyone who doesn’t believe Jesus Christ is the son of God is evil and against God. Likewise, some Muslims argue that anyone who doesn’t accept Mohammed or says Muhammad is not the last prophet is anti-Islam and contemptuous of God. There are a multitude of similar stories in the holy books that make fantastic and unbelievable claims about Christ and Mohammed. Throughout history, many of these claims have sparked hatred, violence and war. All of these holy books were written by Jews and nearly all prophets since Moses have been Jewish, including Mohammed.


In fact, Jesus Christ and Muhammad are Jewish. So are the 12 apostles in the New Testament. Nearly all the holy books were written by Jews. It is not surprising, then, that the holy books were written to favor Jews and against Muslims and Christians. That’s why the Bible states that God promised the Jews a place in heaven and a special homeland, Israel. The Jewish authors talk of good relations between Jews and Muslims in the Koran and between Jews and Christians in the Bible. However, both holy books deride the relationship between Muslims and Christians.


As a minority group, Jews have abused their powers for centuries by manufacturing centuries of conflicts between Christians and Muslims. They secretly wrote all the holy books. Then, they used their wealth, education and expertise to promote the false stories in the holy books. Their actions have generated non-stop sectarian hostilities throughout history. Ironically, Jews have enjoyed centuries of solidarity and trust among themselves.


Despite their minority status, Jews have maintained control over entire nations for more than 3,000 years. By amassing enormous power, they have ruled and enslaved large majority populations around the world. Non-Jews are denied power while Jewish leaders provoke hostilities and conflicts among groups within countries and between nations. This tactic of divide-and-conquer enables them to extract the wealth and natural resources of other nations for their own personal gain.


Jews aligned themselves with Great Britain when it emerged as a world power. As allies, they would go on to inflict enormous suffering and destruction worldwide while stealing the wealth and resources of other nations. Their conquests of nations were made easier because of the frequent violence and war between Christians and Muslims, competing religions created by Jews.


It is difficult to comprehend just how intelligent Jews have been on the world stage. For example, Jews promoted the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God. At the same time, Jews hidden within the Roman government plotted to crucify Jesus Christ, thus laying the foundation for a new religion that would embrace Christ as the savior and son of God.


Jews are not the only people who conceal their religious affiliation to achieve political power. British operatives also hide their identities to attain high-ranking positions that give them control over the wealth and resources of other nations. Religious fanatics of all nationalities are the world’s most dangerous people. Most of the fanatical religious leaders are secretly Jewish or British, who have a single mission – to use religious divisions to pursue their destructive policies. If they don’t succeed in achieving their goals by manipulating government institutions, they have direct and indirect control over nuclear arsenals that can be used to start a third world war.


Against this backdrop, the United States and other nations have specific responsibilities.


• All nations need to take steps to prevent other countries for interfering in their internal affairs.

• Everyone needs an identity card listing his race, religion and nationality as well as any past changes in religious and national affiliations. His parents’ affiliations should also be required. Anyone who knowingly provides false information should be labeled a traitor.

• Government policy should not reflect any religious influence or interference.

• All government officials should be selected for the highest positions without any religious litmus test as a qualifying attribute.

• People should follow humanitarian principles in which all religions, (if people refuse their religion, it will be best for favor of people entire world) races and nationalities are treated equally and fairly, and ostracize nations that abuse their power to create disputes between countries.

• The rules of just apply equally for majority and minority citizens.

• Good relations should begin first with neighboring countries and then extend to the world.

• Relationships between nations should be based on justice and providing for the common good of all. If a nation’s natural resources exceed the needs of its people, it should willingly share in ways that help countries deficient in those same resources serve the basic needs of their citizens.

• Nations should manage their own natural resources and not rely on outside brokers, who will benefit from artificially manipulating prices.

• All nations should form a bloc of solidarity to protect all nations from aggressor nations that try to benefit politically and financially by using covert or overt actions to create conflicts and war between countries.

• Diplomatic and economic relationships between nations should be based on fair and equal treatment, regardless of religious, ideological, racial or ethnic considerations.

• Governments should pursue sound conservation practices that protect important natural sites and resources for you use by present and future generations.

• All races and ethnic groups were created by God and should be afforded non-discriminatory equal treatment at all levels of society, with access to all educational and career opportunities.

• All people should cooperate with each other to remove borders and create one international country. It is God’s will to abandon false religions and follow humanitarian values based on a commitment to equality, fairness and peace. In one borderless country, people could move anywhere as long as they respected the customs and traditions in their new location.

• Because God created a world without borders, people can live anywhere and to share in the benefits of all natural resources on Earth.

• All nations should unite to eliminate dictators, the mafia and terrorists who wage war against their fellow citizens and other nations. These rogues should be brought to justice and punished for their crimes.

• All people have the right to access a wide variety of media – television, radio, books, newspapers, magazines – that convey the truth and are free of manipulation and propaganda. People must be protected from censorship and brainwashing techniques. People also have a responsibility to use better judgment and analysis and reject information that ignores facts and attempts to manipulate with emotional appeals.

• Nations need to cooperate to ban legal and illegal exports and imports from their enemies and dictatorial regimes, especially narcotics and products that make people ill.

• People should reject the biggest threats to humanity: authors of dangerous holy books; priests, pastors, mullahs, rabbis and other religious figures; Jews and other people who hide their true religious beliefs so they can achieve high-ranking jobs in which they work for the benefit of the British and Jewish mafia.

• People must support laws that control the ability of individuals who mass vast wealth by impoverishing people and creating high unemployment and crime. Many millionaires and billions are not much different than dangerous criminals. They use their money to buy presidential elections and high-ranking positions in government and business, and then use their power to destroy other nations and finance terrorism. Limiting wealth accumulation (to a million-plus) is acceptable to live a luxurious lifestyle; however using wealth to destroy other nations is criminal.

• People must unite to block the sales to private companies and foreigners of services, industrial capacity, companies and institutes owned by the government. These properties belong to the people of a specific nation.


Nearly all nations are governed by a mafia government with worldwide links to other mafia governments. All of these mafia governments share one common goal – complete control of all of the world’s oil and other natural resources. The British mafia is the first and main link in the chain and controls other mafia governments. The British mafia’s senior partner is the Jewish mafia which collaborates to benefit the Israeli mafia. These partners are not friends of Israel or the British or Jewish people. They rule through a network of spies and agents in high-ranking positions in government, business and religion in every nation. Their mission is to gain and maintain control of every government. Through their selected presidents and prime ministers, they control the military and the legislative and judicial systems. By dominating the entire government apparatus, they are able to appropriate the wealth and resources of every nation.


In fact, high-ranking Jews often conceal their religion and claim they are Christians. They use their Christian affiliation to create additional Protestants denominations that will engender religious disagreements and conflicts. By concealing their religion, Jews have infiltrated the Church of England and the royal family, giving them a strong voice in controlling the British people and vast amounts of wealth worldwide. Ironically, Jews have found it easy to wield influence because Britain has been ruled by Jewish royalty for generations. As a result, the Jewish mafia has extensive experience breaking down countries into smaller, more easily controlled, states. They have invested billions in China from the money they’ve earned in United States and Europe. Their goal is to convert China into an economic powerhouse while causing economic hardships, high unemployment and crime in the United States and Europe. Their goal is preside over the breaking up the United States, Europe and other nations, making it easier to exploit the wealth and resources of others.


Churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious institutions serve no other purpose than to prepare people physically and psychologically for brainwashing. Zealots use all kinds of tools to indoctrinate their followers: various so-called holy books; television and radio programs that are pure fiction and propaganda; and naïve parents who brainwash their children. The result is generation after generation of brainwashed people who cling to false religions that violate humanitarian principles. Common sense and deep, analytical thinking are ignored as people enslave their minds by willing accept false religions. They are easily led to commit violent, destructive acts against others worldwide. This is the ultimate insult to God.


One of the most dangerous practices is the use of sex to control high-ranking government officials. Evil, sexy, beautiful women are used to lure and compromise politicians, making them easy targets for blackmail and corruption. Blackmail is most common in Muslim countries, where homosexuality is used to control actions by targeted politicians. Sex is natural and it is hard to say no when a beautiful woman shows her body and invites a man for sex. Even if a man is married, it is difficult to resist the trickery of a beautiful woman. When a woman lures a man for sex, a man cannot think clearly or control himself. There are many stories throughout history in which men have been led to self-destruction by beautiful women. Today, the British and Jewish mafia use women to lure men in important jobs. Once these men have been comprised, they are easily blackmailed into taking dangerous and destructive actions that go against their country’s best interests.


Unfortunately, people who steal, cheat and commit other crimes to amass great wealth are rarely arrested or prosecuted. They are either freed or receive light fines and short jail sentences if convicted of wrongdoing. On the contrary, people who steal food or money to avoid starvation are arrested and receive long jail sentences. They are housed with dangerous criminals who lead them to a life of homosexuality and more serious crime.


British and Jewish mafia agents are now using a new invention, the Veri Chip. This device is smaller than a grain of rice and can be implanted without pain under the skin. Once implanted, the agents can gather all the information they want from that individual. With this dangerous mind-controlling device, the British and Jewish mafia can enslave anyone anywhere at any time. They are masters at using propaganda to generate fear of terrorism, even though the British and Jewish mafia created all terrorist networks to work on their behalf. They can easily persuade a fearful public that they can protect themselves against terrorism if they agree to a VeriChip implantation that will give them full mind control.


The British and Jewish mafia will convince people to accept the Verichip first for personal identification and then later for implantation under the skin. The mafia’s plan will be to control food, oil and other essential needs. Eventually, they will require the use of the Verichip instead of cash for making all purchases. Once the Verichip has been accepted, people would be required to have it implanted under their skin. People will become permanently enslaved once they realize they cannot make purchases of any kind without the Verichip implant.


The Iranian government, a mafia operation, was established by the world’s most dangerous terrorists and Shiite religious fanatics. Government leaders come from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. All speak Farsi. Most are British spies. Many are dangerous, criminal homosexuals. Others are Shiite zealots who hate the Iranian people who are committed to working on behalf of the British and Jewish mafia. In fact, British spies running the Iranian government pose the greatest threat to world peace and stability. Their actions are especially hostile to Muslims, especially Sunnis, and endanger the lives of Israelis. Historically, Iran has coexisted peacefully with Jews, who are well represented as a minority. However, the Iranian government has allowed the secret importation of cheap narcotics. The result is widespread addiction and illness as well as lost productivity among sizable parts of an enslaved population. All of this turmoil is part of master plan for control by the British and Jewish mafia.


In fact, Jews who conceal their religious and racial identity and then form a strong secret service agency to wreak havoc around the world are more dangerous than nuclear weapons. This secrecy makes the Jewish mafia just as lethal as the British mafia.


If the government and citizens of a country learn they have been fed false information and lies, they have an obligation to expose those who are responsible and prosecute them harshly as traitors and for espionage. They must also share any information about spies with other nations so they too can prosecute the wrongdoing.


All religions are responsible for poisoning the minds of their followers and insulting God. Even today, people worship different statues and different gods and prophets who lived centuries ago. In the end, it doesn’t matter if people believe in Christ, Shiva, Buda, Mohammed or other prophets. Once we die, we all become dust. It will be irrelevant whether we worshiped statues with beautiful faces or prophets who died centuries ago in Arab countries, or if we believed in no religion.


Change may seem impossible. However, if only a few people – maybe one hundred or less – rule one city or one country, they can destroy everything. Such control by so few people can be easy if they conceal their religious beliefs, possess great wealth and have an extensive spy network to do their bidding. For example, if millions of Jews bind together in trust and cooperation, they will form an unbroken link worldwide. They can control the politics and economy of any nation. They can monopolize on all data and secrets and all science and technology and use to their advantage against people all over the world.


By hiding their religious identities, Jews cooperated among themselves and with the British mafia to create multiple religious denominations that have been willing to go to war against each other to defend false theologies and false holy books. Inducing religious conflicts enables the British and Jewish mafia to enslave and distract whole nations as they pillage them of their wealth and resources.


Adhering to the sole beliefs of any one religion violates the will of God. The world’s most cataclysmic events and disasters were caused by members of the British and Jewish mafia who cooperated to conceal their religion and nationality to attain high-ranking positions in government, business and religion to destroy other nations.


By law, everyone should have to declare his nationality and religious affiliation as well the religious beliefs of their ancestors. Those who have changed religions or nationality must also declare their new affiliations on their identity cards. In an open society, full disclosure should be required of all citizens. Those who decline to reveal the information should be branded traitors against God and humanity.


Uncovering the truth is difficult. Dictators use censorship to conceal the truth. While many people know the truth, they conceal the facts – deluding themselves into thinking they can hold onto money and power even after death.


God will support people – even non-believers – if they live their lives by humanitarian values. God created man and gave him the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. We must respect the rights of others. We know instinctively it is wrong to steal, cheat and kill others. All societies can develop a culture in which everyone engages in good talk, good thoughts and good acts.


Good and bad people exist everywhere – in every race, nationality and religion. No one group is all good or all bad. When discussing a group, it is accurate to say “some” Jews, “some” British, etc. However, it is reasonable to say that nearly all mafia government members are bad.


Everyone is free to change his religion. However, he can’t abandon his religion without accepting a substitute religion. Throughout history, Jews have been a minority group that has controlled majority non-Jewish populations in every country. They have gained power and control by supporting each other while concealing their religious beliefs. They use their education and wealth to secretly help other Jews attain riches and rise to positions of power. And they play on a world stage in which Jews are connected through a supportive international network. At the same time, they conspire to block non-Jews from achieving prominence. Their primary tactic for maintaining control is to “divide and conquer” the majority by creating religious rivalries and hostilities. Jews falsified the holy books (Bible and Koran) and rely on the passionate propaganda of religious zealots to intensify religious conflict. For centuries, Jews have amassed enormous wealth and power by dividing people over religious differences.


As a minority group, Jews have gained and held onto power by manipulating majority populations with religious propaganda. They authored all the holy books (Bible and Koran), filling them with extravagant claims and falsehoods. They also made multiple changes in the holy books to create different rival denominations. Then, they fund massive propaganda efforts to indoctrinating people into fanatical devotion to various religious beliefs. Once indoctrinated with false religious beliefs, believers are easily exploited and steered into conflicts with rival religions. These conflicts can occur within a single or country or between nations. Hence, the frequency of wars fought over religion down through the centuries. The ongoing religious strife enables Jews to maintain political control over majority populations in nearly every nation.


This strategy has been successful for generations. By destroying a country from within, Jews consolidate their minority control over a majority population. They also rely on an elaborate spy network and infiltrate democratically elected governments, regimes and royal families to tighten their grip on power. In all instances, they have perpetuated their ongoing hold on power for centuries. From the time of King David in Israel to Adolph Hitler – a tool of British royalty and a fellow Jew – they have participated in power games. Indirectly, they supported Hitler’s rise to power and the holocaust. While many Jews were murdered, so were many Christians who were counted as Jews. The number of Jews killed was far less than the six million usually quoted. The reality is that fewer than 100,000 Jews were killed in the holocaust. However, Jews used the number as propaganda to build support and pave the way for a Jewish state. In the aftermath of Israel’s creation, Jews have cooperated worldwide through a vast network of spies and attained high-ranking government positions in super power nations – Russia, the United States and France – as well as Arab countries.


Once Israel was established, Jews everywhere shifted their first loyalty to the new state, regardless of their country of birth or citizenship. Today, Jews control the economic, political and military institutions of Great Britain, the United States, Russia and nearly all of Europe. This control extends to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of all these governments. They solidify their control because they occupy by high-ranking jobs as lawmakers, lawyers, judges, intelligence officers and business and military leaders. Given this broad scope of control, Jews are virtually immune from criminal prosecutions. Criminal convictions are readily overturned. And non-Jews who fight against their power face dire consequence.


One tactic that has been especially effective is the use of beautiful Jewish women who hide their religion while infiltrating royal families through marriage. Obviously, the male and female offspring of these unions gave them royal lineage and prospects for continued power and rule. Jews also conceal their religious identity to attain high-ranking positions and use attractive women to compromise and blackmail politicians from majority groups. Likewise, they use their power to pass domestic and international laws that are detrimental to people but protect their financial interests. They also take over ownership of private and public companies around the world and use their control to shift investments to China and other countries. They leave behind nations that are impoverished, targets of terrorism and victims of rising crime rates. They can also use their influence to spark small- and large-scale wars.


For more than 2,500 years, Jews have held onto and increased their power around the world. In tandem, they have grown substantially richer generation after generation.


The emblems below are of the world’s two most powerful nations – number one, Israel, and number two, Great Britain.

As the illustration show, the Israeli logo has 12 angles while the British logo has eight. So these logo shows the power and influence and interfere of each one against the world England rule this world by mention 8 angle points to show in their map, it is meaning British rule the world, except Israel, China, Russia, England but Jewish people control entire world by 8 angle points plus 4 angle points = 12 points. So, Israel, control the entire world (including England, Russia, China, and Israel) for their favor against people of the world.


It is shameful that Jews represent only two percent of the U.S. population yet control the military as well as 90 percent of American Christians. Likewise, Jews comprise only two percent of the world’s population but control 90 percent of people around the globe. Jews have been able to subjugate the rest of the world with the false religions it created to maintain their grip on power. It is ludicrous to believe religious falsehoods created during a time when there were no newspapers or other media to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the religious writers’ claims and assertions. How can we believe what is recorded centuries ago when we can’t even get the truth today from the media?


Nothing written in the holy books or about religion and prophets is true. They were written by people whose only agenda was to indoctrinate and makes slaves of others in ways beneficial to Jewish political and financial interest. Their writings have no interest in promoting humanitarian values.


From early childhood, Jews teach their children mastery of business, politics and the art and science of religious espionage. At an early age, these children learn how to conceal their true religion and gain entry into other religions, where they gather and report back “intelligence” to the Jewish community. Their expertise in medicine, science, law and religion gives them access to the highest ranking, highest paying positions in government and business. They teach their daughters to conceal their religious and ethnic identity so they can marry into wealthy, non-Jewish families, where they gather information to transmit back to the Jewish community.


Terrorist acts include stealing weapons, hostage taking and killing. However, terrorism takes other less visibly lethal forms: using legal and illegal means to earn or steal wealth and invest it another country or controlling food supplies to create shortages and inflation. Other indirect terrorist activities include using religious differences to create violence and warfare; falsifying a nation’s history and holy books, or changing the facts in ways that lead to violence and warfare within a country or between nations; and abusing executive power to kill innocent people instead of criminals. A nation’s legislature can be guilty of indirect terrorism by enacting laws that: allow investments to move abroad while increasing unemployment and crime at home; increase divorce rates and make marriages more difficult to enter into; or sell of publicly owned land to private companies. Judicial “terrorism” can take multiple forms, including convicting innocent citizens while allowing the guilty to go free. For example, the guilty parties behind the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky sex scandal escaped prosecution. Lewinsky was recruited to use her sexuality to lure Clinton into an embarrassing encounter that could be proved by physical evidence. Efforts to prosecute Clinton were intended to stop his diplomatic initiative to improve relations with Latin America and other nations around the world. Improving relations between the United States and Latin America posed a serious threat to British and Jewish interests in the wealth and resources in Latin countries.


Unfortunately, many senators voted against Clinton. By supporting Lewinsky, many Jewish organizations paved the way for the indirect takeover of the U.S. government by Israeli interests. Under the circumstances, it is wrong to vigorously pursue terrorists abroad while ignoring the more serious threats within the U.S. government.


For centuries, Jews have used women as sexual lures to target high-ranking politicians. The truth is that enemies of Clinton and his efforts to improve relations with Latin America used sexual entrapment to stop him. Sex is a powerful weapon. It can be more dangerous than the atom bomb. Under most circumstance, no one can refuse a sexual advance. That is the world has more than seven billion people. British and Jewish spies knew the value of using Lewinsky to entrap Clinton into a sexually compromising situation and arranged the entrapment to use to their political advantage.


It is wrong when the U.S. military, unsuspectingly working on behalf of British and Israeli mafia, is deployed to target terrorists in other countries while ignoring terrorists at home. It is especially egregious to target terrorists overseas while terrorists in America provoke disputes over race, religion and national origin or cause an economic collapse that leads to high unemployment and crime. The terrorist who need to be targeted include those who caused and benefited from the collapse of the real estate market. Worse than any overseas terrorists are spies who hide their identities to attain high government jobs and then work against U.S. interests and for Israel.


This situation isn’t unique to the United States. The British people are equally good and simple. However, their lives are indirectly controlled by the British government, the Jewish mafia and the Jewish royal family. The truth is Jewish connections rule the economies, religions and executive, legislative and judicial branches of all governments worldwide. As a ruling network, they never betray each other as they have increased their power century after century. In-depth research would reveal that Jews in all countries are the best educated and wealthiest people and hold the highest ranking positions in government, business and religion.


Before creating Israel, Jews posed little danger to the rest of the world. Now that Israel is a reality, there first loyalties are strengthening the Jewish state through a network of spies in Britain, the United States, France and Russia. These spies exploit and weaken other nations so that Israel will be more powerful.


Jews even use their laws to control the graveyards of Christians in USA. This is but one example of how much Jews uses their high-ranking government positions to control nearly all aspects of life. They wrote the Bible and the Koran to manipulate Christians and Muslims. Then secretly and in wrong way, they prove the “truth” of the holy books so that prophesies become reality.


The fact is that in most nations nearly all members of the executive branch and military take orders from British and Jewish mafia leaders. Such blind submission makes all government leaders slaves to other powerful forces. These mafia leaders are responsible for death and tragedy around the world and must be held accountable for their wrongdoing.


All nations and their citizens must respect the rights of minorities. It is God’s will. Historically, those in the majority have trampled on the rights of minorities. The oppression of minorities forces many people to unite and hide their religion, race or ethnicity to attain high-ranking jobs. By not respecting minority rights, societies seal their own fate as minorities find ways to protect themselves from the tyranny of the majority. To defuse the power of majority rule, Jews authored competing holy books and rival religious denominations to create social divisions and violence, allowing them to take over positions of power. For example, Jews infiltrated the British royal family through marriage to give them maximum control over all levels of power worldwide. Thereby, Jews worldwide receive extraordinary protections and have the power to unleash massive destruction in other countries. At the same time, Jewish infiltration of the United States gives Jews protection worldwide and optimum control over the resources of a powerful nation.


The same situation applies around the world as Britain and Israel have attained control over the resources of all nations. These powers use force and fear to foment violence and war and then exploit weakened nations to gain control over the production, distribution and prices of oil and other natural resources. Meanwhile, nations that own these resources are denied access to meet the basic needs of their citizens.


Nearly all U.S. movies are produced under the control of British and Jewish companies. The themes of these movies are intended to create disputes among countries.


The United Nations has a responsibility to monitor the treatment of prisoners worldwide. Special efforts must be made to prevent criminal acts within prisons, especially homosexual assaults that create a permanent class of new criminals. The United Nations must also work to ensure world peace. Israel needs to be protected against attacks by neighboring Arab countries. Likewise, Arab countries deserve U.N. protection from Israeli attacks.


Israel is the headquarters where all decisions are made that impact all nations. Israel can instigate wars, create new borders and nations, destabilize economies and political institutions, and spark religious violence. The decision making follows a routine pattern: Israel refers its decisions to British headquarters where the British and Israeli mafia plan and implement the decision. The final decision is for their main executive headquarters to act against USA and the world referred to spies and agents in the United States. The mafia governments may also use the military and diplomatic power of their colonies to carry out the British/Jewish mafia plan of action. From its inception in Israel to its implementation, the plan will ultimately result in great concentrations of wealth and power in the hands of the British/Jewish mafia.

It should be obvious that no country has the right to control another country against its will.


To achieve peace, each nation must pass laws that require identification cards that list the religious, racial and national origin. Citizens should be required to indicate if they have changed religions and the religious and nationality of ancestors. Many people want to select their doctor, lawyer and other service professionals who are like themselves. But different nationalities and races don’t trust each other and may do more harm than good against their “ enemies” A national identification card that reveal all affiliations will prevent sabotage against individual. Requiring identification with true, accurate information will prevent spies and agents from infiltrating governments and misusing their power to oppress other people and exploit another nation’s resources.


Citizens of the United States, Britain and other nations need to investigate decisions made and laws enacted by high-ranking government officials. All decisions made by kings, prime ministers, cabinet officials and department heads should be scrutinized. Religious leaders should be subjected to the same scrutiny. Once investigated, officials who are suspected of being spies, mafia members or traitors should be face legal consequences and punished, if found guilty.


Anyone in a high-ranking job and those working for them are there to serve the people in the country that elected them. It is criminal when people in high office abuse their public trust for personal gain or for the benefit of other nations.


All nations must respect the borders of all other countries.


The United Nations, which was established to serve all people of the world, needs to pass laws to punish countries that abuse their power in their dealings with other nations. U.N. officials must guard against nations that pretend to be acting for world peace while the results indicate they are serving the interests of mafia governments.


How is it now possible to solve the world’s problems when nearly all governments are run by mafia organizations that include spies and criminal homosexuals? How can problems be resolved when nations are ruled by thugs committed to using their citizens’ wealth and resources for personal gain and how is it possible to solve the problem people entire world that the all members of UN are mafia from mafia countries?


In fact, short-time concubine marriage cause people to refuse homosexual behavior, including rape and other acts that create a permanent criminal class. In short time marriage between woman and man to cooperate each other to make agreement to live for period time as wife and husband, if they like each other to repeat time or marriage for live forever. Marriage short time has all condition of marriage regular except time.


While there are probably fewer than 100,000 mafia members may be more or less worldwide, they have enormous power to advance their own interests at the expense of the other more than 7 billion. What is need is for the 7 billion to stage an international revolution that fights back with the support of good members serving in the military and government. They need to target elimination of the mafia, criminals and terrorists of all stripes – economic, political and religious.


If people of every country in this world don’t fight against their own terrorist governments and country and against the international terrorists in this world, then they are traitors against themselves, against their country, then their traitors against their upcoming generations in the future and their generation, as well as them will be traitors against the world and against God. In fact the mafia and terrorist of the world are not only some Jewish and English, but they are from many countries in this world to cooperate with English and Jewish mafia against people of the world.


Mafia organizations, terrorists and criminals are not monolithic. They come from different religions and nationalities and speak many languages. They occupy many different jobs all around the world.


Many people now in prisons in the United States and other nations are innocent. They were simply defending themselves, their property, their principles or their lives against real criminals. They were charged and were unable to prove their innocence in court.


All of us have obligation to read and think deeply to learn the truth about any subject. We should learn to cooperate more with others who are equally committed to using their brains to distinguish between fact and fiction. Working together, they should share the truth with others around the world.


It is safe to assume the British royal family is secretly Jewish and that they are working to benefit fellow Jews worldwide. In Germany, the royal family cooperated with Hitler, a British-Jewish spy) in a plot that included the holocaust as a necessary step that would lead to the creation of Israel.


Nancy Pelosi, former House speaker, the chief of congress in USA, was not telling the truth when she claimed she was unaware of illegal water boarding and torture by the CIA of prisoners at Guantanamo. As the head of congress and a Jew, she has access to and the full support of the best lawyers and judges (who are mostly Jews). The fact is Pelosi was informed of the torture, and she was shielded by Jewish supporters against any criticism or retribution.


Among America’s 300 million-plus citizens, most are Christians. However, they are controlled by six million Jews who work on behalf of Israeli interest. The same is true in Russia, where a handful of Jews control a nation of more than 180 million.


Most Americans are simple and unaware of the role British and Jewish mafia play in their government. They are native about the extent to which the United States is used to support a dangerous Israeli agenda that destroys America’s reputation as a force for good around the world. Under the circumstances, all nations need to help the United States to reclaim its independence from destructive outside influences.


Iran’s situation is unfortunate. Each time Iranians have attempted a legitimate revolution, their efforts have been undermined by the mafia and religious leaders have cooperated with enemies to take over and destroy Iran. In fact, nearly all government mafia and religious leaders in Iran are Jews who pretend to be Muslims. While the Iranian people have not caused problems for British and Jews people, the Iranian people have been victims of the British and Jewish mafia. By targeting Iran, the mafia wants to control and exploit that nation’s oil and other natural resources.


It is wrong that 20 million Jews and British subjects are able to control the lives of more than seven billion people around the world. Conversely, it is wrong that these same seven billion people hate the world’s 20 million Jews and do not accept their rightful place as citizens of the independent state of Israel. All nations need to respect the rights of minorities. In return minorities such as Jews must halt the practice of concealing their religious and racial identity to secretly attain high-ranking positions in other nations.


People who embrace the wide range of religions practiced around the world have been brainwashed. This indoctrination comes from religious leaders and generation after generation of ancestors. Jews are especially egregious brainwashing experts. They conceal their beliefs and pretend to embrace other religions. Then, they rely on their allies and their wealth to attain religious leadership positions. As leaders, they fabricate new beliefs and subdivide different faiths into new denominations. The resulting rivalries and friction leads to violence and war. The British and Jewish mafia exploits this divisiveness to control entire majority populations. Religious brainwashing has been practiced since ancient times and continues to the present day with the support of the British mafia. The tactic has served Jewish interests well throughout history as evidenced by nonstop religious violence and war.


People need to take charge of their lives by abandoning religions that support the dangerous policies of the Jewish and British mafia. Instead, devotion should be given only to the true God who watches over all people.


People need to enlist the support of good Jewish and British people who are interested in true peace and stability around the world. They need to unite to prevent the British and Jewish mafia from buying banks, public property, government institutions and companies that belong to the citizens. People need to stand up and resist mafia efforts to grab power and control the United States and other nations.


A surprising small number of people in the world control trillions of dollars. Some of this wealth was acquired legally. Much of it represents accumulations of vast sums attained from illegally from exploiting others and passing on to descendent. These super rich are able to use their economic power to trigger inflation, poverty, crime and joblessness. Their abuse of wealth is a major cause of psychosis and suicide around the world. Some of that wealth goes to fund terrorism and to engineer violence and war between nations.


All nations share a responsibility to confiscate some of illicitly gained wealth of the super rich and use it for programs that meet the basic needs of people. The capitalist system needs to be replaced with a socialist model to prevent the bankruptcy and destruction of each nation. The concentration of so much wealth in the hands of Jewish and British billionaires is poisonous


The military presents a unique problem in every country. For example, a country with a population of 900,000 military people may have only 50 military officers who are Jewish or British spies. They conceal their Jewish roots and rise to prominent military positions where they conspire with mafia governments against the best interests of their own country.


Ideally, this same military would have 50 men who would stand up and lead a rebellion against the 50 military spies and the mafia government they protect. It can be hoped that news of their success would lead to other similar revolutions against mafia governments worldwide and usher in a new era of peaceful governments who act in the best interests of their citizens. To achieve peace, people need to stop cooperating with their destructive mafia governments. People also need to band together with other nations to throw the corrupt mafia governments around the world. Spies and agents should be expelled and good government officials who work on behalf of the people should be rewarded with promotions and salary increases.


Jews conceal their religious identity and assume false identities in other religions. As priests, mullahs or pastors and else, they preach false stories from holy books written by Jews to benefit Jews. For example, when the Assyrian royalty unjustly imprisoned Jews in 623 B.C., Jewish prophets on Bible said the Assyrians would never have their own nation again. The prediction proved true as Jews squelch all Assyrian attempts to rebuild their nation. When Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon, he freed the Jews, earning him a special mention in the Bible. By writing such prophesies and then making them come true, Jews earn credibility and convince people of the accuracy and truth of their predictions. Once entrapped by these religious falsehoods, believers become fanatically devoted and are willing to wage war on anyone who disputes the veracity of their beliefs. Such fanaticism gives Jews control over large segments of the population and enables them to take actions that benefit their financial interest.


This religious indoctrination has served Jews well for centuries. Once an individual has been brainwashed, it is nearly impossible to remove the “religious poison.” Once the entire population has been brainwashed, the task of curing is even more difficult. The only anti-toxin is to use reason and rational think to guide people to the truth and rid them of their religious toxins.


During the formative years, it is important that the youth be given a high-quality education – free of religious propaganda – that will guide them to the truth. When males and females are in the same schools, they will naturally come into physical contact with each other. The contact will led them to have sex, and the gratification will lead them to have more sex, destroying their personalities even before they reach puberty. They will lose interest in education and will marry as soon as they reach puberty, if they have money. If they lack income, they have can have a concubine.


In the Shiite religion, men and women are not allowed to have girlfriend or boyfriends. However, by law, a concubine can exist between a male and female in which they live together, have sex and agree to support each other financially. As time passes, they can commit together for life or leave. If they have a baby together, they must support the baby as if they were legally married. Conversely, if they were merely girlfriend and boyfriend, they will not be required support the raising of a child same as concubine. Merely dating each other is not beneficial because neither party is required to support each other or any child they may have together. If the relationship ends, their personalities will suffer as they are judged to be similar to prostitutes.


All people share a common, humanitarian bond. We should by humanitarian values, die peacefully and believe in the only true God.


God, the creator, wants people to give up all religions and create only one country. This means are world without borders and without religion, governed by universal humanitarian love and principles. Such a single international country is the will of God and provides for the greatest happiness for all people.


People should abide by the principles of “good thought, good talk and good acts” by Zoroaster and as describe in the famous Iranian poem of Saudi centuries ago

All humans are connected to each other through creation

In creation of substance and soul

If one member is in grief

And effects all humans, easiness will remain,

If you don’t feel for humanity

The name of humanity, you can’t be human.


People of every race – regardless of their language or where they live – enjoy God’s love and blessing. People must respect the rights of others everywhere and believe God is eternal and exists everywhere. He is always watching us. God promises great rewards after death for those who live my humanitarian values and respects the rights of all people.


God views favorably efforts by the Unite d States, Britain and other nations to guide mafia governments to reform its actions. This includes respecting the rights and dignity of Jews and non-Jews alike. Jews, the most powerful nations and minorities should not have the right to sue their might to rule over majority populations in other nations. Now that Jews have their own country, they should be barred from controlling other governments. Currently, Jews use their superior education, their preeminence in the professions and wealth to attain high-ranking jobs in countries around the world. They attain political power through a worldwide network that enables them to conceal their religious and racial identity and meddle in the affairs of all nations. They exert their strongest control over Great Britain and the United States where their accumulation of wealth creates poverty, resentment and crime as well hostility and violence among nations under the control of mafia governments. This paradigm has and will continue to be a prescription for tragedy and death. Whatever happens in the United States affects the world, and every tragedy that happens elsewhere in the world affects the United States.


The world has a unique bond with the United States. People must work to support the United States. In turn, the United States must work to benefit the rest of the world. Unfortunately, most people are slaves and gladiators (or slaves) to brutal, oppressive mafia governments. They fight among each other to survive.


These mafia governments are similar to the Roman Empire. They cause civil unrest within a country and hostilities and warfare between nations. The result is that many innocent people lose their lives under the leadership of governments that work only in favor of governments headquartered in Britain and Israel.


For centuries, the mafia has been responsible for tragedies in the United States and around the world. U.S. President George W. Bush demonstrated by his actions that he was working against the best interests of the American people. His deployment of troops to Iraq favored only the British and Jewish mafia and not the United States. It underscored the continuation of nearly three centuries of policies that have harmed America.


China has created its own spy network (more same its race) to operate in similar ways to British and Jewish mafia


Unfortunately, the British and Jewish mafia supports a more powerful China to challenge the United States for supremacy. The mafia’s goal is to weaken America’s standing in its relationships with other nations. Its objective may also be to trigger a war between China and the United States, resulting in a breakdown of both nations and greater mafia control over wealth and resources. This pattern of divide and conquer goes back centuries and has been used successful to expand the reach of Jewish power around the world.


Despite their power, members of the Jewish mafia will never find contentment and happiness. The only way to find true happiness is if a few good Jews who understand religion offer proof that all religions are part of a Jewish conspiracy to control people and are completely false. All religions – especially Christians and Muslims – are more dangerous than nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction because they are capable of destroy whole societies and nations.


Jews – who hide their religious identity – exercise complete control over religious laws governing Islam, Christianity and other religions. Those who criticize or blaspheme religious beliefs established by Jews will be punished or killed.


Challenging the truth poses great dangers. Some believers will readily abandon their religion if they are exposed to the truth and facts about their faith. However, even when faced with the facts, some believers will not retreat and will hold onto their religious beliefs. Such strong differences of opinion could lead to hostilities and violence – and, in some cases, war. Jews – who created all religions – would play a major role in intensifying any conflicts because they have used religious conflict for centuries to maintain their power and control over majority populations. The fact is people worldwide need to abandon all religions. It is a matter of survival that will save their lives and their countries. To eliminate the negative impact of religion, all people must be required to carry identification cards showing their religious affiliations and must stop interfering in the affairs of other nations. This applies especially to British and Jewish spies.

To learn the truth, people should be guided by the following:

The sons of Adam are citizens of world

Made of just one substance


If one of the a country feels pain

Other should feel it


If you don’t share the pain and distress in other countries


Neither your or your name will count as humanity




The only way to prevent Jewish and British mafia interference in another country’s internal affairs is to require each person carry an identification card that lists religion, nationality and race. Such an ID card is the only way to prevent destruction of nations by the Jews and British mafia.


By infiltrating the royal family, Jews have destroyed Great Britain. They can do the same to the United States. The assertion of Jewish control would be nothing new. For centuries, Jews have been a minority in every country, yet they have continuously attained high-ranking positions in every country to rule majority populations. The fact of Jewish dominance needs to be understood and accepted as real.


Today, nearly 80 percent of the world’s wealth belongs to the Jewish mafia, which includes Freemasons, the mafia, British royal family and Israelis. Given so much power, they exert control and exploit the wealth and natural resources in every country. In addition to the United Kingdom, the Jewish mafia controls all of Europe, with agents occupying most high-ranking government positions. It is difficult to learn the extent to which the Jewish mafia has infiltrated governments in Asia and Africa. The Jewish mafia has transferred a vast amount of wealth to invest in China. By withdrawing their wealth in the United States and Europe, they have destroyed the economies of both countries. This wealth transfer is part of a plan to create future conflicts – and possibly war – between the United States and China.


Jews routinely strike deals with China to export cheap guns and weapons to third world nations where they used in civil or border war with other nations. The arms sales and the resulting violence all benefit the Jews mafia.


Islam and Christianity are the world’s most dangerous religions. Their holy books, written by Jewish scholars, are filled with extravagant claims and false stories – with numerous deletions and edits over centuries to benefit the Jewish and British agenda. Millions have been willing to die to defend the honor of the gods and prophets portrayed in their holy books. These martyrs believe they will be rewarded in heaven for defending the faith. For example, wars have been fought to settle whether Christ is the son of God. Likewise, people who refused to accept that Mohammad is God’s last prophet are considered evil and branded a nonbeliever by many Muslims. The simple is that for centuries, generation after generation have been brainwashed into becoming true believers for all these false religions.


By creating multiple false religions and concealing their true religious identities, Jews rise into high-ranking jobs as lawyers, judges and politicians. As well-educated people, Jews control the political process, economics and military of all nations – and use their power to become wealthy. It is peculiar that a minority of about 20 million Jews could control nearly seven billion people around the world through mafia governments and dictatorship entire world.


Rebelling against the Jewish world dominance is nearly impossible. If other nations don’t rally to support the Iranian people, how is it possible for a revolution that truly benefits citizens ever succeed? The Iranian people are up against a mafia government that has the backing of the British and Jewish mafia and is armed with dangerous weapons it will use to stamp out any uprising. Iranian rebels need the support of outsiders because they have no weapons powerful enough to defeat the superior arms of their dictatorial government. Supporters of Iran can help expose the brutality and criminality of the Iranian regime to the rest of the world.


If non-Iranians don’t support an Iranian revolution, then won’t support any revolutions around the world to free people from mafia control and exploitation.


Jews have a special obligation to prove they are not part of a conspiracy that supports centuries-old oppressive, brutal mafia governments around the world. If mafia governments will cease their destructive rule and institute true humanitarian reforms, then they are entitled to retain their jobs and continue without problems.


International laws are needed to reduce the concentration and influence of wealth of billionaires. Income needs to be distributed more equitably among all people. The wealthy shouldn’t be allowed to use their wealth to oppress others while denying them access to adequate means to support their families. The truth is that anyone who accumulated such vast amounts of money did so illegally by cheating and “enslaving” others for generations and generations.


International laws should also prevent the mafia and other evildoers from accessing the VeriChip, a micro-technology that when implanted allows others to control the human brain. This chip is the size of grain of rice and can be implanted without pain under the skin. Once implanted, the thoughts and behaviors of individuals can be controlled by remote computers.


The VeriChip is touted by mafia governments as the most effective tool for identifying terrorists. However, these governments have no such agenda. They created the terrorists groups to work on their behalf, and therefore know who the individual members are.


If people are willing to focus on world hunger, they will learn that millions of Africans as well as citizens of other nations suffer daily from food shortages, starvation and access to the basic necessities of life. Photos and video have repeatedly shown the world images of starving people who have been reduced to skin and bones.


Who is most responsible for these deplorable human conditions? The answer lies in the direct and indirect cooperation of religious fanatics, racists, dictatorial and mafia governments and greedy and avaricious people. Billionaires use their wealth – especially in African nations – to create terrorism, violence and killing as they steal countries’ resources and wealth. In effect, they prevent nations from creating the political and business institutions needed to develop resources and wealth that will better the lives of citizens. While the people of impoverished nations face starvation, the rich countries are well-fed as they implement policies that destroy poorer nations and push them into a continuous violence and warfare led by brutal dictators.


So who should be accountable for the tragedies of African nations? All people must accept responsibility for failing to expose and eliminate the evildoing of the worldwide mafia network. To absolve themselves, people need to back an international revolution against mafia governments and dictatorships that are the primary source for worldwide suffering. For example, Iran’s problems are the same problems experienced by other nations under the control of mafia governments operating under the sponsorship of the British and Jewish mafia around the world.


The Real Iranian Threat


It not possible for Iranian or other nationalities to successful launch a revolution against the British- Jewish mafia or their dangerous leaders and their homosexual members, if they don’t have weapon. It’s even more difficult to wage a revolution when the Iranian government uses soldiers from other countries. Many don’t even speak the same language and yet are well-armed with modern weapons


Iranians who have supported their government for more than 30 years do not really understand just how dangerous their leaders are. They are blind to the reality of major social problems, including the abuse of drugs that have been supplied by their own government. They ignore the fact that soldiers and police speak languages other than the native languages. These foreigners have operated secretly by singling out regime opponents for interrogation, torture and imprisonment. Iranians also don’t understand Rastafarian's role in an explosion that killed 72 countrymen. It is especially odd that the United States knew of Iranian President Ahmadinejad he hostage-taking at the American embassy in 1979. Yet, the United States took no action against Ahmadinejad went to the United Nations, offering proof that secretly the United States has good relations with Iran through the British and Jewish mafia.


It is difficult for Iranians to comprehend that nearly all most all Islamic religious leaders are Jews who conceal their religious identifies as they advocate heretical Muslim beliefs. For example, the name “” has existed for generation in Mousavi. Its meaning is derived from “Moses” and it is Jewish. Khomeini, Khamenei and other current leaders are of ancestry. Mousavi However, it is secret shared only among Jews.


People have a duty to honor the rights of animals and all of God’s creation. This means caring for and protecting them from abuse and cruelty. They are beneficial to all mankind. The United States and Europe have adopted laws that provide strong protections for animals.


By concealing their religious and racial identity, Jews have risen to high-powered jobs in Russia. They have achieved the same level of control in Britain as part of the royal family, the House of Lords and other important institutions. They use similar deceit to achieve high-ranking U.S. government positions and then adopt laws and take other actions that are harmful to the economy and America’s standing in the world. They engineered the economic collapse of the United States in 2008 and then redirected their investments to China. By strengthening China economically, they hope to create tensions that will culminate in war with the United States.


Jewish control of Russia has one future goal: a disastrous war between Russia and the United States that establish full Jewish mafia control over the wealth and resources of both nations. A similar breakup by the Jewish mafia is planned for Iran, under the leadership of their British-Jewish spies Khamenei, Mousavi, Rafsanjani and . Karoubi heir goal in Iran: to create hostilities between Iran and its Kurdish, Azerbaijani minorities that will lead to separate Kurdish and Azeri nations carved out of Iranian territory. The new borders would significantly reduce the territorial size of Iran.


Once they succeed in breaking up Iran, the Jewish mafia will turns its attention to the United States, Britain, Russia and other nations. Their goal will be the complete destruction of these nations, giving them full control over their wealth and resources. It is worth remembering that Einstein, a Jew, invented nuclear energy, opening the door to weapons of mass destruction.


The only way to prevent the coming devastation is for people to wake up to the reality in front of them and recognize the dangers. There is a dangerous coalition of Iranian leaders such as, Rafsanjani an Ahmadinejad who Mousavi plots secretly with the British and Jewish mafia in Israel and Russia for the destruction of Iran and the Kurd. The results will be millions of deaths and a war that expands to other nations. If the Kurd don’t cooperate, the revolution will be prolonged with many more deaths. Secretly, Khamenei has promised it will cede certain cities to Kurdish leaders who are British and Jew spies.


Iranian and Kurdish enemies inside and outside of Iran are currently cooperating on plans to destroy and break up Iran into smaller countries. The violence and war will be enormous and expand to neighboring Arab nations. However, once the break up is achieved, the British and Jewish mafia will find it easier to control the vast wealth and resources in the region.


Kurdcan never forget that the Iranian mafia government, led by Khamenei, Rafsanjani and Khomeini, brainwashed young people into committing acts of violence and killing against them. It is now impossible for Kurd to trust speeches by Khamenei seeking reconciliation. Iranian Kurd are making a fatal mistake if they don’t join forces with the true Iranians against their government and the Kurdish mafia enemies. The leaders of Iran and their supporters are collaborating to destroy the country. They form a secret group of homosexual criminals who have the full support of Shiite fanatics. They are all enemies of Iran and the Kurd who are cooperate with the British mafia as well as the Jewish mafia in Israel and Russia to bring about Iran’s final destruction and world domination by mafia groups of the world’s wealth and resources.


If true, Iranians and Kurd who wish to survive must unite in a revolution against their common enemy – the Iranian mafia government that is a mere proxy for British-Jewish mafia interests. They must work together secretly to ensure the flow of weapons they can use to defeat the mafia government. If they fail, the nation of Iran will be no more. It will be a ghost of its glorious past as its territory is subdivided into smaller, more easily controlled nations in which Iranians and Kurd will forever be slaves. During revolution, the British-Jewish mafia took dramatic steps, opening its embassies to wounded citizens while saving the lives of countless other from brutal police and military forces. During the protesting against their government the British-Jewish mafia took dramatic steps, opening its embassies to wounded citizens while saving the lives of countless other from brutal police and military forces that many of them are from other countries. At the same time, British spies infiltrated to help the protestation movement. These spies cooperated with protestation while secretly working for government favor. At the same time, they sought to destroy the revolution by cooperating in secret with a new regime that would protect British-Jewish mafia interests.


Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the British and Israeli governments have been in control of Iran through their proxy spies Khomeini, Khamenei, Rafsanjani and their supporters. This Iranian leadership team did not have the interests of Iranian citizens in mind when it came to power. They convinced Iranians to surrender their arms and then launched a purge to torture and kill opponents and exploit the oil and natural resources for the British-Jewish mafia. Thus a centuries-long pattern of outside control of Iran continued. It is a pattern repeated in every country around the world in which Jews hide their religious and racial identity to attain high-ranking positions for financial gain at the expense of citizens.


The vast majority of Iranians hate their mafia dictatorial, Islamic fascist government. The leaders don’t practice true humanity. They are evil and many may be mentally ill, a result of being assaulted by homosexuals when they were young. These leaders are protected by armed guards. Less than one percent of the guards are Iranian, and they protect the dangerous leaders, Khamenei and. Neither leader Ahmadinejad r has the support of the Iranian people and their destructive policies. Iranians need to coalesce to restore good government.


To achieve peace, Iran must join with other nations to pass laws that require identification cards that list religious and racial affiliations and national origin. Those who change religions or move to another country must be required to list their full histories, including their parents’ past affiliations. Failure to comply with the law or providing false information should be severely punished, with a maximum penalty of life in prison. Laws are intended to root out spies and secret agents, especially Jews who hide their true identity to attain high-ranking positions internationally and in individual nations.


Religious, racial and national fanatics are the world’s most dangerous people. Everyone deserves respect and love. Regardless of religious beliefs, no one can go to heaven unless they respect the rights of all people and all of God’s creation. Devotion to prophets needs to stop. Even if a prophet is good and goes to heaven, he cannot take others with him.


It is better to believe in God than to not believe in God. God created one world in which people should live by humanitarian values, regardless of race, religious beliefs or national origin. While it is best to believe in God, it is also to not believe in any religion – the primary source of hatred, violence and war. People must also love their enemies – such as those in mafia organizations – by leading them to a righteous life that God wills for all. Enemies who don’t reform will not see the eternal peace and happiness of heaven.

God’s only expectation is that people live peacefully by humanitarian values and respect the rights of all his creation. Living that way is the only way to “pray” to God. It is useless to attend church, synagogue or mosque to pray. God doesn’t need prayers that are directed to false gods and false prophets. Instead, God wants the subject of religion to focus on a love for one another that is similar to the love of a parent for a child.

It is wrong to burn and destroy public and private property during a revolution. Those responsible for this type of destruction merely pretend they want change. However, their destructiveness proves there are either representatives of the existing dictatorship or enemies of their nation.


How can people who don’t have weapons overthrow a well-armed dictatorship? The only possible approach is to form small, secret groups of no more than four people or to act alone as an individual. The groups need to function independently of each other and work anonymously. To succeed, these groups or individuals should befriend their enemies and monitor their activities, waiting for the right moments to unleash terrorist acts against the traitor dictatorship. These true Iranian patriots share one common goal – to perform acts of terrorism and conduct psychological warfare that generates fear and anxiety among mafia government leaders. At the same time, they need to arrange the acquisition and distribution of weapons need to stage a real revolution. They must avoid taking actions – including bombings – that lead to the deaths of innocent people and the destruction of private and public property. Violent actions will backfire. The mafia government will commit terrorist acts, which they will attempt to blame on the insurrectionists.


The simple truth is that neither Al Qaeda nor Taliban terrorists would survive if they didn’t have the financial support of the international mafia. It is not possible to trust terrorist, dictator, mafia governments in the United States and around the world when the high ranking positions in these governments are held by British and Jewish mafia insiders, criminal homosexuals and traitors. Using identities that conceal their religious and political affiliations, these corrupt officials are responsible for the passage of laws that are harmful to the American people and other nations. They use their wealth and power to buy government property, companies and banks that belong to the people. In turn, they sell of their holdings to the international mafia and other enemies who are determined to destroy the United States and other countries. Given such power, it is no surprise that the government follows their orders. For example, order for the government introduction of microbes and bacteria that pollute drinking water. Always mafia governments are dangerous against their countries and the world. All of these actions are infinitely more dangerous than any nuclear weapons. To eliminate the mafia’s dominance of governments, good Jews and mafia members of good conscious must cooperate with the American people to select upstanding, patriots to serve in government.


it is not right more security for favor of government in this world either their government is evil and dangerous against their own people and people of the world or not, because, if the highest and high position in every government are right people any way they can get problems by another countries spies special English and Jewish spies, in spite of the fact England ,Israel have many spies in this world special in close the high and highest position people of the world but another way, if the security of mafia government is more, it will be more dangerous against people of their country and the world because it will be more difficult for people to terror their evil in their dangerous government


People have obligation to seek the truth. The best way to avoid the brainwashing and propaganda used by the British and Jewish mafia is to seek news and information from multiple sources around the world. Ideas and data should be examined carefully, and people should exchange ideas with others. That is one reason the author, Saeid Naghib, has recorded his thoughts and observations on these pages. Everything he writes should be scrutinized and weighed against other information to be judged properly.


While people are of different races, have different religious, speak different languages and are of different nationalities, they are no less intelligent or more intelligent than anyone else


Race, religion, language, culture and nationality have nothing to do with intelligence. No one group is born smart than another group. Not all Jews and British people are smart or geniuses. Many are well-educated because they live in societies were they have access to quality schools, good nutrition and other advantages. More importantly, they inculcate these same values in children who generation after generation grow up to be businessmen, politicians, educators, scientists, inventors, religious leaders, secret agents and other high-level professions. As a result of their educational and professional achievements, these Jewish and British people have a legacy of accumulated power and wealth which their children inherit. The descendent grow up and use their wealth to create even more wealth. Because they are educated, they form networks and connections around the world and support each other in government and business. They protect the confidentiality of those who want conceal their religion. Such secrecy enables to rise to high-powered positions in the United States, Britain, Russia, China, France, and other nations.


Jewish blood is special and unique. It cannot be mixed with the blood of other races. Preserving racial purity is wrong. However, maintaining such purity has been the goal for more than 2,000 years as a way to retain power worldwide. In addition, generations of Jewish spies have helped preserve power and control. Nevertheless, Jews are comprised of different racial characteristics (black, white, etc.) How is it possible that Jewish people have different blood than other? It’s a myth. The fact is people everywhere have the same blood created by God, so Jews by this propaganda ways wanted all Jews generation to generation from more than 20 centuries before up future to keep their cooperate their national origin, they’re first loyalty is to Israel and Jewish interests. However, they created the other religions of the world centuries ago as tool for keeping followers subjugated and obedient to religious fanaticism. By creating divisiveness, they are able – a minority – control the wealth and resources of other nations more easily. Unfortunately, such strong control over the lives of so many keeps them poor and uneducated. And religious conflict leads to economic problems, crime and low achievement in ways that favor Jewish interests. Money talks and can be used to achieve anything – from terrorism to blackmail. Money can be used to replace presidents and prime ministers and overthrow governments. They can set in motion the events that led up to a third world, and they can do it with the support of the leaders of nations powerful and small.


The leader of the Mujahedin, an agent of British-Jewish mafia, secretly supports the Islamic Republic. In this sense, they are in league with the dictatorship and the mafia against the Iranian people. The leader Masoud Resave (a traitor) established his group by many education and good Iranian people from out and inside of Iran that a base of supporters in Iraq the enemy of Iran and covert and secret to work favor of Islamic Republic dictator Iran government against his group and against Iran and the world and didn’t cooperate with Iranian Kurd against the government and promise in false for his group good chance in Iran and didn’t establish his group for small groups to fight against dangerous government of Iran. Instead secret to report the situation his group for Iran government to cause almost 100,000 Mujahedin lost their life by dangerous fanaticism of Islam group of Iran dictator government.


Constitutions that rightly grant citizens the right to bear arms is good for the citizen. However, if a government were to demand that citizens turn in their guns – even when the law gives them to right to arm and they have committed no crimes – should revolt. If necessary, they should use their weapons to achieve to get rid of leaders. When people have the right to arm themselves, they have the power to overthrow dictators and rid themselves of the British and Jewish spies running amok in their countries. Such actions will allow the majority to establish good government


Nations with unarmed citizens are more likely to have dictatorial regimes similar to Iran. In 1979, they rebelled against a dictatorial leader, but the revolution failed because it was co-opted by Iranian enemies working on behalf of British and Jewish spies. The regime that followed the revolution was even more abusive and oppressive than the one it replaced. The fate of the Iranian revolution is similar in nature to revolutions in other countries: An overthrown leader is replaced by an even more evil regime that includes homosexual criminals and British-Jewish spies. This pattern is most evident in Islamic countries where the mafia employs agents to engage in homosexual relations with citizens. Once compromised, these citizens can be placed in high government jobs where they can be blackmailed into fulfilling the mafia’s rapacious mission. The mafia’s successes include kings, prime ministers, presidents, religious leaders as well as leaders of groups such as Hezbollah.


Because Jews control the United States and many nations, all policies are anti-Muslim. While President Barack Obama is the son of a Muslim father, it is possible he is actually a Jew who talks against Jews and favors Muslims. But his acts are different. Instead of creating jobs and industry production, he has encouraged investments overseas and spent billions in ways that worsen the economy. He then blames the bad economy on his predecessors while he secretly cooperates with his Jewish cabinet members to bring the economy down – a situation that is highly favor to strengthening Israel’s mafia government.


The biggest obstacle to good, responsive government is that people in most countries are unarmed and, therefore, unable to rid themselves of mafia-supported governments. If people in every country have access to weapons, they can work together to overthrow oppressive governments. When people have weapons, they can force their leaders to work on their behalf and eliminate enemies who want to destroy them.


Ironically, the surest route to good government along with peace and tranquility among nations is an armed citizenry that can stand up for its rights. The threat of armed rebellion will force governments to work honestly on behalf of the citizens. An armed citizenry can take out dangerous dictators.


If Iranians has acted more intelligent, they would not have surrendered their weapons to the government. They gave up their arms when the government warned that anyone who failed to turn in his weapons would face punishment. Wise Iranians should have suspected the demands concealed a plot against the people. Instead, Iranians should have recognized they were being lied to refused government orders and staged a revolution against the new leadership and its British-Jewish supporters.


Interestingly, it only takes a few people – with full control of the executive branch, military operations and weapons – to control millions of people who have no weapons.

As history shows, Jews have repeatedly pretended to be Christians, Muslims and other religions. They have posed as priests, rabbis, mullahs and other religious leaders and have created rival branches and denominations within each faith. Their sole objective in assuming fake religious identities is to create conflicts within societies and warfare between nations as way to assert Jewish minority control and dominance over majority populations. They have been most successful in creating theocratic governments, especially in the Muslim world. Even in the United States, where government and religion are legally separated, George W. Bush used his Protestant faith and his rival John Kerry used his Catholic beliefs to win votes for election.


By cooperating with the British mafia, Jews have used their power and influence in the United States and around the world to install religious governments or create political tensions between rival nations. This practice has prevailed for centuries, especially in Europe. As a result, religious hostilities in the 21st century are more dangerous than nuclear weapons because they lay the foundation for future wars. Unfortunately, believers remain unaware that their hatred and hostilities to other faiths benefit the economic and political interests of the British and Jews mafia.


Today, Jews have large real estate holdings in Europe. They are also increasing their land holdings in the United States. America needs to act to limit the amount of land that can be owned by Jews.


In Britain, Jews are significantly more talented than non-Jews. They conceal their religion by pretending to be Christians. Under this guise, they cooperate with each other secretly around the world to amass greater wealth. Their educational achievements allow them to dominate in politics, economics, science, technology and religion. And they preserve their status by using religious differences to create hostilities and wars – a tactic they used successfully for centuries.


Jewish scholarship is the foundation for all religions. They employed propaganda to brainwash generations of believers. Parents and different religion places (Church mosque and else) brainwash their children, who then brainwash their children, and on and on through the centuries. These believers become slaves to their religions. Such blind devotion makes religion more dangerous than any nuclear weapon. Religious beliefs are volatile and can be exploited to cause violence and warfare.


Because of their power in Britain – especially through the royal family – Jews are in a position to destroy the rule of law. Jews rose to prominent positions in Britain and Ireland by concealing their religious identity and using their vast wealth. They used their power to break down British power. They will use their power in similar ways in the United State, Russia and China in similar ways in the future, causing hostilities and disputes that will reshape the world in favor of British-Jewish interests.


In Northern Ireland, Jews sparked sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants in hopes of inspiring a separatist movement that would destabilize Great Britain. The use of separatist movements within countries is a strategy commonly used to break apart and weaken countries, thereby giving the British-Jewish mafia better control over a nation’s wealth and resources. If people fail to halt actions taken against their unified nations, they and future generations will pay a heavy price as their wealth and resources are expropriated by outside interests.


People need to assert themselves against those who conceal their true identities for political and financial gain. The best way to prevent subterfuge, secrecy, spying and abuse of power is to require identification cards that list religion, race, religious affiliation and nationality. People who have changed their religious affiliation should be required to list the religious affiliations of their parents and ancestors. If anyone provides false information, it is likely they are spies and should be tried and, if convicted, punished severely with imprisonment. Without required identification, the corrupt system continues. For example, Jews secretly holding high-ranking positions in Russia cooperate with other Jews who hold equally high-ranking jobs in nearly every nation, including the superpowers as well as poorer nations. They share common goals of destroying nations by exploiting the wealth and natural resources for personal, financial gain.


God’s True Expectations for Mankind


While many want to pray to God, all He wants from people is mutual love and respect for the rights of all people. Most religions are an affront to God because the followers’ minds have been poisoned with false beliefs that cause violence and war between people.


Many churches, synagogues and mosques are elaborately constructed. Now, it is time to redefine their usage from the teaching of false religions to a new belief system based on the will of God. God wants us to embrace humanitarian values based on love and respect for all of mankind and His creations. At the same time, other institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals to redirect their work so it is guided by humanitarian values and not traditional religious beliefs. These beliefs are Jewish in origins and are designed to divide people into opposing, hostile camps – all to the benefit of the British-Jewish mafia. People need to realize that – as history shows – traditional religion is more dangerous to themselves and the world than any nuclear weapon. Religious beliefs have led millions of death and the destruction of nations for centuries.


We should be saddened by the vast amounts of money wasted building churches, synagogues and mosques. We should be equally saddened that so many people offer meaningless prayers while listening to priest, rabbis and mullahs preach falsehoods and stories that are a curse to God. They are the basis of hatred and conflict. God only asks that we live our lives with universal respect and love for all people and for all of His creation. That is true prayer. God doesn’t want or need our prayers. People need to know all the facts and truths. For example, if there are one-hundred facts, but a person reveals only ninety-nine facts, he is a traitor and a fanatic. He abuses information by deny people the right to the complete truth.


Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, and Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, are both Jews and British-Jewish spies. They are the impetus behind Iran’s nuclear program and short- and long-range missile tests intended to frighten the United States and the world. Given Iran’s reality, it is laughable to think the British-Jewish mafia doesn’t know the truth about Iran’s nuclear program.


Jews never think alone. Their brainpower is part of a centuries-old network in which their high-ranking government and religious leaders hatch plots to control the course of events worldwide. With such domination, it is no surprise they exercise maximum control over the wealth and resources of so many nations. The best example of this network’s achievement is the establishment of Israel as a reward for cooperating with Hitler in Europe’s destruction.


Strangely, Jews created the Nazi party to expose their real enemies. World War II exposed the Nazi’s hatred for Jews. After the war, Jews sued their enemies. Today, the vast Jewish spy network, operating in every government in support of Israel, enables Jews to identify their enemies in every nation. By hiding their religion to attain high-ranking positions, Jews are able to control policies that favor their financial and political interests.


When Iranian accept Shiite religion with worship of 12 Imams and their dirty dust it is right Iranians deserve an oppressive Islam Republic run by British and Jewish mafia and spies, domestic and foreign homosexual criminals and religious fanatics such as the Ayatollah, mullahs and Khomeini and his dangerous homosexual followers. Many of these homosexuals were criminally assaulted as teenagers while the royal government stood by and failed to prosecute the criminals. Government negligence resulted in the creation of a new class of homosexual criminals who now occupy powerful government positions and continue the pattern of homosexual assault of a new generation. These homosexual politicians are vulnerable to blackmail and easily controlled to work for the benefit of the British-Jewish mafia – and not for the Iranian people.


Teenagers who have been assaulted by homosexual criminals are not to blame because they were children. They are victims of the failure of the royal family and others to prosecute the perpetrators of the crimes. Homosexual criminality is a problem in prisons where non-homosexuals are assaulted. When these victims are released, they become hardened criminals determined to get revenge against society. For example, teenagers who were sexually assaulted grew up to take power in Iran after the revolution.


People in Muslim countries hate homosexuals. In turn, homosexuals who were assaulted as teenagers hate the world, even their own families. Homosexuals and their families are threatened with blackmail, forcing them to submit to extortion by the British-Jewish mafia. These homosexuals assault new teenagers who face a similar cycle of blackmail and extortion. Given the vulnerability of homosexuals, they are promoted to high-ranking government and religious positions where they can be easily forced to implement policies for the British-Jewish mafia. These homosexuals form a destructive force in any country. They commandeered the Iranian Revolution, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands. In fact, Iranian leaders Khaminei, Rafsanjani, and other high-ranking officials attend British mafia programs to learn the techniques for deceiving and cheating the Iranian people and others around the world.


Unfortunately, most citizens don’t have weapons to defend themselves or to overthrow dictators. Dictators can easily unleash the full power of the state police and military to crush any revolution. And they can suppress their people with the full support of the British and Jews mafia and agents operating in their country. For example, the Iranian killed and imprisoned protestors who were trying to launch a true revolution for the people. People everywhere who don’t have weapons to defend themselves against predatory governments are similar to a flock of sheep. The shepherd has dogs, sticks and other tools to control the flock, and he can decide whether a sheep is slaughtered for meat or kept alive for its wool. The sheep are completely powerless against the shepherd because they have no weapons or other way of fighting back.


People who are aware of but fail to expose spies in their mafia government, they bear responsibility for terrorism, including the September 11, 2001, attacks that killed more than 3,000 Americans and injured countless others. Those who failed to reveal their spy connections or knowledge are living insults to the families who mourn the loss of their loved ones. People need to understand that people who cause violence and tragedies insult not only their nations but also the souls of their deceased parents and ancestors.


It is unfortunate that most believers embrace false prophets and the false stories written by Jews in the holy books. In other words, a minority of Jews has convinced a majority population to worship false prophets and Imams while embracing beliefs that violate every tenet of humanitarian values. These true believers pass along their false religions to their children generation after generation. Not only are these religions an insult to God, they poison minds of millions who unwittingly relinquish control over their lives to Al Qaeda, Jews and other dangerous people.


As depicted in the movie, “The Ten Commandments,” the Jewish prophet Moses descends from a mountain carrying the Ten Commandments carved on two stones. Who wrote the commandments God? When Moses sees his people worshiping a golden statue, he is outraged and smashes the stone tablets, killing most of idolaters. His own family survives his wrath. Moses claims the commandments were written in stone by God, who ordered him to share with his people. With this story, Moses sets himself up as a prophet. His story becomes central in the Bible and a rallying cry that unites all Jews against the rest of the world. This story, along with other similar false stories in the Bible and the Koran, is used by a minority group to divide majority populations around the world.


The fact, written in Bible and gospel, Koran to show by the movie of ten commands so, how it is possible to believe him who is prophet from God side to kill a lot of people and before killed Pharaoh people the king of Egypt by opened line from ocean from one to another side to pave the way his people passed from one side to another side and after pharaoh people pass until the middle line, water came over them to kill all of them


The introduction of false stories in the holy books is an insult to God because it has pitted Jews in a dangerous centuries-long battle with non-Jews. For Shiites, Ali used his relationship with the prophet Mohammad to gain power. He then used his power to slaughter his opponents, especially Iranians whose belief in one God was not organized under the banner of a centralized authority. Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered in the ensuing conflict over religion. Both the Bible and the Koran chronicle the life of Cyrus the Great, who expanded the Persian Empire through brutal conquests. He is credited with protecting Jews from marauding killers and sealed his country’s fate by marrying a Jewish woman, who became a royal family member by concealing her true identity.


That deceit set the course thereafter for Jewish dominance of political institutions that continues into the 21st century. Biblical prophesies also tell of the rise of the yellow race, now interpreted by Jews to signal China’s eventual rise to a world power. Believers in the holy books have been brainwashed to believe prophecies written more than 2,000 years ago is fate. Convincing people of the inevitability of future Chinese dominance is of great benefit to Jewish interests. As interpreted, China will change from a communistic to a capitalist economy to challenge the United States and Europe for dominance. This forecast is the motivation behind the large transfer of investments into China and away from the United States – a major cause of the financial collapse of 2008. The chief beneficiaries of the collapse were wealthy British-Jewish who encourage belief in the biblical prophesies. The risk to the world of recent events is the increased likelihood of the third world war.


All rich countries have a duty to help poor countries. However, before rich countries lend a hand, they have a responsibility first to their own citizens and the preservation of their own country.


The conflict between Shiite and Sunni Muslims has a long history. Iranians are mostly Shiites. Arabs are largely Sunnis. The people who wanted power convinced Iranians and other Shiites that Ali and his family needed them to kill the enemies of God. Killing other humans is an insult to the true God, who doesn’t need to be worshiped. Do Shiites think God is so weak that He needs their prayers and adulation? Unfortunately, Iranians worship the dust of the 12 Imams, who died more than 1,400 years ago. These Shiite idolaters are indifferent to the well-being of Iranians and engage in frequent violence and killings against the rival Sunnis. Unless Iranians reject this poisonous Shiite fanaticism, they deserve the current oppressive British-Jewish mafia government that determined to destroy Iranian civilization. Iranians need to realize the Shiite religion was created by Jews as a tool of destruction. The only way Iranians can survive is adopt new standards based on good thoughts, good talk and good actions. Shiite beliefs are the wrong thoughts and wrong talk that only leads to the wrong acts. So Iranians are largely Shiite believe in the Imam, Ali and his descendants, including the 12 Imams linked to the Prophet Mohammed’s family who were Jew. These believers fight their enemies who they label nonbelievers. They are willing to behead and kill endlessly in the name of their Shiite beliefs. Their main interest is in power


Although the Roman government (headed by Jews) cooperated with Jews in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, many Jews believed He was the son of God, a prophet and the messiah. Jews seized the opportunity to create a new religion that has had remarkable success in brainwashing generation after generation of believers. These true believers have slavishly engaged in violence and killing – all in the name of Jesus Christ. The faithful fail to grasp that Christian and all religions were created by Jews to create divisions they can exploit to their financial advantage.


It is amazing that for centuries Jews have been able to use their education, money and power to convince so many that Christ is son of the God or that false prophets are divine. It is equally stunning that people will commit acts of violence or kill over false religions that insult the true God. Even Americans are indifferent to inflationary prices for food, rent and other goods and services. They don’t even hold their government accountable for controlling rapacious business practices, especially by Jews. Americans would not protest if the price of pound of onions increased to $20. They may be indifferent to America’s destruction, but they do care that Christ is the son of God.


The world that God created is constantly changing. Even small movements, thoughts and acts – even if we don’t see them produces change. Each person causes change. Therefore, one person alone by his good talk, thoughts and actions impacts the world for the better. Conversely, one person can have a negative impact by bad talk, thoughts and actions.


For example, Adolph Hitler, by cooperating with British-Jewish spies, caused the deaths of millions and destroyed many nations. Collectively, all of Hitler’s actions emanated outward to have a huge negative impact on the future of the world. Natural tragedies, including earthquakes and floods, cause tragedy and death. However, people recover from such natural disasters. However, tragedies resulting from violence, crime and war have a lasting impact that ripples around the world. Each new human-made tragedy becomes the seed for future retaliations and tragedies.


To move the world in a positive direction, people need to join forces to stop human-made tragedies and usher in a new era of peace and brotherhood around the world. Taking such a positive step is the will of God. Negative change in this world unleashes more unnatural changes and an expansion of problems. The pattern of negative change was established more than 2,500 years ago when Jews first used deceit to attain high-ranking positions around the world. It continued over time from Cyrus the Great and the British royal family down to the present where Jews are the leaders (or control the leaders) of nearly every country, including the United States as well as Arab nations. They have been able to maintain their lofty positions because people are ignorant of the fact that their lives are controlled by forces not working in their best interest.


Jews only help people of their own race and religion. Nationality and languages difference aren’t material if they are Jewish. They cooperate with fellow Jews to hide their identities so they can infiltrate and control other nations. They have masterminded disputes everywhere over religion, economics, borders, history, races and language. Their actions are responsible for violence and wars over religious differences. And they orchestrated both World Wars I and II. Who knows what the future will bring. The world’s most famous and often most notorious leaders – Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Gandhi, Napoleon, queen of England – were Jewish. In different ways, these people brought tragedy and destruction to their nations and the world, but in ways that benefited Jewish interests. Today, the trend continues. The leaders of Iran, France, Russia, the United States and other nations are Jews who hide their religious and racial identities as they work on behalf of the British-Jewish mafia’s interests.


Britain became a world power by colonizing vast territories around the world. Today, Britain still wields power indirectly by cooperating with a network of Jews in every country. Jews now control Britain, the United State, France, Russia and China as well as many other nations. In each country, this means they control the economies, religions, military, religious institutions, and the branches of government.


Jews are the world’s most educated and wealthiest group. They support each other to attain high-ranking positions. They are well-represented in all the major professions, including medicine, law, science, business and government. They have a thorough understanding of geography, religion, races, language and nationalities. By operating a strong, international secret service on Israel’s behalf, they have significant leverage for exploiting the wealth and resources of other nations. For more than 2,500 years, they have been responsible for violence, hostilities and warfare around the world. While Jews invented nuclear power centuries ago, the reality is that the British-Jewish spy network is much more dangerous than any lethal weapons. Spies can destroy the world. Nuclear arms can only wipe out a city, or possibly a country.


Jews are intelligent and generous in spirit. If they are attacked or insulted, they remain quiet and calm. Behind the facade, however, they are dangerous because of their covert actions. Anyone who understands Jewish complicity yet fails to reveal the truth is insulting God and shares the blame for many of the tragedies that occur worldwide.


We all have responsibility to respect and love all people. All people are endowed with basic God-given rights to live in peace and harmony with others. We also have a responsibility to expose those who are destructive and enemies of peace and brotherhood. Only by practicing humanitarian value can people bring happiness to departed souls and accrue benefits for their own souls after death.


Unfortunately, many Jews speak publicly in favor of humanitarian values while covertly cheating, deceiving and destroying the lives of others. It is not necessary to black mail Jews into supporting the cause of Israel. However, they will betray other countries they are living again and black mail non- Jew if they are ordered to do so by the Israeli government. Also it is not necessary for Jews to arrange black mail same for not Jew, to do against any country entire world they are always ready to do except Israel. Jews Because Jews have wielded power and influence for centuries. They are responsible for all tragedies and wars around the world. However, they have successfully shifted the blame for their actions to nations such as the United States, Britain, Russia and other countries. The British royal family has been Jewish for centuries and bears responsibility for nearly all conflicts and wars around the world. It is now time to respect the rights of Jews around the world while preventing them from using deceit to attain high-ranking positions that give them undue influence to undermine governments around the world.


Jews have long understood human weakness and fragility. They have used that knowledge skillfully to attain high-ranking positions despite their status as a minority in every nation where they live. For example, they have used the allure of beautiful women, who hide their Jewish identity, to seduce and marry presidents, kings and influential leaders representing majority populations. By using deceitful seduction to play on men’s sexual vulnerability, they open the doors to power for their fellow Jews. Jews have used the practice of sexual seduction successfully for centuries.


Moreover, Jews have a long history of concealing their identity and working as spy to gather new and information, including classified, secret documents. The British and other nations learned the art and science of spying and intelligence-gathering from Jews. However, Jews continue to excel at spying because they are well-represented and assimilated into the cultures of nearly every nation. These connections make training unnecessary. More importantly, Jews are linked by a worldwide support network working together to promote their political and economic interests.


Given the secrecy with which Jews operate, we have to assume all people are Jews, including all 300-million-plus Americans. For example, how can you determine which one apple in a barrel of 30 apples is poison? The only surefire way is to test each apple separately. That is why nations need pass laws that require all citizens to carry identifications cards that list race, religion and nationality. Individuals who change their religion or their names (i.e. through marriage) should also be required to reveal the race, religion and nationality of their parents and ancestors. Anyone giving false information should be treated as a spy and be subject to prosecution and fines or imprisonment. Such rigid laws will help root out spies who are imbedded in governments around the world. For example, British and Jewish spies hailed Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban as heroes of the Muslim people. Covertly, they serve as secret agents working on behalf of the British-Jewish mafia to generate violence and conflict between the United States, Muslim countries and other nations around the world.


Mafia governments and dictatorship in the United States, Britain, Russia, Israel and other nations have worked with the British-Jewish mafia to support Iranian leader. As a Jewish Ahmadinejad spy, he arranged the deployment of 30,000 troops from Venezuela to support his regime against the Iranian people.


All religions, especially Shiite Muslims, were created by Jews centuries ago to use as a tool for pitting people against each other and making them easier to manipulate and control. Jews have invested heavily in Islam and Christianity by building places of worship that are used to brainwash followers to believe farfetched, in fanatical ideas. Jews promoted the idea that Christ was the son of God, an idea that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 2,000 years. Islamist have also been brainwashed to embrace their false prophets, including the fable about the 12 Arab Imams. Massive, elaborately decorated sacred buildings – many built of gold – were built amidst populations suffering from grotesque poverty. It is especially strange to build a tomb of gold for Khomeini, A British-Jewish spy and enemy of Iran. Likewise, it is appalling that believers spend vast sums on pilgrimages to worship the dust of false prophets while their countrymen are dying of starvation. These same believers embrace the false Shiite religion and worship the 12 Imams at the same time they are the strongest supporters of dangerous Iranian leaders like Khamenei and Ahmadinejad. Both of these leaders are British-Jewish spies who are the true enemies of the Iranian people.


Why is it that billions of people around the world are indifferent to the destruction caused by so few British-Jewish spies?


The U.S. government needs to halt imports of some items from China, England, Russia and Israel. Many of these items are contaminated or harmful. Many of these products are intended to sicken Americans. Just as important, many of these countries are competitors who want to weaken and control the United States economically, or make America more vulnerable to its enemies.


To permanently end British-Jewish dominance around the world, people must abandon all religious beliefs and cooperate to eliminate all national borders and create one borderless international country. Relations between people should be governed by humanitarian principles that grant equal rights to all people.


All people have a responsibility to pursue the truth and factual information. They must also work vigorously to share their discoveries with others. It is nearly impossible to find documentation because British and Jewish spies and Al Qaeda in the United States and around the world conceal and censor most information. It is equally difficult to fight their propaganda machine.


A detailed study of history would reveal that Jews have been exercising power and influence around the world since the time of Moses in Egypt and Cyrus the Great in Iran. Cyrus married a Jewish woman, opening the door to centuries of Jewish influence in Iran and around the world. It is also highly likely that Queen Elizabeth is the descendent of many generations of British-Jewish royalty. It is also possible that Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles when she learned he is Jewish.


It is also possible that Jacquelyn Kennedy cooperated with the mafia, British-Jewish spies and Vice President Lyndon Johnson in the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. These spies may have threatened her to cooperate or her entire family would be killed. It is ironic that Mrs. Kennedy later married a Greek shipping tycoon and powerful member of the mafia. However, these rogue operatives may have wanted to replace Kennedy with Johnson. Unlike Kennedy, Johnson would go on to become a willing accomplice in triggering a war between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Israel’s victory, achieved with British-Jewish spies within Arab governments, made it the strongest nation in the world.


It is wrong when parents shower their children with excessive love while ignoring the rest of humanity. It is equally wrong when that love translates into denying human rights to others while raking in billions for their children and family members. Unfortunately, ignore the principles of humanitarian justice and peace to enrich themselves and their families. Such thinking results in actions that are harmful and destructive to other nations and all of mankind. No one goes to his grave with his family or his money. All will be judged by their good works alone. However, parents or children who perform good works will provide peace to the souls of their departed loved ones. Pouring excessive love on children to forget right of people paves the way for the souls of parents to go to hell and children who are evil against their parents.


Jews and non-Jews alike need to forget past history, reconcile and bond as brothers and sisters to create a new world in which peace and happiness prevail.


Jews gained power in Persia 2,500 years ago when a Jewish woman hired her religious identity and married King Cyrus the Great. After she bore children, she revealed her Jewish identity to Cyrus. She remained his wife, but the deceitful marriage triggered a backlash against Jews living in Persia. Nevertheless, Jews had established a foothold in the Persian royal family and on the levers of power and influence that would continue for 2,600 years to present-day Iran. Over the centuries, kings and queens, including Nader Shah, hid their Jewish identity while killing their own people and expanding the empire through conquests that favored Jewish interests. More than 2,000 years ago, Jews expanded their power base by creating Christianity and then hiding their Jewish identity to attain the highest ranking positions in the church as well as kingdoms throughout the western world. Their control of Christianity and western governments continues into the 21st century.


Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and many of them were Jewish. So were their communist successors, Lenin and Stalin. Soviet leaders also came from the ranks of Jewish Russian spies, including Vladimir Putin. In other words, Jews have controlled Russia for their political and financial benefit for centuries. Secretly, Jews have also been in charge of British governance, including the royal family, for centuries. Israel is the only place where Jews don’t conceal their religion or race.


More than 1,400 years ago, Jews created Islam as a tool for uniting largely uneducated Arabs block of power. They then implanted themselves within Islam and Arab governments, much as they did in Persia. Once they had united Arab countries under Islam, they attacked and conquered Persia to capitalize on its resources and wealth for fellow Jews. Salmon Farsi, who held the highest position in the Zoroaster religion, was secretly Jewish who cooperated with Muslim Arabs to destroy the Persian Empire.


For more than 3,000 years, Jews have used religious and sectarian rivalries to divide and conquer major populations. They control Christian and Islamic leaders and employ slick propaganda to intensify religious tensions within countries and between nations. The result is continuous hostilities, violence and warfare over religious issues. Jews have hidden their identities and infiltrated top religious positions with Hindus in India and Buddhists in China. Initially, these countries are unified on religious common ground. Eventually, Jews undermine this unity, releasing destructive forces that divide and weaken nations and give Jews greater control over wealth and resources. Jews have used similar deceit to consolidate their power and influence in Iran, Greece, France, Russia and Great Britain. Establishment of the state of Israel represents the “crown jewel” in a long history of religious manipulation, propaganda and dominance.


This book by Saeid Naghib reports on covert and overt tragedies around the world. It is possible through careful research to learn many of the facts. It is also possible to analyze the contradictory information, facts and falsehoods in hopes of paving the way for a more an in-depth look at history and events. Such hard work is a first step to overcome the effects of the rewriting of the facts by propagandists and non-stop brainwashing. Learning the truth requires that people think, read voraciously and talk with others. This will open doorways to the truth. The ultimate objective of any search is to share the truth with people around the world. Only when the truth is known will peace and happiness be possible. Only when the truth is known will people unite and rally to eliminate once and for all Al Qaeda, spies and special agents and terrorists now operating worldwide.


One of the first actions of dictators is to disarm citizens, eliminating the potential for future uprisings and revolutions. Without weapons, all protests and revolutions will fail. Even if citizens overthrow a dictator, another ruthless leader will come along to replace him. Iran offers the best example of a successful revolution that ultimately failed when it was commandeered by Khomeini and the British-Jewish agents – Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and others – who confiscated the weapons of citizens.


The United States is blessed with abundant oil and other natural resources and wealth. It has a well-educated population comprising all nationalities, races, languages and religions. Unfortunately, Americans reap few benefits despite all this abundance. Instead, the chief beneficiaries are America’s enemies and mafia governments.


The United State, Britain and other nations blindly deployed troops to Iraq without understanding that their main enemies and terrorists live within their own borders in United States. The real enemies and terrorists live inside the borders of these countries,


Many nations are hosts to terrorist organizations that have launched attacks on the United States, Britain, France, Russia and elsewhere. These groups maintain strong links to each other internationally and have secret cells within countries that plan to attack. Many of these terrorists take their marching orders from Jewish terrorists as well as mafia governments in Britain and Israel that see terrorism as helping them gain greater control over the resources and wealth of other nations. Their active support of terrorism can be linked directly to the deaths of many soldiers engaged in conflicts around the world.


Revolutions that succeed in ending mafia-style governments would improve the economic well-being of all people, end spying and propaganda, and halt drug trafficking. People would enjoy greater happiness, health and peace. Unfortunately, few revolutions succeed and often strength dictators who have the direct and indirect support of fellow dictators around the world.


Still, all people have a responsibility to work to replace dictatorships with governments that are fully committed to the humanitarian principles of universal peace and justice for all. Such governments represent the wish of God. Unfortunately, dictators are able to unleash the power of the state against anyone who decides to work for the good of the people by opposing him. Reformers working for the dictator can be destroyed by blackmail, terrorized or have their character assassinated. Ironically, the best recruits for a dictator are people who support his regime and criminals. They are most likely to be promoted to the highest ranking government jobs. In the face of dictatorial brutality, most people remain silent or indifferent about learning the truth. The truth is dictators know no limits when it comes to preserving their power. Anyone who gets in the way should be prepared to pay a heavy price, possibly his own life.


In neighborhoods of many U.S. cities, sidewalks and parks are littered with dog droppings. To correct the problems, cities need laws holding dog owners responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Those who fail to comply with pet ordinance should face steep fines.


Many cities also lack sufficient numbers of restrooms to meet the public’s need. There are bathroom shortages in public buildings, restaurants and other venues. If someone becomes desperate, he can risk being ticketed for relieving himself in a public place. Meanwhile, cities need to address this problem.


To protect themselves against attack or assault, all people should carry containers of pepper spray or only pepper powder in pocket to use fast and easy. Some critics say advocating the use of pepper spray or pepper will only inform criminals of a new technique that will make kidnappings, muggings and other assaults easier. However, the increased protection and safety far outweighs the risks of arming criminals with new tools.


People also need to face the reality that their false religions will not save them. Neither will their prophets be waiting to greet them after death to decide whether they go to heaven or hell. God considers traditional religions a curse. All people will be treated equal after they die.


The United States faces multiple threats from economic, political, narcotics and religious terrorists. There are also terrorist organizations targeting the three branches of government and international trade or work secretly to create racial and ethnic conflicts among U.S. citizens. Nearly all these terrorist organizations inside the United States are under the control of British-Jewish spies, including many Jews who hide their religious and racial identity to pushes laws and regulations that advance their financial interests.


Unfortunately, the U.S. government has been infiltrated by British and Jewish spies who secretly determine the course of actions for the American people, including the decision to invade Iraq and other military deployments. Nearly all these actions are detrimental to the United States by highly beneficial to Jewish mafia governments in Britain and Israel. Naturally, the United States is held responsible for all actions, rightly or wrongly. Retaliations typically come in the form of terrorist attacks on American interests at home and abroad. The only beneficiaries of U.S. military actions are mafia billionaires who tighten their grip on the world’s oil and wealth.


How can God promise Jews their own homeland and eternal life, as “prophesied” when they have insulted Him by creating so many false religions and false prophets? How can God favor Jews when they have hidden their identities and used their religious authority for nearly 3,000 years to encourage hatred, violence and killing in His name?


The post-war propaganda claimed the Nazis killed 6 million European Jews. However, the facts indicate no more than 20,000 Jews were executed because they wouldn’t cooperate with leaders promoting the establishment of Israel. The claim that God promised Jews a return to their homeland is false, contrary to what Jews wrote in the Bible. God doesn’t distinguish between race, religion or tribe. His only concern is to reward the souls of people who live by humanitarian values and punish the souls who created suffering and misery while on Earth.


For more than 2,600 years, Jews have hidden their religious and racial identity to attain the highest positions in government and religion around the world. Today, they are in full control around the world. Whether it’s the top Muslim leaders or the pope, Jews are in full command of all religious institutions. They pose as Muslim, Christians or any other religion and work their way into the leadership positions where they can exercise the most power. Using the same practices, Jews have used deceit to become kings and queens, prime ministers and presidents in nearly every country. They are driven by the powerful need to control all the levers of power from the lowest to the highest positions in government and religion. They are singularly focused on capturing the wealth and resources of all nations for the benefit the international mafia, Jews and the Freemasons (most of them British, Israelis or British royalty).


Illusions of Democracy


From Israeli headquarters, Jews rule and control the world. Jewish control goes back centuries to the Cyrus the Great and forward to the present-day Iranian government. For centuries, Jews have had indirectly controlled the British royal family. They have controlled U.S. presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson. By establishing Israel, Jews have demonstrated just how powerful they are and just how much they meddle in and control other nations. The United States, Britain, France and Russia are beset by problems caused by British-Jewish spies who have infiltrated their governments. These spies occupy the highest ranking positions and are responsible for a multitude of economic and political problems domestically and internationally. While these nations have well-educated population and offer abundant opportunities, citizens have no control over their government because they don’t know who is Jewish.


Why are Jews and British-Jewish spies in underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia so dangerous? Most of these nations have substandard infrastructure and large numbers of educated citizens. However, the real damage is caused by the British-Jewish mafia’s stealing of wealth and resources that should be used to better the lives of citizens.


Does the British-Jewish mafia have plans to destroy the world? It’s possible they have explored and planned to live on another planet. From outer space, they can establish weapons and satellites that can be used to rule or destroy the world.


Given that mafia governments are enemies of the people they govern, how is it possible to trust them? They control all production. Their supporters own the factories and industry. So, it would be easy to believe they could easily contaminate food and water supplies or sell defective, dangerous products to consumers if such actions increased their wealth to control.


Whenever American, British or French citizens boast of their freedom, they are wrong. They are all living under dictatorships. They have given away their freedoms by allowing a minority to control the majority. They allow their nations’ wealth to be invested at home or abroad as decided by the minority rulers. How can a country be a democracy when a minority controls every aspect of life – the economy, religion, politics, race relations, terrorist activities as well as the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government? How can it be a democracy when the leaders allow the flow of narcotics to citizens and when they use dictatorial force when citizens protest? What more proof is needed of the evil nature of the mafia-style governments than the widespread use of narcotics in the countries they rule? The freedom to choose narcotics is not the right type of freedom.


When the French, British or Americans objected to the war against Iraq, the government ignored the protests and sent massive numbers of troops anyway. These troops were not acting on behalf of U.S. interests. They were following the marching orders from the British-Jewish and international mafia with oil as the main target.


Dictatorial governments – that exist in the United States and Europe – control the three government branches and use that power to pass undemocratic laws. The most egregious laws allow enemies of the state to buy government property and companies that rightfully belong to the citizens. This “outside” ownership further obliges the government to take actions that benefit a nation’s enemies. Dictatorial governments also adopt lax laws that allow the wealthy to steal from citizens and then invest that stolen wealth overseas because of cheaper labor costs. At home, unemployment, crime and taxes increase – and taxes are raised to cover rising governmental costs and no any guaranty any investor to import goods in his country special with heavy tax payment.


Allowing rich Americans to invest overseas is wrong. It paves the way for increased unemployment and crime while providing windfall profits for the British-Jewish and international mafia. When the government causes unemployment, it incurs responsibility to provide a financial safety net to the jobless, especially blacks in the United States. Without working, the jobless are unaware of the value of the government funds they receive. Moreover, food producers and groceries, which belong mostly to Jews, can raise prices and reap the rewards from those on public assistance. Creating inflation enables Jews to steal money from the government as well as the unemployed receiving government help. At the same time, the wealth transferred to Jews is invested overseas or sent to Israel. These same people manipulate property values, sending prices down to create bankruptcies. Once real estate prices are depressed, they make huge purchases at discount and to rent them back at higher prices the final country will be same as Palestine to make another Palestine. Their goal is make the United States another “Palestinian”


Death is a gift from God. The world is better off without certain people – especially politicians in the United States, Britain and Israel – who have used their education and experience and high-level jobs to acquire vast sums of wealth for selfish purposes against people.


Holding mafia leaders responsible for anything is nearly impossible. How do you prove mafia dictators are accountable for tragedies when the British-Jewish and international mafia control all the government apparatus, a vast spy networking working and all weapons. They control everyone’s fate and can easily change damaging documents, including birth certificates. With their power, they can provide a new identity that allows their supporters to move into the highest ranking jobs in every country. Anyone who attempts to reveal the government’s criminal behavior is defamed, punished or killed or his family is retaliated against.

The world has two classes of talented people. One group includes the likes of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven and others whose creations and inventions have made a significant contribution to mankind. The other group encompasses the talents of people who have invented dangerous weapons and other destructive creations that are harmful to people. Their talents are used to create imbalances among people. For example, nations such as Britain, Russia, France and the United States possess large stockpiles of weapons while other nations remain unarmed and more vulnerable to threats of heavily armed nations. The weak nations are defenseless to protect their oil and other natural resources against countries with military superiority. The strong get stronger.


Albert Einstein is credited with inventing the nuclear bomb. However, his talents benefit only strong, wealthier nations. Unfortunately, the talents of many good people are used by dictatorial governments for evil purposes.


While democracy offers the best hope for people, it is “black” democracy if a minority is allowed to rule the majority in every country. Minority rule by Jews prevails in the United States, Britain, France and Russia. In each instance, the majority’s interests are subordinate to those of Israel and international mafia members, including the British-Jewish mafia. The same minority rule also occurs in countries like Iran, where leaders Khaminei and Ahmadi Nizad are Jews. This is a common practice worldwide where for generations Jews have concealed their religious, national and racial identities to attain political power. Once in power, they pursue policies that harm the people they govern in favor of the economic and political interests of the British-Jewish mafia.


Anyone who conceals his racial, religious or national identity poses a bigger threat to the world than the atom bomb. For example, by hiding his true identity as a British-Jewish spy, Adolph Hitler was able to create the Nazi Party. In the end, Nazi was more of a threat to Christians than Jews. Only a few useless Jews were killed by the Nazis while millions of Christians, misidentified as Jews, died. The fact is Jews operating at the high levels of government, including the British royal family, launched World War II. They are responsible for the millions of deaths that resulted. Their motive was to realign the political map of Europe and to encourage competition between communists and non-communist countries, thus paving the way for the establishment of Israel.


In USA, most Americans are Christian. They should be entitled to the most high-ranking government jobs – not Jews who represent a small minority. Instead, Jews hidden in top jobs are overly represented in shaping U.S. policy and always act to strengthen Israel – already the world’s most powerful nation. If Israel didn’t exist, Jews would pose no threat. Their need to protect Israel prompts them to hide their religious and racial identity as they infiltrate and take control of governments around the world.


Universities have become very expensive in the United States. Only Jews and some wealthy individuals can afford the cost of higher education. However, those Jew who receive a degree are only useful to Israel – not the United States. Frequently, highly educated Jews use their talents to benefit fellow Jews while preventing non-Jews from pursuing the same educational opportunities need to improve their nations or the world. Talented, well-educated people in high-ranking jobs can make the world a better place. Those who use their talents and education in harmful ways are a danger to the world. They are the enemies of God.


Talented people face a choice. They can use their talent in politics, economics, science and religion to create a more dangerous world, or they can use their skills to create a more peaceful, happier world. Being educated and talented isn’t enough. People need to use their skills and abilities to build a better world that is guided by humanitarian principles that eventually leads to one world without borders – and without religions – and united in brotherhood around the true God.


While cigarette smoking is not the same as drug use, it is addictive. People are easily brainwashed into starting smoking. Even if a person doesn’t allow the smoke up in his nose or in his throat, the act of putting the cigarette in his mouth will make him develop the habit. If people can overcome the brainwashing, they can break the habit and save their health and their money.


A government that is a democracy in name only is no different than a dangerous dictatorship. A “false” democracy is one that grants minorities control over majority populations. This is the case in the United States, Britain, France, and other countries where a minority group of Jews – whose first loyalty is to Israel – has dominant control over a Christian majority. By any definition, this makes the majority slaves to the minority.


It is shameful that all these countries allow their religion to be dominated by a minority that is committed to working on Israel’s behalf. This is destructive behavior and the cause of so much religious fanaticism and strife worldwide.


Jews – operating under the guise of another religion – keep a watchful eye on all countries, gathering information on everything that impacts their vital financial interests. In fact, many priests and pastors in high and highest positions are Jews who pretend to be Christians. The same is true of mullahs and other Muslim leaders who pretend to be Muslim while concealing their Jewish identity.


It is an unbelievable accomplishment that Jews pretending to be Christians could effectively brainwash centuries of Christians into believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Christ as a prophet and son of God is a Jewish fabrication. Such a myth defies common sense: how is it possible for God to have son while, at the same, time Christ’s mother has a husband she didn’t know until after she became pregnant? In addition, Jews brainwashed uneducated Muslims – mostly Arabs – into worshiping dead prophets (or, in the case of Shiites who worship many Imams.)


What difference does it make whether people worship the dust of dead prophets or Imams or use that same dust to build statues they adore? In either case, Jews created these false religious beliefs and then provided the brainwashed followers. Jews concocted the story that Christ is the son of God and Islamic beliefs in their dead prophet and the many holy Imams. In formulating these religions, Jews paved the way for the wasteful spending of huge sums on churches and mosques. The construction centralized religious beliefs around buildings, giving Jews greater control over the followers.


If someone doesn’t want do business with Jews or Muslim and prefers to get services, for example, from Christians, because it is possible for example Jews community to order their people. Don’t do right for Christian.


People have an obligation to respect minority rights, regardless of their race, nationality or religion. This respect must spring from humanitarian values and extend to Jews in Israel and around the world. Respect isn’t limited to family, friends and countrymen. It must embrace all of humanity as God has willed.


At the same time, people have a duty to expose wrongdoing of any kind. In many nations – especially in the Middle East – the presence of British-Jewish spies inflames religious fanaticism. Jews and other minorities are often targets of this anger. Jews growing up as minorities often grow with hatred against the majority population. This hatred makes them easy to recruit as spies that are loyal to the British-Jewish mafia.


It is impossible for Jews and Israel to have peace with Arab nations, even if Arabs wanted normalized relations. Israel prefers tense relations because it rallies the support of Jews around the world, making the nation stronger. In addition, Israel doesn’t feel threatened because it has well-placed spies in the governments of every Middle East nation. In fact, Jews have been in control for more than 2,500 years – beginning during the reign of Persia’s Cyrus the Great and continuing uninterrupted to the present Islam Republic dictatorship .


Iran’s religious beliefs were formulated more than 1,400 years when Jews, inspired by the Prophet Mohammad, created Islam and invaded and conquered Persia. These occupiers have remained in Iran since and installed the current Islamic regime.


Jewish interference in Iran began centuries ago with traitorous acts that caused generate disputes between Zoroastrian and Jewish believers, paving the way for Alexander the Great of Greece to invade and conquer. Later, Jews would solidify their presence in Iran with the marriage of a Jewish woman with King Cyrus the Great. That influence eventually would spread to Greece, Roman and other nations, including Palestine. It was in Palestine where three Jewish tribes from Judah, Samara, and Cal ilea created the Christian religion based on devotion to Jesus Christ as the son of God and the messiah. The eventual spread of Christianity to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and other nations would give Jews a strong hold on the political and financial institutions of the western world. Likewise, Islam was created by Jews to control the wealth and resources of mostly Arab countries. Islam – a religion based on fictitious imagining and lies – was further divided into rival sects. Those sects have resulted in more than 14 centuries of conflicts, violence and wars between each other and among other nations. All of this religious fanaticism is the primary source for the conflicts today around the world, especially in Iran and the Middle East.


Throughout history, Jewish spies have posed as Christians to attain the highest positions as priests, pastors, bishops, cardinals and popes. The first Grand Inquisitor, Tomas DE Torque, a Jew posing as a Christian, tortured and killed thousands as a means of creating disputes among the various denominations. Jews also provided the logistical support that enabled apostles to travel to foreign lands to convert Europeans and others to the Christian faith. Their success enabled Jews to attain high-ranking positions in religion and government and establish a permanent foothold for controlling the wealth and resources of western societies. Such power and control was also achieved by the introduction of Islam in the Middle East and around the world. They have been able to expand their control and influence by instigating wars that weaken nations. This divide-and-conquer strategy has been successful in strengthening Jewish dominance over the wealth and natural resources around the world.


As uncensored history and geography books show that Jews selected Britain as their main base of operations for ruling nations and shaping events around the world. They were able to attain power by marrying into the royal family as well as high-ranking government positions. Nearly all royal rulers in Britain and Span have been Jewish for centuries. In addition, British Jews expanded their reach to control the United States, Canada and Australia. Under the banner of Christianity, Jews also colonized India and other nations. Jews were instrumental in creating Hinduism in India and Buddhism in China, setting the foundation for the violence and warfare that occurred three centuries later.


Americans, British, French and Russians need to take charge of their destiny by putting a halt once and for all to Jewish subterfuge around the world. It is time to stop Jews from hiding their identity and using a worldwide network of fellow Jews to monopolize political and financial power around the world. Laws requiring identification cards listing race, religion and nationality would prove a first line of defense against fraud. These nations should undertake aggressive investigations into membership in the British-Jewish mafia and the Freemasons who exert their power over the world as presidents, prime ministers and other high-ranking officials occupying every part of government. Among Freemason leaders are Tony Blair in Britain, George W. Bush in the United States, Tutankhamen in Iran and other national and international leaders. If people want true freedom, they must target these types of leaders who share one common goal – the destruction and breakdown of nations.


Jews had a hidden presence in all the tribes that first migrated and settled Europe centuries ago. They gained admittance to the tribe by hiding their religious and racial affiliations. As embedded spies, they exchanged secret information through their Jewish network.


More than 2,000 years ago, Jews in Palestine established the Christian faith centered on a Jewish Jesus Christ and 12 Jewish apostles. The foundation of Christianity is based on convincing gullible people that Christ was the son of God sent to guide people along a righteous path to salvation. The fact is Jesus Christ was an ordinary man who was crucified. He was not a prophet. He was not the son of God. By converting millions to Christianity, Jews began a brainwashing program that continues to the present. Since its inception, Christianity is a negative force that has proved more dangerous to world peace than an atom bomb that was exploded in Europe (when many countries began to establish in Europe) against European by some Jew apostles who were engineer of Christian religion as Atom Bomb against Christian and people entire world from long centuries ago up now, the fact from existence of the world up now never creation was the most dangerous weapon than any religion entire world up now.


Jews sent the apostles and other founders of Christianity to Europe, which was transitioning from tribes to nation states. These proselytizers exploded like an atom bomb on the scene eager to convert tribal members to the false teachings of Christianity. Jews never fought directly with any tribes. Instead, they operated indirectly to trigger violence and warfare between rival tribes. Using this strategy, Jews used brainwashing techniques to convert tribes, thus beginning a process that would poison the minds of Europeans all the way down to the 21st century. The splintering of Christianity into many different denominations paved the way for endless religious conflicts and wars between European nations. As a minority, Jews capitalized on this Christian divisiveness to attain high-ranking government positions. They established a stronghold in Britain under the guise of Christianity. Hiding their racial and religious identity, they married secretly into the royal family where they established a permanent presence as rulers of the British Empire and the world on behalf of Jewish interests worldwide. This is the same tactic used in Persia when a Jewish woman married Cyrus the Great, thereby establishing a permanent role in governing Persia – now Iran. Later, Jews would create the ultimate weapon – Islam. Under the banner of Islam, Arabs working on behalf of Jews conquered Iran. Thus began the brainwashing that poisoned the minds of Persians and Arabs alike with false stories and fraudulent holy books. The brainwashed, which occurred during seven years of Arab occupation of Iran, has continued generation after generation to the present-day Middle East.


Jews have been brilliant. More than 14 centuries ago, they singled out one Jew to hide his true identity and pose as an Islamic prophet. This singular act by a false prophet united all the Arab tribes and led to the conquest of many powerful nations, including Persia. The creation of a prophet – unacceptable to God – served as the foundations for generation after generation of brainwashed and poisoned the mind of Muslims that this Slam religion was more dangerous than Atom Bomb that was exploded against Arabs and after Persian, now is Iran by Jews. Today, that religion stands at the center of violence and war around the world.


When tribes migrated from around the world to Europe, they established their own separate nations. All these tribes viewed members of other tribes as enemies. Jews were an exception. They became members of all disputed tribes by hiding their religious and racial identities. They cooperated secretly with fellow Jews of other tribes and hidden in other tribes. Through this vast network Jews has created all most all governments of European countries that paved the way all most all European countries would be against each other in future up now, they were able to gain power and influence as political leaders and officials within Europe’s dominant Christian faith. As Europe grew and nation states consolidated their power, Jews were in position to control vast amount of wealth and natural resource for their own personal benefit. Their grip on power and their skill at manipulate political and financial systems for their own gain has continued into the 21st century.

The fact

Jews don’t believe or practice any religion. For them, religion is tool they created to maximize their control over majority populations. Their only “religion” is a fanatical devotion to fellow Jews. Meanwhile, the Christian and Muslim religions poison the minds of followers, creating a hellish world that is an insult to God and humanity. Once minds have been poisoned by religion, any cure is nearly impossible.


By creating these phony religions, however, Jews were able to conquer Britain as well as Christian and Muslim empires around the world. As a minority, they rule subjugate the best interests of the majority populations in every country. As leaders of Britain, Jews conquered and colonized countries on every continent. Even when colonies gained their independence or achieved commonwealth status, they operated under the illusion of freedom and independence. Indirectly, they have remained under British control unknowingly doing the bidding for their former rulers and against their own vital interests.


The reality is simple. Regardless of their economic or social status, people can die at any time and at any age. Therefore, people in the highest positions, such as the queen of England, needs to rule with the utmost respect for God while acknowledging their own mortality. You will not be able to take your power, race, racial, property, religion or family with you to the grave. In other words, rulers like the queen need to always tell the truth for people entire world. Truthful revelations will benefit mankind and honor the will of God while enabling rulers to take actions that make the world a better place if up now She didn’t reveal or reveal few fact for people entire world, now it is time before die as soon possible to reveal fact for people entire world to get good condition for her soul after die. When people die, they transfer all their acts, words and thought with their soul- both good and bad. Those whose lives are marked by goodness will be rewarded; those whose behavior is unfavorable or inhuman will suffer after death.


People must realize the poisonous threat of having just one spy at work in a country. Just a little poison in a river can kill hundreds of thousands of people who rely on that river for drinking water. In the same way, one poison apple looks identical to millions of other applies in a barrel. Yet, it has the potential to poison all the other apples. The same is true in society. Jews who support each other in hiding their racial and religion to attain high-ranking positions are potentially lethal to entire nations. They are poison if their only desire is to exploit the wealth and resources of other nations to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of the non-Jewish citizenry. They compound and worsen the problem when they use their connections to preserve power and pass it down from generation to generation. If that is how they operate, they only care about themselves and the state of Israel.


Jews have long provoked racial tensions between whites and blacks in the United States, Europe, Canada and other nations. For centuries, they have been able to capitalize on these racial divisions to expand their control over wealth and resources around the world. Similar, centuries-old hatreds have made gypsies targets of racism in Europe. While Europe has largely been unified, many have singled out gypsies because they are ethnically different. It is possible that British-Jewish spies, pretending to be gypsies, have committed criminal acts that are then blamed on the gypsies. Creating such hatred violates the laws of God and basic principles of humanity. However, British-Jewish spies promote racial tensions to create divisions that weaken countries. The fact is that gypsies born in European countries are citizens of those nations first. A gypsy born in Romania is Romanian. Unfortunately, many Europeans reject them regardless of where they were born. In Europe, it should be irrelevant where gypsies come from. However, it is relevant that the British-Jewish mafia agitates and encourages racial hatred and fanaticism against gypsy and other ethnic minority groups.


It is astounding that the majority of Americans, British, French and Russians are Christian, yet their governments are ruled by Jews. The same holds true in predominantly Muslim and Buddhist countries where Jews control of governments, religious an institutions. For example Khamenei Ahmadinejad are British-Jewish spies. The same British-Jewish network elite control the fate of many Arab and Muslim nations and rule without regard for citizens of those countries.


Anyone who conceals his racial or religious identity and cooperates with “outsiders” to attain a high-ranking job is a spy. They are Jews whose first loyalty is to the British-Jewish mafia. These spies have an especially strong presence in the United States most European countries and Russia. When both British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush were confronted by protestors over the Iraq invasion, they responded with brutal force. The protests failed miserably. The actions in Britain and the United States demonstrated that the voices of the majorities in both countries didn’t matter. Blair and Bush were both carry out the agenda of the minority interests of the British-Jewish mafia. Most American and British citizens are decent people. Unfortunately, they are slaves to the minorities ruling their nations.


If people of the United States, Britain and other nations remain indifferent to the rule of their mafia governments, they will continue to pay a heavy price – contaminated drinking water, food laden with dangerous chemicals and bacteria, etc. The situation is similar to a man sitting on a tree branch eating honey from a bee hive while below him someone is sawing out his branch. Eventually, the contented man will learn his fate.


All nations need to adopt laws that require each citizen to carry an identification card that lists race, religion and national origin. This information will help identify the sources for spies and anti-democratic individuals who intend to destroy their countries. Identification cards will help prevent Jews from using their power in high-ranking government positions to promote Israeli interests and dangerous polices that harm ordinary citizens.


The fact is that all races, religions and nationalities have talented people. However, Jews are the only talented group that cooperates through a vast network to conceal their religious and facial identities to attain high-ranking jobs around the world and accumulate wealth. They pass on this influence and wealth to each new generation, thus creating an endless cycle of privilege and wealth that enables them to control every nation.


Jews are responsible for many of the world’s problems. At the core of these problems are the promotion of philosophies and leaders who spark conflict, violence and war within and between nations. Among the most heavily promoted are Marxism and Leninism, both Jewish schools of thought responsible for more than a century of conflict and violent warfare. For example, French and British Jews cooperated in colonizing Vietnam from 1890 to 1969 under French rule. France’s introduction of Christianity into Vietnam led to direct conflicts with believers of other native, long-held religious beliefs. Religious differences were a primary cause later of a civil war.


France, with the support of Jews and non-Jews from Britain, Russia and China, divided its former colony, Vietnam, into two parts – North and South Vietnam – under independently led governments. Behind the scene, these nations promoted Ho Chi Ming as a national war hero. With their backing, Ho Chi Ming would become a revolutionary communist hero who would defeat the United States and reunite Vietnam.


The Vietnam War was launched by Jews with the support of France, Britain, Russia, China and the U.S. mafia. The war, which lasted from 1965 to 1978, resulted in 58,000 U.S. deaths and 35,000 casualties and killed more than one million Vietnamese. It was all for nothing. The United States lost in Vietnam. With Vietnam, the Jewish mafia gained a foothold in China, setting the stage for future plans to control the Chinese government as a new competitor to the United States. Today, Jews around the world are plotting to bring down the China, the United States and Britain – which would be favorable to Jewish economic and political interests.


In the same way, Jews established a communist government in Russia under Lenin to isolate the country from interfering in non- communist nations. Then, in cooperation among Jews in Russia, Britain and the United States, they worked behind the scenes to undermine the Russian government. Likewise, the Iraqi war caused thousands of deaths and injuries to American soldiers and was a major factor in the collapse of the economies of the United States, Britain and around the world.


British- Jew spy who hiding their religion and racial

Jews are behind self-destructive military interventions in many nations. Jews were engineered the invasion of Iraq. Once troops were deployed, Jewish interests intervened to make sure the United States would not benefit economically from the invasion. Their primary interest was in replacing Saddam Hussein with a new dictator who would better serve British-Jewish economic and political interests.


American Jews, whose first loyalty is to Israel, will never allow the United States to assert its real independence. The strong Jewish dominance of the U.S. government is the main reason laws are essential to require identification cards that list a person’s race, religion and nationality. Such laws would prevent Jews from attaining high-ranking government jobs where they work for Jewish interests against the American people.


It is best for the United States and China, if China remains a communist nation. If China becomes a capitalist system, it will experience a great deal unrest caused by food shortages and high unemployment. The emergence of a new regime will led to increased tensions with the United States and other countries. Increased instability in China will pave the way for British-Jewish subterfuge that will include increased criminal activity and terrorism.


As Jews predicted in the Bible, the Chinese people will be “scattered” around the world. To prove its predictions are true, the British-Jews mafia will oversee the decimation of China and the scattering of the Chinese around the world. The so-called fulfillment of prophecies will increase Jewish control over believers. Meanwhile, the British-Jewish mafia will have convinced the world to accept China’s transition to capitalize, as prophesied. This change will have disastrous consequence around the world, especially in the United States. The eruption of conflicts around the world will eventually be quelled, resulting in the enslavement of many nations to the British-Jewish mafia.


All nations, whether democratic or communistic, are ruled by Jewish mafia operatives that engage in covert actions against citizens. While citizens are frightened by talk of conflicts with other nations, they face now threat. All of the bellicose talk is orchestrated by British-Jewish operatives. The British-Jewish mafia supports a communist dictatorship in Cuba. The mafia installed the communists to undermine relations with the United States and Latin America. However, it would be better for the Cuban people, the United States and Latin America if the government became a democratic or socialist regime. Freeing Cuba could pave the way for unite North and Latin America, similar to the European Union. As it stands now, conflicts within the Western Hemisphere are designed to benefit British-Jewish financial and political interests.


A divided Iran also benefits British-Jewish interests. When the Iranians surrendered their weapons as directed by the Shiite dictatorship after the revolution, they unwittingly submitted themselves to a future government that is more dangerous than an atom bomb. Recently, President told the Iranian Ahmadinejad that he had dreamed of seeing the last Imam – the final of the 12 Imams, indicating peace on Earth and the end of the world. Claimed he had Ahmadinejad been told to vacate Tehran because of an imminent earthquake. What he failed to say that the quaking of the earth would be caused by testing of an atom bomb near Tehran. In addition, his so-called message from the last Imam was a ruse to force the relocation of Tehran’s universities to the countryside to undermine student protests that threatened his government.


The Persian Empire began its decline during the Qajar Dynasty in the 1700s. In 1907, Iran fell under foreign control, with the Russian ruling the north and the British governing the south, the location of oil wells and pipelines owned by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. In 1921, a Persian brigade, under the anti-British, anti-Russian leadership of Reza Khan, overthrew the government. However, Reza Khan hid his Jewish faith and led the coup with the full cooperation of high-ranking Jews in the Russian communist government. He was hailed by Iranians, but his actions betrayed his country by turning over control to a new British-Jewish mafia regime. When World War II began, the British and the Jewish government in Russia shifted their support from Ahmad Shah to Reza Khan. While supposedly cooperating with Germany, Reza Khan relayed Nazi secrets to Britain.


Following World War II, Britain abandoned Reza Khan for his son, setting in motion events that would lead to the collapse of royal family rule. In 1977, Iran gave Britain a $3 billion, interest-free loan, enabling the British- Jewish mafia to steal Iran’s oil and natural resources. In turn, Britain supported Mehdi Bazargan, an engineer who managed Iran’s oil industry under Mosaddegh, a Bavarian-Jewish spy. Together, they nationalized the Iranian oil industry in cooperation with the British-Jewish mafia. It never really mattered whether the Iranian oil industry was nationalized or not. Either way, the British-Jewish mafia controlled Iranian oil through its proxy, Iranian King Mohammad Reza Shah, a British-Jewish spy. Regardless of state or private ownership, Iranians would never benefit from their own oil resources. Iranian Ahmadinejad oil and natural resources have been under the firm control of the British and Jewish agents for decades.


Since the reign of the Qajar dynasty in the 1700s to the present, the Iranian government has been controlled by British-Jewish agents. Today, and are w Khamenei on behalf of the Jewish mafia. These leaders are supported by spies such as Mehdi Bazargan and Mossaddegh who cooperate with Khomeini to establish the dominance of the Shiite religion. This grand conspiracy has destroyed Iran.


British and Jewish agents paved the way for the downfall of the royal reign Mohammad Reza. Initially, these secret agents dictated a change in the Iranian government from Mossadegh to Mohammed Reza with full U.S. support. For decades, Mohammed Reza enjoyed the strong support of the United States and British-Jewish interests. Later, posing as members of the Baha’i faith, secret Jewish government and military leaders took actions against Iranians that sparked the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Many innocent Baha’i followers were killed in retaliation.


High-ranking Jewish government officials in the United States, Europe and Russia misguide people with their brainwashing techniques. One result of this manipulation is the willingness of people to spend more on their pets than on the needs of humanity. These same people will gladly spend more on their pets’ health than on the medical needs of their fellow humans. While the ethical treatment of animals is commendable, the well-being of humans should be a higher priority.


Can seven billion people worldwide overpower 20 million Jews from interfering in internal and external affairs of nations? The challenge is daunting. In every nation, Jews hide their religious identity – often posing as Christians or Muslims – to attain high-ranking government position. With their power, the interests of citizens are subordinate to the financial and political interests of the governing Jewish leaders. These secret agents control all natural resources, military operations, and all the branches of government in ways that favor Israel and the Jewish mafia. Because of their successes worldwide, they now own more than 80 percent of the world’s wealth. Billions of dollars are used to protect their economic interests, including terrorism, violence and warfare. Their monopoly on high-level government jobs and excessive wealth is a lethal combination. For example, they have used their power to use their proxies to destroy many nations: Gandhi in

India, Lenin, in Russia and Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia.


All nations need to adopt laws to limit and confiscate the vast amounts of wealth held by Jews and non-Jews. Individuals should be limited to amounts need to live comfortably and peacefully. In addition, mandatory identification cards should list the race, religion and nationality. These cards are essential in countries that have liberal immigration policies.


The truth is elections are not “elections.” Instead, the mafia, Freemasons and billionaires “select” the occupants for the highest ranking government positions – from presidents and prime ministers to the heads of the CIA and secret police. These high-ranking officials share two things in common – they have been selected by a Jewish minority and they are British-Jewish spies. This minority group comprises Jews who conceal their religious and racial identity to attain high-ranking positions and then form a network that controls the selection process. Such tight control makes it nearly impossible for non-Jews to move into high-ranking government positions.


With such power, the British-Jewish mafia spends the wealth and exploits the resources of all nations in ways that are detrimental to everyone but themselves. At will, they decide the fates of nations, including if they will engage in war. They hang on to power through deception. To secure high-ranking government and religious positions, they change their names and their parents’ names and falsify documents to indicate they are Muslims, Christians or members of other faiths.


Jews arranged high-interests multimillion dollar loans for nations with dictators, especially in Europe. These dictators embezzled all or most of the money for themselves. Ultimately, the countries had to pay back the loans at exorbitant interest rates. To meet loan obligations, taxes had to be increased substantially, resulting in higher unemployment. Naturally, the Europeans protested their governments’ actions. However, Jews in Britain and Israel commandeered the revolutions paving the way for an eventual break up and destruction of Europe. The newly reconfigured Europe would be financial and political beneficial to British-Jewish interests.


During a broadcast interview, Iranian President denied Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden was hiding in Iran, claiming he was actually under protection in the United States. is a Jew, w Ahmadinejad ho cooperates with the British government, the royal family and Jews in Israel and the United States to berate and humiliate America and the Iranian people. His reckless statements reflect his disdain for non-Jews in the United States and an eagerness to brainwash people into believing lies. Even if Bin Laden had been in the United States, Ahmadinejad would never have revealed that information unless he was a Jewish ally.


A major problem in Europe is the presence of British and Jewish spies who have infiltrated their governmental institutions. As high-ranking officials, they enact laws and exercise power in ways harmful to European nations. While concealing their religious beliefs, they acquire vast holdings in real estate and companies. They close factories and move jobs overseas, leaving behind high unemployment and poverty.


Before World War II, the British mafia and highest ranking government leaders were Jews. They cooperated with their Jewish counterparts in Russia, Europe and the United States in support of Adolph Hitler (a British-Jewish spy), Josef Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill were Jew. This cooperative venture was part of a master plan to destroy Europe and then to resurrect a new Europe comprising smaller, non-communist and communist nations. This plot included giving poorer nations to Russia while using the U.S. military to reward Britain with control over the resources of the oil-rich countries. By allowing Hitler to destroy Europe and murder Jews, Britain, Russia and the United States laid the foundation for the post-war establishment of the state of Israel.


Before World War II, Britain, the United States, Germany and Russia secretly plotted a reorganization of Europe with deep divisions into non-communist and communist nations. Achieving the goal would require the deaths of millions around the world. The devastation and destruction would produce enormous, post-war, economic benefits for the British-Jewish mafia. Unbeknownst to people, the Second World War was secretly planned by Jews who had concealed their racial and religious identities to attain high-ranking positions in Britain, Russia, Germany and the United States.


After the war, European countries would take decades to rebuild stable, productive economies. Moreover, the post-war Cold War would have a huge impact on the entire world. The reshuffled post-war order included communist regimes in Cuba and China that would create problems for the United States and other nations. Cuban leader Fidel Castro is Jewish and a British spy. By installing a communist government in China, the British-Jewish mafia wanted to halt Chinese interference in its colonies and competition for control of the world’s oil and natural resources.


Lotteries – state-sponsored gambling – are a big problem in the United States and other nations. The lotteries are run by large companies (most likely Jewish) and they produce misery for people, especially the poor and black. The poor spend like crazy in hopes of instant riches, but they are wasting their money as billions end up in the pockets of Jews and mafias. The poor end up poorer as money that should be spent on their families is spent on false dreams of riches. None of the lottery earnings goes to benefit America or other nations.


With the world’s largest population, China has capitalized on its strong economic growth to buy many U.S. and international businesses. This expansion into businesses has had the full support of Jews around the world. Jewish scholars created the holy books that are the foundations of Christianity and Islam. These books, written to promoted Jewish interests, are full of falsehoods, including prophesies that the number of Chinese in the United States would eventually become a huge problem for Americans and the world. Jews will brainwash religious people that the Chinese problem must be accepted as prophesied by in the Bible and the Koran. As usual, questions about the veracity of these prophesies will create further societal divisions, making it easier for British-Jewish interests to control large numbers of people.


China has adopted the same policies that have made the British-Jewish mafia so powerful for centuries. Today, Chinese hide their racial identity and assume aliases to spy on other Asian countries, including Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. In cooperation with Jews worldwide, the Chinese send spies from these Asian countries to the United States, Europe and elsewhere. The Chinese and Jews share common interests in destroying the political institutions and economies of other nations, especially in Mexico and Latin America. Countries need to be smarter in ferreting out Chinese spies in their midst.


People need reflect seriously on the importance of “being good” rather than worshiping God “thousands of times.” What are the consequences to the soul after death if someone chooses to kill someone? Is it worth committing one bad act in one brief moment in time and face eternal suffering? One bad act can destroy an individual’s life, his family and insult God, so a moment to think right it is most benefit than to pray million times to God.


People need to reject death and terror and embrace the values of humanity, peace, equality and brotherhood for all mankind. Such practices are the true idea and will of God. He wants one international country without borders. He wants oil and other natural resources to be shared equitable for the benefit of all, not just to make exorbitant profits for the British-Jewish mafia and their brokers.


It is time to expose the evil acts of all dictators and British-Jewish mafia homosexuals and criminals in every country. Ridding the world of these evildoers is difficult. People have been unarmed while their corrupt governments control all weapons, including nuclear arms. An unarmed revolution is unlikely. Given the citizens’ limitation, terrorist acts may be necessary. In addition, rebels need to work secretly to identify potential supporters in the military and government with access to arms. Citizens also need to expose and confiscate the money used by billionaires to support evil governments. They should only be allowed to keep sufficient funds for a comfortable life.


All dictatorships operate against the best interest of their citizens. In any wealthy nation, Jews are present, occupying high positions in government. As part of a vast network, they descend on the wealth and resources like locusts, devouring and destroying everything in their path.


Russians are most deserving of sympathy. For centuries, every aspect of their lives – politics, economics and religion – has been controlled by Jews. Despite being one of the world’s richest countries, Jews remove that wealth from Russia for investments in Europe. The result is high unemployment in Russia and enormous Jewish influence on the European financial system.


Education and Power


Unfortunately, Christian, Muslims and people of other faiths routinely attend religious services where they are fed a steady diet of fictional stories. These falsehoods were created by Jewish scholars to subjugate and enslave majority populations around the world.


Many people believe Jews are the smartest race. They are wrong. For generations, Jews have invested their wealth in good health, education and professional achievement. All other races, societies and nations are capable of duplicating Jewish achievement if given the freedom to accumulate wealth, enjoy good nutrition and access to educational and professional opportunities for themselves and their families.


Jews have been worked hard to receive the right training in economics, religion, politics and science. Their educational achievements have given them access to the most influential professions as lawyers, doctors, engineers and science. Much of what they have accomplished has occurred at the expense of majority populations. Jews have formed a worldwide network that supports dictatorships and mafia-style governments, allowing them to exploit the wealth and resources of other nations for their own benefit. For centuries, they have hidden their true identities to attain the most powerful jobs in every nation. They have used their influence to enrich themselves and the British mafia in the United Kingdom and the Jewish mafia in Israel. They have achieved minority control of majority populations by creating disputes within and between nations, especially violent religious divisions.


Meanwhile, non-Jews have allowed themselves to languish at the economic margins. They have not trained their children to aspire in education and careers. Their expenses are high for mortgages, taxes and insurance, and they suffer under the weight of bad laws on immigration and marriage. Divorce laws have made marriage less attractive because they typically award women most of the wealth and property in a settlement and encourage infidelity. The laws also diminish the role of parents in disciplining their children, including many who become drug users.


Under the circumstances, how is it possible for non-Jews to match the achievements of Jews? The only solution is for people to unite to eradicate the British-Jewish mafia network that is working against them. People need to act as “dictators against their dictators.” They need to work secretly to identify allies within the military, the CIA and the executive, legislative and judicial branches in government. They need to use deception to befriend their enemies in ever power position and gain access to the weapons and be willing to engage in terrorist hits that chip away and destabilize dictators.


Iranian leader Khamenei and President are British-Jewish s Ahmadinejad pies are brutal and oppressive dictators. Their decision to execute five Kurdish journalists paved the way for massive protests and work stoppages in Kurdish cities throughout Iran. Unfortunately, non-Kurdish Iranians failed to seize the opportunity to join in unity with Kurd in massive protests against their government. Their unwillingness to support the Turds stems from the longstanding hatred between the Shiite majority and the Sunni minority Kurd. This religious divisiveness is no surprise. The British-Jewish mafia has invested centuries working diligently to create religious, cultural, ethnic and ideological divisions that can be readily exploited to maintain their minority rule over the majority. The failure of Iranians to rally behind the Kurd underscores the effectiveness of the propaganda used by dictators to brainwash and subjugate citizens, thus ensuring their continued rule. What is most depressing is that such collective behavior by citizens means they will have difficulty changing the direction of their country.


The biggest tragedy in any dictatorial government is that people fail to recognize their true enemies within their government and outside their nation.


All nations have the right to protect themselves from the hostilities of other countries.


The Jewish population of six million constituents only a fraction of America’s 330 million-plus citizens. They own far more real estate than non-Jewish citizens.


Whether or not Jews in the United States conceal their racial and religious identity, they still are part of an expansive worldwide network. By attaining the highest positions in government, they control the three branches of government as well as the Democratic and Republican parties. All legislation reflects and protects their political and financial interests. For example, they flex their power in the real estate market where prices declined more than 50 percent after 2008. Mortgage foreclosures forced people to relinquish their homes at deep discount. Consequently, Jews now own more than 70 percent of U.S. real estate while the wealth of the American majority is savaged. Likewise, Jewish leaders in the United States have control of the military and weapons, including nuclear warheads.


With so much power, Jews have the equivalent of a “second Palestine” in the United States. From America, they can use military might around the world to benefit Israeli interests. They also have the power of religion behind them. Jews have faked their identity to assume high positions in Christianity and Islam, enabling them to control terrorist organizations. Americans are unaware of just how little control they have over their government, which serves the interests of the British-Jewish mafia.


In addition to Americans, the British, Russians and Europeans have to consider whether their countries are the equivalent of the subjugated Palestinian people. Reaching that conclusion may be difficult. Most people are distracted with their routine problems related to taxes, insurance, mortgage payments, immigration laws, etc. Moreover, all people are bombarded daily with news that has been censored and is pure propaganda.


The fact is Britain and its Jewish royalty have controlled most of the world for centuries – first as colonies and now indirectly through their proxy spies.


People around the world need to understand the danger of allowing citizens to conceal their racial and religious identity. It may be too late to stop the infiltration of Jewish spies and traitors in the United States, Britain and Russia. However, it is not too late to take steps now to expose spies and to halt future spying. Governments must be forced to adopt laws that require identification cards with mandatory listings of race, religion and nationality. If a citizen changes his religion, he should be required to declare the religious history of his ancestors. Those who provide false information should be prosecuted as spies and traitors. Even more dangerous than dictatorships are democracies that allow Jew to control their populations by satellite. Even more ominous is a future in which the VeriChip give Jews even greater control.


Israel was created by purchasing Palestinian properties. In the United States, Jews own nearly 80 percent of real estate. They will use their U.S. real estate holdings to create a second Palestine that favor Jewish and Israeli interest. Jewish control of Palestine enables them to rule Arabs and Muslims. Jewish control of U.S. real estate gives them control over a diverse population of Americans. Eventually, Americans will realize they are like Palestinians and will fight back against Jews to reclaim their country.


By concealing their racial identity and cooperating with each other, Jews are able to pinpoint and exploit the weaknesses of each country. They have been especially successful in identifying the weak points in Britain and the United States.


U.S. laws have destroyed marriage by changing the balance in the relationships to favor the wife. These laws discourage men from entering into marriages. Men and women need each other. However, many people choose to live alone and forgo marriage. Instead, they live alone and devote all their love to their pets. People who share living space with animals are exposed to bacteria and diseases (the deadly AIDS virus was transferred by monkeys living with humans). Marriage can revived if lawmakers restore equality in the relationship between husbands and wives.


Tactics to Divide and Conquer


Turning to the affair between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the obvious question is: Was it just a sexual indiscretion or part of a bigger plot? Was it merely a coincident that a beautiful, sexy, irresistible Jewish woman was given a White House internship that put her close to Clinton? Was it just an attempt to seduce the president when Lewinsky exposed her body in the Oval Office and invited him to have sex with her? Or did Lewinsky have a bigger agenda?


Clinton opponents should ask themselves if they could have refused sex with Monica Lewinsky, a beautiful Jewish woman willing to aggressively use her sexuality and charm on a vulnerable man. Not Probably. By going after Clinton, the opposition became conspirators in a larger, traitorous plot that used Lewinsky to destroy Clinton and his efforts to strengthen U.S.-Latin American relations. Later, the stress Clinton endured from the investigation of the alleged affair was a key factor in his heart attack. Clinton’s wife, Hillary, may also have been in on the British-Jewish plot to undermine her husband and his Latin American agenda. As a reward for cooperating in the plot, she received Britain’s Prince Charles’ blessing on a New York visit to run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 2008. Certainly, the British-Jewish mafia would have been satisfied that the Clinton-Lewinsky affair end U.S. overtures to Latin America, all to the mafia’s benefit. As a side note, it is unclear whether Hillary is Jewish. For her role in the plot, Lewinsky was secretly paid millions by the British-Jewish mafia along with career opportunities.


If Lewinsky was not part of the plot, why did she have sex with Clinton and then save physical evidence of the affair, which she later revealed to the media? This certainly would not have been the first time that the British-Jewish mafia has used a sex scandal to strengthen its hold on the wealth and natural resources of nations. Stopping Clinton’s rapprochement with Latin America certainly protected trillions of dollars in British-Jewish interests.


Persia stands as the paragon of civilizations. More than 2,500 years ago, they created the first monotheistic religion, Zoroastrianism, based on the principles of good thought, good talk and good actions. Central to these beliefs were respect and tolerance for all minorities. In other words, this Persian belief system embraced humanitarian values and the wishes of God.


Unfortunately, Jews embedded in the Persian government conspired with neighboring Arab countries to undermine Zoroastrian and replace it with a new religion, Islam. Taking ideas from Zoroastrianism and different sacred writings, Jews added extravagant assertion, lies and fabricated a false prophet, Mohammad. Thus, began a Jewish campaign to promote the new religion of Islam.


With Mohammed as its leader, Islam proved a powerful force in uniting Arab tribes into a nationalist coalition of nations. Unfortunately, Jews – hiding their religious and racial identities – attained the highest positions in each of these nation states. Thus began the Jewish a strategy of “divide and conquer” that would engulf and destroy Iran and has continued into the 21st century. This strategy is marked by religious conflicts, violence and wars within individual states and with neighboring states and nations around the world.


With the Shiite and Sunni religions, Jews created a poisonous force that is more dangerous than the atom bomb. That bomb first exploded in Arab nations and then again when Arabs invaded Persia. It was bad for Arabs and Persians, but good for Jews who engineered the religious conversions as part of their divide-and-conquer strategy. With a majority of Middle Easterners fighting over religion, Jews have managed to infiltrate and take over governments. They have succeeded with this strategy for more than 14 centuries. As a minority, Jews cooperate with each other as they continue the religious brainwashing of Arabs and Iranians alike and steal their wealth and natural resources, especially oil.


Iranian people fail to learn from their past. Why haven’t Iranian realized that the Shiite religion, brought by Arab invaders, destroyed Persia more than 10 centuries ago? Why haven’t they learned that Arabs, the enemies of Iran, fabricated the worship of the dust of 11 dead Imams as prophets? Why do Iranians insult the true God by continuing to pass along these false beliefs on generation after generation?


By embracing the Shiite religion, Iranians blaspheme the values of humanity by insulting minorities, calling them non-believers and subhuman. Also Iranians have demonized the languages of minorities, including the Azeri and Rasht people of Iran and else. They have also failed to cooperate with the Iranian Kurd against their dangerous government. How can Iranian ever have freedom and democracy when they do not respect the rights and beliefs of minority Christians and Jews in their country? Most Iranians fail to grasp that their Shiite beliefs and their oppression of minorities is damaging to their country and beneficial to British-Jewish spies running their government.


Embracing the Shiite religion has been a disaster for Iran and the world. It has produced nothing for Iran but centuries of “wrong thoughts, wrong words and wrong actions.” The awful legacy of the Shiite religion lives on today. Iran is overrun with British-Jewish spies and mafia, and a criminal homosexual government led by Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Jewish and British-Jewish spies guilty of assaulting, jailing, torturing and killing Iranians – all in the name of the Shiite religion. The Iranian people share in the blame for its dysfunctional government. They insult God by worshiping the dust of 11 dead Imams and inflict pain and suffering on themselves in the name of religion. Unless Iranians recommit to humanitarian values of “good thoughts, good words and good actions,” they will suffer more as their country is destroyed.

By their indifference, rich people caused the poor to support terrorist organization and mafia activities that targeted the wealthy.


In past and recent, the United State, Britain and its allies have imposed sanction on Iran. These sanctions

block other nations from trading with Iran. However, they have only succeeded in making the lives of ordinary Iranians and other nations more miserable.


The fact many famous musicians as Beethoven, Mozart, and else by mistake, has created many music link to many false different religions, to pave the way people enjoy those music through false of any religious against people entire world. Special favor of British- Jews mafia, but without link their music to any religious, they have done best for favor of people entire world.


Using Analysis and Reason to Expose Falsehoods


By providing military support, the United States has made Britain and Israel more powerful. These two powerful nations have used their enhanced power to break up other nations. Unfortunately, they will break up and destroy the United States. Britain will eventually experience the same fate as Jewish-Israeli interests hidden within the royal family and government dismantle the nation.


People, especially Americans, need to realize who their true internal and external enemies are. Many people become famous because they are visible as religious leaders, patriots or philanthropists. They are seen as having done good things for their countries or the world. Once they become famous for their good works, many bank on their power and influence to undertake actions that adversely impact their nation or the world. Hitler, Saddam Hussein and others throughout history gained fame and popularity, which they later used to destroy their countries and wreak havoc worldwide.


Americans and citizens in other countries need to know their political and religious leaders and understand they have the potential to use their position and power destructively. People hiding behind a mask of goodness while doing evil need to be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


The United States is blessed with a diverse, talented population representing every race, ethnicity, religion and language in the world. It is the world’s wealthiest country. Unfortunately, conspirators in high-ranking positions in the United States, Britain and Israel found it easy to bring down the tallest building in New York and cause extensive damage to the Pentagon. They also found it easy to unleash their propaganda to shift the blame for the September 11, 2001, attacks to the wrong people. In the aftermath, the United States was damaged economically and politically as British-Jewish spies pushed the United States and its allies into a costly invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The propagandists are also blame for the attacks on the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. The fact is Bin Laden was an anti-Muslim, British-Jewish spy, used to create anger and hostility against Muslims worldwide. All of these actions weakened the United States while strengthening British-Jewish control over America.


Many Americans already know who their enemies are. The same people inside and outside of government who plotted against Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky are the same people responsible for the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States. Unfortunately, Americans chose to ignore the links between the two events.


While soldiers are trained to observe strict discipline, they need to know more about who their commanding officers really are before blindly following orders. Many officers are openly Jewish or Jewish spies working on behalf of the British-Jewish mafia. Before putting their lives on the line on the battlefield, soldiers need to know whether they are fighting for the United States or defending the interests of Israel and the British-Jewish mafia.


All armed forces around the world have a similar relationship in which they are working in opposition to the interests of citizens.


It is obvious that whatever happens in the United States impact other nations. The reverse is also true: a tragedy elsewhere affects the United States. Given this mutual impact, all nations need to support efforts to change the direction of the United States away from its misguided links to the British-Jewish mafia. An important first step is for all nations to pass laws requiring identification cards that list each individual’s race, religion and nationality. Anyone who falsifies any of the information would be prosecuted as a spy. Laws currently on the books were enacted by high-ranking traitors to subordinate citizens. Meanwhile, men like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former U.S. President George W. Bush have to pay the price for their evil deeds. If they are not held accountable, a harsh judgment will fall upon future generations.


It is difficult to understand historically why Jews have used their educational achievements to oppress and exploit people around the world. For example, more than 2,000 years ago, Jews staged the crucifixion of Christ and falsely claimed He was a prophet and the son of God, thus creating a religion that is an insult to God. By brainwashing generation after generation to believe falsehoods, Jews have been able to assert minority control over majority populations in every country. Control means power. Power means wealth.


Jews financed construction of thousands of churches to promote Christianity and pave the way for future conflicts with non-Christians. For more than 2,000 years, they have succeeded in creating tensions, violence and wars between Christians and non-Christians.


Americans need to become smarter about enlisting the cooperation of other nations in taking back governments from the British-Jewish mafia. Tragedies that happen in the United States impact other nations and tragedies in other nations affect the United States. Nations need to offer their support as Americans seek out and expose government spies who have corrupted their legal system. All laws need to be scrutinized and changed to benefit America rather than British-Jewish interests.


British-Jewish spies, with headquarters in Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States, are working on behalf of Israeli interests. They control the world’s wealth, oil, natural resources, armed force and nuclear weapons. In other words, a few British-Jewish billionaires dominate the other seven billion, defenseless people on Earth.


The fastest way to expose dangerous British-Jewish billionaires is to demand that international, regional and national banks provide access to the accounts of customers holding high-ranking positions in government, business and religion. Any audit should include the British royal family. Once exposed, laws should be enacted to confiscate the wealth of dangerous billionaires. Most of this wealth was ill-gotten. It was stolen by force and by killings in Africa, Asia and North and South America and should be returned for the benefit of citizens. To stop further wealth accumulation by spies, laws are needed that require that all citizens possess passports and identification cards that list their race, nationality and religion. This transparent system would block British-Jewish spies from concealing their true identities to attain high-ranking positions, which they use to severely damage and destroy nations. Transparency would also help track how billionaires acquire their wealth and help expose the usual trickery and deceit used to amass fortunes at others’ expense and reveal how that money is used against people. Tracking wealth will expose how money is used to manipulate governments and undermine legitimate revolutions against dictators.


People need become more knowledgeable about all holy books, including the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. A full understanding of these holy books will limit their usefulness as a brainwashing tool. When these holy books are studied comparatively in a mathematical way, the brain will function like a calculator. For example, 2+1=3 is a fact while 2+1=4 is clearly false. Such careful analysis, when discussed with others, will enable people to become more enlightened about religious beliefs and able to resist brainwashing. A study of the holy books will lead to the inevitable questions about the authors, their veracity and their real objectives and when and why stories in these ancient books were changed. Mostly, they will read stories of fight and violence in which people live like animals, killing their daughters and making sacrifices to idols.


Applying comparative analysis, readers will discover how the different religions that sprang from the holy books have served the interests of Jews at the expense of non-Jewish. These holy books have been used to systematically brainwash people around the world for centuries. The teachings have been poisonous, with generation after generation brainwashed in extravagant churches, mosques and temples wastefully built with the peoples’ money. All of this spending and propaganda has produced nothing beneficial – just hostility, violence and war. Dividing people over religious issues has enabled the Jewish minority to control majority populations in every nation. Believers need to understand they are slaves to religious leaders who have hidden their Jewish identity and taken on fake identities as priests, pastors and mullahs. None of these religious figures represent the voice of God. They are false prophets who insult God with their false teachings.


Learning to distinguish between fact and fiction will free people to discover the truth. God blessed humans with special brains capable of analysis and deep thinking and distinguishing between right and wrong. The uniqueness of our brain is what distinguishes us from other life forms.


The propaganda tools used by religious leaders are powerful and pervasiveness. Believers are bombarded with religious propaganda in the holy books, places of worship, and in the mass media. The tools may change but the brainwashing has been effective for centuries and into the present.


Despite the pervasiveness of the broadcast media, factual reporting is rare. If getting the facts today is such a problem, it has to be nearly impossible to learn the truth about holy books or prophecies written centuries ago by Jews who hid their racial and religious beliefs. All of these holy books were written by Jews who cooperated to guard all the secrets of their stories and myths. This same conspiracy of silence has been evident throughout the centuries as Jews have worked in tandem to attain the highest positions in every nation. It has been a strategy that has enabled a minority of about 20 million Jews to control a world population of seven billion. It led to establishment of Israel, control over the governments of all nations and the theft of oil and natural resources worldwide. It is important to realize that regardless of where Jews are born, their first loyalty is to Israel.


Everyone reading this book should analyze and critique every idea. My goal is not to brainwash or deceive readers. My intention is to force readers to reflect and challenge all thoughts and commentary. I have given a great deal of thought to my writing and my intentions are to promote a better world for all of mankind. I have no hidden agenda or secret message. Each reader is encouraged to think for himself.


It doesn’t matter if I am right or wrong. By reading and using their minds, people can find the truth on their own. As a writer, I am ordinary man. People have to decide what is factual and what is fictional – and should not blindly accept all the ideas of any one author. For example, if someone buys a bag filled with good and bad applies and eats randomly, he will become ill. Before eating, he needs to find the rotten apples and return them for a refund. However, when someone eats blindly, he pays the price. The apple analogy speaks to the state of the world today. People are handed a bad of apples and make no effort to distinguish between the bad and good apples. Because everything is blindly accepted as fact, each person and each new generation is forced to pay a heavy price. The beneficiaries are British-Jewish spies, dictators, criminals and homosexuals in every government and terrorist organizations. These evildoers may not pay the price in their lifetimes. If they don’t, their souls will pay dearly. Regardless of power, age, race, nationality or any other factor, all people will die and will take nothing with them beyond the grave.


For 3,000 years, Jews also have been brainwashed by fellow Jews. They too must pay. While some may contend they aren’t responsible because they were brainwashed against their will, they still have to pay the price for their wrongful acts against others. If Jews have blindly accepted Judaism without questions, they have willingly eaten “apples” from the bag without checking them carefully.


Rejecting religious beliefs without study or questioning is acceptable. It is a different story for those who blindly accept any religion. What is the point of blindly accepting a religion as true if you are illiterate or don’t question its basic truths? Instead, why not embrace universal humanitarian values based on love and brotherhood for all mankind. If you know nothing about a religion, why accept statements from mullahs, popes, priests, pastors and others as honest and truthful? Isn’t it the same as driving while blind or allowing a blind man to drive you to your destination? Shouldn’t you know who is with you in the car before you accelerate onto the highway?


For centuries, Jews have violated human rights and defied the will of God. Their most egregious act was the introduction of a worldwide slave network. They kidnapped people in Africa and Asia and sold them as slaves to Americans and Europeans. In addition, slaves were tortured and killed and slave families were destroyed. Meanwhile, Jewish slave sellers and owners amassed riches trading in humans. Jews used the wealth earned from free slave labor was used to gain more political power. By hiding their religious and racial identities, they attained high-ranking government positions around the world and use their power to enslave people in every nation. The enslavement of others has enable British-Jewish interests to tighten their control over the world’s wealth and natural resources. Ironically, most people are unaware that their nations and their lives are under the full control of their enemies.


These evil people live everywhere. They are not from another world or another planet. They cheat and lie while pretending to be righteous and ethical citizens. They are dangerous because they occupy the highest positions in governments and religions in every society. Over the centuries, they have been responsible for deaths of billions of people around the world. It is urgent that good people unite to expose and eradicate these evildoers before they destroy the world.


Jewish governments around the world have enormous fire power to protect their interest. For example, they control military forces and ships in the Persian Gulf to protect their interest in Iran. They have a watchful eye on the Iranian leader Khamenei. If their British-Jewish spy leader is attacked, dies or fails to govern in their self-interest, they will give the green light for British and American forces and their Israeli ally to attack Iran. After re-conquering Iran, they will install a new dictatorship that will continue to work in favor of Israel – and against the interests of Iranian citizens.


In the recent past, the United States, Britain and its allies have imposed sanctions on Iran. These sanctions block other nations from trading with Iran. However, they have only succeeded in making the lives of ordinary Iranians more miserable.


Few Americans are aware of or understand just how dangerous their British-Jewish mafia government is to themselves and the rest of the world. The nation’s future prospects are dimmed because so many young people fail to get a solid education because they are distracted by drugs, alcohol and sex. The United States if flood with illegal drugs, and the government seems unable to solve the problem despite spending billions on law enforcement and programs. Prosecution is ineffective. People charged and released continue to be a danger. Those imprisoned are often targeted by homosexual inmates and emerge hardened criminals who are even bigger threat to society. Unfortunately, narcotics laws are wrongly adopted and prosecuted by British-Jewish spies.


In the United States, divorce laws make it difficult to marry and raise children in the right way. It is equally difficult to prevent homosexual assaults by prisoners or to stop high-ranking government officials from committing troops to costly, useless wars that favor Israeli interests. When U.S. troops are used in this way, Americans pay the price.


The United States is unable to enact laws to reduce unemployment, drug use or crime; stop imports of goods laden with dangerous chemicals; lower exorbitant educational costs; or prevent wealth from being transferred for investments overseas. This legislative inertia benefits the interests of rich, international British-Jewish mafia. The United States cannot solve its problems because lawmakers are largely Jews who have hidden their racial and religious identity and work to favor British-Jewish economic and political interests.


The fact is America was built largely on the backs of slavery and illegal labor. Despite these contributions, congress – especially under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, a Jew – fails to adopt fair, sensible laws governing immigrants. The failure to resolve immigration issues benefits British-Jewish interests.


A unified Europe is in the best interests of Europe and the world. Such unity is the will of God. However, British-Jewish spies imbedded in European governments pose a major threat to a continuation of that unity. These spies control the levers of political power and can enact laws that favor Israeli interests over those of Europeans. Spies are accumulate vast land holdings in Europe and are using their wealth to strengthen their hold on the world’s financial system. Consequently, these spies that many of them are British- Jews mafia have made vast real estate purchases of land and businesses in Europe. The result is massive job losses and the enslavement of large population. The concentration of large real estate holdings and high unemployment has made many European enslaved like the Palestinians.


It is a fact that in every country – especially the United State, Britain, Russia, France and Russia – political leaders and cabinet officials have been “selected” by the British-Jewish mafia. Those selected officials govern at federal, state and local levels.


Many of President Obama’s cabinet members are Jewish. Many are openly Jewish. Others have hidden their racial and religious identities. Both are likely to select other Jews to serve alongside them in other government offices. By dominating so many high-ranking positions, they form a cooperative network that supports Obama (also Jewish) to control the United States in favor of Israel and against real American interests. Their powerful reach extends to other mafia-style governments who work to undermine Britain, China and Russia in favor of Israel.


The world’s fate is the hands of Israel. Israel has the power to create disputes, violence and a third world war if it wants. As in the past, Israel is capable of destroying any country, especially the United States, Britain, Russia, China and France.


Obama’s selection of so many Jews for his cabinet is proof that he is Jewish. Contrary to news coverage, Obama’s father wasn’t a Muslim or Christian. He was Jewish. And Jews control the military, weapons, wealth, natural resources and all branches of government, especially in the United States. Americans don’t realize it, but the British-Jewish spies control all aspects of their government. Jews also are increasing their vast real estate holdings everywhere. Eventually, they will use their wealth to destroy the United States and other nations.


To keep agents and spies out of government, laws requiring identification cards are needed in every country. Each card should list race, religion and nationality. If it is discovered that an individual has provided false information, he should be prosecuted as a spy against his country.


The following is lists of cabinet or ministers that many Jewish officials, selected by Barack Obama recently president of USA. Who are working or have worked for Obama Administration from 2009 up June 22-2012. So for more information according to lists of his ministers in his government, can inquiry on internet. That also many ministers who hiding their racial and religion in his cabinet are Jewish.

The strength or weakness of any country depends on the extent to which its government is controlled directly or indirectly by out side, especially the British-Jewish mafia. This applies to the United States, which is strong in appearance only. The U.S. government is controlled by British-Jewish spies, including many Jews who have hidden their religious and racial identity to attain high-ranking jobs. This “secret” government extends its control around the world. At any time, these spies can use any or all branches of government and the military to steal the wealth and resources of other nations or destroy the United States or any other nation. They are operating against the interests of the United States – and Americans have no clue about what they are doing.

Jewish minority rule occurs in Britain, the United States, Russia, France and other nations. By engineering religious strife, Jews are able to interfere in and indirectly control China’s economy.


Jews are not interested in peace with the Palestinians. A settlement would prevent them from achieving the real objective – the confiscation of more Palestinian and Arab land and the ultimate elimination of the Palestinian people. With the support of the British-Jewish mafia, Jews have plotted to demonize Palestinians in the court of public opinion, portraying them and all Muslims as terrorists and suicide bombers bent on destroying Israel. The fact is most terrorism and suicide bombings were engineered by Israel to unify Jews and rally British and American support for their policies.


Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians is similar to the government control by Jews in Hitler’s Germany and present-day America. Hitler, a British-Jewish spy, killed very few Jews. Most of the 6 million victims of the holocaust were Christians, who were labeled as Jews. Such a claim underscores the real purpose of World War II – engineering the destruction of Germany by the British-Jewish government to pave the way for the establishment of Israel.


Jews are fighting the Palestinians in three ways: (1) Using modern weapons with the full support of the United States and other western nations for their policies. (2) Denigrating Muslims and pitting different Islamic sects (that Jews created) against each other. (The reality is that Muslims and Christians who cling to their beliefs are ceding power to the British-Jewish mafia. (3) Using Jewish intelligence to infiltrate and occupy the highest level positions in Palestinian and Arab governments. All it takes is one British-Jewish spy (i.e. Hitler) to create an exponentially huge threat to any country.


Likewise, people need to understand the seriousness of the “one-spy” threat to countries like the United States, Britain, China and Russia. They also need to understand the magnitude of that threat when millions of Jews hide their race and religion to attain high-ranking government jobs and spy on behalf of Israel.


Under the circumstance, the United States, Britain, Russia, China and other nations need to adopt laws requiring identification cards and passports that list race, religion and nationality. Individuals who provide false information should be prosecuted as spies. These laws provide the first step toward ridding nations of corrupt, destructive governments and building, strong, God-given democracies governed by majority rule. These laws also make the first step toward permanent elimination of the British-Jewish mafia.


The communist regime led by Lenin was masterminded by the British-Jewish mafia and Jews in high-level positions in the Russian revolutionary government. Jews understand the difficulty of controlling the world. By establishing a communist regime in Russia, they set the stage for the addition of communist satellite states and future conflicts with the non-communist world. The ensuing cold war gave the British-Jewish mafia continued control over Russia’s wealth and resources.


Jews engineered the creation of godless communist states in Russia and much of eastern and central Europe. The atheist system was designed to create future conflicts in these previously Christian countries as well as hostilities with other non-communist countries in Europe and around the world.


While the absence of religion in communist countries is good, not believing in God is wrong. Godlessness limited the ability of communist governments to establish good diplomatic and trade relations with non-communist nations. Once Jews grasped the isolation of communism from the rest of the world, they decided to abandon communism in Russia and Europe. They concluded the absence of religions and a belief in God posed a real threat to their most dangerous weapon. That is because Jews have successfully used Christianity, Islam and other religions for centuries to rule and control majority populations. Under communism, the religious tools of manipulation were of no value. Hence, after a half-century, Jews abandoned their communist proxies, opening the doors to revival of religion. They are now working to break up the communist rule in China. However, they will continue to support the Cuban communist regime, which plays a major role as a British-Jewish spy in creating tensions with the United States and Latin America.


In Hitler’s Germany, British-Jewish spies owned 90 percent of the banks. These banks laid the foundation for World War II and its aftermath – the establishment of Israel. Given the Jewish practice of hiding their religious and racial identities to attain high-level government positions, it should come as no surprise that Hitler was a British-Jewish and his cabinet was filed with Jewish spies. It logically follows that Hitler had strong links with the banks, which financed the buildup of his war machine. While it seems implausible to most, the fact is the Jews targeted the destruction of Germany to pave the way for establishing the state of Israel. Today, Jews are pursuing a similar agenda around the world. They have infiltrated governments in the United States, Britain and Russia with the same agenda – the destruction of nations for the benefit of Israel. In other words, the seeds of America’s destruction lie in its unquestioning support of Israel and the failure to eliminate British-Jewish spies in high-level government positions working against U.S. interests and for Israel.


Under the sponsorship of the United States and other western nations, Jews are working to break up Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Working secretly with spies in these governments, Jews want to establish an independent Kurdistan state encompassing parts of Iranian and Russian Azerbaijan. As Jews know, giving Kurdistan its own nation would lead to open conflict and war involving Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria and possibly Russia and other Arab states. In this explosive environment, Jews will be able to assert stronger control over the regions oil and natural resources.


Before a nation collapses, the British-Jewish mafia set in motion a series of events that lead to conflicts between majority and minority populations and between different ethnic and religious groups. In Iraq, the mafia provoked ethnic conflicts between the government and the Kurdish minority. The government was allowed to use chemical weapons against the Kurd, thus launching a cycle or vengeance that would culminate in the U.S. invasion and destruction of Iraq. As intended, events in Iraq played out as intended, giving the mafia greater control over the nation’s oil and natural resources.


Never should a nation or any minority think it has friends elsewhere in the world. The British-Jewish mafia has no interest in creating peace or governmental institutions that are responsive to citizens.


Leading up to World War II, Jews ruled and then destroyed Germany. Today, the British-Jewish mafia rules the United States, Britain, Russia and other nations where they continue to pursue a destructive agenda that favors Israel. In the United States, 90 percent of banks are owned by Jews. That means a few wealthy individuals control the wealthy and natural resources of America.


By concealing their racial and religious identity, Jews attained high-powered positions. With their status, they have control over dangerous weapons systems. It only takes one high-ranking spy to destroy an entire nation and wreak havoc around the world. The only remedy is for people to expose and eliminate Jewish spies once and for all, and begin the work of eliminating national borders. Together, people need to establish one international country without political borders – a world in which oil and other natural resources are shared equitably with all people.


People around the world need to unite and enlist the support of loyal armed troops and government officials in all branches to launch an international revolution against entrenched dictatorships. Together, they must forget about the past – historical disputes and wars, religious divisions and fanatical attitudes about race and nationality. Instead, they need to unite around a singular focus on fulfilling God’s desire for humanitarian rule.


The Jewish mafia has mastered the science and art of creating hostilities, violence and wars that destroy nations. An individual who attempts to protests and plot against a dictator government will be crushed and destroyed by Jewish organizations or terrorists.


The French have the misfortune of having elected a Jewish president, Nicholas Sarkozy. One of his most egregious acts was to target gypsies as enemies of France and Europe. While he bears no personal animosity against gypsy, he has orchestrated hostilities to drive them out of France. Creating social divisions and ethnic hatred could destroy France, making it easier for the mafia to control citizens in favor of Israeli policies. It is the price the French may have to pay for having elected (or selected) Sarkozy as their leader.


It is amazing that people accept without question the positive, patriotic speeches by their political and religious leaders. Most of these leaders have links to the British-Jewish mafia. Contrary to what they say public ally, they secret actions betray the interests of the people they claim to serve. These leaders, much like the British-Jewish spy Adolph Hitler, are a dangerous threat to their country and the world.


Millions of people around the world attend political rallies or religious services where they applaud everything said, even though most government and religious leaders are members of the mafia or terrorist organizations. By showing such devotion to these leaders, these followers become slaves to a system that is working against their best interests. By failing to question the sincerity of their leaders, they are no different than the slaves of the Roman Empire or black Africans who were sold into slavery. In many ways, the “slaves” of the 21st century have it worse. Owners invested in their slave property, proving them free homes, food and medical care. Modern “slaves” have to work at low wages to eat. If they are unable to work, they don’t eat. Under their British-Jewish masters, today’s “slaves” survive by paying the high costs of housing, food, taxes, insurance and medical care.


Few people realize Christianity, Islam and other religions were created by Jews. These faiths have thrived for centuries under the pretense of guiding people to righteousness. However, these false religions have been a destructive force in society, metastasizing like cancer generation after generation. People are unaware they have been manipulated into believing false religions. For more than 3,000 years, Jews have used propaganda to spread false religious beliefs. They use the wealth of nations that should go to improve people’s lives to build opulent churches, mosques and other religious buildings. Meanwhile, many people lack food and other basic necessities as their religious leaders promote pilgrimages to sacred places and worship of the dust of false prophets, to pave the way people to spend a lot of money for them, caused their money used against themselves and people entire world by their enemies, British government and Jews mafia entire world. All of these false religions are insult to God as the rich and powerful become richer and more powerful off the misery of religious fanatics.


Unfortunately, followers of false religious sects create a Hell on Earth because of their hatred for others of a different faith. Their fanatical devotion causes so much misery because it violates the humanitarian principles of love and equality for all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin. The fruits of their beliefs can be seen in the graveyards of their family and friends.


Why do Americans not realize their government is controlled by the British-Jewish mafia? Why do they fail to see the government is working on behalf of Israeli interests and not for America? If government leaders were truly working on behalf of Americans, why are there so many unsolved problems, including bed bugs, infectious diseases, medical care, drug trafficking? How can so many crimes go unsolved when the government has so many police and intelligence officials?


Movies about World War II always favor the British-Jewish armed forces. They never cast Germans in a favorable light, although most producers and directors are Jewish.


So, now it is time for duty of people of the world even majority of Jewish people of the world on year 2010 in 21 century to cooperate each other to stop Jewish people to rule this world and stop them to continue and increase their power in future in spite of the fact before they keep their power and continue and increasing their power from long century ago up now.


Most Jews belong to a supportive worldwide network. Most Jews appear friendly and quiet. They don’t seem vengeful or dangerous. Unfortunately, appearances are deceptive. However, history shows they pose a danger everywhere they live because they hide their identity to attain high-level positions where they rule over the majority. Once in power, they steal national wealth and invest it in countries like China and India. By strengthening these countries, they weaken the United States, Russia and other Christian and Muslim nations. By boosting China and India, the Jewish mafia hopes to generate hostilities and war with other nations. Making China strong will also fulfill one of the false Jewish prophesies in bible is truth and confirm bible as holly book about the rise to world dominance of China and India.


By concealing their race and religion, Jews work cooperatively with other Jews to attain high-level government positions. Once in power, they pass laws to gain control over a nation’s natural resources, exploiting them for benefit of Israel’s mafia government and at the expense of nations being governed. Jews rule in three distinct ways: (1) conceal their identity as a racial and religious minority to gain power over the nation’s majority population (i.e. India, Iran and throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas). (2) They may or may not hide their identity to attain high-level jobs (i.e. Britain, United States and Europe). (3) They flaunt their race and religion while operating openly against their rest of the world (Israel).

Not only do Jews control the U.S. government and religious institutions, they also have power over private and public companies.


Jewish Control of All Religions


Centuries ago, Jews created Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. Over the centuries, Jews -concealing their religious and racial identities – have held the highest level positions in each of these religions. They have exploited religious difference to conquer India, China and elsewhere in Asia and Africa. They fabricated the story that Christ is the son of God and then persuaded generations to believe fervently in this Christian falsehood. For example, they have brainwashed Muslims and Hindus, inciting them to defend their beliefs through violence and killing. Such fanatical devotion allows the British-Jewish mafia to enslave the majority while maintaining control over a nation’s wealth and resources.


Also Jewish edited on Koran and other religions special Muslim religion if everyone hide or leave their religion, they are against God, also Jews ordered to any religion missions (many of them are Jew who hide their religion) who use their power to punish very harsh everyone who hide or give up their religion, but if any Jew hide their religion, it is not problem.


The worldwide Jewish network has infiltrated the religious hierarchy. Pretending to be Christians, they have become popes and priests where they wage a relentless propaganda campaign that brainwashes followers to believe that a Jewish Jesus Christ was the son of God. As members of God’s family, Jews commit criminal acts they say are God’s will – and of course, Jesus would support these acts because the He is the son of God. To suggest that God favors one group of people over his other human creations is a blasphemous insult. In addition, claiming Christ is the son of God suggests Christians are superior to other religious believers – an assertion that has caused violence and war over the centuries. Similar false claims by other religions (all created by Jews) have fueled religious hatred and violence against Christians. Jews have repeatedly capitalized on religious discord to exercise their control over majority populations around the world.


To support their strategy, Jews have created special customers and ceremonies to sharpen the distinctions in religious beliefs. For example, Christians think they can have boyfriends or girlfriends because Jesus’ mother had a male friend, Joseph. Conversely, Muslims cannot be friends with a member of the opposite sex unless they are married. Likewise, Christians are allowed to eat pork while eating pork is against Islam. The contrasts between so-called “right and wrong” go on and on.


The only way to end the constant strife is to abandon religion and follow the humanitarian principles as God commands. Humanitarian values promote peace and equality for all mankind, regardless of their race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. Humanitarian values respect the rights of minorities, including Jews, but it also prevents minority rule of majority populations. The majority of population should have the right to determine its own destiny without the outside interference of minorities. For example, Jews have the right to rule Israel but no other nations where they are a minority. More importantly, Israel and its Arab neighbors, especially Palestinians, deserve to live in peace and enjoy free trade agreements that lift the lives of all people in the region, forget about past, accept and respect the land of every country now that from past up now the situation any land of every country by according of accident and tragedies or war and else have been changed, so the final and recently situation of every country is available for respect of people entire world.

Currently, there is no path to peace for Israel and Palestine. If Arab nations and Israel fail to achieve a settlement, the Palestinians face future total destruction. Without a settlement, Israel will eventually permanently occupy Palestinian territories and pose an even greater danger to the rest the world, and population of Palestinian generation in future will be finished forever.


Ironically, people who attend churches, mosques and other places of worship increase the power and influence of Jews. That is because Jews created religion as a way to control the lives of majority populations.


For centuries, Jews have been a minority, yet they have succeeded in controlling the world and creating Israel by adhering to three principles;


1. Jews have created a vast spy network by hiding their religion and race to attain the highest and most influential positions in every country.

2. Jews have the highest level of educational achievement and form a worldwide network of support for each other.

3. Jews created all religions as a tactic to divide people into rival camps who engage in endless divisive disputes over false prophets and holy books filled with lies and contradictions. The resulting religious violence and warfare gives the minority Jews the ability to “tame” the majority masses of people. Exploiting religious divisions, Jews are able to control the wealth and resources of nations while the religious majority deals with poverty and joblessness. Countries with large number of devote religious followers are usually underdeveloped and the population remains uneducated.


If people study the faces of animals in captivity, they will understand the meaning of fear and hopelessness. What they won’t see vengeance in their eyes because these animals – especially dogs – are dependent on their owners for food and shelter. Instead, captive animals are faithful like slaves to their masters. People, like captive animals, need to be freed to live in their natural state of freedom and independence.


Most parents love their children, yet they see nothing wrong with stealing the wealth of other nations and creating discord and violence against others. Despite the unconditional love they give their children, they forget God. They violate the rights of others, making their lives a living hell so they can give their children more. The biggest offenders are people holding high-ranking positions in government and business. Parents have the right to earn money to provide the best for their children, but they can do that without destroying the lives of others.


In God’s eyes, all problems have a solution. God gave man to use reason to analyze and solve problems.

Using reason, people will conclude the following:

1. All nations need to require identification cards and passports that list race, religion and nationality. Individuals who have changed their religion or have no religion would be required to list the religion of their ancestors. Anyone who makes false statements would be prosecuted as spies. Governments that refuse to enact legislation should be overthrown. In addition, billionaires who stole from other nations would have their wealth confiscated and redistributed to benefit citizens.

2. Minorities must be barred from attaining high-ranking positions if they use their power against the majority’s interests.

3. British-Jewish spies or and other nationalities that conceal their race, religion or nationality should be barred from high-level government jobs.

4. People must abandon false religions and believe in the true God who wants us to follow humanitarian principles and create a united world without borders even no believe God or believe many god it is not important, if they follow humanity.

5. Citizens need to unite to prevent the mafia from destroying their nations in violation of God’s will.

6. To eradicate mafia governments, the armed forces of all countries must stop blindly following the orders of dictators and cooperate with the citizens to establish true democracies governed by humanitarian principles.


In addition to controlling religious beliefs, Jews created the customs and mores of most nations. They have also written the history books, filling them with self-serving truths, distortions and falsehoods. Secretly, Jews use conflicts and wars to control nations and their borders. As history shows, borders have shifted over the centuries, especially in the aftermath of World Wars I and II. Jews are able to exercise so much control over other nations because they cooperate with each other worldwide and conceal their identities to attain high-ranking government positions in nearly every nation. With unchecked power, Jews can spark conflicts and wars, change national borders and rewrite history to suit their needs. As rulers, they control the armed forces, natural resources and the wealth of all nations.


. Throughout history, Jews have used similar tactics to shape history, geography and politics around the world – and thus increase their power. They control the weapons of war and when and where wears will happen. As creators of false religions, they have the ultimate weapon for creating societal divisions and controlling the masses. Using spies, they control Christianity and Christian nations as well as Islam and Muslim nations. These same spies control Hindus, Buddhists and other believers. By dominating religious beliefs, they have been able to exercise power in Europe, the Americas, China, India and other nations. Today, the British-Jewish mafia controls the British royal family as well as the president of the United States. Their ultimate achievement was the establishment of the state of Israel, today the most powerful nation on Earth.


All in all, it is remarkable that a minority of fewer than 20 million can have such power over a world of seven billion people. There is no reason to think that will change anytime soon. Jews continue to rule the world. Given the power of religion to poison minds, it is impossible to imagine people will abandon their beliefs and take actions to defeat their true enemies.


Today, all plots against the world originate in Israel. These plots are implemented with the aid of the British-Jewish royal family and the “second Israel,” the U.S. government where all branches of government are controlled by British-Jewish spies working for Israeli interests.


About 90 percent of lawyers and judge of in the United States are Jewish. Moreover, Jews – numbering six million in a population of more than 330 million – control much of the wealth and real estate in the United States. Contrary to what most people think, the United States is a colony of the British-Jewish royalty. All political, economic and military decisions require secret approval of the royalty.


Jews engineered the plot that caused France to lose its colonies to the British-Jewish royal family. Today, Jewish spies control almost every aspect of American life. They control all three branches of the U.S. government. They determine trade policies. The biggest corporations are owned by Jews. Lawmakers, most of them Jewish spies, have passed laws that encourage movement of investments out of the United States to China and elsewhere overseas. Meanwhile, Americans suffer from increased economic hardship, unemployment, poverty and crime. American voters have become trained horses, faithful and dependent on their masters. Voters have been brainwashed by a steady bombardment of propaganda, and religious disputes distract from the real issues – the British-Jewish mafia control of the U.S. government.


Against this backdrop, it is easy to see why the United States has become the “second Israel,” operating only in the best interest of the Jewish mafia. Even worse, Americans don’t see that the British-Jewish mafia is the real enemy, with responsibility for the wars and misfortunes that have befallen their country. Voters fail to grasp that the British-Jewish mafia wants to strength its control by causing the collapse and breaking up of the United States.


Each U.S. state has different laws governing property, marriage, crime and other issues. These vast differences mean the United States is less than “united.” The disunity of the states could eventually cause the United States to dissolve, something that would favor the interests of the British-Jewish mafia.


People need to follow humanitarian principles in their treatment of each other. Mafia members should be exposed for their wrongdoing. However, they must be given guidance and a chance to change their behavior to comport with God’s will. If they reform, their bodies will be transformed into souls rewarded with eternal peace.


Mafia governments are interested in preservation. They will kill good people, and they will spend money to secure their power and influence.


Worldwide, Jews willingly cooperate with governments in support of the Israeli mafia against its enemies – even if doing so yields no personal benefits.


The British-Jewish mafia gathers or creates damaging information to use as blackmail against high-profile Jews and non-Jews. Knowing these people can be controlled, the mafia promotes them for the highest positions in government and religion. Their ranks include past and future presidents, prime ministers, kings and religious leaders who operate worldwide for the benefit of the mafia and the Israeli government.


Many Jews are unsuspectingly brainwashed by the Jewish mafia, Freemasons and Zionists. Jews older than 10 during World War II are the most easily brainwashed and are the most dangerous operatives, especially when the attain high-ranking jobs in other countries. They are the most powerful voices promoting the false stories in the holy books, including the fictional belief that God promised the Jews – as His chosen people – their own special nation. They are also the strongest proponents of Jewish racial purity, despite the fact that the Jewish race comprises black, white and oriental people. These zealots ignore the fact that God doesn’t favor any race or single out any nation for preferential treatment. God gave all mankind the freedom to live anywhere they want. They can live in peace and harmony if they follow humanitarian values that respect the rights of all people equally.


The Jewish mafia’s propaganda machine also urges wealthy Jews worldwide to contribute to the treasury of the Israeli mafia government. Most of these contributions come from Jews in the United States, which has been targeted for destruction by the British-Jewish mafia. Despite being a minority of 20 million, Jews control more than 80 percent of the world’s wealth. All of this wealth is accrued at the expense of the world’s other seven billion, who are forced to endure joblessness, crime, inflation and warfare with other nations. Many Jews don’t ever visit Israel, yet work in favor of Israel’s Jewish-mafia government. What they don’t know is that are also inadvertently paving the way for another non-Jewish mafia organization that whose goal is the destruction of Jews.


Jews want to accumulate vast wealth so they can rule the world. However, their wealth supports the political and economic interests of the British-Jewish mafia, Zionists, Freemasons and evil governments. Their wealth makes them a target for hatred around the world.


Jews have been brainwashed into thinking the world belongs only them. In response, non-Jews need to fight against the evil governments supported by the British-Jewish mafia, Zionists and Freemasons and to require identification cards that require all citizens to list religion, race and national origin. These cards will expose spies and prevent other spies from attaining government jobs.


America: The ‘Second Israel’


People need to think logical and clearly about their countries. If they don’t analyze their situation, they are doomed to live in fear and “die many times” under the weight of their brutal, evil government. People need to closely examine events and circumstances that affect their lives. Does their country suffer from inflation, drug trafficking, crime and other misfortunes? If the answer is “yes,” they know their problems are caused by a dangerous government that must be stopped. People need to understand their governments are responsible for numerous tragedies. These governments, which control the armed forces, weapons and intelligence services, cannot or will not stop their destructive actions or terrorist acts against citizens.


If Americans and the British think logically, they will understand their governments are enterprises ruled by the British-Jewish mafia, which in turn is ruled by the British-Jewish royal family. Despite America’s and Britain’s achievements in education, science and technology and their high standards of living they are indifferent what is going on in their country and the world,


Although Britain and the United States have made significant advances in science and technology, education, economic development and intelligence-gathering, their governments are controlled by the British-Jewish mafia while ignoring the needs of their citizens. If such powerful, accomplished countries aren’t able to govern themselves, it is easy to conclude that undeveloped countries with low literacy rates in Africa, Asia and Latin America are even more completely under the control of the British-Jewish mafia. It should also be evident that in countries controlled by the British-Jewish mafia the top government and religious positions are held by mafia members. Since all religions were created by Jews, it should be obvious that the mafia controls all people of faith. Moreover, if billions of people who constitute the majority cannot overthrow the minority British-Jewish mafia, it is logical to conclude that all governments around the world cooperate with each other to stay in power.


People in every country need to apply mathematics principles to analyze their government. For example, there is no dispute that 2+2 =4 – not 5. When a country is unable to solve its problems, it is logical to conclude the government is mafia-controlled. If the British-Jewish mafia can control highly developed countries with well-educated citizens, it is logical that the mafia can easily control poor, underdeveloped nations. If the British-Jewish mafia rules the world, it is logical to conclude they can select their people for the nation’s highest ranking government jobs and all religious leaders. If billions of citizens can’t defeat their British-Jewish government, it is possible that all governments are secretly under British-Jewish mafia control.


Citizens will continue to pay the price if they blindly accept their lot and don’t question living conditions in their country and around the world. They will pay the price if they trust their government and religious leaders are telling the truth – while, in fact, they are working on behalf of the British-Jewish mafia and Israel.


Many people under 18 years of age are naturally selfish, bold and crazy, especially if they receive an inferior education. Non-Jews need to provide the same guidance and support demonstrated by Jews. Parents who fail to attend to their childcare's education create future problems for society. These wayward youths are most vulnerable in nations with mafia governments. If parents lack the expertise to raise their children properly, they should be required to enroll in parenting courses.


Why does the United States import so many products when it has enough natural and agricultural resources and the manufacturing capabilities required to meet its needs? Unfortunately, U.S. policies are dictated by the British-Jewish mafia which isn’t interested in America’s well-being.


When people refer to the United States of America, they would be more accurate to call America the second Israel. That’s because Jews have concealed their true identities to attain high-ranking government positions in the United States while blocking non-Jews from similar jobs. As a result, the United States is fully at the mercy of the Israel mafia government policies.


For centuries, the British-Jewish royalty and government has acted against the best interests of British citizens, the United States and other nations. They have supported Jewish aspirations for the top government positions in the “second Israel” and around the world. Despite being a majority, America’s 330 million citizens have less success in business than the nation’s six million Jews.


Jews have risen to prominence in almost all walks of life. Most lawyers, judges, doctors, scientists, professors are Jews. Jews also have a major presence in all three branches of government in the “second Israel,” the United States, where they serve Jewish mafia interests. Jews own almost all businesses while non-Jews tend to run smaller businesses.


The Jewish mafia dictates domestic and foreign policy for the United States, better described as the “second Israel.” In effect, American Jews and non-Jews are slaves.


The decision to go to war by any country is made by the Jewish mafia, especial the Israeli mafia. Because the mafia controls the world’s oil and natural resources, most countries have no choice but to cooperate. If they resist, their citizens will be cut off from the basic necessities. Even nations rich in oil have to adhere to destructive mafia policies that harm their citizens. To maintain their supremacy with oil, Jews block all investments in finding alternative energy sources.


Citizens of the “second Israel” must acknowledge the truth about and take action against their true enemies. Enlightened citizens need to form alliances with true patriots in the armed forces and government. Britain – but not the British people) is the home base for the British-Jewish mafia From Britain, the mafia launched World Wars I and II, established Israel and changed the United States to the “second Israel.” Today, the United States, or the “second Israel” is the headquarters for international executives, who wage war against the entire world.


The “second Israel” is not equal in status to Israel. American power is used to meet Israel’s political and financial objectives – not U.S. citizens. The drug trade is also used to weaken and disable the United States and the U.S. mafia government enacts laws that undermine family relations between husband and wives and between parents and children and else. The government has failed to pass laws to make food more affordable, especially for poor families. In addition, each state has its own laws on a wide variety of issues, creating chaos and breaking down unity among Americans. All of this control favors the British-Jewish mafia. Moreover, Jews have moved their investment out of the “second Israel,” causing U.S. unemployment and crime rates to increase sharply. Given this scenario, isn’t it logical to conclude the United States is the “second Israel”?


When high-level mafia leaders are incapacitated or die, the international mafia works in cooperation to find replacement mafia leaders. The mafia either creates a revolution against a wayward leader or takes control of a people-led revolution to install its new spy leaders. In the course of events, hundreds of thousands often die (such as Iran).


Brainwashed Christians accept claims that Jews are God’s chosen people, embrace false religions created by Jews, and never question Jewish propaganda. Moreover, the intense, violent-prone rivalry between Shiite and Sunni Muslims enables Jews to rule both sects as slaves.


Anyone who concentrates intensely on an image of God before bedtime can easily dream of that image. When they awaken, they can claim God came to them in their dream, and, therefore, they are a prophet. Under the circumstances, the world could have millions of “prophets.” By depicting the dreams of prophets in movies, Jews have indoctrinated generations into believing false stories in the holy books. Many of the prophets described in the holy books mastered magic, which Jewish scholars called miracles. These prophets also made predictions scholars called prophesies. All of the magic and predictions were packaged by Jews as truths revealed by God through His prophets. Why do people worship these false prophets when their children should be taught the falsity of these fictional figures? People have been brainwashed to love their false prophets, embracing them generation after generation.


Most people alive during the time of the prophets did not believe in them. They were widely regarded as men seeking power and authority over others. Unfortunately, the false stories survived because of massive propaganda campaigns to the keep the falsehoods alive.


Laws are especially damaging to teenagers. Sex education is taught at schools. Teens are exposed to a constant barrage of sex on television, in advertising and all other media. All of this has a negative impact on morality, resulting in increased sexual activity among teenagers and unmarried people, especially women.


By promoting independent statehood, Jews have emboldened Kurd to fight against their own countries (Iran, Iraq, Turkey and elsewhere). The resulting rebellion will be deadly for the Kurd.


After World War II, many Eastern European countries fell under the communist rule of the Soviet Union with the support of British-Jewish royalty. After communism ended, people in the former Soviet satellites reverted to religious fanaticism, especially followers of eastern orthodox beliefs.


My goal is writing this book is to put a spotlight on Jews and their connections to and support for a vast mafia network at war against the entire world. Even when Jews are supporting the mafia direct or indirect, they are still dangerous. Most hide their religion and race to attain high-level jobs. For example, Nape lion Jew mafia spy was responsible for France losing the war and many of its colonies. Hitler, working as a British-Jewish spy, launched the second war as a stepping stone to establishing Israel.


If a single Jew occupying the highest position in one country can destroy the world, what are the consequences if the world’s 20 million Jews attain all the highest positions in every nation?


Once citizens or the mafia stage a revolution, people need to realize their job has just begun. They need to expose their true enemies, especially the British-Jewish mafia. These enemies occupy every high-level government jobs. Most have concealed their race and religion to attain powerful jobs in every nation.


To prevent future spying, all nations need to adopt laws requiring identification cards and passports that list race, religion and national origin for each individual. Exposing the background and affiliations of each citizen will help block mafia and Jewish enemies from attaining high-ranking positions in government, media and other jobs. Any citizens providing false information would be prosecuted as a spy.


Once people discover that their leaders are traitors, they have a short period of time to get rid of them. If traitors become entrenched, they quickly become destructive, taking actions that increase joblessness, poverty and the massive theft of wealth and resources by international banks and Israel.


Citizens and the military need to turn up the heat to exposing and forcing the resignations and punishment of traitors in high-level government positions. There is great risk in taking on traitors. They are protected by security guards and British-Jewish spies. Rebuilding a nation requires the help of other countries interested in support democratic governments.


When An war Sadat was assassinated, why didn’t the investigation look more closely at people close to him, including his successor, Hosni Mubarak? Why didn’t the inquiry into President Kennedy’s assassination or the deaths of his brother Robert include questioning the role of President Lyndon Johnson and others? And was there evidence that the British-Jewish mafia play apart in these and other assassinations?


More than 80 percent of world’s wealth is controlled by a small group of capitalists, most of them Jewish. Most of this wealth was acquired – with the help of high-ranking government and military officials – by theft or murder. Meanwhile, citizens of the victimized nations have been tamed into submissions like slaves. While a few people control nearly all the wealth, 80 percent of people live with poverty, joblessness and crime.


Given the criminality, citizens have the right to confiscate the stolen wealth from international banks and use it to benefit the people in victimized nations. Confiscating ill-gotten wealth will prevent the ability of the rich to use financial schemes to multiply their wealth like fish spawning eggs.


Every revolution in the 21st century was either started by or taken over by the British-Jewish mafia. Legitimate revolutions were redirected by spies to reestablish mafia control over nations. When the mafia is unable to establish control over a nation, it resorts to nuclear annihilation, as happened to Japan during World War II.


To achieve lasting world peace, all nations should be allowed to have nuclear weapons for self-defense. Why should the United States and a handful of other nations be the only ones allowed to possess nuclear arms? These nuclear nations abuse their power by bullying and intimidating non-nuclear countries. People worldwide need united to stop these nuclear nations, or they will eventually face a rain of evil and fire. People also need to embrace the diversity of people in terms of language, race and religion. They must resist using this diversity as tool that is used to divide people into separate regions and countries.


Unless citizens in each country take on the mafia, their descendants will continue to face devastation and death. Nearly all high-ranking government officials around the world are mafia members. Even those who are not are dangerous because they cooperate – often in secret – with other mafia governments.


Billions of people worldwide directly or indirectly support the British-Jewish mafia. This support comes from people who blindly follow false religions or fail to learn history’s lessons. The lessons are everywhere. Hitler, a Jew, destroyed Germany, thereby paving the way for establishment of Israel. Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, a Jew, stole billions for his own people before fleeing. Libya’s Kaddafi, a Jew, destroyed his country. Plans are underway to destroy Iran. The truth is Mubarak was allowed to surrender because Egypt has no oil. Kaddafi wasn’t allowed to surrender because Jews united against Libya to control its vast oil reserves as it did before against Iraq. The actions against Libya and Iraq enable Jews to benefit from inflationary increases in oil prices worldwide. The Jewish influence is so strong because they have infiltrated every nation and risen to high-level positions where they control oil and all natural resources in their favor. Meanwhile, most people are led to believe increases in oil prices are caused by revolutions rather than real reason: capitalists are in full control of oil and manipulate prices to further enrich themselves, also many people think Kaddafi got killed by people, it is wrong the fact his copy of him got killed not him, the fact every highest position has copy in dangerous situation by helping of British- Jew mafia to run away.


How is it possible to live in peace when people don’t realize the destructive influence of the Jewish mafia?


Members of the Jewish mafia cooperate with each other and hide their race and religion to attain highest government jobs around the world. Mafia members are especially well-represented in top government jobs in the United States, Britain, Russia and France. While many high-ranking Jews hide their identities in the United States, still others are elected (or selected) openly as Jews. Whether they attain power anonymously or openly, they work as spies working against the United States and for Israel. These Jewish leaders were selected by Freemasons and British-Jewish royalty, and they block any attempts by non-Jews to work on behalf of the American people.

The invasion of Iraq benefited Israel but destroyed U.S. economy. Unfortunately, American-especially black American, have selected a Jewish president with a Jewish cabinet.


When Barack Obama, a Jew, became president, his cabinet appointments included many Jews. And some Jews appointees concealed their race and religion and are committed to the destruction of the United States in favor of British-Jewish interests. American and British voters continue to elect Jews because they are unaware of the long history of Jewish control and destruction of governments for example before Mayer may be Jew of Chicago with a Chines American news caster of ABC TV channel 7 of Chicago with some business mission that many of them are Jew went China to arrange business and invest by Jews from wealth of USA in China against people of USA so Jew government of USA to pass laws by congress against people of USA to pave the way Jew business person to use the wrong laws passed against people of USA and the world.


It may be shameful, but it is true that a minority of six million American Jews control a U.S. majority of more the 330 million and a worldwide Jewish population of about 20 million controls the world’s seven billion people.


Jews always resort to their two most dangerous weapons – religion and race. For nearly 3,000 years, religion – especially Islam and Christianity – has been a destructive force worldwide. Religion is the most dangerous invention in human history. Religion’s brainwashed followers are the primary cause of violence and hostilities around the world. Continued religious fanaticism is likely to destroy the world in the future. Likewise, Jews have used their race to wage “war” against the rest of the world. Jews view themselves a superior race that should remain untainted by non-Jewish blood but already their racial is included many different races. While it is against the will of God, Jewish holy books claim they are God’s chosen people entitled their own homeland. God created all races equally and has no preference for one race over another. He created one world in which people are free to live wherever they chose. Therefore, when Jewish scholars created holy books, prophets and religions, they violate the will of God.


Despite false claims of racial superiority, Jews use their racial heritage – either secretly or openly – to attain the highest ranking positions in government, business and religion in every nation. Meanwhile, Jews encourage other races to discriminate and fight against each other. Jewish influence on the U.S. and world economy paved the way for huge increases in the cost of a university education. While Jews can pay the higher costs, non-Jews cannot handle the expenses as easily.


Centuries ago, Jews hid their racial and religious identities to govern countries by either Christian or Islamic laws. Non-believers or those who violated these religious laws were persecuted and condemned to death. Exercising religious authority, Jews laid the foundation for establishing what would become a secret, worldwide spy network and a system that would allow them to monopolize the highest positions in government. By cooperating with traitors, they gained control over the military and subjugated people by denying them access to education and filling them with divisive, religious propaganda. The Jewish system of governing enabled them to expand their control over billions of people through an international mafia.


From these foundations, the world endured centuries of violent disputes and wars. While historians contend the U.S. Civil War from 1861-1865 was fought over the issue of slavery, it was caused by foreign interests. President Abraham Lincoln was a Jew who cooperated with British-Jewish royalty in high-ranking Jews in state government in launching what would become America’s most deadly war.


However, the war between the North and South was avoidable. If Lincoln had not been cooperating with the British, he could have ended slavery without conflict. Assassinating Lincoln ensured that the role of the British-Jewish mafia would remain secret.


Citizens are largely detached from the actions of their governments. They attend religious services to pray to false prophets. Generation after generation, they want to forget about this life and go to heaven. However, they can only have peace after death if they practice “good thoughts, good talk and good acts” when they are alive. Goodness occurs without motive. Goodness flows from doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Jews earn about 80 percent of world’s wealth. Their economic power comes from their ability to control oil and natural resources on every continent. Any nation that wants to develop its economy is required to support Jewish policies worldwide. Likewise, Jews can destroy the economy of any nation if not doing so benefits the interests of Israel’s mafia government.


For more than 2,500 years, citizens of every country have been betraying future generations by supporting or allowing Jewish spies to control their government, armed forces and secret police. These spies include many Jews who have hidden their racial and religious identity. Not only have they controlled governments, they have successfully brainwashed generations of people into believing in false prophets and false religions. They have used false claims to assert that Jews are God’s chosen people who have been promised their own homeland. That claim is false. God wants the same for all humans. However, it is possible the Jewish claim is right. Maybe God promised them one country because he realizes Jews are a danger to other nations, also according to written in Bible and Koran for Jews it is not matter to hide their religion but if any Muslim and Christian hasn’t right to hide their religion special Muslim people if they hide their religion they will go hell also if any person slaps the face of any Christian who shouldn’t do any act against him, but if any Jew to suspect someone, to treat harsh or kill him.


The Koran, Bible and other holy books were written by Jews. They are filled with fraudulent, contradictory stories that have brainwashed generations of believers. For example, Muslims who eat pork will be denied heaven while these same Muslims are told its okay to make problem against non-Muslims. Why would God want religious believers to be at war with each other, and why would he have a preference for any one religion?


Americans have the right to secure its borders and to regulate all flights entering and leaving the country. The United States also has the right to stop individuals and organizations, including wealthy people who want to damage the economy by moving its investments abroad. The United States also has the right to punish people who advocate the nation’s destruction. Americans have a special responsibility to team up with other countries to expose and fire Jews who use their government jobs to damage national interests. They should also confiscate property and businesses once owned by the people but sold legal or illegally to private interests.


All public servants, including those in the military and intelligence agencies, need to investigate their workforces for traitors and Jewish spies. To prevent future spying, lawmakers need to require that all citizens carry passports or identification cards that list their race, religion and nationality. These laws will prevent the hiring of Jews who hide their religious and racial identities to attain high-ranking government jobs and work in favor of British-Jewish interests. At the same time, all countries and the United Nations must guarantee peace in the Middle East. Israel must be allowed to protect itself from hostile neighbors. If people are apathetic, they will cede the future of the universe to dictatorial government and Jewish mafia.


Because of excessive intermarriage, not all Jews are born intelligent. As science has proved, marrying close relatives increases the risk of mental and genetic defects, including retardation. Nevertheless, Jews have excelled because of their intelligence. The British royal family is Jewish, and Jews created Europe centuries ago to rule the world. For centuries, they have held onto power and amassed wealth by cooperating with each other to attain high-ranking positions around the world. Jews created all the world’s religions. In addition, they and their children receive the best education, enjoy the best nutrition and leave their vast wealth to their descendent.


Many Americans don’t own property or have lost their homes because they were unable to pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance. Instead, the banks, international mafia, Freemasons and billionaires own the properties. These forces cause increases in bankruptcies, poverty, homelessness and crime.


It is highly beneficial for Jews and the rest of the world to fight against the international mafia and

The Freemasons (headquartered are in Britain and Israel)


Jews authored the holy books claiming that Christ is the son of God and Mohammad is a messenger of God. For centuries, Christians and Muslims have been brainwashed to fervently believe and violently defend these false beliefs. The resulting religious strife has created societal divisions that make it easier for Jewish minorities to use their governmental power to control majority populations worldwide. As result, all nations are controlled by the Jewish mafia. People worldwide have a responsibility to rid dismiss and block Jews from government. Any role for Jews in government should be limited to Israel.


Within the British royal family, there is disagreement about how Princess Diana actually died. Was it simply a car accident or did British intelligence play a role? During the wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton, Charles and his second wife arrived by same car and entered the church separately and his wife didn’t wait her husband came out from car.


In 2011, millions celebrated the royal wedding of William, oldest son of Princess Diana, to Katherine Middleton. The wedding allowed the British people to show their ongoing anger about the killing of Princess Diana.


By cooperating with each other and hiding their race and religion, Jews attain high-ranking government jobs. They promise what is needed to get elected. Once in office, they enact laws that benefit the interests of the British-Jewish mafia while ignoring the interest of their constituents.


How long will it take for Americans to realize their true enemies? If Americans look carefully, they will realize their government and the governments of other nations are controlled directly or indirectly by Jews. They will also discover that a Jewish minority controls more than 80 percent of the world’s wealth. The current situation is similar in every way to the status of Jews in Germany in the years leading up to World War II. In Germany, Jews held the highest level government jobs and controlled nearly 80 percent of the world’s wealth. Working with the British-Jewish royal family, they launched World War II as a stepping stone to the eventual establishment of Israel. In other words, Jews are highly capable of using their power and wealth to determine the course of history.


Worldwide, a Jewish minority of about 20 million controls the wealth of the world’s six billion citizens. They use their vast wealth to censor all print and broadcast media, ensuring that citizens remain impoverished and ignorant slaves to propaganda. Jewish mind control of the masses extends to religion, the ultimate tool for subjugating people.


By contrast, Jews have no religion. They don’t believe in God or any prophets. They espouse a belief in God and Moses to unify and consolidate Jewish power. They know religion is a Jewish fabrication used to subjugate people. From their high-ranking government jobs, they are able to blackmail their enemies and brainwash non-Jews into supporting British-Jewish policies. They strengthen their hold on government using propaganda to create divisive religious conflicts worldwide and control highly censored news coverage. For example, Osama Bin Laden, a Jew, was introduced to Muslims as a hero for masterminding the September 11, 2001, attacks. Bin Laden was a low-level Freemason who took orders from his Freemason superiors. He accepted responsibility for attacks that were engineered by President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, both British-Jewish spies. Once Bin Laden’s propaganda disappeared, U.S. soldiers attached his compound in Pakistan. But it isn’t certain whether Bin Laden or his body double was killed.


With the death of Bin Laden, the British-Jewish mafia set the stage for future terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorist angry about the killing of their leader. In other words, a new generation will take up the fight against powerful nations. The unfortunate fact is that most religious extremists today are Muslims who are enemies of the entire world, including Muslim people.

Also most Jewish extremists represent minority interest against majority Jewish. These extremist pave the way to hide their racial and religion identify to attain the highest ranking positions in every country. Their objective is mass destruction.

It is not nobody business whether people believe or don’t believe in God. The only relationship that matters is between an individual and God. Anyone who follows humanitarian values will satisfy God.


Because of their power, Jews are positioned to multiply their wealth many times over. However, they increase their wealth at the expense of the rest of the world which suffers from high unemployment, poverty and crime.


The only way to change the world to favor non-Jews is to prevent Jews from monopolizing the highest level positions in governments around the world. The claim that Jews are God’s chosen people is false. God created one world in which all people are equal and free to live anywhere. However, the world’s seven billion people betray themselves because they allow themselves to remain poor, unemployed and do nothing to band together to defeat the Jewish minority that controls their lives.


People everywhere need to embrace humanitarian principles that treat all people equally, regardless of their race, religion and nationality. No one group is all good or all bad. Not all British and Jewish people are bad. However, anyone who cooperates in any way with the mafia is bad.


It is justifiable to fight against the mafia and other evildoers who prey on innocent people around the world. People who are hungry for more power and money and working on behalf of the international mafia must be stopped. They are evil and will go to hell. In the United States, high school and college teachers have obligation to give their students a thorough understanding of the history of America and the world. They must teach critical thinking skills that help students understand who is in power and who is responsible for the failings of their government and other governments around the world.


It is impossible for most people to grasp that Britain, Europe and many nations were established by Jews. From the beginning of the nation state, Jews ruled Britain and established direct rule over the United States and other colonies and commonwealths. When the colonies gained independence, Britain converted to a secret system that enabled them to retain indirect control on behalf of the royal family. This system of control has enabled the British-Jewish mafia to consolidate and expand its power in government and religion everywhere in the world.


Most Americans believe they won independence from Britain in 1776. Americans would whole heartedly reject the idea that they are still controlled by British-Jewish royalty and mafia. Little do they know that traitors allowed British-Jewish spies into high government jobs after independence, this maneuver ensured continuous, indirect control over the United States.


As part of the shameful past of British-Jews, Africans were kidnapped and sold into slavery in Christian countries. The selling and buying of slaves occurred with the full cooperation of leaders in the United States, Europe, Asian and Africa. In another shameful chapter, the United States allowed British nationalists and Jewish racial fanatics to serve in high-ranking government positions. The British-Jewish mafia used the same strategy to achieve power and consolidate their wealth in nearly every nation around the world. Today, they use their wealth to preserve their power in creative ways. They provide loans to dictators, who steal most of the money while bankrupting their country. Unable to repay the high-interest loans, Jews happily dismantle and destroy these impoverished countries one by one. Americans may not comprehend it, but the highest ranking jobs in government are held by British-Jewish spies who are not working on their behalf.


The only way two ways to stop the British-Jewish mafia: convincing them to reform and accept the will of God or fight against them if they are unwilling to change.


Each person has to pay for his wrong acts – either in his lifetime or after death. Wrongdoers might be reborn as an animal, vermin, monster, or with the same face, but physical or mentally ill. People who were good, rejected religion and followed humanitarian values are like diamonds. They will be reborn into comfortable circumstances.


People who achieve high positions as kings, presidents, prime ministers, popes, imams, Freemasons or mafia have a unique responsibility. If they do wrong against humanity, they must change their ways.


People have a responsibility to live by humanitarian principles – practicing good thought, good talk and good acts. Whether or not they believe in God, God will forgive anyone who treats all humans with love, equality and respect. Nevertheless, it is best to believe in God as described by Saadi Persian poets centuries ago: Tragedies caused by both the Republican and Democratic parties as well as churches are U.S. institution have been revealed to the American people and the rest of the world


Persians were the first to worship one God. They gave those beliefs to the Egyptians and others through the wise Persian prophet Zoroaster. Zoroaster’s identity was stolen and changed to Abraham by Muslims who attacked present-day Iran


For centuries, various prophets have advocated belief in one God or many gods or the worshiping of statues. When Zoroaster (or Abraham) broke a statue being worshiped as God, people confronted him, demanding to know who destroyed their God. Zoroaster said a bigger statue destroyed their idol. Skeptical, people wanted to know how a statue that can’t move can destroy another statue. Zoroaster answered by arguing that if a statue can’t move, it cannot be the God who created the world. Therefore, the broken statue proved God’s existence. People’s willingness to accept this explanation offers one of the earliest examples of religious brainwashing. The orderly arrangement of the universe – the moon, sun, nature and all creatures – can prove the existence of a creator. However, no one can honestly create a likeness to God.


While many prophets preached belief in one God, no one can see this God. However, generations of people have believed fervently in the same invisible God described by prophets breaking statues centuries ago. The source for all religions lies in many similar fictional stories about broken statues. All these false stories were created by Jews. The conflicting claims – each with its own set of brainwashed believers – is the major cause of violence and warfare between people around the world. Using religion as a divisive tool has enabled the Jewish minority to control the non-Jewish majority for centuries.


If people reject religion and follow humanitarian principles, they will create a better future for themselves and their children. These principles are based on respect and equality for all people regardless of their race, religion or nationality. It doesn’t matter whether an individual believes in God or not. God doesn’t need to be worshiped. Anyone who follows humanitarian principles is doing as God intended when he created mankind. God wants people to practice “good thoughts, good words and good acts” and work to create one world without borders. In fact, there is no prophet who will return to lead the way to world peace. Only people on Earth can make this happen.


Wealth Is the True Superpower


Most of the world’s seven billion citizens are uneducated, poor and hopeless. In the United States, people have limited employment because of poor transportation systems. Retirees face inflationary increases in rent, food and other essentials. Most people live under mafia dictators. Most of these leaders are controlled by the international mafia, which controls about 80 percent of the world’s wealth. This plutocracy and its proxies control all armed forces and weapons. Many Jews mafia hide their ethnic and religious identity while attacking citizens who protest the dangerous acts of their government. These dangerous acts include the government engaging in bombing and destruction of government property and blaming it on innocent people. These innocent citizens are branded are revolutionaries when their main goal is personal freedom and a better life.


The armed forces need to partner with citizens to confiscate weapons from the government and return them and restore rule to the people. Likewise, 80 percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by a minority and needs to be returned to the people. The confiscated funds should be used to rebuild countries and lay the groundwork for planning the creation of one international country without borders


Religion and national identification are biggest reasons people don’t cooperate with each other. However, Jews – regardless of their nationality – cooperate with each other.


Money is the world’s true superpower. Money operates independently of any nation, and nearly 80 percent of the worlds’ wealth is owned by Jews. They use their wealth recklessly to rule and destroy nations. At will, they can change how seven billion people around the world live. Jews were more dangerous before the establishment of Israel because they operated secretly and people did not understand the extent of their power and wealth. Today, Jews are more overt, and people understand the extreme threat they pose to the rest of the world.


It is possible to change the current state of affairs and create a new world governed by humanitarian principles. To begin the process, people need to rally around universal humanitarian values that promote peace and brotherhood in which race, religion, nationality and ideology are irrelevant. Opponents should be singled out, urged to reform, and invited to join the humanitarian cause. Anyone who refuses must be isolated and removed from society.


Today, most enemies occupy government positions and use their power to act against citizens in their country and other nations. If citizens take the fight to them, they can be defeated. After all, the enemy populace represents a small fraction of the world’s seven billion people. It is the will of God that these dangerous leaders be eliminated.


To identify the enemies of humanity, people need to focus on two primary tactics:


1. The enemies are already known. They are the officials holding the highest ranking positions in government. They are the ones who have oppressed their own citizens. All are spies for the British-Jewish mafia. Many are Jews who have concealed their identity. In addition, many Jews operate anonymously as religious leaders who cooperate fully with the government as part of a secret network that oppresses citizens of every nation. All of these state actors serve at the mercy of the international mafia and Freemasons who oversee all planning world from headquarters in the United States, Britain and Israel. The enemies’ list also includes billionaires who use their wealth to finance killings and the theft of wealth and resources from nations.


2. Governments should adopt laws mandating identification cards and passports that list each individual’s race, religion and nationality. Those professing no faith or having changed their religion should be required to detail the religious affiliation of their ancestors. The goal of such stringent requirements is to expose those attempting to conceal their British or Jewish roots. Those who falsify their information should be prosecuted as spies. Any government that refuses to mandate a suitable identification system should face an open rebellion.


The U.S. presidential election are a charade in which Democratic and Republic party candidates are selected indirectly by the international mafia and Freemason. Many of the candidates are Jewish. The same “selection” process occurs in every nation.


Under the circumstances, it is easy for people to know if their government is for or against them. Many governments claim their nations are too poor to solve economic problems. Yet, these governments do nothing to prevent the open buying and selling of narcotics to their citizens. Because they command the nation’s police and intelligence services, they have the power to stop drug trafficking, if they want. They may not want to stop drug trafficking because it is financially beneficial to the international mafia. Moreover, a nation of drug-dependent citizens is easier to control.


The pervasiveness of narcotics everywhere offers solid proof that governments are controlled by the British-Jewish mafia. Governments can solve problems, if they want to. The fact is mafia governments, the international mafia and Freemason reaps huge profits from drug trafficking. In addition, a nation of addicts, buying drugs at cheap prices, is more easily controlled.


Laws Reveal Government Priorities


The types of laws passed can also offer proof that a government is dangerous to its citizens. The worse laws allow the government to sell property and companies that belong to the people under the pretense of reducing the national debt. Because Jews have a lot of money, they often buy these properties. The new owners frequently shut down factories, causing economic hardship for workers and the community. The new owners may want to intentionally close a factory because they want to increase social unrest, joblessness and crime. On a large scale, the closing of many factories can have severely weaken or destroy a nation while increasing Jewish influence worldwide. People of every country have to dismiss Jews from their government’ job and put in requisition their property either they are in job or retired and give chance them to live peacefully to keep their enough money and wealth only to live, without to interfere the public institution of people.


People around the world need to dismiss Jews from their job as government spies and confiscate their property-regardless of whether they are employed or retired.

Homosexuality poses a big problem in every country. Many teenagers become homosexuals after being sexually assaulted or threatened by criminals. Marked by shame and rejected by society, they have little choice but to join the ranks of criminals. To hide their vulnerability and contempt for a society that failed to protect them, they often seek revenge – with the support of the British-Jewish mafia – by attaining high-ranking government jobs where they strike back against their countrymen.


The British-Jewish mafia is especially skilled at using homosexuality to fill high-ranking positions in other countries. Homosexuals are easily controlled because they can be easily blackmailed – either by threatening to expose them with public statements or by threatening to release videos in which they are engaged in homosexual acts.


Most countries have been destroyed by homosexuals in power. Leaders who were sexually assaulted as teenagers are the most ruthless and dangerous vs. those who were voluntarily engaged in homosexuality during puberty. Homosexuality is more common in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim countries where male-female sexual relations are forbidden until marriage.


The need for sex between men and women is as natural as food and drink. What is the best way to stop and prevent homosexuality? Legal reforms are needed to provide harsher punishments for homosexual criminal assault, even those people got homosexual either were teenage or not if they don’t sue against their criminal act of criminal people, it is duty of their government to search homosexual people to study their homosexual history to find criminal people to punish them in any time of required, if their government to refuse to do, it is duty of international institute to do, by this way stop to increase homosexual final criminal and dangerous people against their country and the world . In Muslim countries, marriage needs to be made easier by reducing financial obstacles. Elsewhere, reforms are needed to create greater equality between husbands and wives, including changes in divorce laws that now award most of the assets to the wife. Current divorce laws make people worry of marriage. Some predatory women entrap rich men, then divorce them and run off with the wealth.


Given the high divorce rates, it may be worthwhile to adopt laws that offer men and women alternatives to traditional marriage. One legal arrangement would allow a trail marriage in which a couple lives as “husband and wife” for a limited time. After a specified time, the couple could decide whether to enter into a permanent marriage contract. Trail marriages are a realistic solution for people who lack the money to marry. It is also a useful policy for promoting marriages of one man and one woman. The government can also subsidize marriages of poor people if they agree to limit the number of children they have. Governments worldwide also need laws that block homosexuals for serving in government jobs and require harsh penalties for adults who have sex (including homosexuality) with females under 18 years old.


Unfortunately, laws protecting teenagers from homosexuality or rape are weak or not enforced. Because government has a responsibility to protect minors, laws are needed that aggressively prosecute criminal sexual assault. Teenagers need to be questioned whether they have been victims of homosexual assault or rape. Convictions for these crimes should include life sentences. In addition, books and movies depicting sexual acts should be banned for teenagers.


Because of their support for British-Jewish spies, homosexuals are promoted to high-ranking government and religious leadership positions as proxies for the mafia. Laws and sanctions against homosexual criminals are weak. Mosques and churches, especially the Catholic Church, harbor many homosexual leaders who have been guilty of criminal homosexual assault of children. Homosexual assault in prisons goes unpunished. In addition, laws and courts have granted homosexuals marriage rights. Marriage between two men or two women is against the laws of God and nature.


People around the world need to wake up and band together with military and government officials willing to work to overthrow British-Jewish mafia dictatorships, Freemasons and international terrorists. Wealth acquired by theft or by killing people must be confiscated. It should be used to help people meet their basic needs, create jobs and as a reward to patriotic officials who helped overthrow the government. If people fail to act, their descendants will live under the same brutal governments. Their future will be much like that of African countries. These countries are rich in agricultural and natural resources. However, they are unable to meet even the basic needs of their people because they are ruled by mafia governments that cooperate in stealing their nations’ resources to enrich the British-Jewish and international mafia, Freemasons and billionaires. The United States and Russia – both rich in natural resources – face a fate similar to Africa if they continue allowing British-Jewish spies to control their governments. People of these nations will face starvation and suffering as their societies collapse.


More than 80 percent of the world’s wealth belongs to the international mafia, including many members who are Jews. That wealth was made illegally and legally. For example, the international mafia in the United States earns billions from state-sponsored lotteries. Enticed by the lure of quick wealth, the poor repeatedly gamble and lose. As result, the poor become poorer, and states must dig deeper to provide them assistance. Meanwhile, lottery earnings fill the pockets of billionaire mafia members who already control about 80 percent of the world’s wealth.


Jews occupy the highest government positions in every country. Since World War II, all Romania ambassadors have been Jewish, yet Israel has no ties to the Romanian government. Is it possible Romania’s ambassadors actually worked for their own people? Centuries ago, Britain adopted laws making granting citizenship to and demanding loyalty from all members of the Empire. These subjects are required to work for Britain. George Washington was a subject who led the revolution against British rule. Unfortunately, British people were allowed to attain high-level government jobs after the American Revolution. People everywhere, especially in the United States, must realize there governments have been infiltrated by British-Jewish spies working on behalf of the mafia and against their nation’s best interests.


If people look closely at the Iraq invasion, they will learn that thousands of U.S. soldiers were killed. More than 60 journalists from the world were killed while attempting to tell the truth about Iraq, including reports on the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died. Terrorists – sponsored by traitors and the Jewish mafia – were responsible for many of these deaths. These are the same terrorist groups that included Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban, both spying for the British-Jewish mafia and royal family and Jewish spies in high-ranking positions in America and Britain. The Iraq war paved the way for an economic collapse of the United States and the eventual breaking up of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The war also paved the way for American Jews to divert their investments to China, further weakening the U.S. economy while increasing joblessness and crime. A weakened United States benefits the international mafia, Freemasons and the Israel mafia government.


Russians need to become aware their government is run by Jews with the full support of the British-Jewish mafia and Jews worldwide. They also need to realize that Jews have ruled Russia for centuries and overseen the rise and fall of its governments to benefit Jewish interests worldwide. They supported the rise of communism under Lenin and Stalin. They presided over the Soviet Union’s collapse and ushered in a new type of dictatorship that is still in power. Today, President Vladimir Putin, a Jew, understands that some Russians have teamed up with Jewish leaders as his enemy. He keeps thousands of mice and rats to test his food for poisoning. Because of its vast oil reserves and other natural resources, Russia is a prize. Generations of Jews, in cooperation with British-Jewish royalty, Israel and Jews worldwide have ruled and exploited Russia resources, leaving the Russian people in poverty.


Russians can fight back by exposing the Jewish spies in their government, military and other institutions by conducting individual acts of terrorism against the government. By destabilizing the government, rebels can hope the military and secret police will transfer their support to the Russian people and help expose high-ranking spies. Once the government is free of spies, new laws should require identification cards and passports that list race, religion and national origin. Citizens who have changed their faith or have no religion would be required to list the religion of their ancestors. Anyone who provides false information should be prosecuted as a spy. Jews would be barred from holding government positions.


Because of their educational and professional achievement, people believe Jews are acting in their best interests. Despite appearances, Jews are secretly working only for their self-interest and the British-Jewish mafia.


Through an international network, Jews cooperate with each other sharing secrets about the oil and natural resources and investment opportunities in every nation. This strategy alone explains why Jews control nearly 80 percent of the world’s wealth. Counties such as India- which may have more oil than Saudi Arabia-have been targeted by the international Jewish network. They have invested heavily in these oil resources. Eventually, the networks investment will bankrupt India while increasing extreme poverty in that country. Unfortunately, India will lose its freedom to these outside interests.


More than 4,000 years ago, Jews in Persia followed the Zoroastrians belief in one God before. At the time of Moses, a few Iranians established Judaism as a monotheistic religion. Judaism became the foundation for a secret, Jewish network than would later span the world, allowing them to band together and attain high-ranking positions in government, business and religion in every country. Concealing their race and religions, Jews created Christianity, Islam and other religions to divide and control majority populations. Throughout history, Jews have played roles as believers and non-believers. For example, Cleopatra hid her Jewish roots, pretending to be a non-believer to attain the throne as queen of Egypt. She left her marriage to Alexander Marc Antony, general of the Roman Empire. The marriage paved the way for Rome’s destruction of the Egyptian Empire and disputes among people of the Roman Empire.

Unless people abandon their religion, it will be impossible to create a peaceful world. Religion is fueled by vengeance against and disputes among believers. Jews created all religions to use a tool to created divisions in society.


Nearly all terrorist attacks have been orchestrated by British-Jewish terrorist governments. Jewish terrorists oppose humanitarian values and are responsible for most of these acts around the world. With the support of a worldwide Jewish network, these terrorists commit violent acts while concealing their race and religion. Consequently, other groups are blamed for their terrorist acts. The Jewish network is the same secretive group that supports efforts by mafia members to attain high-ranking positions in every government. To fight against this network and its terrorist proxies, the armed forces need to supply citizens with weapons that can be used to defeat British-Jewish mafia dictators.


In the United States, lawmakers (many who Jewish) have adopted laws that jail husbands who hit their wives, a traditional way of correcting bad behavior. Women who hit men rarely face the same punishment for striking a man. Laws also allow women to attain high-ranking jobs that enable them to dominate men in business, politics and family life and can easily control women for their favor. In a divorce, women often receive all the husband’s property and assets. All of these laws, promoted by the British-Jewish spies, have undermined relationships between men and women and destroyed families. As a result, men suffer more unemployment, higher suicide rates and are sent off to war to die. In addition, some U.S. states have passed laws that allow marriage between two men and two women. Gay marriage serves the best interests of the British-Jewish mafia. Because homosexuals have destroyed their bodies and don’t care about their countries, they are easily recruited as traitors to the countries.


Nevertheless, people have an obligation to respect the rights of homosexuals and allow them to live in peace in society. Most are victims of homosexual assault and cannot be held responsible for their sexual preference. However, government needs to prevent these homosexuals from assaulting young men and recruiting a new generation of homosexual criminals.


In the United States, homeowners mistakenly trust real estate agents, who promise to sell their property at high prices. Once the homeowner signs a contract, only the agent can sell the property. After advertising the property, the agent refuses to take calls from buyers willing to pay the asked-for price. After telling the owner of the lack of interest, the agent asks for a price reduction. Once the price has been reduced, the agent of his family buys the property at deep discount. By selling the property for less than he paid for it, the owner is often forced into bankruptcy. This practice helped create a nationwide collapse of the U.S. housing market. Meanwhile, Jewish buyers have been able to grow their wealth by buying cheap real estate. To fix this problem, laws should be changed to allow homeowners to sell their property directly when they are under contract with an agent. If the owner sells the property, he doesn’t have to pay a broker fee to the agent.


Any candidate who runs for higher office promises to do good things for the people of his nation. However, these promises prove hollow and go unfulfilled because leaders are “selected” (not elected) by the international mafia and Freemasons. For example, President Obama campaigned on the promise of removing troops for Iraq and other countries. Instead he takes some troops to arrange in Afghanistan and some other countries or, he increased troop levels. However, government spies did not want troops to return home if return before brainwashed to forget the truth for favor of USA government and British- Jews mafia. Anyways they feared soldiers would expose the corruptness of high-ranking military officers and their role as traitors working on behalf of British-Jewish mafia interest and against the United States.


Today, the United States has been forced to turn to once-poor countries like China and India for loans. As these nations have prospered, the United States needs to borrow to prevent the nation’s financial collapse. Unfortunately, these loans will lead to a faster decline for the United States. The loans, given at high interest rates, will not be used to build factories, invest in infrastructure improvements or benefit the public in other ways. Instead, the money will be stolen by the mafia government operatives or waste money by giving people without any reason. People must resist the temptation to go to war against each other. That is massive suicide. That only enables the mafia to tighten its grip on the governments it controls.


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If you go the (PUT LINK HERE), you will see a speech by Sanhedrin Rabbi Abraham, an Israeli historian, on the similarities between Islam and Judaism. As Abraham says, Muslim and Jews worship the same God. In the video, Abdul Raceme Green discusses the Rabbi of Medina the conversion of Jews to Islam during the time of the prophet Mohammad. The video also cites proof that the prophet Muhammad is mentioned by name in Hebrew Scriptures, “Song of Songs.”


An Internet search shows there are about 20 million Jews worldwide. However, that number is wrong. The number of Jews may be more than three times larger because it doesn’t account for the millions of Jewish spies who conceal their race and religion to attain high-level positions. Moreover, Jews don’t fight wars; they simply order non-Jews to fight against each other. When they issue orders, they are far away from the combat. Only a few Jews die in war while millions of non-Jews are killed. In addition, Jews only marry other Jews and have large families to increase their numbers.


Moreover, if Jews label citizens as traitors, people are powerless to challenge them. They are too brainwashed by false religions based on false holy books. For example, people receiving communion are given a piece of bread to dip in wine, thus paving the way for increased alcohol consumption. Mary, mother of Christ, had a male friend (or husband), suggesting that it is permissible for people to have a boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage. The consumption of alcohol (and chemically contaminated food) is encouraged by the mafia. A religion that encourages premarital sexual relations before marriage is a false religion. In both instance, people’s minds are corrupted and they accept living like animals – behaviors that enable the British-Jewish mafia to rule their lives.


Jews realize that establishing Israel was the biggest mistake in history. For centuries, they had had the world under their control through the British-Jewish monarchy and the spies in high-ranking government positions in every country. Once Israel was created, people realized the extent to which the British-Jewish mafia controlled nearly every nation. Many rabbis and Jews opposed a Jewish state because it exposed the inner workings of the British-Jewish mafia. Other rabbis believe Mohammed was the true prophet, and the Torah and Koran are one and the same; they believe Christians must accept Mohammed as the last prophet and embrace the Koran as the only true holy book. Demanding that Christians accept Mohammed is intended to create further hostilities between Christians and Muslims. Eventually, more and more people will realize all religions are false and damaging to their lives. Many Jews realize that they will lose power once people realize the truth about false religions. In London, the royal family organized protests against Muslims to generate more hostilities that favor Jewish interests. The purpose of the anti-Muslim rhetoric is to distract citizens from the real issue: the British-Jewish spy network that controls the governments of every nation, especially oil-rich Muslim nations. When Christians and Muslims are in conflict, the British-Jewish grows stronger.


More than a century ago, the international mafia, British-Jewish royal, Freemasons and other evildoers set the stage for today’s conflict over Kurdistan by creating disagreements among spies in Russia, the United States and Britain. Kurd in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey are seen as useful for breaking up all those countries. Establishing an independent Kurdish state would lead to war over the new states rich oil reserves and other natural resources. The Kurd would be at war with the wrong people. Their real enemies would be high-ranking Jewish spies in each warring country secretly serving the interest of the British-Jewish mafia. Destroying these countries would strengthen the British- Jewish government and Jews mafia entire world and Israel’s control over the region. They already broke down many countries and continue breaking down many countries. The end will break down U.S.A. and Russia and England.


Although many Kurd speak the same language, practice the same religion and many are related by family, they fight among themselves. Given the fighting spirit, the Kurd are likely to engage in violence with the Azeri people once the new Kurdish state is created. In response, the Azeri are likely fight for to create an independent state that encompasses to independent Azerbaijan, also by cooperating of Jews mafia in Russia and entire world to create another problem between Kurd and independent Azerbaijan country to create a new Azerbaijan state


Unfortunately, the international mafia (especially the Jewish mafia) holds high government jobs and is able to take action anywhere in the world at any time, either directly or indirectly. In Iran, the international mafia in cooperation with the government drained the water from the world’s largest salt lake, creating an ecological disaster and destroying the livelihoods of thousands. The government also cut business from transportation between east and west Azerbaijan as a prelude to the creation of a separate Kurdistan nation in west Azerbaijan and dissolution of Iran.


In this scenario, Iran would keep Azerbaijan for a short time. Eventually, anti-Iranian spies and Russian-Jewish government leaders – with the support of Jewish mafia governments in the United States, Britain and Israel – will provoke a war between Iran’s west Azerbaijan and Russia’s east Azerbaijan, resulting in an independent Kurdish state. Meanwhile, the international mafia (especially the Jewish mafia) will take over mining of the highly profitable salt from the lake. Then Jews mafia entire world will make dispute between west Azerbaijan in Kurdistan independent country and east Azerbaijan in Iran to create new state by east, west Azerbaijan and independent Azerbaijan a new Azerbaijan country then will use their oil and nation sources without any problem.


Most people think that if they overthrow their oppressive governments or change religious leaders, their lives will improve dramatically. Sadly, this rarely happens, and often, the new leadership is worse. Even with new leaders, the root cause of bad government and religion remains unchanged. The British-Jewish spies may be hidden, but they are still present in the highest-ranking positions in government and religion. They have the full support of the worldwide Jewish network, which is committed to holding onto power around the world. A successful revolt needs to strike at the root of corruption that pervades every sector of government.


This will require the support of armed forces and legislative actions that block Jews from attaining the highest positions in government. Nations must adopt laws that require identification cards that list race, religion and national origin. People who have changed their religion or have no religion should be required to declare the religion of their ancestors. Anyone providing false information should be prosecuted as a spy. In addition, Jews must also be barred from acquiring more real estate than is necessary to meet basic needs.


People need to understand that for centuries Jews have used their high-ranking government positions to destroy nations and rob them of their natural resources and wealth. For example, the Iranian government was established and created by a secret cabal of Jews. This cabal was led by undercover Jewish insiders working secretly with other Jewish governments, the international mafia and Israelis.


This cabal arranged for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and then arranged for deployment of Iranian troops to Lebanon, Palestine and other Arab countries where they were killed. That’s because Jewish spies remain in control of Arab countries and see Iran as their enemy.


All high-ranking government jobs in Arab countries are held by Jews. These Arab countries enlisted Iranian help against Israel to provide evidence that Iran is a danger to regional peace and world stability. This alliance paved the way for Jews to manipulate the United States to take a militant, warlike stance that will eventually lead to Iran’s destruction. Tensions have risen because of claims that Iran is developing nuclear weapons that are threat to world peace. All of the hostilities directed at Iran are part of Jewish plot to destroy Iran and rob it of its oil and other natural resources.


It would a huge mistake if the United States were to enact laws to deport illegal immigrants. If these immigrants became citizens, their contributions would probably exceed those made most people born in the United States. If these immigrants are denied citizenship, the majority of Americans will become slaves to Jewish interests. When every illegal Immigrants became citizen, no way to deported, but punish same as citizen who born in USA if they do wrong. With this way to pave the way those people became citizen who can fight against their wrong government same as those people were born in USA without any deportation.


Nearly all books editors are controlled by laws that make it difficult for authors to have their works published. It is difficult to convince people, especially Americans, that a Jewish minority dominates majority populations in every nation. They need to understand that Jews belong to an international network in which they conceal their racial and religious identity to attain high-ranking positions of power in every nation. They dominate in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. They have the broadest presence in judicial systems where they can change laws to give greater power to the other branches over domestic and external affairs. In the United States, the executive branch has power to commit troops and wage war without legislative approval.


Every nation’s constitution and laws as well as international laws were written and adopted to favor Jewish interests. The United States and other nations need to rewrite laws so that favor the citizens of their countries.


Once Jews are in power, it is nearly impossible for people to regain control of their government. For more than 2,500 years, Jews have held onto power by rebuffing and commandeering revolutions and coup d’états. Jews who are part of the worldwide network protect and support each other. They never betray other Jews. Given their vast wealth and their complete dominance of governments worldwide, it is counter factual to think there are only 20 million Jews worldwide. The more like count probably exceeds 60 million when the total includes Jews who conceal their racial and religious identity. Even so, the world’s non-Jewish population is more than 100 times larger. To stand up to this Jewish power monopoly, people need to coordinate efforts to expose Jews hiding out in positions of power and influence in every nation.


Wherever the British-Jewish mafia rules, it has indirect links to Israel. These governments rule in the same way. They enact bad laws, cause inflation, allow imports and exports of narcotics, invest national wealth overseas, encourage religious divisions, deploy armed forces recklessly and support dictators, Freemasons, and billionaires. Meanwhile, government leaders and their supporters amass vast amounts of wealth for themselves and their families while backing terrorism, ignoring educational and economic investments and promoting hostile actions against neighboring countries.


Al Qaeda and most terrorist organizations (the top positions are held by infiltrators spying against the organization) use brainwashing techniques to train suicide bombers to attack the United States, Britain, Russia and other countries. Most of high-ranking government positions in the targeted countries are held by Jews, who publicize terrorist threats to distract citizens while they pilfer the nation’s wealth and resources. Secretly, these mafia governments recruit a non-spy for a high-level position in a terrorist organization. When that non-spy becomes famous, he is targeted, murdered and introduced to the world as a top terrorist killed by the United States or one of its allies. This staged killing of a so-called terrorist has been orchestrated by the Jewish mafia and the British-Jewish monarch, with the support of the international mafia, Freemasons, billionaires and the government where the terrorist act occurs.


Religious, racial and ethnic extremists and fanatics in support of minorities or majorities are the most dangerous people in the world. These people – most who have been brainwashed – insult God and work to advance the economic and political interests of the international mafia.


Unfortunately, the Jewish and international mafia, British Jewish royalty, Freemasons, millionaires and billionaires have brainwashed citizens worldwide. People, especially in the United States, Britain and Russia, are distracted with careers, alcohol use, extramarital affairs and drugs. Consequently, they are indifferent to bad laws, especially legalization of same-sex marriage, and increases worldwide in homosexual activity. With their wealth, Jews have the power to change the personalities so that males dress like females, and females dress like males.


Organizations created by citizens to improve their nation always have a short life. There is always someone in the ranks who betrays the organization. As history shows, Jews stick together and never betray their organization under any circumstances. This cohesion explains why they have attained and held on to power in all countries for centuries while working to benefit the Israel mafia government. Faced with such solid resistance, how is it possible to create a new world governed by humanitarian principles.


The universe contains trillions of “forces” or “strengths” that manifest themselves in different ways. Some incarnate in the form of a human or animal. Other forces use their strength, the world is imaginary. It does not exist. When a person sleeps, he can “see” many things that do not exist in reality. They are only imaginary. In the same way, the world is as imaginary as sleep. At the time of incarnation, every strength” has many forces, similar to the five senses. Prophets (strength) are of no value to humans once they are dead. These prophets – and not people living in the world – will be held responsible for the worldly acts after their death.

Through a worldwide cooperative network in which they hide their race and religion, Jews attain leadership positions in every branch of government (including commanders of the armed forces and local police.) As leaders, Jews excel at propping up dictators. For example, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and his cronies ruled Russia for 12 years against his own people and for the Jewish mafia.


The Jewish mafia (Israeli intelligence) is the world’s most powerful, effective intelligence operation. Its intelligence-gathering apparatus extends to the world’s seven billion citizens. Their job is made easier because most citizens have been brainwashed and divided against each other over religion and other issues the fact, when highest position of every country from different countries have conference to decide about their countries or another countries they are Jews.


The Israel mafia government no longer needs a third world war or wars between countries to promote its dangerous policies. War tactics no longer work. Instead, Israel now has the world’s most technologically sophisticated propaganda to promote the policies of 20 million Jews against the rest of the world. It is false that there are more than 60 million Jews worldwide because always they were in highest facility to marriage to increase their children. For more than 3,000 years, people have been engaged in violent conflicts, making it easier for Jews to cooperate with each secretly to attain high-level positions that give them control over every government. Today, Jews control the British monarchy as well as the Jewish mafia’s current and former government leaders Britain’s Tony Blair, America’s George Bush, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Ahmadinejad. All these leaders are Jewish and all work against their countries and for the dangerous policies of the Israeli mafia government. That same control extends to religious leaders such as the pope and mullahs everywhere.


Meanwhile, the British-Jewish mafia is working through its spy network to break down every nation by creating joblessness, poverty and crime. The Jew mafia also controls the armed forces, intelligence services (because Jew in every country they are to get job even in secret intelligent service of every country and are entire world) and terrorists organizations in every country.


Their efforts are supported by the international mafia, billionaire and Freemasons. Collectively, they are responsible for harmful laws, bad business practices and the theft of wealth from every nation. They use every tactic available to acquire wealth, including the use of force and inciting violence and war between sectarian and religious groups.


Meanwhile, they divert the wealth of one nation to another or loan billions to corrupt Jewish mafia governments who bankrupt their nations or spark revolutions. They also take over legitimate revolutions and turn them into regimes that are more brutal than the one that was overthrown.


Even if the world’s seven billion people possessed dangerous weapons to eradicate their British-Jewish governments or the Jewish mafia, their efforts would ultimately fail. Success is impossible without laws that mandate identification cards and passports listing race, religion and national origin. Anyone who has changed religion or has no religion would be required to divulge the race, religion and nationality of his ancestors.

Anyone found guilty of falsifying his information would receive a life sentence of the death penalty. Requiring such transparency is the only way to expose Jews and spies that have infiltrated all governments. Meanwhile, people need to cooperate to expose Jews living under hidden identities, including those who immigrate to other countries.

People need to cooperate in an effort to expose Jews holding high-level government positions in every country.

Jews should be dismissed from their government jobs. New policies should block the future election or hiring of Jews. However, Jews should not be persecuted or harassed. They should be free to live in peace anywhere in the world or be allowed to emigrate to Israel. In Israel, Jews should be free to pursue policies that promote their nation’s best interests. Others should expect the rights of Israel to exist and establish economic and diplomatic ties with its leaders.


People who are imprisoned should have assurance they can serve their time in peace, free from assault by other, more dangerous criminals. Even dangerous governments have a responsibility to all prisoners, including the most dangerous criminals. If they prison officials don’t separate dangerous criminals from those incarcerated for less serious crimes, they must attempt to rehabilitate both classes of prisoners. If prisoners resist rehabilitation, they should be tried by an internal court and punished. If they fail to reform after punishment, they should be executed. The biggest threat to society is a prisoner who emerges from prison a more hardened, dangerous criminal.


That is why government officials responsible for jails need to ensure the separation of dangerous criminals and from other prisoners serving for less serious crimes. Efforts should focus heavily on rehabilitation programs that will enable prisoners to lead productive, responsible lives when they are released.

Historically, Jews have played a prominent role in the film industry. They have produce hundreds of films about religion, race, nationality and ideology. Fanaticism and religious conflict are common themes, including wars between Christian denominations, between Islamic factions and between Christianity and Islam.


Jews are experts on religious topics because they created all religions centuries ago. The sole purpose in creating religions was to create divisions and conflicts in all societies, thus making it easier for Jews to gain power and dominate as minority rulers over majority populations. Over the centuries, wars have killed billions, and most of these wars were caused by religious differences. More religious-inspired are likely in the future. Much of the religious violence and many of the wars have been topics featured in movies. Some movies are led to even more sectarian and religious violence.


In addition, nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction were invented by Jews. The few non-Jews who have invented weapons have been under the control of Jews. Such control has enabled Jews to strengthen their hold on power around the world.


It is difficult to find a heterosexual, high-ranking official in government or religion anywhere in the world. Most leaders are homosexual or have a criminal record are easily blackmailed into acting on behalf of the British-Jewish mafia, Freemasons and the international mafia. It doesn’t matter if Jews have criminal records. They have immunity and are willing to commit criminal acts. Moreover, these Jewish spies are in control because they occupy every high-level position in government and religion worldwide.

To counteract corruption, citizens need their own spies to gather information of the behavior of government and religious officials. Citizens need to realize peace is impossible as long as these Jewish officials, hiding their race and religion, remain in power.


In addition, it will be difficult to confiscate the ill-gotten wealth of billionaires, until nations adopt socialist-style governments (a capitalist-communist mix). Much of this wealth was acquired by criminal acts worldwide. They have also used their wealth to sponsor terrorists and corrupt the leaders of every nation.

All governments have an obligation to solve one of society’s most difficult problems – sex outside of marriage between men and women. Sex outside of marriage is similar to prostitution. It is destructive, especially to women.


Marriage is the best solution. If people who want to marry lack the financial resources, government need to help them. However, people who require government assistance should be limited to no more than two children; those who have more than two children should be punished. If the government is unable to support marriage financially, laws should be enacted that allow temporary marriages. This type of marriage is for a short time. It is not for life. After a specified trail period and if couples have sufficient financial resources, they should make their marriage a traditional, permanent commitment. Parents who have children during a temporary marriage have the same responsibility as those in a lifetime marriage. Another benefit of short-time marriage is that couples aren’t government by the equality of rights that favor wives in traditional marriages, especially in the United States.


If people don’t marry, the best solution is to abstain from having sex. However, people who don’t marry – either in a temporary or permanent commitment – are more likely to engage in homosexual or lesbian behavior. Homosexual acts can easily lead to criminal behavior, a major cause of violence and war around the world. Consequently, governments should punish homosexual acts.

Government also need to pass laws against people where sexually provocative clothing.


As God’s creation, everyone has to eventually pay for his wrongful acts.

Under the shah, all Iranian cities were governed by homosexual criminal people not by government, because criminal people assault against teenagers and get black mail for their life against them to pave the way homosexual teenagers are under control criminal people, to trap another teenage for homosexual, by this way continue their population increased then those teenagers who got problem to grow to get all kind different government job, always are under control criminal people by their black mail, so teenagers, because their black mail always support them who rule the city against people. Nothing was done to prosecute homosexual criminal assault of teenagers. For example, a homosexual person who had been assaulted as a teenager, moved to the city of Uremia where he set up a homosexual crime organization that preyed on children under 14. The government did nothing. Once victims become adults, many become homosexuals. More importantly, many rise to high-level government and religious leadership jobs, working as operatives for the British-Jewish Homosexuals – who sexually assaulted as teenagers – understand how they were wronged. As leaders, they will turn their rage against the society that allowed the assaults to go unpunished and seek revenge by destroying their county, so it is duty of every country to search homosexual people to study their homosexual history to find criminal people to punish them harsh penalty in their any age and position, if any government entire world doesn’t do this duty, it is duty of United nation to interfere that country about this subject to search by itself to punish criminal homosexual people against teenagers, to stop increasing criminal people entire world


Likewise, Americans and British people will pay a price for their indifference to the British-Jewish mafia governments that are destroying their countries and other nations. Jews will also pay for creating false religions and the violence they have caused over the centuries. In fact, all people will ultimately have to account for wrongful acts against others.


Today, there is little cooperation among nations to ensure a needs-based, equitable distribution of oil and other natural resources. Today, the world faces an unprecedented catastrophe because the British-Jewish royalty, its mafia government and the Jewish mafia are using violent force to steal the natural resources of other nations. Nations denied or lacking sufficient oil or natural resources to meet their needs have become like slaves, dependent on the largess of the British government and the Jewish mafia The British-Jewish mafia cooperate with other countries for one purpose-to get hold of their oil and other natural resources. They will embrace terrorists if they will help the mafia gain control of resources. The mafia’s ultimate goal is to enslave people to serve their greedy ambitions. .


If people don’t reject their parents’ religion and turn to humanitarian values, the world’s seven billion citizens will be hopelessly engaged in violence and warfare. This will guarantee permanent control by the British and Jewish mafia.


For centuries, extreme nationalism and racial fanaticism have been obstacles to peace and stability everywhere. The best way to eliminate destructive behaviors is for people to cooperate in removing national borders in favor of one, borderless international country.


God didn’t create criminals, religious people or leaders to break down the world into separate nations. He also didn’t create homosexuals or millionaires and billionaires. He also isn’t responsible for allowing Jews to hide the race and religion to rise to the high-level positions, where they rule by stirring up racial and sectarian hatred and criminal activity.


Today, the world’s seven billion people are governed by dangerous governments. Whether the government is a dictatorship, communist, socialist or a “false” democracy, it is not serving the best interests of their nations. Bad governments – even those with strong constitutions – have been the norm for centuries.

The only way to fix the worldwide governance problem is for people to force their governments to mandate identification cards that list race, religion and card, especially in nations with liberal immigration policies. Mandatory ID cards will help root out Jewish spies who conceal their race and religion to attain high-ranking government and religious leadership jobs in every nation. The first loyal of these Jewish officials is to others who share their race and religion and to Israel – and never the people they govern.

As a further protection, people who have changed their religion or nationality would be required to list the race, religion and nationality of their ancestors. Anyone who falsifies information would be prosecuted and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Nations are entitled to know the true identities of all citizens, especially those who seek citizenship as immigrants. If governments resist the identification card reforms, people worldwide need to support revolutions to overthrow British-Jewish mafia governments. Where there is resistance, all government and religious officials should be driven from office. Former leaders should be permanently barred from government and religious leadership positions. However, they should be allowed to enter private business.


If Jews continue to say in power after the laws are passed, they “have to go to hell” and their families must be exiled to Israel. Jews who volunteer their true identities should be removed from office but allowed to live in peace and work in private business. They should also be allowed to emigrate. However, because of their past affiliation with the British-Jewish mafia, they should be monitored wherever they chose to live.

Punishments should be severe who attempt to introduce a non-Jew as a Jew or a Jew as a non-Jew, if the intent is to attain a high-level government job by deception and dishonesty.


If Jews in government jobs fail to cooperate in passing mandatory identification laws, people should act against them by forming small terrorist cell groups (no more than three people) or act individually to destabilize and destroy them.

For more information, click on any of the links below:

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What Famous Men Have To Say About Jews 1-3

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What Famous Men Have To Say About Jews 3-3


Working to Remove Borders


Initially, people should work together to persuade mafia governments to adopt humanitarian principles Mafia operatives need to be reminded they will go to their graves empty-handed – no money, no religion, no property, no family, no race, no nationality. After death, all the acts and thoughts of a lifetime transfer to the soul as it separates from the body. That soul will be judged in the afterlife. Good souls will be rewarded with happiness. Bad souls will face eternal agony and suffering. If mafia members can be convinced to change, the world will become like heaven.


The only way to prevent World War III is to eliminate all national borders, create one, borderless international country and end the enslavement of mankind. A revolution against the status quo must begin in Britain. The British people must pave the way – in cooperation with other nations – by enlisting help from their armed forces and abandoning their blind devotion to their Jewish mafia government. Before the revolution, people in every nation must force their governments to pass laws requiring identification cards and passports that list race, religion and national origin.


This is an essential step for exposing spies, especially members of the Jewish mafia who conceal their race and religion. Jews should be blocked from funding propaganda movies that portrays Jews as victims of non-Jews.


The films are primary tool for uniting Jews against the rest of the world. Jews should also be barred from cooperating with the British-Jewish mafia, Freemasons, religious leaders and international mafia. People cooperate in confiscating the wealth of billionaires, much of it taken by force and killing from others and passed on generation after generation. Much of the wealth is used to control the economies of other nations and finance weapons of mass destruction and war. The wealthy class is responsible for millions of deaths caused by violence, war, starvation and other tragedies. All of their collective efforts have been undertaken to strengthen their financial portfolios.


Unfortunately, the Jewish mafia and its proxy governments around the world have enacted laws that cause people to live in fear and make it difficult for them to rebel against their leaders. Taking legal steps is a challenge. It is nearly impossible to find a non-Jewish lawyer who can be trusted to represent citizens’ interests. Many lawyers – especially in the United States and Europe – are Jews who hide their religion and race while working on behalf of the British-Jewish mafia.


Worldwide, many prisoners were honest, law abiding citizens before they were recruited by criminals. Many were imprisoned because they lacked adequate legal representation in court. Because they associate with hardened criminals in prison, they become hardened criminals themselves after they are released. Fueled by anger, they act against their country and for the international mafia. Governments need new policies to separate dangerous criminals from the rest of the prison population. Efforts should be made to rehabilitate criminals so that they can return to society as productive citizens and not as more dangerous criminals.

Jewish mafia businessmen own all international banks and control all other banks around the world. They have the power to determine whether a company is profitable or goes bankrupt. They also control the fate of all governments.


Unfortunately, the U.S. Jewish mafia government is unable (or unwilling) to solve the simplest of problems. As American declines, leaders squander the nation’s wealth on unemployment benefits and bankruptcies instead of investing in affordable housing, infrastructure improvements and reducing crime. The government can’t even address basic hygiene issues related to a bed bug epidemic that infects homes and hotels across the nation.


According to the humanitarian laws of God, all people have the right to live in peace and harmony. To achieve peace, it is essential that people recognize Israel’s right to exist for Jewish people. At the same time, Jews do not have the right to conceal their identities to spy on and rule majority populations in other countries. To continue this practice is a violation of the law of God and the laws of humanity. There can be no democracy in the United State, Britain, Europe or elsewhere unless Jewish intervention is stopped once and for all. Revolutions are needed everywhere that set the course of government on the right path.


In the United States, laws that govern relationships between husband and wives are unequal. Wives enjoy more power in the relationship, resulting in marriage problems and greater likelihood of divorce. These laws have damaged the personalities of women and strengthened their ability to interfere in U.S. politics. The increased presence of women in government is beneficial to the British government and Jewish mafia because women are more easily manipulated to work on behalf of non-American interests.


Every religion works against the interests of God and humanity; therefore, it is impossible for followers of religion to believe in God or humanity.


One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind is the medical science. With his unique gift, man can learn the causes and find the cures for diseases of everyone. Medical science has enable men to learn the workings of the brain, the kidneys, the heart and other vital organs and discover techniques that extend and improve lives. Even palmistry can be used to diagnosis people. It’s a simple technique that can easily determine whether a person is ill or not.


President Nixon’s former secretary of state and national security advisory Henry Kissinger’ speech


About 90 percent of all doctors and nurses in hospitals and private clinics worldwide are committed to providing optimal care to their patients. They have a humanitarian duty to serve their patients’’ needs and to cure their illnesses. As part of their job, they see human suffering and death and endure the frustration of not being able to cure all their patients. Because doctor experience death close up, they – more than anyone – understand that we will all face death.

For example, the Cook County Hospital is Chicago’s best.


However, it won’t be the best hospital if doctors, administrators and staff allow the British government and the Jewish mafia to extract large amounts of money from patients. People need full access to the best healthcare. Hospital administrators can genuinely serve humanity and improve the employment situation by hiring more doctors and nurses to better meet patient needs. Cook County Hospital personnel need to fight back against corrupt politicians and the dangerous, evil policies of the British-Jewish mafia.


For example, President Nixon’s former secretary of state and national security advisory Henry Kissinger is responsible for and knows of many covert and overt tragedies around the world. His policies were dangerous to billions worldwide; they favored the British government and his Jewish-mafia friends but worked against non-Jewish mafia interests. Despite the known evils of his policies and his advancing age (more than 90), the media still seek him out for interviews about international politics. These interviews perpetuate the same falsehoods and lies that have brainwashed millions of leaders and policymakers for decades. Kissinger continues his lying. He has asserted that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. He knows, but ignores, the truth that the British government, British spies and Jewish mafia inside the U.S. government (British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush) were responsible for the attacks. People like Kissinger believe they will live on and take all their power, religious beliefs and influence with them after they die. They believe all their words and acts will transfer with their souls. It is true that words and acts will transfer with their soul, but people like Kissinger will have no say how their souls will be judge and rewarded with happiness or unhappiness in the afterlife.


The British government and the Jewish mafia cooperate to rule the every country against people. As “zoo owners,” worse than zoo for animal a small, powerful group controls the animals, regulating the flow of comfort, food and all other life essentials.

However, there are many different zoos and not all zoo animals are treated the same. Most “animals” are not free to move from zoo to zoo without permission. Still, other animals are free to move to other zoos, but their freedom of movement is limited by their “owners” – the British and Israeli mafia governments.


The animals have little choice but to follow the dangerous policies forced on them. Failure to submit to the demands of owners can result in “starvation or death.” Consequently, entire zoo countries behave like horses that have been trained to serve the interests and needs of the zookeepers – even when it is harmful to the horse itself.


The British government and the Jewish mafia have subdivided the world into multiple zoos run by their spies and special agents. These representatives are the equivalent of tigers, lions and wolves working as predators against the interests of their own people. These predatory leaders are like blind animals who surrender their minds by taking orders from their high-ranking superiors in the British government and Jewish mafia. They strengthen their control over the “animals (people as animal) in the zoo” by using religious leaders – popes, priests, imams and ayatollahs – to guide believers with false religions and fanatical ideology. Together, these political and religious leaders control food and other necessities of life for people as the animals in their zoos. All of these animals have different rules that restrict their mobility and their ability to move from zoo to zoo – (and most cases, never be allowed to leave the zoo they live in). Today, there is little cooperation among nations to ensure a needs-based, equitable distribution of oil and other natural resources.


Today, the world faces an unprecedented catastrophe because the British-Jewish royalty, its mafia government and the Jewish mafia are using violent force to steal the natural resources of other nations. Nations denied or lacking sufficient oil or natural resources to meet their needs have become like slaves, dependent on the largess of the British government and the Jewish mafia. The British- Jewish mafia needs to have some citizen labeled ”terrorist” or call any country is rich for its target terrorist without any proved it, It makes easier to distract leaders and citizen as the mafia steal the oil and nation resources of nations. Nations can choose whether they will be enslaved to the economic interests of mafia and its proxy leaders in their countries.


While many citizens of Britain, Russia, the United States and Europe are patriotic and take great pride in their freedoms, they are deluded. Their freedoms and their democracies are an illusion. They are slaves living in a “freer” zoo than other “zoos” around the world. They are animals living a better zoo, but it is still a zoo that is fully controlled the British-Jewish mafia.


The British government conspires with the Jewish mafia to create dangerous governments – many with homosexual leaders – around the world. Using sophisticated propaganda, they promote the leaders of these sponsored states as patriots and heroes even as they destroy the citizens they are supposed to protect. As they steal the wealth of other nations, they elevate their selected leaders to god-like status, building golden monuments (i.e. Khomeini) that will be revealed to future generations as foolish and laughable.


A dangerous government in one country is a danger to all countries worldwide. People need to cooperate to defeat these bad governments.


Because of their control over vast wealth and occupation of high-ranking government positions, the British-Jewish mafia is able to instigate hostilities and war while avoiding direct involvement in battles and wars. For centuries, they have been able to order people to war while keeping themselves safe from harm.


Consequently, reports that there are about 20 million Jews worldwide may be erroneous; the actual number may be more than three times that amount.

Moreover, most Jews are not directly involved in the British-Jewish mafia, yet they provide moral, espionage and financial support. Even as citizens of other countries, their first loyalty is to Israel. Many hide their ethnic and religious identity and actively spy on their host countries, feeding a steady stream of intelligence to the British-Jewish mafia. By hiding their identities, they are able to attain high-ranking positions in governments and intelligence services everywhere. In these roles, they become part of the vast network supplying inside intelligence to the British-Jewish mafia from every corner of the globe


The British government, the Jewish mafia and their vast spy network have played a direct or covert role in every import and export transaction for every nation. No country is exempt from this interference in its trading of goods and services. This network buys oil and natural resources at cheap prices and then resells them on the international market at exorbitant prices. They reap enormous profits, further concentrating the world’s wealth in the hands of few.


The fact, British- Jews mafia are that much smart, unbelievable. They by their interfere and influence and rule against every country entire world to create a lot of jobless by different ways to pave the way against citizens to worry always about to find job and if they have job to keep it, for their survival and their family and don’t like to do wrong and begging, so their worry always for no job or if they have job to keep it, to pave the way to forget what wrong is going on in their countries by their enemies.


Former President Bill Clinton’ speech less than 15 seconds


The fact is the British government in cooperation with the Jewish mafia controls all speech of government officials worldwide. They control the U.S. presidency and all appointments of religious leaders. Any speeches these leaders make are controlled and censored. No speech is given live, despite the illusion. By time so-called live speeches are covered in the media, they have been censored.


For example, on March 15, 2012, ABC covered less than 15 seconds of a speech without censor and direct by former President Bill Clinton. An angry, ashen Clinton claimed people didn’t really know what was going on in the United States. However, he was cut off before he could complete his thoughts criticizing the Jewish President Obama and his Jewish administration, proving his words were being censored by the British-Jewish mafia. It is possible Clinton’s life in now endangered because of his comments that the Obama administration is more dangerous than the George W. Bush administration. Bush’s policies were overt and dangerous against the United States. Obama’s policies are covert and even more dangerous to America and the rest of the world.

It is possible Clinton intended to expose that Obama is setting the stage for the destruction of the United States and other nations, including Russia and Britain – all with the blessings of Jewish spies in the U.S. government and in cooperation with the international Jewish mafia.


While Obama claims his father was a Muslim, it is an insult to all Muslims. The fact is he is a Jew who has hidden his racial and ethnic identity. He revealed his true identity when he appointed Rahm Emmanuel, a Jew, as his chief of staff. Emmanuel oversaw the appointments of many Jews to Obama’s cabinet – offering proof that he supports the agenda of the worldwide British-Jewish mafia.


In fact, Jews employ many women, blacks and other minorities in government. They are easy to control. In this way, they selected the Jewish Obama as a president to work on their behalf. They have exerted this same strong control over the presidency and all governmental institutions for as long as America has existed as an independent country.


Jews control nearly 80 percent of all wealth worldwide. Seventy percent of this wealth is controlled by an even smaller group of Jews. That means that rest of the world’s 7 million share only 20 percent of the world’s wealth – forcing them to struggle daily to meet the basic needs of their families. The fact is that Jews could live well and in peace even if they controlled only a proportionate 1-2 percent of the world’s wealth.


What is the real benefit to billionaire Jews if they monopolize so much wealth? What is the value of using their wealth and power to control and fight the rest of the world? What do they gain by control the executive, legislative and judicial branches of governments and military strength? What is the benefit when the result of such control leads to terrorism, religious and ethnic strife and suicide bombings?


Such a dangerous world is a fact of life. Keeping the wealth flowing and concentrated requires an effective propaganda machine to brainwash the public. To prevent protests and evolutions, people must be convinced that true is false and false is true. The propaganda convinces people to accept actions against their true best interests, including conflicts within and between nations and outright warfare. Such propaganda allows a few hostile nations to maintain a monopoly over the world’s most dangerous weapons and nuclear armament.


The British-Jewish mafia has succeeded in breaking down the United States, Russia and Britain. The reality is that the so-called British Empire is misnamed. It’s the Jewish Empire and has been for centuries. The mafia actions have led to runaway inflation, high unemployment, high crime rates and high rates of poverty. Countries – including many with vast oil wealth and natural resources – remain poor and underdeveloped and people have become virtual slaves to the entire system.


The mafia controls oil production, supply and prices and reaps billions from the shipment and sales of vast quantities of arms. These arms lead to warfare within and between nations in an endless cycle of violence and instability. Likewise, the mafia promotes hostilities between Jews and non-Jews.


All these actions unite Jews around the world to support the mafia with intelligence from the countries they reside in. Jews invest heavily in production of movies that promote religious warfare and hostilities between nations and create a lot of movies about slavery of black people to make dispute between black and white people in USA and European countries that many Jewish are responsible about slavery long centuries against black people. Jews are often presented in these movies as victims. The mafia also promotes the brainwashing of people to embrace and support false religions created by Jews as a tool to encourage conflict and warfare between people.


Jews use the 80 percent of the wealth they control and the capitalist system to subjugate the rest of the world’s 7 billion citizens. Ironically, much of this wealth wasn’t really earned. It was stolen – often by force and the killing of hundreds of thousands. By controlling wealth, the British-Jewish mafia is able to subjugate the world’s other 7 billion people to the whims of dangerous governments, Freemasons, billionaires and the media. The mafia’s control of the media is the best insurance policy. Such control ensures a steady flow of propaganda to continue promoting their private, individual, selfish, economic interests.


People around the world need to push their military leaders to cooperate with each other to block Jews from holding high-ranking positions in their countries. Jews holding powerful jobs should be dismissed. In addition, all countries need to adopt laws that require passports that list race, nationality and religion. Anyone found guilty of providing false information should be considered spies. These spies should face the death penalty, thereby saving the lives of seven million people worldwide.


In fact, any person or group – regardless of how they have served in the past – must receive the death penalty if they participate directly or indirectly in covert or overt actions that damage or destroy a nation. This would even apply to Clinton – regardless of any other good deeds – if it is determined he was part of a conspiracy to destroy the United States.


The fact Jewish judges and lawyers are highly educated and experienced in the law. They can prove false is true and true is false, if they want. They can even convinced people that the color of milk is black, not white.


If people allow Jews in their country to attain high-ranking government jobs and remain indifferent to Jews who hide their religious and ethnic identity to attain those positions, they are doomed. If they don’t have enough weapons to fight against these entrenched, dangerous governments, they are as

threatening to their enemies as a barking dog.


The world needs international revolution

The fact, British-Jewish government with have all dangerous and British- Jewish spies and criminal, homosexual members of dictator governments and by Jews mafia entire world, to use the oil and nation resources of rich countries against their countries and against those countries need the oil and nation resources of those countries have oil and nation resources enough. And play against the life of people entire world, so this world needs international revolution for favor of God and people entire world.


1. According to Iranian poet, Saudi, the sons of Adam were created from one essence and are the ancestors of all people. We are all connected through this ancestral bond.


2. People don’t follow the way of God. Even when a religion is rooted in humanitarian principles, these principles rarely apply to anyone who is not a follower of their religious practices.


3. It is better to believe than not believe in God. Death is a fact of life. After death, our souls are separated from our body. Everything that is our minds will transfer with our souls for all eternity. After death, our souls will be held


People who are truly attentive to the media will discover that all news coverage is cleverly manipulated – covertly or overtly – to favor the interests of the British government and the Jewish mafia. All coverage ignores the interests of the world’s other eight billion citizens for universal peace and brotherhood.

Medical and life insurance is intended to protect the lives of all people. Protecting all human life is a public matter. It is wrong for the government to relinquish control over this basic human need to private companies for their personal profit.


People worldwide have a responsibility to work together to eliminate all borders and create one international country without borders. A unified, borderless international country will provide for the equitable sharing of oil and other natural resources in ways that best meets the needs of all people rather than mafia governments and corporations.


A new, borderless, international country should follow the three standards laid down more than 4,000 years ago by Zoroaster: “Good thought, good talk and good acts.” Interactions between people should follow the words written more than seven centuries ago by the Persian poet, Saudi.

(Please go Google in internet. Type “Saadi poem” has correct translation into English from Farsi).


A member of Adam is each other.

The creations are one essence.

Limb pain its days.

Do pain others.

Feel suffering of others without your grief.

That have proven that your name not human.


Paving the way for true peace in a borderless world will require that all past disputes, centuries-old rivalries and devastating wars must be forgotten forever. People must put the past behind them and begin the process of uniting to bring lasting peace and happiness to people everywhere around the world.







(Even people who continue to believe in a different god or in no god – but respect the human rights of all people, as God wills – will make a valuable contribution to universal peace. By involuntarily sharing in the mission to promote unification of the world, people who worship their own god or no god will enjoy a legacy in which their souls find comfort and happiness after they die. For all revolutions are needed everywhere that set the course of government on the right path.




The fact, it is favor of God and people entire world to follow humanity. So every person or group understand about any country or organization and group whom were and are doing against their country and the world, it is duty that person and group has to write about them true and fact without any attention according to their religion, races, racial, idea, nationality, language and else, if a person or a group did find out the fact, did write. The true, it is not meaning that that person or group hate them only wrote what they were and are doing against people special (Arthur of this book) those people follow humanity and love all people entire world have to write true

The fact, situation of Iran against its minorities by people, special by their enemies either out of Iran or inside to create a lot of dirty proverbs to become a by- word against its minorities that caused automatics against their majority also from long centuries up now, to pave the way against Iran that had always violation up now to cause dispute between people and a lot of wars between Iran people and other countries and created a lot of traitors against themselves and break down or analysis Iran different small countries against its majority and minorities, also caused Iran people to be Jealous and selfish and dispute against each other, special when they are out of Iran that never and ever trust each other, to give chance for enemies of Iran special Jew mafia against themselves.

So, the fact the situation of Iran against its minorities by dirty proverbs and don’t respect the rights of their minorities and else from long centuries ago up now, can be best sample for the rest countries entire world to be same of Iran against their minorities more or less that people entire world have to pay against themselves.

So, What is rights of minorities of every country entire world, it is that people of every minority of every country has to have rights to get every majority gets in their country without created any problem against majority and other minorities of every country and the world, except to get any job in any government of majority, but they can have their agents or advocates in any government to care their minority’s rights, also if any mistake or something else by government don’t follow the rights of their minorities, their agents in any government, have to have right to defend favor of their minorities without any problem against their countries and the world. The fact, it is not good to leave the situation un-document illegal immigration as it is to pave the way to stay to work illegally no tax payment same about more than 25 years un-document illegal immigration stay and work and didn’t pay tax payment that government lost more than trillions money

The fact, the using false and wrong propaganda sources (TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS AND ELSE) against every country entire world is most dangerous than using of nuclear against any country entire world, those propaganda sources can guide people in wrong way against themselves and other and brain washed people to believe false religions and accept any false stories and false news that can destroy people by psychically and psychical and brain of them to pave the way to make dispute and wars between people against each other of every country or have wars and dispute with many countries against themselves and can create a lot of different tragedies either religion or else even can create third war world to destroy the world.

So, people of any country this world special Russia, England, France and China without to know that the fact USA people know this fact that United States Jew government by sold of its many propaganda sources even not only its propaganda sources, the fact has sold USA country for its enemy Israel government against USA people and the world to prove their government is Jew government and majority of members of their USA Jew government are Jews that are traitor against USA people and people entire world favor of Israel terrorist government to control and frighten against non-Jews in government by their international terrorist entire world to stop them to do right way favor of USA people and the world.

The fact, protesters against their government has to follow under.
1-Before protest or revolution people have to have spy in their government for recognition of wag-earners and Jews and other their country minorities that are traitors that support or are guard of their government against protesters.

2- Before revolution people have to established their small groups not more than 3 persons or alone that they don’t know each other, when they got chance to terror their traitors either civil servants or civilian
3-Arrange their weapons or Molotov cocktail then protest or revolution

4-Protester have to make known and clear about job or else for favor of those people belong for forces or military or are guards or those people are face against protesters that give up their government orders by supporting of protesters against government after revolution, either revolution successful for favor of protesters or not, even people have to clear against the situation of those civil servants who continue to support their Jew terrorist government

5-Protesters have to cooperate each other without trust governments of other countries or UN or other international offices or places that all members of them are mafias that cooperate with mafia and terrorist governments against their countries and the world special are against protesters who are against their governments

6- Befor revolution, people have to force their government or people (protesters) who pass laws by themselves for people who have to mention their religion, nationalities, special their racial that ( it is more important than any identification that people by cooperated their racial special Jew racial that by their Jew racial cooperated each other and hided their Jew racial to get high and highest position of almost all countries from long centuries ago (Moses time) up now to created almost all wars and dispute of the history of every country entire world for their favor and continue to make wars and dispute against people of any nation and all nations against each other entire world so they think wrong that people of their racial only are their families not other racial) on their identification cards, for wrong information they have to face death.

7-The fact, all states of every country has to have same goals for every people who cooperate each other to create revolution or protest against their governments so, against this fact to pave the way their countries break downed or analysis to many small countries that Jew governments entire world cooperate each other on covert and indirect for favor of Israel government wanted, so for example the disaster situation of between RUSSIA AND UKRAINE by Jew Russia government their leader Putin a Jew cooperate with rest Jew governments entire world in covert and indirect against Russia and Ukraine and rest the world favor of Israel government that wanted break downed and analysis Ukraine on to pave the way on covert wars or dispute between nations entire world or third war world against people entire world

So, how it is possible to separate Crimea state belong for Ukraine from Ukraine, because of the majority of Crimea are Russian who voted to be Russia side not Ukraine, so this decision, it is same as for example, if majority of one state of Russia are Jews who wanted to be Israel side not Russia.

So, people entire world have to understand this fact that how Jews in their high and highest position in their government are most dangerous against their countries and rest the world.

The fact, the majorities of Jews (either hided their Jews identification or not) and homosexual members in congress of every country special in USA congress to make violation and dispute against USA people and people entire world, paved the way many countries break downed and did analysis in many small countries in past and will cause break down USA, England, Russia, France, China and many countries entire world in future favor of Israel government that will cause third war world against people entire world.

The rest book is


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